coming to america 2 cast trailer – Eddie Murphy And Arsenio Hall Reunite For Sequel

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coming to america 2 cast trailer – Eddie Murphy Talks Coming To America 2

Coming 2 AmericaEddie Murphy is looking to stage a major comeback next year with the long-awaited sequel to 1988’s Coming To America.” Now, a new lead has been cast in the film, aptly titled Coming 2 America,” opposite Murphy, expanding the returning original cast with new blood. Jermaine Fowler will take on one of the leads in Coming 2 America opposite Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall. According to The Hollywood Reporter , the sequel to the popular 1988 comedy will be titled Coming 2 America and will feature an all-new story involving new characters and several of those from the original.

Eddie Murphy insists that he has gone “above and beyond” for “Coming 2 America”” and believes audiences won’t be disappointed by the sequel which fans have been waiting over for 30 years for. Don’t expect to see the return of Soul Glo in 2020 as Eriq La Salle won’t be a part of the Coming to America sequel.

Coming 2 America will be the story of Akeem heading back to America to locate his long-lost son, presumably conceived during the time of the first film. Eddie Murphy will return as Prince Akeem, however, the remaining pieces of the cast have yet to be announced. The film will be directed by Craig Brewer, whose credits includes Hustle & Flow. Eddie Murphy and Kevin Misher will share the producer role.

n Thursday, Channel 2’s Lori Wilson visited Friedman’s Shoe Store on Mitchell Street, where the sequel to the 1988 classic film “Coming to America” is being filmed nearby. Several outlets have further confirmed that Black-ish creator Kenya Barris has penned the script for the sequel, with Hustle & Flow filmmaker Craig Brewer set to direct.

Then comes the lavish wedding scene, when Akeem is surprised to discover that the bride is none but Lisa herself. The newlywed travel in a carriage as the Zamundans keep on cheering. Lisa is astonished and touched at the same time when she realizes that Akeem was ready to give up all of his royal possession just to be with her. Again he offers to abdicate the throne, but Lisa playfully refuses.

Black-ish creator Kenya Barris completed a script rewrite on Barry Blaustein and David Sheffield’s original, and Craig Brewer (The Legend of Tarzan, Hustle & Flow) is directing. Barris is also executive producing with Murphy, and Kevin Misher is producing as well. The original movie grossed nearly $300 million at the worldwide box office.

Paramount is hoping to have the sequel in front of cameras this year, if all goes well. We wish them well as the original film, directed by John Landis, is a comedy classic of the 1980s and remains one of the crown jewels in Murphy’s once sparkling comedy career. It’d be nice for him to reach for that crown again.

Last but not least, recording artist and Superfly actor Rick Ross will be rounding out the cast of Coming 2 America in an undisclosed role. However, it’s definitely noteworthy that Ross also did a music video with Jared Leto’s Joker for Suicide Squad; so if he could keep it together for a short shoot with that nutty funster, the man could probably knock this out of the park.

Details on the forthcoming Coming to America sequel have been sparse since the news was officially announced in late 2017. Now, with several months passing since then, more concrete developments have been revealed, including confirmed new and old castings, its all-new plot, title and more.

Headley and Murphy are joined in the reunion by Arsenio Hall (Semmi), James Earl Jones (King Jaffe Joffer), Paul Bates (Oha) and John Amos (Cleo McDowell), while new additions include Wesley Snipes (Blade), Rick Ross (Uncle Drew), Jermaine Fowler (Sorry to Bother You), Leslie Jones (Ghostbusters), and KiKi Layne (If Beale Street Could Talk).

When Eddie Murphy made the announcement, there was no release date revealed. However, Paramount Pictures has now given Coming to America 2 a release date of August 7th, 2020. The California Film Commission had previously awarded the studio a $13 million tax credit last April, but that was only if the movie was able to start within 180 days from the credit being offered. Obviously, that did not end up happening, but production will more than likely begin either this spring or summer to prepare for the summer 2020 release date.

It’s not just Murphy who’s reprising his role in Coming 2 America. For starters: James Earl Jones – fresh from reprising his role as Mufasa in this summer’s The Lion King reboot – is set to return to the mantle of King Joffer, Akeem’s father.

This casting will serve as a quick reunion for Snipes, since he’s appearing in (CTA2 director) Craig Brewer’s upcoming biographical dramedy, Dolemite is My Name, in which star Eddie Murphy plays Rudy Ray Moore, star of the 1975 blaxploitation classic, Dolemite, with Snipes playing his co-star in that film, D’Urville Martin. Amongst his array of straight-to-video offerings, Snipes – the 1990s action icon of the Blade Trilogy (the first seriously successful Marvel movies), Demolition Man and New Jack City – recently appeared in Spike Lee’s Chi-Raq and fielded a co-starring role on the short-lived NBC 2015 thriller series, The Player. He was also part of the onscreen action royalty in 2014’s The Expendables 3.

While there’s no word on Rotimi’s role, we know the sequel follows Prince Akeem (Eddie Murphy), who discovers he has a long-lost son in America. With his father dying, Akeem must travel back to America to find him, so he can assume his role as king.

The first movie ended with Akeem and Lisa’s wedding, and in the sequel, we expect to see how their fairy-tale wedding turns out to be. Comedies end with a happy ending and do not really bother to show us what lies beyond the marriage. This sequel to ‘Coming to America’ seems to be an exception, as it is set to take us years after the wedding took place.

Plus, why he wanted to cast Wesley Snipes, Da’Vine Joy and what it’s like directing James Earl Jones in ‘Coming 2 America’. James Earl Jones will return alongside Eddie Murphy in Coming to America 2, which is being directed by Craig Brewer.

If you haven’t watched the original, the film is about Prince Akeem (Murphy), who travels to Queens, New York to find a wife with a strong will. The film is considered a classic comedy! Stay tuned as we find out more about the sequel.

We’re not sure how long the sequel will be set after the original, but we do know we just can’t wait to revisit these characters one more time. There’s plenty of time to re-watch the timeless classic to remind yourselves why a sequel is highly deserved.

Jermaine Fowler (pictured directly above,) has joined the Coming to America 2 cast, as first reported in June by Variety While no details were revealed about Fowler’s character, one may be inclined to speculate that the 31-year-old actor is just the right age to play the long lost son” of Eddie Murphy’s Akeem described in the film’s teased premise. For now, though, that notion will remain purely in the realm of speculation. Fowler comes into the film off TV runs on HBO’s Crashing, and a co-starring role opposite Judd Hirsch in CBS’s two-season-lasting sitcom Superior Donuts. He also appeared in recent films such as Buffaloed and Sorry to Bother You.

Eddie Murphy’s Coming 2 America is getting ready to start production over thirty years after the original hit theaters. Can’t wait, the film is set to hit theaters on December 18th, 2020. Coming to America 2 is set to be released in 2020.

Variety has learned that Vanessa Bell Calloway is officially on board to reprise her role as Imani Izzi, the former betrothed of Eddie Murphy’s Prince Akeem, in the upcoming sequel Coming 2 America. She joins Murphy, Arsenio Hall, James Earl Jones, Shari Headley, and Paul Bates, who are all set to reprise their roles in the sequel.

Craig Brewer (Hustle & Flow”) is set to direct the film, reteaming with Murphy after their Rudy Ray Moore biopic coming soon to Netflix, Dolemite Is My Name.” Black-ish” writer Kenya Barris is working on the script, based on earlier drafts by Barry Blaustein and David Sheffield, the writers of the original classic.

Louie Anderson has confirmed his role reprisal (which Collider previously reported) as original movie character Maurice, the jaded life-advice-dealing McDowell’s fast-food employee. Moreover, he revealed, in an interview with TMZ , that he’s already shot said return. – Anderson, a veteran stand-up comedian, recently fielded a TV run on FX’s Baskets, and is also known for his 1995-1998 autobiographically-based Fox cartoon series, Life with Louie.

Since ‘Coming 2 America’ reveals the story of a new-found son of Akeem, the happiness of Lisa and Akeem’s married life stands at a questionable point. It is quite possible that Akeem had an affair with someone back in America, and the child belongs to that woman because if the child was of Lisa’s, there would be no reason to hide such huge news from Akeem. And if that is the case, then we are pretty sure Lisa won’t be too happy about this new entry into their lives.

Meanwhile, Craig Brewer (‘Hustle & Flow,’ ‘Empire’) is directing the film. Brewer and Murphy recently collaborated on Netflix’s ‘Dolemite Is My Name,’ releasing this year. Kenya Barris (‘Black-ish’) is rewriting a script by original ‘Coming to America’ writers Barry Blaustein & David Sheffield.

In this situation, Semmi wires a telegraph to the King for sending in more money, which results in the arrival of the royals to Queens, leading to the disclosure of Akeem’s real identity. Lisa’s father, who did not like Akeem initially because of his lack of wealth, is now elated to learn that Akeem is a prince. Akeem and Lisa take shelter at McDowell’s when they come to know that his parents are in the United States. Lisa becomes angry that Akeem had hidden his real identity from her, and she refuses to hear any explanation. She even turns down his proposal for marriage. A dejected Akeem decides to surrender to the arranged marriage, but Aeoleon scolds the King for still holding on to dated traditions and not caring about their son’s happiness.

The Hollywood Reporter has officially confirmed that Coming to America 2 is actually on the books over at Paramount. Apparently, the studio which was also behind the 1988 original has just hired Barry Blaustein and David Sheffield, the writers from the first film to write the film’s sequel.

PASADENA, CA – DECEMBER 11: Comedian Arsenio Hall performs during his appearance at The Ice House Comedy Club on December 11, 2018 in Pasadena, California. The highly anticipated sequel to the 1988 film Coming To America, starring Eddie Murphy, gets an official 2020 release date from Paramount.

Mark your calendars. The sequel to the classic Coming to America will be released on August 7, 2020. The sequel, stylized as Coming 2 America, the follow-up film will have Kenya Barris, the creative mind behind Black-ish, at the helm of executive producing and also composing the script.

The original 1988 film Coming to America starred Murphy as Akeem Joffer, crown prince of the fictional African nation of Zamunda. In an effort to find a wife, Akeem, along with his trusty assistant Semmi, played by Hall, decide to travel to Queens, NY.

Though we have no idea what Prince (King now maybe) Akeem and his wife Lisa McDowell, are up to 30 years later, we are super down to find out. Surely, Zamunda is going to look even more luxurious with some 21st-century updates. There are no deets about the film’s narrative yet, but folks are speculating that the film will focus on on the son of Akeem and Vanessa coming to the States to find his own bride.

Plot details for the project are being guarded, but early reports indicated that the sequel will see Murphy’s African Prince Akeem once again traveling to America to find the son he never knew, the rightful heir to the throne of Zamunda. Based on that description, a fair guess would have Fowler playing his long-lost son. Also reprising their roles from John Landis’s original film, which starred James Earl Jones and Shari Headley, is Arsenio Hall.

While we wait for the film to hit theaters Summer 2020 , fans of the Snipes and Murphy can look forward to seeing the pair in the Rudy Ray Moore biopic , Dolemite Is My Name, alongside an all-star cast, including Chris Rock, Tituss Burgess, Ron Cephas Jones, Craig Robinson, Mike Epps and more.Coming 2 America

Details on the forthcoming Coming to America sequel have been sparse since the news was officially announced in late 2017. Now, with several months passing since then, more concrete developments have been revealed, including confirmed new and old castings, its all-new plot, title and more.

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