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Tell Me How You Really Feel retains some of the early freewheeling spirit, but is more considered in every respect. Barnett follower her acclaimed debut by teaming up with Kurt Vile for the duet album Lotta Sea Lice.

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COURTNEY BARNETTAustralian alt-rock up-and-comer Courtney Barnett is quickly making a name for herself with her witty lyrics and deadpan vocal delivery. Fans of clever wordplay and surprising lyrical juxtaposition will find much to love in jangly gems like “Avant Gardener” and “History Eraser”, and Barnett’s performance style – a mixture of shambling ease and surprising precision – perfectly complements the complex personality she reveals through her music. Barnett is still a relative newcomer, but she’s already generated significant excitement for future tour dates with pitch-perfect performances at showcases around the world.

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Random Notebook Dump: Sometimes you know you’re in the right place by who you spot in the crowd and last night before even a note of stellar music was struck, I spied Matt Fries in the crowd. I knew the show was going to be amazing just because he was present. If you don’t know, Fries is a visual artist and sometimes musician whose work has long graced the city in the forms of intricate art cars, interactive installations like The Tripatorium and The TréPhonos” his latest collaborative work with artist Jeanette Degollado and sculptor Julian Luna. The new work is situated in and celebrates Third Ward.

Of course, that’s not the only thing Barnett’s known for. Her debut album Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit, released in 2015, marked her out as a poet as much as a singer, and one unafraid to plunder psychedelia, ’90s grunge and more. Last year’s follow-up, Tell Me How You Really Feel, was a more pithy, introspective deal, told from the perspective of someone whose friends treat you like a stranger and strangers treat you like their best friend”.COURTNEY BARNETT

Many people approach US customs officers with an unreasonable sense of guilt. But it must have been writ large on Courtney Barnett’s face when she handed over her -1 visa to the officer at Chicago ‘Hare International Airport at the beginning of her 2014 tour. Are you any good?” he demanded.

Second time seeing Courtney and she did not disappoint. So cool; she can shred and wail. I love Madison Theater. You can go upstairs and sit down if that is your thing or go down by the stage and mix it up with the young folk.

Courtney Barnett has released a cover of the Loose Tooth song ‘Keep On’ — listen to the track below. Courtney Barnett is an amazing talent. Being at this show made me feel that I was experiencing something thing epic that will forever shape my love of music. Didn’t want the show to end.

Additional artists doing cover songs on the forthcoming compilation include Tiny Ruins, Jen Cloher, Evelyn Ida Morris, the Finks, Hachiku, East Brunswick All Girls Choir, and more. Check out Barnett’s cover plus the original below, plus keep scrolling for a full track list and upcoming North American tour dates. Milk On Milk is out November 15th.

Courtney Barnett and I meet in the restaurant of the Ace Hotel in London on a Saturday morning, surrounded by people starting the weekend with oversized, boozy brunches. Dressed in the rock star standard of white t-shirt and black jeans to complement a majestic mullet and the Wayfarers by her side, Barnett is all for a more low key vibe. She has guitar players’ nails – a sliver of chipped nail polish at the end of each silver ring-clad finger – and a warm face which occasionally reveals a hint of anxiety when talking about herself. This is fitting, of course, given the kind of music the Sydney-born, Melbourne-based singer makes.

Tell Me How You Really Feel retains some of the early freewheeling spirit, but is more considered in every respect. Its lyrics deal in universal sentiment instead of gonzo detail, and its tunes are the most graceful and immediate of Barnett’s career so far. Instead of stories set to music like Avant Gardner,” there are tight and sparkling compositions like Need a Little Time.” The chorus of that single takes the words me and you”—three of the most unremarkable in the pop vernacular—on a melodic journey that renders them new again, mirroring the up-and-down arcs of the romantic relationships they usually signify: first high and wistful, then heavy and close to the ground.

This is exactly the kind of offhanded aphorism you might encounter in a Courtney Barnett song, delivered in essentially the same casual cadence she uses on record. Her lack of affectation and conversational writing can give the impression that you are a receiving a direct transmission from her experience of reality when you listen. Tonight, a handful of devoted fans are gathered at the venue doors hours before showtime to listen in on soundcheck. Later, she’ll perform Tell Me How You Feel in its entirety, dipping into a few more familiar songs only after she’s finished the album.

Fuelled by the nimble crunch of her guitar and the loose groove of the rhythm section, Courtney Barnett’s songs are wild and shaggy and wordy, her lyrics plainspoken and delivered like she’s making them up on the spot. The music is rooted in the slack jangle of the late 1980s and the early 1990s, which has prompted the adjective slacker” from journalists and critics around the world. That word is fitting for tunes that sound like they only just roused themselves out of bed. As a description of Barnett’s work ethic and musical influence, however, slacker” is all wrong.

After conquering the festival circuit, sweeping up awards season, and rocking the season finale of SNL, Courtney Barnett has been awarded with the Breakthrough Artist of the Year award at this year’s A2IM Libera Awards The awards celebrate the successes of the independent music community including both artists and labels. We could not be more proud to be a part of the Courtney team and can’t wait to see what she has in store next.

The next time I see her is on her album release day later in the week, over salads at a fancyish Italian place in New York, where she’ll be playing the following evening. She’s funny and gracious, filling my water from the bottle on the table and happily discussing her work. She taped an incendiary performance of Nameless, Faceless” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon the previous evening, and she only felt nervous at the very last minute,” she says. A show in Philly also went well, where she invited Kurt Vile to join her onstage for a few songs as a surprise guest.

Highly recommend seeing her. Courtney is incredible! Her voice and her band are so good live. She played an amazing set. So lucky I got to see her. Courtney Barnett shared a cover of Loose Tooth ‘s Keep On.” The track appears on the forthcoming Milk! Records covers compilation, Milk On Milk.

Just announced: Courtney Barnett will be opening for Patti Smith at Festival Hall in Melbourne on April 20th. Patti Smith will be concluding a five-date Australian tour, and this show is expected to be her last ever in Australia. A longtime fan, Courtney Barnett performed Patti Smith’s 1975 album Horses in full at a Melbourne show in late 2015, and this morning Courtney posted the show poster on her Instagram saying “Dreams can come true.” This is also Courtney Barnett’s only Australian show currently scheduled for 2017.

Courtney Barnett closed this season of SNL with a killer performance. The Aussie rocker played “Pedestrian at Best” and “Nobody Really Cares If You Don’t Go To The Party,” both from her Grammy-nominated debut LP Sometimes I Sit And Think And Sometimes I Just Sit The episode, hosted by none other than Fred Armisen, was a match made in heaven. Guest appearances from Carrie Brownstein, Larry David, Lonely Island and more only made the night that much sweeter.

To celebrate the release of the album and the festive season, the record label are hosting a special Christmas party on December 22. Check out those details, as well as the full album tracklist and Barnett’s cover, below.

Immediately after landing the punch of I’m Not Your Mother, I’m Not Your Bitch,” Barnett retreats from anything resembling sloganeering, gleefully proclaiming I don’t know anything” on the refrain of Crippling Self Doubt and a General Lack of Confidence.” These are the tensions that animate Tell Me How You Really Feel: clear-eyed engagement with the rotten state of the world versus exhausted detachment, feeling angry versus feeling unwilling to reduce your anger to a cliche, earnestness versus humor, action versus self-awareness. The album’s conflicted sensibility should be familiar to anyone who has attempted to navigate the last several years with their sanity and dignity intact.

They play Help Yourself,” the brassiest cut from the new album, and one of several directed at that nebulous you. In the song, Barnett offers a litany of suggestions for calming your jittery nerves: go swimming, learn about your own mind, remember your place, don’t forget to breathe. When she reaches the line You found inner peace in the inner northeast,” I’m pretty sure I hear her switch the pronoun to the first person, flipping the words around to address herself.

Courtney Barnett knows that you’re patiently awaiting her new album, Tell Me How You Really Feel, out on May 18th. So, in order to keep your appetite satisfied for the time being, she’s dropped a brand new single “City Looks Pretty,” along with an accompanying video. Watch the clip above to witness fuzzy, hypnotizing visuals, multiple picturesque scenarios, and a colorful kaleidoscope in motion.

Barnett is stretched out on a chair at her desk at the HQ of Milk! Records , the label she started back in 2012 to release her own EP. Now it’s home to a roster of about 10 acts and situated in the Melbourne suburb of Coburg at an office between warehouses, sari shops and Middle Eastern restaurants.

The announcement follows Barnett’s MTV Unplugged live performance at Melbourne’s Howler on Tuesday, where she Nameless Faceless” with Milk! Records labelmate Evelyn Ida Morris, Paul Kelly, and Marlon Williams. The episode of MTV Unplugged Melbourne: Courtney Barnett will air on Sunday, November 17th on MTV.

In addition to consistently kicking out top-shelf indie rock, Courtney Barnett runs Milk! Records, a record label focused on promoting musicians from her native Australia and nearby New Zealand. Milk is releasing a compilation next month featuring various artists on the label covering each other’s songs. Naturally, this comp is called Milk On Milk. Artists involved with the project include Tiny Ruins, Jade Imagine, Loose Tooth, Evelyn Ida Morris, the Finks, Hachiku, East Brunswick All Girls Choir, Jen Cloher, and Barnett herself.

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