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It was also the first reggaetón album to ever reach No. 1 on Billboard’s Latin album chart. Perpetually expanding his empire, he set his sights on the fashion world with the unveiling of his DY line, under the Reebok brand.

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DADDY YANKEEAs of this week, it’s official : Lil Nas X and his horses in the back just saddled up and rode right into a prestigious pack of songs that have topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart for the longest amount of time in the chart’s six-decade history. Yankee, whose career trajectory was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award, performed his greatest hits including “Gasolina,” Rompe” and “Lo Que Pasó, Pasó” alongside J Balvin , Ozuna , Yandel , Zion y Lennox and De La Ghetto.

Named as one of the Most Influential Hispanics on a global scale by CNN and Time Magazine, Yankee ‘s successful career has included the launch of various products under his brand, collaborations with several artists from different genres and for three consecutive years its world tour in Europe, becoming the second highest grossing in 2014 after the Rolling Stones.

Daddy Yankee earned international recognition as a featured artist on Luis Fonsi ‘s smash hit “Despacito,” also featuring Justin Bieber The tune spent 16 weeks atop Billboard’s Hot 100, matching Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men’s “One Sweet Day” for the longest run at No. 1 in the chart’s history.

Yet his show couldn’t be more inclusive. The man is a party-starter by design, and fills the set with explosive, hooky songs that need no translating, building to Despacito’s sleek tropical groove. Having sung them thousands of times has only honed his ability to drive them resoundingly home, whatever language his audience speaks. This Latino party could be an anywhere party.

Several are already chart-topping stars in their respective genres and have been for years. Others are rising artists but have already left their mark. You may not know them yet, but you definitely will when the show starts Thursday at 8 p.m. on Telemundo.

Years later, Yankee remains endeared to the form beyond dembow, as evidenced by his remix of Major Lazer’s Watch Out For This (Bumaye)” with Busy Signal and his appearance on DJ Nelson’s dancehall version of the group single Estás Aqui.” In 2018, he landed a Hot 100 charting hit with Dura” and, more recently, he dropped a fresh interpolation of Snow’s Informer” entitled Con Calma”—and featuring none other than the white Toronto-born reggae singer himself.

Reggaeton won big at the awards, which celebrate talented performers in Latin music: Ozuna took nine awards including Male Artist Of The Year, Balvin took the Premio Lo Nuestro Artist Of The Year award for the third consecutive year and urban artist Natti Natasha took home four awards including one for her collaboration with Becky G.

The dembow riddim comes directly from dancehall, namely the Bobby Digital produced Dem Bow” by Shabba Ranks, and Yankee played no small part in its popularization as the defining beat of reggaeton. Apart from that signature, reggae has endured over the years as part of the fabric of música urbana, its tropes and creative advances used widely by any number of reggaetoneros.

The album starts with rapper Gavilán describing the strength of street knowledge and the experience-rich life in el barrio. After the spoken word intro, here comes Ramón Ayala a.k.a. Daddy Yankee and the vigorous King Daddy.” One of the best examples of a formula Ayala developed throughout years of mixing rap and toasting over reggaetón beats. The result is a fast and dexterous chorus delivery, along with smooth braggadocio verses and bridge, fitting to start off the LP.

As the crowd cheered, he continued through his impressive catalog of massive Spanish-language bops. He went into his perreando-ready “Reggaeton,” checked in with the crowd—”How’s the energy?”—and followed with “Safari,” his 2017 Pharrell Williams -assisted track. Balvin’s equally energetic dance crew, who rocked pieces from his Guess x J Balvin Vibras collection and sometimes dressed as clouds and other playful characters from Balvin’s colorful FriendsWithYou collab , brought his smooth lyrical flow and his DJ and band’s big beats even more life as they tore up the stage.

From the start of his career through his current hit “Dura,” he has created songs that captivate audiences to become instant successes. With an impeccable track record of success within the last 20 years, the international music icon, whose greatest hits include “Gasoline,” “Shaky Shaky,” and “Despacito – Remix,” has surpassed 44,735,586 monthly listeners on Spotify.

The energy levels went from a 10 to a 12 as GRAMMY and Latin GRAMMY winners Wisin y Yandel took the stage to rap with Balvin for another reggaeton classic, their 2005 debut single, “Rakata.” It felt like the most lit Latin music club in your city was popping off, except it was happening on Lollapalooza’s main stage, and the songs were being performed by three of the biggest heroes of the first and second waves of the genre.

Ayala has been involved in the administration of three organizations, the first being El Cartel Records which he co-owns with Andres Hernandez. He also created the Fundación Corazón Guerrero, a charitable organization in Puerto Rico which works with young incarcerated people. 71 On April 26, 2008, he was presented with a “Latino of the Year Award” by the student organization Presencia Latina of Harvard College , receiving it for his work with Puerto Rican youth and creating Corazón Guerrero. 72 On February 6, 2008, Ayala announced in a Baloncesto Superior Nacional press conference that he had bought part of the Criollos de Caguas ‘ ownership. 73 He has also been active with Cruz Roja Puerto Rico in several media campaigns.DADDY YANKEE

Daddy Yankee was born to Ramón Ayala and Rosa Rodriguez on February 3, 1977, as Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez in Río Piedras, Puerto Rico. His father was a bongosero (a salsa percussionist) and his mother’s family came from a long line of musicians. He was raised in the projects with his older brother, Nomar Ayala (who at one point, served as one of his managers). His younger brother, Melvin Ayala, is a Christian rapper. He and Mirredys Gonzalez got married in 1994 when they were both 17 years old, and they have two daughters and one son: Jesaaelys Marie, Yamilette Rodriguez and Jeremy Ayala González.

In 2018, Daddy Yankee made history with 10 Guiness World Records with the title for his achievement as the First Latin artist to reach the number one on Spotify, confirmed as of July 9, 2017, as well as seven titles for the success of the hit song Despacito,” performed alongside Luis Fonsi, and two additional titles for topping the Billboard Latin Rhythm Airplay lists.

The Puerto Rican duo delivers synth-filled, hazy afternoon melodies to a crowd that just couldn’t take the wait any longer on “Calma.” The track showcases the upbeat, yet idyllic rhythms Los Wálters are best known for. Luis López Varona y Ángel Emanuel Figueroa continue to sell out venues in Puerto Rico, attracting a variety of crowds who come to groove to the relaxing electronic drum beats and puppy love lyrics. Although they foster a soothing atmosphere, the energy they bring to the stage encourages the audience to move however they please.

That’s par for the course for the artist, who in just 15 years has managed to pioneer and popularize the style of music known as reggaeton, becoming its most recognizable star and racking up a handful of hits and billions of YouTube views. And as he showed Wednesday night in Rishon Lezion, the so-called king of reggaeton is still reinventing the genre, fusing it with trap beats, EDM drops and Afro-Cuban inspired rhythms.

He continued the set with more of his own songs and features, including Cardi B ‘s massive GRAMMY-nominated bilingual Hot 100 No. 1 hit with Balvin and Bad Bunny , “I Like It.” The song got its own Balvin show-that-feels-like-the-best-Latin-club-night-treatment, opening with the original version of boogaloo song sampled on the track—”I like It Like That,” released by Bronx-born Latin jazz artist Pete Rodriguez in 1967—as his squad salsa-danced together.

On October 29, 2013, Daddy Yankee released a mixtape entitled ” King Daddy “, produced by Los De La Nazza (Musicologo & Menes), as part the Imperio Nazza Mixtapes series and was released as a digital-format only. The mixtape was made because of the high demand from the fans and is a return to his original reggaeton roots. It includes 11 tracks with collaborations from J Alvarez , Arcángel , Yandel , Farruko , and Divino According to Ayala, “King Daddy” was recorded in two and a half weeks, because there was “a lot of inspiration”. The song “La Rompe Carros” has garnered popularity among the public, but his hit single was “La Nueva y La Ex” which has been widely received all over South America, Europe, and North America. During a press conference earlier this year, Daddy Yankee announced the physical release of King Daddy scheduled for later this year with 3 or 4 bonus tracks for a total of 14 or 15 songs included.

It continues a path Yankee helped carve out for reggaeton and urbano. Yankee and Luis Fonsi’s 2017 single Despacito” tore up the pop playbook, becoming the first all-Spanish-language Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 since La Macarena.” It was already a global hit when Justin Bieber jumped on the remix, which made it the most-streamed single in history.

Most streamed artist of all times in Spotify & YouTube and Twenty-Seventh Time Grammy & Latin America Winner Artist. The Latin American Music Awards (AMAs) feel and sound like the best house party you’ve ever attended.

The year 2012 had one of the most important genre events of the year: the reconciliation between Daddy Yankee and Wisin & Yandel, after some years of rivalry. Six years after their last collaboration, Daddy Yankee appeared on the duo’s remix song “Hipnotízame”, with positive acclaim from fans. Two months later, on February 16, 2013, Wisin & Yandel collaborated in the remix of “Limbo”. Later in 2013, the three artists performed songs like “Hipnotízame”, “Mayor Que Yo” and “Noche De Entierro” in two concerts (one in Puerto Rico and another in Colombia).

We have people of all nationalities: Brazil, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua. I think we are only lacking a few countries, such as Chile,” Gabriel Abaroa told Variety earlier this month during an interview about this year’s celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Latin Grammys.

So what does Daddy Yankee’s reggaeton hit Gasolina really mean, and does John McCain approve? Who can blame withered geriatric John McCain for trying to broaden his appeal to Obama-aged voters and below by touting the endorsement of reggaeton superstar Daddy Yankee ? And at Phoenix’s Central High no less.

Daddy Yankee isn’t about to stop breaking records any time soon. Just a week after El Cangri was declared the artist with the most No. 1 songs on United States radio in 2019, he’s accomplished something no other artist has: Daddy Yankee has sold out nine shows at Puerto Rico’s iconic El Choli” José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum This officially places him above 2018’s record holders, Wisin and Yandel, who held eight sold-out performances during their Como Antes tour.

In 1997, Daddy Yankee collaborated with the rapper Nas , who was an inspiration for Ayala, in the song “The Profecy”, for the album Boricua Guerrero. He released two compilation albums with original material: El Cartel (1997) and El Cartel II (2001). Both albums were successful in Puerto Rico, but not throughout Latin America. Between those years, Ayala released a total of nine music videos, including “Posición” featuring Alberto Stylee , “Tu Cuerpo En La Cama” featuring Nicky Jam , and “Muévete Y Perrea”.

1999 until now: Yankee’s wife continues to support him from the sidelines. Had a great time. Becky G. Sang some of her good song. Wanted to see Daddy Yankee for awhile. Great performance. Rivera-Rideau says Daddy Yankee isn’t the first Latino artist to do this.

For years, Latin urban music has been put down and minimized for x or y reasons,” he continued. Within ‘urban’ they leave a broad channel in which they qualify anyone who does a collaboration; who has a reggaeton drum beat; or who raps,” he stated, pointing up the apparent confusion within the Academy membership over the broad spectrum of genres that fall under Urban Latin Music.

After a Gavilán interlude, comes Corazones,” the only conscious hip-hop attempt in Barrio Fino. Golpe de Estado” features a verse by Tommy Viera and the presence of legendary producer Nely. The track is reminiscent of the old reggae en español days, with a gangster approach and pistol busting lyrics. By 2 Mujeres” Ayala’s delivery begins to grow tiresome, though the song does prove to be effective in its own right.

Daddy Yankee thanked the crowd for having him and mentioned two to three times – throughout the 1.5 hour set – that he always feels at home when he’s in Israel. Israel’s substantial Latino community appreciated his presence. Flags from Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay and Cuba blew with the breeze. The front rows closest to the stage were filled with Latina women who knew every lyric of every song. And showing that he still appeals to a younger generation, a surprisingly large amount of teens danced in the stands.

Though Yankee grew up immersed in music, his first love was playing baseball. In a 2006 interview with , he said he had tried out for the Seattle Mariners and had every expectation of being signed when he was caught in the crossfire between gangs. He spent the next six months in bed. It was a year before he could walk and he still carries a bullet lodged in his right thigh. In a New York Times magazine profile, The King of Reggaetón,” Yankee credits that hiatus from street life for redirecting his focus on making music. He also went to college, and earned an associate’s degree in accounting in 1998, in order to help himself better navigate the music business. “I thank God every day for that bullet,” he said.

Despite not releasing a proper album since 2013’s King Daddy, Yankee continues to grow his discography off of singles, features, and multi-artist collabs. He’s a modern mainstay of the vibrant Latin remix format, notably joining Camila Cabello‘s smash Havana” on on such mix. Lately, you can’t go more than a few weeks before he’s back with something new. In the last twelve months, he coaxed Janet Jackson back into the studio for Made For Now,” tapped Latin trap star Anuel AA for Adictiva,” and joined Akon and Sean Paul on Farruko’s Inolvidable” remix, to name but a few.

From the start of his career through his current hit “Dura,” he has created songs that captivate audiences to become instant successes. With an impeccable track record of global smashes within the last 20 years, the international music icon, whose greatest hits include “Gasolina,” “Shaky Shaky,” and “Despacito – Remix,” has surpassed 44,735,586 monthly listeners on Spotify. Daddy Yankee has charted over 50 hits on the Billboard Charts and is the only Latin Artist to Chart four songs in Spanish on the Top 20 of Billboad’s Hot 100 Charts.

Daddy Yankee earned international recognition as a featured artist on Luis Fonsi ‘s smash hit “Despacito,” also featuring Justin Bieber The tune spent 16 weeks atop Billboard’s Hot 100, matching Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men’s “One Sweet Day” for the longest run at No. 1 in the chart’s history.

In response, the Academy released a statement on Wednesday saying that it does not attempt to influence its voting members’ decisions and welcomed more urban artists and executives to get involved in the process, essentially asking them to be the change they want to see.

J Balvin and Bad Bunny , two of the biggest forces of next-generation reggaeton, have released a surprise album together that promises to dominate the summer. Their first single, “Que Pretendes,” is a sensual opener revealing what we already know about these two global stars: They know how to deliver a catchy pop song that will get you swaying.

Ramon Luis Ayala Rodriguez, known by his stage name, Daddy Yankee performed for the third time in Israel, in the last five years, selling out yet another concert at Rishon Lezion’s LivePark on Wednesday night.

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