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Top of 2018 saw the announcement that Caesar would be performing at this year’s Coachella for the first time. The 22-year-old Toronto R&B star’s Blessed” is among the tracks on Obama’s list of his favourite songs of 2017.

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DANIEL CAESARCanadian singer Daniel Caesar has received a stamp of approval from former U.S. president Barack Obama. The album is at its best when it calms down from the various musical progressions and focuses on a single sound. Frontal Lobe Muzik” fulfills this level, due to Pharrell Williams fabricating a rhythmic drum sequence while adding juxtaposition to Caesar’s soft vocal textures. The same can be said when he gets in touch with his female counterpart, in this case with ‘90s star Brandy on Love Again.” Sparse bass and vocal harmonies fill up the space between the two’s voice, both basking off each other’s tones. These points in Case Study 01” are some of the only joyous takeaways. Aside from those, Caesar’s pen skills prove to be efficient in some passages in various tracks, the first verse of Too Deep to Turn Back” namely. He makes a comparison of people and their faith to mosquitos and light. The diction marks a pesty tone, but he rebuts it by crooning the reason why faith is needed for those individuals.

Daniel Caesar has been played over 30 times on NTS, first on 2 September 2016. Daniel Caesar’s music has been featured on 28 episodes. Canadian artist Daniel Caesar has linked up with reggae star Koffee on a remix of the former’s ‘Cyanide’.

With each song, Daniel Caesar reaches out and makes a connection. His debut album, Freudian was released on August 25, to an immense about of rave reviews. It is a compilation of melodies tied together to amplify the R&B singer’s distinct, soothing voice and writing skills. Upon debut, Freudian reached #1 on the ITunes charts and it’s lead single, “Get You” (feat. Kali Uchis) recently hit Gold in both the U.S and Canada. The record also earned Caesar two Grammy nominations, one for Best R&B Album and the other for Best R&B Performance for “Get You.” Following the late-summer release of Freudian, Caesar headlined his first North American tour, which sold-out quickly. He will be embarking on his sold-out European tour at the top of this year.

And Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin, 22, are said to have asked Daniel Caesar to sing at their wedding as he is ‘their favourite singer right now’. Other tracks include Get You feat. Kali Uchis, We Find Love and Hold Me Down. His new album is out now and his UK 2019 tour brings him to London, Manchester and Birmingham this October.

Daniel Caesar dropped another announcement after he surprised fans with his sophomore album CASE STUDY 01 on Friday (June 28). The R&B artist posted the news on Twitter alluding to a two-part tour taking off in Asia (July 20) before traveling to the U.S. (July 30).

My wife and I have been fans of Daniel Caesar for years and we have been looking forward to catching his live show for a long time. Given the venue we were expecting a great sounding show, but what we got was a muddy mess which made the show difficult to enjoy. Not sure who the FOH was but the Daniels vocal was just not intelligible, because his performance was great.

It’s important not to confuse the narrator of a song with its author, but that “I only like to have deep conversations” attitude often feels like it’s lurking behind the soul-searching. And knowing he’s recently had to make public apologies for defending right-wing conspiracy theorist Candace Owens and calling Black people “too sensitive” about racism affects how you might hear a lyric like “bourgeoisie trying to silence me” from Too Deep To Turn Back.

Reggae artist Koffee opened the night, playing her third show with Daniel Caesar. Born Mikayla Simpson and raised in Kingston, the 19-year old first found recognition when she posted a tribute to Usain Bolt on her Instagram and the Olympic champion reposted it to his account. She describes herself as a singjay” – a singer-songwriter and rapper, more commonly known as a DJ in Jamaica. Her impressively fast vocals juxtaposed with a three-piece acoustic band proved to be a hit for the crowd as they cheered her on whenever she hit a particularly quick rhyme scheme.

Caesar chose to end the main part of his set with Superposition,” his collaboration with John Mayer. Mayer’s slow guitar licks underneath Caesar’s falsetto make for a hypnotic experience. The song is a golden moment on Case Study 01 and proved itself to be a similar moment live during Caesar’s show.


The Best Part” singer has had time to think about his choice to call Black people disrespectful, ”rude, and mean to white people” all while coming to the defense of problematic media personality YesJulz, who is white.

GettyCaesar receives the award during the 2018 JUNO Awards at Rogers Arena on March 25, 2018 in Vancouver, Canada. See below for a list of Daniel Caesar’s GRAMMY Awards history. Sweet venue, amazing performance. One of the few artists who sounds just as good live as on recordings now a days.

The apparition in the album art states a key detail about Daniel Caesar at this point in his career: he is still finding his voice. Last year’s Freudian” proved to cement expectations from R&B listeners about where he plans to take his velvety vocals and sensual production in future works. The results yielded two years later, Case Study 01,” the second LP from Caesar himself, and while he expands on his sound in unorthodox conventions, he now gravitates toward different shortcomings.

Front Lobe Muzik” exposes another complexity of him, something this album successfully executes. While Pharell Williams adds buoyancy and delight, Caesar questions his internal struggles of acquiring compassion. Verses like I know the things that I been feelin’, they ain’t real” contrast with the chorus: I’m in love with you still, ooh yeah.” The same is also found in Open Up,” where his second head is dominant against his conscience in a relationship. Can we get down to business,” he inquires in the first verse before he and his love interest start unlocking the emotional aspect. These lyrical moments become the antithesis of Caesar’s reputation. While Freudian” flourishes in romantic gestures, Case Study 01” perceives love as a difficulty, a walk between authentic relationships and ones grounded by ambivalence and half-hearted indications.

She spent some time talking with the audience, explaining her music and expressing her gratitude to Daniel Caesar for having her on his tour. Koffee introduced the politically-charged Raggamuffin” as a song about the youth, for the youth, to the youth.” The song was a perfect example of her self-described mission of using her success to bring positive change to the world” and make a positive movement.” It’s clear she doesn’t take that platform for granted as she introduced her song Toast,” describing it as a very special part of the set – a song about gratitude. She took the time to thank an audience member for sending her a bracelet backstage, pointing it out on her wrist and making sure they knew she was wearing it. Koffee’s stage presence felt incredibly genuine and as she danced her way off-stage, she left the crowd with good vibes and ready to keep grooving.

Many have celebrated his work, from Obama to Chris Martin of Coldplay with many musical fans in between. Apple Music praised his earlier work and this past September, he was featured as their Up Next Artist. Top of 2018 saw the announcement that Caesar would be performing at this year’s Coachella for the first time.

Probably didn’t take ’em more than one phone call, but Justin and Hailey Bieber locked down their first choice for a wedding singer – and Daniel Caesar will be doing the honors. The song is off Caesar’s album Freudian, which came out in August.

On August 25, 2017, Daniel released his debut album, Freudian , which followed the release of We Find Love” and Blessed,” and contains hit songs, Best Part” and Get You.” In 2018, Freudian was nominated for Best R&B Album at the Grammys.

We believe that music is a universal language that unites all of us and brings people from all walks of life together. We thrive on making people happy from the time we open our doors to the last note of the concert.

At the 60th Annual Grammy Awards, Caesar was nominated for Best R&B Album and Best R&B Performance for his single Get You.” He won the Grammy for Best R&B Performance for his single Best Part” at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards.

It’s coming up on a year since Lil Nas X took over the music industry with his debut single “Old Town Road.” Before it reaches that milestone, the Georgia native’s popular hit, featuring Billy Ray Cyrus, has reached a feat that solidifies its place in history. The YoungKio-produced track was certified diamond by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), the first to do so this year.

Reggae artist, Koffee , will accompany Caesar on his tour. The “Toast” artist is sure to bring her own her flare to the stage as she’s not only a singer but a guitarist. She was recently featured on Apple Music’s UpNext series where she gave fans a deep insight into her life and career.

In 2015 it released another EP, Pilgrim’s Paradise, and with its single Get You it has amassed more than ten million plays on Apple Music since its launch in October 2016. Their debut album was released in 2017 under the title Freudian, being a finalist in the Polaris Music Award 2018 and being nominated for two Grammy awards in the categories of Best R&B album and Best R&B performance.

Being at a Daniel Caesar concert, it’s easy to see why his shows have a reputation for mid-concert audience marriage proposals Caesar entered the stage to screams from the crowd, opening with Cyanide” before sliding smoothly into his ‘90s-inspired collaboration with Brandy, Love Again.” He paraded around the stage, clearly enjoying himself and feeling the love from the audience. His sultry vocals were only built up with his backing band and background singers adding layers to the sound. The production of his show was clean – the only visuals were simple lighting effects intensified by the smokiness of the room. It was clear he preferred the music to be the single focus of the room’s attention and he was dedicated to making sure people were having a good time with it.

According to TMZ , the couple will wed on September 30 and Daniel, whose debut album Freudian went gold, will sing to them. Canadian and international music markets. His most recent debut Freudian, has landed him on several Best Albums of 2017 lists, ranging from NPR to Fader.

Caesar has mostly kept quiet on social media since that incident, and it sounds like he’s channelled his introspection back into his music. That’s to the benefit of Case Study 01. The album wouldn’t be satisfying if it was just another version of Freudian. But Caesar calls the album an experiment, and that’s often what it feels like. He’s still figuring it all out.

The Canadian soul and R&B artist was scrutinized recently for comments he made defending YesJulz, a controversial online figure and personal friend of his, who made racist and offensive comments in a freestyle video. Coming to her defense ( a bit drunkenly ), Caesar asked why everyone was being so mean to white people,” minimizing her comments and calling black people overly sensitive. While he later apologized for the way in which he made these comments, he never seemed remorseful for the comments themselves. In any case, Caesar desperately needed to explain himself.

Daniel Caesar, the balladeer whose serene R&B tracks have been streamed hundreds of millions of times even though he is not signed to a major label, released a new album without warning on Thursday at midnight. Case Study 01 includes contributions from Pharrell Williams and John Mayer. It marks Caesar’s first full-length since 2017’s Freudian.

Getty Daniel Caesar pictured at the 2019 Grammy Awards. Canadian Grammy-award winning singer-songwriter Daniel Caesar does his debut 1Xtra Live Lounge for DJ Ace. The original version of ‘Cyanide’ landed on Caesar’s second studio album, ‘Case Study 01’.

Today, Caesar quietly released his sophomore album Case Study 01, his first body of work since what some considered a cancelable offense. The album taps features from guests like John Mayer and Pharrell, but “LOVE AGAIN” finds Caesar singing opposite Brandy, which is enough to make any fan of 90s R&B perk their ears up.

It’s well noted that Daniel Caesar ‘s ” Get You ” makes your body release dopamine in enormous, almost unheard of, amounts. Your arms turn into gooseflesh and you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Freudian was his 2017 debut that established him as one of R&B’s most talented and capable rising artists, bringing back authentic soul to the mysterious haze that currently dominates the genre. It’s been nearly two years since his debut and, for most of the time, he’s been a purveyor of silence. He’s broken this tranquility today (June 28) with a surprise sophomore album, Case Study 01, and it features some of the most popular artists in hip-hop, R&B, and pop music.

Conveying moody anecdotes about life’s most pertinent lessons – love, loss, faith, desire and determination, Caesar tells a coming-of-age tale that is not only relatable but genuine. With raw talent and an unwavering mystic, layer by layer, Daniel Caesar is writing a melodic story rooted in his authentic self — a story that has only just begun.

Hours after Lizzo’s hit single “Truth Hurts” made history on the Billboard Hot 100, the Texas native decided to clear the air on a cloud of plagiarism claims. Taking to Twitter on Wednesday (Oct. 23), the 31-year-old addressed songwriter Justin Raisen’s statement that she lifted the line “I just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100 percent that bitch” from a 2017 studio session. The lyric was reportedly inspired by singer Mina Lioness’ tweet that became a meme, who Lizzo states recently received a credit.

It’s been three months since the singer said “White people have been mean to us in the past,” and urged people to “accept the winning team’s strategy.” Cancel culture is subjective, and whether a listener might deem his comments worthy of not streaming his music depends on their personal threshold. While there is no designated time period after which we traditionally “forgive” artists for opinions that don’t align with our own, the streaming era makes it trickier to judge. In the age of the internet, it can feel like artists are canceled until they release a project that causes you to forget what happened in the first place.

Influenced by artists as heterogeneous as Jim Morrison, Kanye West, Frank Ocean or Beyoncé, Caesar has mixed soul and pop to offer a very personal vision of current R&B. And it was the big surprise of 2014 when with his EP, Praise Break, he slipped into 19th place in the 20 Best R&B Albums of the year for Rolling Stone magazine.

His sophomore effort, Praise Break , successfully captured the attention of many major publications and outlets and was ranked 19th in the 20 Best R&B Albums of 2014 by Rolling Stone Magazine Caesar’s follow-up project, Pilgrim’s Paradise , was met with even greater praise, subsequently capturing the attention of both the Canadian and international music markets.

Between October and November, Caesar will embark on the European leg of his Case Study 01 tour, with stops in the UK, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark and Spain; from November 12 – 28, the artist will be touring Canada.

Daniel Caesar said he was drunk as f” during an Instagram Live rant in which he wondered, Why are we being so mean to white people right now?” Caesar, 23, crossed over as a mainstream R&B star following the release of his 2017 album, Freudian.” That came after Caesar, real name Ashton Simmonds released two EPs, Praise Break,” in 2014, and Pilgrim’s Paradise” in 2015.

The night reaffirmed something I already knew: Daniel Caesar has a really great voice, and he sounds really good live—that is, when the crowd isn’t singing his songs for him. At the first instance of fans scream-singing is when I realized that Daniel Caesar was never in any real danger of getting “cancelled” by the culture. (For one thing, you really can’t cancel people in real life. People don’t just burst into flames and cease to exist the moment woke Twitter deems a person is “trash.”) With a voice like that AND guitar skills? It’s gonna take more than just a couple poorly worded, bad opinions to derail Daniel Caesar’s career.

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