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This is the Abstract, the enigmatic genius behind some of the best music ever imagined, who pops up every half-a-dozen-years to drop a classic album, then recedes back to Mt. Olympus (or his New Jersey studio).

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DANNY BROWNI think once this album drops, people won’t be able to overlook me. I am working with a legend, so I’m on my way to becoming one too. Remember, I’ve been in the game for ten years, and I’m only getting better. I feel like I can be the illest 40-year-old-rapper on the planet. I want to be the number one at 40. People say rap is a young man’s game, but we’re now in a world where a 40-year-old can be the best. Being older doesn’t have that stigma anymore.DANNY BROWN

Catch American singer and rapper Danny Brown when he coomes to Boston for his North American tour. With acclaims from MTV as “one of rap’s most unique figures in recent memory,” you wouldn’t want to miss out on Brown’s performance.

The only other guest on Fever is Juicy J on Simon Says,” where he also supplies a beat that sounds like a house party in the middle of a home invasion. Simon says bust it open like a freak,” Megan raps like a nursery rhyme, a fitting match for the originator of Slob On My Knob.” The song was the center of a minor controversy over the album release weekend when singer Wolf Tyla implied she had a writing credit and drew an indignant response from Megan. The facts became harder to parse from there. Maybe Tyla wrote the hook, or maybe Juicy did and asked her to record a reference track. (A just okay hook to go to bat for as an unknown ghostwriter, frankly.) In an era where the world’s biggest male stars snipe at each other about fragments of songs they’ve written for one another, this shouldn’t be a story, but a rising female rapper can’t allow any question of her bona fides.

With production overseen by A Tribe Called Quest’s Q-Tip, the album features the beat maker’s signature psychedelic soul that provides the perfect canvas for the Detroit MC. Brown flourishes in this soundscape, reigning in his more indulgent wildness to deliver a far more grounded project.

Danny Brown is currently on tour in celebration of his most recent record, Uknowhatimsayin But things didn’t go smoothly Friday at a Dallas show when one fan began heckling his London-based opening act, Ashnikko. The rapper took the time on stage to call the heckler out and publically shame him until he left the crowd entirely.

BROWN: I just think – growing up in Detroit, it was never really an outlet. Like, it wasn’t like I can go downtown and get a record deal, you know? So it wasn’t really an outlet. And then, it was like the whole open mic scene here. And it was just, you know, the street rap scene. I just never really fit all the way into either of them. So it worked out for me, by me. I just would take, like, Greyhound buses to New York and just, you know, go out there and hustle my music.

It all led to uknowhatimsayin¿, which might be the purest distillation of what makes Danny Brown one of the most essential entertainers, storytellers and cultural voices of this generation. It is the uncompromised work of a virtuosic talent who understands how to use comedy as a vicious instrument. There is the lingering sense of paranoia, the requisite survivor’s guilt and anxiety, but also hysterical punchlines and anthems built to cause speakers to crumble into ashes. On the opening song, Brown offers a mantra of sorts, I will never look back, I will never change up.” His genius is that it could mean anything, but you also know exactly what it means.

After anticipating trends like pills, EDM beats, and mall goth chic, Danny Brown has sidestepped them entirely on uknowhatimsayin¿. He’s re-focused on spitting memorable verses over hard beats, and as a result, created one of 2019’s best rap albums. It’s replayable with its 33-minute runtime, and the psychedelic beats ensure there’s something new to notice with each spin. Like the best stand-up specials, the album is meant to be passed among friends, choice passages memorized and referenced ad nauseam. As long as there are fans guffawing as their heads knock, rest assured, Danny Brown’s legacy is secured.

BROWN: I think, at the time, I was just overworking myself. You can’t be burning the candle at both ends, you know? You can – it was getting to the point I was going to have to choose one or the other. It was either going to be me parting or me working. So that’s all that was. So – and it was like I just had to take a lot of time off for myself. It was like, you know, putting out albums and then just touring and touring and touring.

That search for his next rhyme took the story a step back. Atrocity Exhibition, named after the 1980 Joy Division song, which itself was named after a J.G. Ballard book, captured the contradictions of his earlier success. He’d made it, but getting there had created another Danny Brown, one the public expected and encouraged to create chaos. What room was there for the Danny Brown who wants to be left alone? What if maintaining a persona literally killed the real person? The album ruminates masterfully on these tough questions while melding hip-hop with prog rock.

Like Q-Tip and the Native Tongues movement that he helped spearhead, there was initially no lane for Danny Brown to exist. Hip-hop at the turn of the decade was subsumed by auto-tune hedonism and nihilistic trap. The underground was comatose. Gangsta rap felt stale and elliptical. Enter the Adderall Admiral, the heir to a half-dozen weird traditions, who carved his own singular path by being so original that if he didn’t exist, no one could have ever invented him. Fueled by Pac Blood and MDMA, wearing rock star leather and rocking levitating straightened hair like Suga Free in a post-punk band, the Motor City native mixed hard-boiled street pharmaceutical narratives with whimsical humor and a lunging frenetic arsenal of vocal exaggerations.

Overall, this album is a solid output from Danny Brown and continues to be as personal as ever, while showing Brown’s experimentation with new sounds and concepts that make this a worthwhile listen for fans and newcomers alike.

The instrumentals throughout the album are also unique among Brown’s work. Many songs are hectic and heavily layered with strange instruments and sound effects, but among these are songs that are much calmer and more melodic than most of Brown’s discography.

Catfish and the Bottlemen are practically of no fixed abode” due to near constant touring and recording since 2014, when their platinum-certified debut album The Balcony surfaced. Preparing fans for a raft of new material to follow their 2016 gold-certified album The Ride, the band is led out of the studio and onto even bigger stages by venerated frontman and songwriter, Van McCann, along with Johnny Bond (lead guitar), Benji Blakeway (bass), and Bob Hall (drums).

With over 33 million records sold and seven Billboard Top Ten albums, Denver released 23 studio albums over his lifetime. Best known for the beloved songs Leaving On a Jet Plane,” Take Me Home, Country Roads,” Sunshine On My Shoulders,” Annie’s Song,” and Rocky Mountain High,” which is the co-state song of Colorado, his catalogue continues to sell thousands of units per week. Among his numerous awards and recognitions, Denver was instrumental in championing environmental and humanitarian causes. His popularity and continuing influence on popular culture more than a decade after his untimely death in 1997 is remarkable.

Brown then said he was going to get back to the music and not let one bad apple spoil the bunch.” The rapper’s public shaming seemed to work as the heckler promptly left the crowd as Brown continued his show without a hiccup.

Danny has referred to uknowhatimsayin¿ as his version of a stand-up comedy album.” Of course, he’s always been funny in his verses. (His breakout project XXX, where he boasts about literally shitting on your mixtape, wipe with the credits, leave stains on the jewel case,” was just ranked among the 100 best albums of the decade by Pitchfork) But previously the jokes were there to lighten up the horror of his hardscrabble situations. Now the ratio has flipped, like he’s looking back on his life through the Get-A-Load Of This Guy Cam There’s an adage from mid-century comedian Steve Allen that comedy is tragedy plus time;” perhaps, after years as an internationally touring rapper, he feels far enough removed to look at tragic circumstances in a new light.

BROWN: I would say, in some sense, I wouldn’t give it a ying without the yang. A lot of songs – you can probably listen to mine. It sounds like a party. But when you dig deep into the lyrics, you know, it’s really giving you the other side of it. So I don’t think I necessarily – I mean, I have my fun songs, too, but I also have the other side of the coin. So I think when people are just talking about it one way, then yeah. That’s – that can kind of be glamorizing it. But I think me – I’m more so bringing awareness to it.

The boy later picked Brown out of a lineup and became the primary witness for the prosecution. The boy’s eyewitness identification convinced the jury to convict Brown, despite concerns raised by the defense about the reliability of eyewitness testimony of a traumatized six-year-old and numerous alibi witnesses who testified on Brown’s behalf. Brown was sentenced to life in prison.

He has always been consumed by the process of making music. He’s notorious for disappearing for months at a time, holing up at home and grinding away at his next project. Every night, he’ll play beats — the more challenging to rap over, the better — and wait until the words come. At least, that’s what he did until the inspiration dried up and it all became too stressful. To force a breakthrough, Brown enlisted a familiar face.

It was back in March that Danny Brown saw excitement build for his fifth solo album. Q-Tip appeared on Elton John’s Beats 1 radio show , Rocket Hour. The Abstract revealed that he would serve as the executive producer of uknowhatimsayin¿ The Warp Records album promised to lend Q-Tip’s tremendous ear, which apart from A Tribe Called Quest catalog and solo material, includes legendary work with Nas, Mobb Deep, Apache, and Pusha-T. The result with uknowhatimsayin¿ is three Q-Tip productions, joining a cast that includes Paul White, JPEGMAFIA, Flying Lotus, and Thundercat.

In terms of working with Tip, well, before I used to care too much about shit and it would stress me out, but this was the least stressful album I’ve ever worked on. He really taught me how to give more love and care to my music. You have all the time in the world to put music out, so why not make it perfect before actually releasing it? Before I used to try and catch lightning in a bottle and make up songs in five minutes, but with Tip, it’s like, I saw him working on one snare for six hours. It means you get a better end product.

The RZA-esque beat on ‘Theme Song’, for example, allows the rapper to demonstrate just how accomplished an MC he is, with stripped-back production placing vocals front and centre. Danny Brown has been known to change his image many times throughout his career, becoming one of the most unique rappers of the 2010’s.

Danny Brown (Daniel Dewan Sewell) is an American rapper based in Detroit, Michigan best known for his unique personality and fashion sense, He is even described as one of rap’s most unique figures in recent memory.

What makes Brown so cherishable is that he clearly loves rap’s golden age and kings like Outkast and Wu-Tang without standing in thrall to them. Theme Song nods to Cypress Hill, but the music is much more wraithlike than thuggish, even when the words quote Mike Tyson at his most brutal. Belly of the Beast sounds like an André 3000 interior monologue on a planet slipping out of orbit, with its cinematic sound effects and wobbly progress. Brown’s storytelling is as witty as ever, with pungent bars that pop like pimples, spattering tracks with quotable filth. His best work by a distance.

Brown’s voice and style have always set him apart from other artists. This album shows that he has not lost this touch. He often gives words an extra syllable or intentionally mispronounces them to fit rhymes and rhythms, which gives his music character and individuality.

Daniel Dewan Sewell (born March 16, 1981), known professionally as Danny Brown, is an American rapper. He is best known for his individuality, being described by MTV as “one of rap’s most unique figures in recent memory”. In 2010, after amassing several mixtapes, Brown released his debut studio album, The Hybrid. Brown began to gain major recognition after the release of his second studio album, XXX, which received critical acclaim and earned him such accolades as Spin, as well as Metro Times “Artist of the Year”. In 2013, he entered a US Billboard chart, with the release of his third studio album, Old, which reached number 18 on the US Billboard 200 chart and spawned three singles, “Dip”, “25 Bucks” and “Smokin & Drinkin”.

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