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Throughout his discography, though, the Detroit native has matured as an artist and his latest album, ‘uknowhatimsayin¿’, is a more focused, sombre project that sidesteps what audiences should expect from one of rap’s most unique figures.

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DANNY BROWNAll of uknowhatimsayin? boasts the energy of a rapper coming into their own, emotionally. Danny’s struggles have paid off. As a result, this album is his most pure rap record to date. Danny wouldn’t change his past, nor would he change who he is. He doesn’t need his past to access his future. Danny Brown is Danny Brown, and Danny Brown is free.

It was back in March that Danny Brown saw excitement build for his fifth solo album. Q-Tip appeared on Elton John’s Beats 1 radio show , Rocket Hour. The Abstract revealed that he would serve as the executive producer of uknowhatimsayin¿ The Warp Records album promised to lend Q-Tip’s tremendous ear, which apart from A Tribe Called Quest catalog and solo material, includes legendary work with Nas, Mobb Deep, Apache, and Pusha-T. The result with uknowhatimsayin¿ is three Q-Tip productions, joining a cast that includes Paul White, JPEGMAFIA, Flying Lotus, and Thundercat.

The boy later picked Brown out of a lineup and became the primary witness for the prosecution. The boy’s eyewitness identification convinced the jury to convict Brown, despite concerns raised by the defense about the reliability of eyewitness testimony of a traumatized six-year-old and numerous alibi witnesses who testified on Brown’s behalf. Brown was sentenced to life in prison.

To be clear, Danny’s not only focused on sex. He tries out other hip-hop tropes on this record, like a stand-up finding new ways to joke about dating or airplane food. Savage Nomad” is a flashback to childhood, fighting on the playground after school and stealing the scales from chemistry class for unsanctioned extracurriculars. He references Minnie Riperton and Eric B. & Rakim in the same verse, despite sounding the polar opposite of those artists’ smoothness over rigid hi-hats and squealing guitar. To rhyme it with impotent” and licorice,” the rapper bends LinkedIn” into three syllables. It’s a reference to a podcast, sure, but it also sounds like how a kid might mispronounce a social media site he has no business being on.

Brown’s fourth studio album is the latest peak in a career full of highlights: over the last decade, he’s worked with a breadth of artists from Purity Ring and Rustie to Schoolboy Q, E-40, and Ghostface Killah. Since the release of Old, he’s contributed the theme song to the hit ABC comedy Fresh Off the Boat, hopped on the explosive posse track Detroit Vs. Everybody” with Eminem, Dej Loaf, Royce da 5’9”, Big Sean, and Trick Trick; this year, he lent his distinctive energy to Frankie Sinatra,” the first single from legendary production team the Avalanches’ first album in more than a decade, Wildflower.

BROWN: (Rapping) High tide, Gain off the Arm & Hammer. Swim towards the current, system try to drown me. Stain your record like Clorox ‘n’ darks. Spin cycle had four tops for one out the slums. Nobody gave me nothin’. Had temptations, so I hustled, David Ruffin. Papa was a rolling stone, so I sold expletive to ’em. Beam up, Scotty. We got lift-off, Houston.

BROWN: I just think – growing up in Detroit, it was never really an outlet. Like, it wasn’t like I can go downtown and get a record deal, you know? So it wasn’t really an outlet. And then, it was like the whole open mic scene here. And it was just, you know, the street rap scene. I just never really fit all the way into either of them. So it worked out for me, by me. I just would take, like, Greyhound buses to New York and just, you know, go out there and hustle my music.

Moreover, Danny Brown accepts his past as dead and gone. He staves off the human tendency to dwell. Instead of falling into his past, regardless of how troubled his present, Danny finds it within himself to believe in the future. Considering his previous themes, Change Up” feels like a monumental step forward. It sounds like Brown’s pursuit of freedom.

Mostly because: It really doesn’t. Brown has a talk show on Viceland now. He’s bought a new smile; his hair has been tamed into a sensible Caesar cut. He has several beats from Q-Tip the Abstract, and one from JPEGMAFIA. Uknowhatimsayin¿ has the quality of a passion project, like a group of super friends sharing a couch in a Stones Throw storeroom for an indiscriminate amount of time, and pressing the craziest stuff for release. It scans more as a labor of love than a swipe at the crown.

But Brown’s miraculously come out on the other side. He shaved off the Flock of Seagulls mop, got his teeth fixed, made a TV show and has aged gracefully for a guy who threatened to literally shit all on your mixtape.” uknowhatimsayin¿, with production from Q-Tip, is Brown at his most restrained and relaxed. It’s an album focused on acceptance, of the past, present and future. The psychedelic boom-bap is a far cry from the EDM flavored beats on Old and even Brown’s squealing vocals take a step back. If Old was the spiraling Party X and Atrocity Exhibition was the horrific comedown, uknowhatimsayin¿ is the hangover finally wearing off.

Sex Talk,” the album’s lead single, is a showcase for Megan’s bars. I’ma bust quick if your lips soft,” she raps in short bursts around distorted bass and snaps. Rock that ship ‘til ya blast off.” In her second verse, she accents the offbeat to boast, I should be in museums because this body a masterpiece.” Though the song’s popularity was eclipsed by the video release for last summer’s more bombastic Big Ole Freak,” it’s a fitting introduction to Thee Stallion: her range of staccato to elongated flows is catnip for heads like her who grew up on freestyle DVDs, paired with a blown out beat riding the minimalist wave that’s subsumed parties across the country.

BROWN: (Rapping) Came from the sewer where hot dogs got boiled. Right up in the same pot, uncooked, the expletive. I went from flippin’ them mats to flippin’ them sacks. Hide and seek, send spots to out on, we sell expletive, facts.

Although the appeal of Danny Brown has always been in his chaotic production and delivery, he delivers a more focused, melancholic project on his fifth studio album ‘uknowhatimsayin’. In April 2001, Danny Brown was released from prison more than 18 years after being convicted of aggravated murder.

Nearing 40, pathologically indiscreet, drug-guzzling Detroit rapper Danny Brown has grown up and started taking his career seriously. Sensible haircut, straightened teeth and his own chat show , albeit one on which A$AP Rocky fondly recalls Brown slipping him his first Viagra. Rap legend Q-Tip does some heavy beatlifting alongside Brown’s creative collaborator Paul White, and the results are sensational. Where Brown’s ebullience and spiky flow conjure the claustrophobic intensity of a party at its peak, Tip brings space and melody to sugar the rapper’s nasal squawks.

Meaning, thankfully, Danny did not OD. He did not have to weigh his life versus his success any longer. XXX became critically acclaimed. Danny Brown is a media darling. Across 30,” we get the sense Danny has not had a single moment of reprieve in his life. Again, this is why Change Up” and uknowhatimsayin? are achievements in his catalog: this is his reprieve.

Few correctly predicted that Brown’s sophomore album on the legendary U.K. imprint Warp, uknowhatimsayin¿ would be overseen by Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest. The reasons were obvious. This is the Abstract, the enigmatic genius behind some of the best music ever imagined, who pops up every half-a-dozen-years to drop a classic album, then recedes back to Mt. Olympus (or his New Jersey studio). The last full-length non-ATCQ or solo album that he lent his post-production mastery and Midas touch to was Mobb Deep’s The Infamous in 1995. But when you really break it down, there may not be a more natural pairing among hip-hop immortals than Q-Tip and Danny Brown.

We’re on the set of Brown’s new Viceland show, Danny’s House, for which a Bushwick warehouse studio has been transformed into a suburban oasis. Along with highly anticipated new album uknowhatimsayin?, the show marks the next step in the 38-year-old’s career — not a reinvention, but a deeper examination of aspects of his personality not fully explored in public.

Tiffany grew up in California, and as a young child felt neglected by her father’s inconsistent lifestyle. After her mom passed, Tiffany found true solace in music which then became her passion. I do music because it saved me, and I hope with what I have done and who I am as a person, I can connect and can heal others to help them find a way to smile.” The path that opened up for her because of this love of music led her to Korea alone at 15, join Girls’ Generation, who remains as one of the biggest, and most important K-Pop girl groups of all time.

Three years ago, Jamila Woods entered the scene as a woman grounded in her self-hood on her debut HEAVN. The album is a memoir of her upbringing on Chicago’s South Side and her introspections are comfort food for anyone on a search for their center. She digs up memories such as pride in games she played growing up on Popsicle (Interlude)” and runs down why she’s worthy of all good things on the healing self-love anthem Holy.” The sound is dripped deeply in neo-soul and hip-hop, in the family of her Chicago peers Saba, NoName, and Chance the Rapper.

Danny Brown is a true rap original. His songs are as profane as they are profound, mixing heartfelt personal narratives and razor-sharp social commentary with hedonistic party beats and hysterical, pitch-black punchlines. His personal style is as unique as his music, an inspiration to high fashion designers and legions of devoted fans alike. Danny’s Fool’s Gold debut XXX was a free release that snowballed into the year’s most critically-lauded rap album, landing the Detroit hero on the covers of The Fader, XXL and Wax Poetics, and follow-up single Grown Up” was a viral video smash that brought Danny an mtvU Woodie Award and millions of YouTube views.

BROWN: I would say, in some sense, I wouldn’t give it a ying without the yang. A lot of songs – you can probably listen to mine. It sounds like a party. But when you dig deep into the lyrics, you know, it’s really giving you the other side of it. So I don’t think I necessarily – I mean, I have my fun songs, too, but I also have the other side of the coin. So I think when people are just talking about it one way, then yeah. That’s – that can kind of be glamorizing it. But I think me – I’m more so bringing awareness to it.

Megan’s mercenary demand for her pleasures is a refreshing gender swap of rap tropes. On Running Up Freestyle,” she raps, He say I should be nicer, well your dk should be bigger.” She’s blunt enough to make me clutch my pearls on behalf of my gender before I burst out laughing. Later in Sex Talk,” Megan kicks a would-be lover out when she cues up trap music and he asks Girl, you tryna trap me?” She’s offended by the insinuation she needs to keep a captive, when she doesn’t need anyone she doesn’t want in the moment. It’s a role reversal that plenty of female rappers have executed previously, but few with the same raw skill.

Though her profile has risen to the level of Drake Instagrams and Khalid features, Megan Thee Stallion does not make pop music. She raps, she’s excellent, and she knows it. I’m a real rap bih, this ain’t no pop sht,” she ad-libs victoriously on her first song Realer.” Sure, pop music has eagerly siphoned from rap this decade, but rappers have been drawing lines in the sand since Q-Tip said Rap is not pop, if you call it that then stop” in ‘91. Nowadays, the A Tribe Called Quest auteur is still pushing rap forward as an executive producer for Fever.

What began as the project of one disaffected culture journalist is now, some six years later, a six-headed beast. Charles de Boisseguin had carved out a niche for himself as a respected journalist. Bylines all over France’s most respected music weekly Les Inrockuptibles sufficed for a time, and he and some friends startedKeith magazine in 2007 in homage to culture’s greatest Keiths, from Richards to Haring. As a critic, Boisseguin had a burning conviction that he could no longer disparage the works of others until he had a go himself. And so one beautiful spring morning in 2012 he made the jump and L’Impératrice was born. The poacher had turned gamekeeper.

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