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Lately Deja said that she was single, although she is rumoured to still be with Lil Durk. It’s been a relatively quiet career Detroit’s rap songstress DeJ Loaf ever since her past relationship with Lil Durk.

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DEJ LOAFDej Loaf has been around for a while but that doesn’t mean she plans on missing out on the wave of support for female rappers currently cresting in hip-hop as a result of the hot girl summer” agenda. As Dej Loaf closed out the evening with her verse from her hit, the New York rappers looked on, proudly, onstage behind her. The blessing from older artists to newer ones is still an important tradition in hip-hop, and last night was no different. What makes it all the more interesting is that Dej isn’t even from New York. She’s from Detroit.

The announcement was met with positive feedback. Dej, who was rumored to have been a lesbian at the beginning of her rap career was very aware of what was being said. But she denied it in a tweet, writing that women “just love me,” according to VladTV The rapper said that she just preferred to be comfortable, knowing that her clothing set off the rumors.

Yes. I think it’s been a year and a half since people have seen me. I took that time off and I was working. You don’t know how they’re going to react. It’s definitely pressure, though. I just want to be who they saw me as, but also have them understand my growth in the music. That’s what I focused on this go-round.

Including songs like Be Real” and Tied Up,” this list of songs featuring Dej Loaf as guest artist consists of radio hits, number ones, and less popular tracks. Fans can decide how to rank Dej Loaf’s collaborations with Kid Ink, Casey Veggies, The Game, and more.

I don’t like to say names because I don’t even know if they would want to work with me. I would like to work with Raphael Saadiq, I want to do more records with Rick Ross, Drake. I want to work with a lot of people, man.

Yeah, definitely. He used to let us play lots of music, like tons of music growing up. E-40. Rakim. All types of music, you know what I mean? Tupac. So I used to sit on his lap rapping along to the lyrics, Those are the memories I have. And I remember the night he was actually killed too.

has been in a relationship with Lil Durk (2014 – 2016). Dej Loaf is releasing a new song called FOCUS ON ME – where she raps and sings about turning the “focus onto her.” And she also “comes out” in the song.

But it’s so open. Men listen to my music. It’s been like that. You’ve had a lot of female rappers who guys listen to their music, but the culture has changed since ten, twenty years ago. I think it’s just open right now though, so there’s no excuses, is what I’m saying.

On April 8, 2016, her twenty-fifth birthday, All Jokes Aside was released. The third mixtape, itself, was either speculated, rumored, or believed by most sources or people to have included tracks that were aimed at her enemies, Tamar Braxton , Ciara (2) , Iggy Azalea , Queen Latifah, and Adele (3) The one and only guest appearance on the mixtape was legendary bounce rapper Silkk The Shocker Otherwise, All Jokes Aside received heavily negative critical reception, due to the tracks being about her respective rivals and her musical flow being changed.

Loaf, who began releasing music in 2012, has only recently reached the acclaim it seemed she was always destined to achieve. Like many music greats before her, Loaf briefly experimented with college before deciding to focus on her music full time. With remixes featuring Wiz Khalifa, a quote in one of Drake’s Instagram captions and collaborations with fellow Detroiter Big Sean, Loaf’s decision to make music a priority is paying off big time.

is a 28 year old American Rapper. Born Deja Monet Trimble on 8th April, 1991 in Detroit, Michigan, United States, she is famous for Try Me in a career that spans 2011-present. Her zodiac sign is Aries.

Throughout the EP there are stretches where the simplicity of the raps and repetitiveness of certain themes start making the music sound much less compelling than it should. You hear that on a song like Big Keys” that is much less melody-driven than what we typically hear from DeJ, and the verses come off as a bit basic. DeJ’s skill-set lies greatly in her ability to deliver relatable content and be catchy, and when this isn’t taking place it becomes easy to check out.

What Other Rappers Would You Compare Dej Loaf To? Part of you wants to jump to Foxy or Lil’ Kim, or maybe Eve at times, but none of them really work. Her rap-singing back-and-forth has some Aubrey Drake Graham sprinkled in, but some of the more aggressive, confrontational topics Dej raps about are much more believable when she does it than when Drake attempts the same. Detroit’s a unique place, and she’s a product of that environment, which is one of the many reasons she currently exists in this island, to herself. So there’s no need to really compare her to anyone. Just appreciate her, this new, weird, refreshing thing — a thing that could be around for a while.

DeJ Loaf rose to greater success in 2014 with her single “Try Me”, which peaked at number 45 on the US Billboard Hot 100. The song was certified Gold on April 3, 2015 in the US. Later that year, she was chosen as part of the XXL magazine 2015 Freshman Class.

There are few Detroit artists with as an elusive of a career as DeJ Loaf. The rapper made waves in 2014 with her YouTube hit Try Me,” followed by an appearance on Eminem’s star-packed Detroit vs. Everybody,” and since then, has released several mixtapes, collabs, and singles — notably, 2017’s No Fear” — but still has yet to drop an LP. Last year, she teamed up with retro-soul darling Leon Bridges for the self-acceptance anthem Liberated,” which was speculated as a single for her alleged forthcoming record of the same name.

I guess it’s an individual thing. It’s about who you are as a woman or guy, but I’m not going to let people talk down to me. I get how it was, but I don’t think that it’s still like that is what I’m saying. It’s the same as you can’t have a female president, the world doesn’t want to see it.

Is Try Me” Her Only Song? Not even close. If you want to hear old Dej, there’s her first mixtape, Just Do It, released in 2012. And yesterday, she released another mixtape, Sell Sole, which truly shows Dej’s ability to sing and rap over varied production. The mixtape has features from Birdman, Ty Dolla Sign, Young Thug, and Remy Ma.

Rising Detroit rapper Dej Loaf scored several major coups in 2015, including an appearance on XXL Magazine’s coveted Freshman Class list and an opening gig for Nicki Minaj on The Pinkprint Tour. Critics have hailed her as hip hop’s next big thing, and it’s easy to see why whenever she performs her slick, minimal brand of trap in concert. From her relaxed flow and clever wordplay to her signature all-black gear, Loaf is the picture of self-assured swagger, and she always gets fans bouncing with her bass-heavy performances. From the hypnotic synths of “Try Me” to the sensual lyrics of “Me U & Hennessy”, Dej Loaf gives ticket buyers plenty of futuristic hip hop goodness to help them get down every time she takes the stage.

All I can tell the people in my music is how I feel. I’m not trying to steer them in my direction and tell them to think how I think. I’m not really into politics. That doesn’t exist to me, so I don’t even share that with them. I don’t care about Trump, I just live in my own world. Like I said, I do watch what I say. I don’t tell them to do ignorant shit. I motivate them. It’s motivational music.

In practically record time, Detroit rap maven DeJ Loaf has reminded the hip hop world how an unknown female luminary can still dazzle the genre and set it apart from any other art form; Her alluring composure was first on display last summer with her breakout cautionary taunt, ‘Try Me,’ (soaring to No. 1 at Urban Radio and snagging gold status), and the more recent, sultry follow-up, ‘Me U N Hennessey,’ which lustily threads the ever-prominent Lil Wayne into her seductive snare.

Afterwards, Dej Loaf released her debut EP, #AndSeeThatsTheThing, in July 2015 as a digital release and her first major project for Columbia Records. It didn’t make the charts, however, but was positively reviewed by critics. The song, “Back Up” (featuring Big Sean), included on the EP, made such sleeper success when it peaked at #55 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #13 on the Rap Songs chart. The follow-up, “Hey There” (featuring Future (4) ), made #47 on the Hot Urban Songs chart.

Liberated represents the next stage in her growth: the arrival of an artist who knows a little more about what she wants in life—or at least how she’s going to achieve it. Trimble, who works better alone, retreated to her current home base of Atlanta, where her mother and siblings also live, to write the LP. It took her a year and a half. I just wanted to take a break and really focus on music,” she says. Given the vagaries of the creative process, it seems like she needed it. Of her writing process, she says, Sometimes it starts with melody and then it goes on with your thoughts, sometimes it’s chords first, or sometimes it’s rapper’s verse. You never know, it might go any type of way.” The time also allowed her space to develop her music further, thanks to newfound resources such as working with Grammy-nominee Ricky Reed, the executive producer for the album. Even before my first mixtape, I had tons of songs, but I just didn’t know how to orchestrate them,” she says.

I watch what I say now, more so than back then when I was a little reckless. I watch what I say but I still say what I need to say. I’m still telling the same story, in a way. I feel like they don’t know the full story. They’re still on “Try Me.” I’ve grown a lot from that. I can’t really explain exactly what.

Go DeJ Go Vol. 1 is a brief listen with a runtime that falls just under 20 minutes. This one is filled with boastful, melodic street records reminiscent of the style that she entered the game with back in 2014. The EP’s opener Big Shit Talker” sets the project’s aggressive tone, as over a piano-driven trap instrumental DeJ flexes with a flurry of braggadocious rhymes. A record like this one and the title track Go DeJ Go” where the content caters more towards the streets and the beats are distinctively more hard-hitting, places Dej Loaf in a pocket where she is clearly at her most comfortable. We’ve seen her do some experimentation with different genre’s and styles over the past couple of years, with some actually working, but these kinds of songs are where she thrives most.

Go DeJ Go Vol. 1 is a solid effort but isn’t satisfying enough as a listener, especially for anyone who’ve been anticipating a big return to music from DeJ Loaf. It’s amazing because in the early days, Nicki fought so hard for the radio play. Now, looking at how Cardi has broken through, it feels like times are changing.

The result breaks expectations of the kind of music a female rapper should deliver. No Fear,” the first single from Liberated, is infectiously, undeniably pop—an evolution in her grander musical scheme. (Another track from Liberated, Changes,” makes this explicit: I’ve been going through changes,” she sings over a brash trumpet hook, before rapping the verses.) The music video for No Fear,” produced by New York directing company Rubberband, features her riding a flying bed along a highway. Shot against the vast expanse of the California desert, there is a casual, unchoreographed feel to it—I didn’t want it to be just a dance video, I wanted it to be free,” she says.

Deja Trimble, better known by her stage name Dej Loaf, is an American rapper, singer and songwriter from Detroit, Michigan. She began her music career in 2011. She began her music career in 2011, when she was 20, but she first began writing music when she was 9 years old. She released her debut mixtape Just Do It in 2012.

Dej Loaf is a famous singer and musician on Snapchat. Add Dej on Snapchat to see today’s story, or connect with her official account on any other social network by clicking one of the usernames below.

Like stealing. I think it’s personal for me because I’m just not used to people doing shit like that. It just made me draw back and think to myself that I need to get me together. Let me keep my eyes open. I can’t have people stealing from me, that’s part of becoming a woman. I had to be on top of my business. It’s wasn’t fun anymore, and I didn’t want to be on the Internet because I had to handle the other stuff over here and I had to create my album. At that time I really strayed away from social media.

When I got there, it was nice. I had met new friends and things like that. Slowly but surely, I just kind of brought it back to what I really wanted to do, which is music. I know I have to wake up for class, but I don’t want to wake up. I was missing my family, and I just started going home every weekend. It is so close to home. It was only about an hour away, so I had started going home every weekend and was like, Man.” Maybe I should have went out of state or something. Maybe I would have felt it more. But at that time, I was still feeling my music more—like ‘man, I gotta get to this music.’ And so that’s when I went home and made the Just Do It mixtape and went from there.

Since then, she’s flown relatively under the radar, dropping the All Jokes Aside and Fck A Friend Zone mixtapes, the latter with singer Jacquees, and most recently delivering ‘Go DeJ Go’ Vol.1 , a six-song EP that acted as a hard reset after promotion of her debut solo album stalled out with the singles No Fear ” and Liberated” featuring Leon Bridges.

She began her music career in 2011. Her stage name, Dej Loaf, is a portmanteau of a shortened version of her first name, “Deja”, and “loafer”, as she took a keen interest in Air Jordans growing up. Dej released her debut mixtape, Just Do It, in 2012, which attracted the attention of fellow Detroit rapper Sayitainttone She was later signed to his label IBGM (an acronym for I Been Gettin’ Money).

Alas, we’ll just have to settle for an in-the-flesh performance by the gifted 28-year-old, give-no-fucks rapper as part of MOCAD’s Hot Logic summer concert series, which kicks off Monday night with performances by Meshell Ndegeocello and special guest Ian Fink. The series will also offer an opportunity to stroll through the museum and its grounds for an immersive art and music experience. Joining DeJ Loaf for Friday’s performance is Zeelooperz, Lena LaDonna, and others.

Yeah, that’s one of my favorites because from the first time I heard Leon Bridges I was like, Yo, who is this guy? I have to meet him.” I was on it immediately and it happened because I put it together. And we’re still picking and choosing songs ’cause there’s so many different styles.

Deja claims she was a very odd child and that she always wrote. She kept a diary, wrote rhymes, quotes and listened to music a lot. She wanted to be alone most of the time so no one was in her way. Deja was born on April 8, 1991 in the United States. She lived and grew up where she was born in Detroit, Michigan.

Nessa talks to Dej Loaf about her recent success and what she likes in a perfect relationship. Durk and DeJ’s 2015 hit My Beyoncé” took us back to 2005 when Bow Wow and Ciara released their single Like You.” At the moment, Durk is focused on his craft and having everything planned correctly.

She didn’t waste any time and she started to write as soon as she could. In 2013, she released her first work of art, Just Do It. Dej was lucky that the mixtape attracted a fellow rapper called SAYITAINTTONE with whom she later worked.

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