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A. I just wanted to show people that I was really versatile and that I could do anything, because everybody was trying to stick me to the whole 2015 single Ultimate” thing, like, He’s yelling the lines” and everything like that.

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DENZEL CURRYDenzel Rae Don Curry (born February 16, 1995) 1 is an American rapper, singer and songwriter. Next is Switch It Up,” where Denzel speaks on gang violence and people using him, making it hard to tell who appreciates him. This is a common issue in fame but at the end of the chorus, Denzel portrays that he will not slow down his grind by rapping, I’ma get money by any means, run it up.” In the first verse of the song, Denzel speaks on a specific situation where his so-called friend pulled a gun on him. When reality needs to be set in place, Denzel is true to tell how phony he thinks it is.

DENZEL CURRY: Yeah, this was going to be my brother’s first time traveling the whole United States and Canada, so that’s a good thing. And it’s going to widen – broaden his horizon. Deniro Farrar’s set included a lot of call and response in order to get the people in the room excited and singing along to his songs – this proved itself to be a great technique.

Denzel Curry wasn’t even out of high school when he got his first taste of the big time. He was invited by warehouse party promoter Adam Weiss to play one of his Ham on Everything throwdowns in Los Angeles. He was flown out from his hometown, Miami (“I never been on a flight. Spirit sucked, by the way”), was paid $500 and had an audience of people who knew his music from the internet.

Denzel Curry has shared a snippet of a new track entitled whatIFiwasinarockgroup?” on YouTube. Clocking in at only one minute and six seconds, the incomplete song still utilizes an FNZ-produced hip-hop beat but is heavily contrasted by the rapper’s gritty, screamo-like vocals.

Wearing black pants, his own Denzel Curry T-shirt, and an orange cap, the rapper showed technical finesse as a lyricist and infectious energy. Don’t confuse him with emo, bedroom mumblers he’s come up with in Florida like SpaceGhostPurrp and the controversial XXXTentacion. He’s more of a traditionalist writer, though he’s hardly a purist.

FRANNIE: Yeah, thank you for coming here. Thank you for being so open and so direct and just like everything – sharing what you know is so useful. ALI: Yeah, or just make the same song. You’re going have a formula, but not making the exact same song. And so, yeah.

On RICKY,” a song about the advice he got from his parents and from his brother, Curry starts off one verse by calling back to a line — Your mama ain’t shit, your daddy ain’t shit” — that he first uttered on Nostalgia 64, the minor-classic mixtape that he released in 2013, when he was still in high school. Curry’s career has already been rich enough to support that kind of self-referentiality. But ZUU isn’t a victory lap. It’s another great record among many. Right now, Curry is one of the most exciting people in rap. And he is now also part of the history of Miami rap. If any future Miami rappers want to make an album like ZUU where they pay tribute to the region’s greats, then they’ll have to acknowledge Denzel Curry.

But it’s got to be a terrifying realization for everyone else in the game. This 29-minute rush, rapped off the dome and made less than a year from his breakthrough is still one of the best rap records of 2019. It’s like he’s wearing training weights and still beating your ass.

Despite Curry’s ties to late fellow pain-spilling rap shouter XXXTentacion — the two were friends, roommates and occasional collaborators — the metal-centric sound of Act 3: Dark wasn’t directly influenced by X’s scream therapy. Says Curry, “I was already angry when I met X. And he was already angry.” But he and the embattled XXXTentacion (whose legacy is marred by domestic abuse allegations) did share a love of crossing genres and plunging emotional depths. TA13OO was released less than six weeks after X’s death.

The month was lovely February; the day was 16th, 2 days after St. Valentine’s Day while the year was 1995 when the birth of baby Denzel Rae Don Curry occurred in Carol City Florida. His parents are of Bahamian and Native American descent and so is he. Not much information is known publicly about who his parents, this is quite common among artists who came to fame in the new millennium. However, we know that after some time in Florida, they moved over to Miami where he did much of his growing up and attended school. He has a brother named Treon Johnson, he is not known to have any sister.

DENZEL CURRY: I was going to these festivals, and I was always wondering like, “Hmm, why am I not getting the shine that I always wanted?” And then I listen to the radio. I see YouTube videos, and I seen just going to these festivals and looking at fan egagement. And when I was looking at fan engagement, everything they was saying in a crowd was something they could sing along to.

ALI: And also, for the length of time that he’s been in the music business, still as a solo artist, to remain fresh, have his own identity, not go back to a simple formula, something that was already done and achieved.

DENZEL CURRY: Love, man. I don’t know, man. That’s a hard question. What does love look like to me? Love isn’t a physical thing. Love is everything pretty much, just from the biggest things to the littlest things. That’s what I see what love is. Like, when it comes down to that, it’s such a hard question. But I know – it’s just the things that you do for someone, and it’s not on a materialistic thing. It’s just that you really care for somebody.

After the chorus and bridge, Curry begins rapping in a conversational tone. His first line of the verse is, Gorgeous beautiful Taboo, always with a lot on her mind.” Curry identifies Taboo as a female in this verse, who has suffered a lot of emotional and physical abuse from molestation. Curry further raps about the distance between each other’s struggles, yet strongly sympathizes with her and wishes he could take away her pain. This song is laced with fragile and sharp metaphors that could have double meanings, an aspect of Denzel’s writing that makes his style unique.

DENZEL CURRY: Yeah. With Raider Klan, all of us is just ourselves, but everybody was their own entity, I thought. Everybody could stand on their own, but when Raider Klan broke up, it really showed who could really stand on their own two feet and who couldn’t.

5 Songs We Can’t Stop Listening To is a collection of our newest favorite songs. Every week we ask an artist that we love to tell us about the music they love. ALI: That’s good, and it’s good to get back to it. Cause sometimes people take way too long.

In an era where the divide between old and new seems to be growing wider by the week, Curry refuses to be swayed by fickle trends. Some new artists reject the genre’s pioneers, while others cling too tightly to the past; Denzel prefers to break down those barriers. His point of view is inextricable from his Southern roots, but he incorporates pieces of every region, every time period. He’s an artist who rises above his surroundings.

I have no idea what these Londoners are talking about at least 60% of the time, but they’re endorsing a dance that looks not even a tiny bit cool over a beat that sounds like playing QBert on acid. I love it.

Denzel Curry is an emerging emcee, producer and former member of SpaceGhostPurrp’s Raider Klan from Carol City, Miami (he also goes by Aquarius’Killa and Raven Miyagi). Since appearing on Lil Ugly Mane’s 2012 single “Twistin'”, his rep has been getting bigger and bigger, having appeared on MTV’s Rap Fix and performed at Coachella and on BBC Radio in 2013.

In that FADER story, Curry says that ZUU is some real Miami stuff” and that it came from living in Los Angeles and feeling homesick: It goes from the sounds of where I grew up, to what I was raised around, to the people I was raised around, to the sounds that pretty much shaped the person I am.” And it’s true: ZUU explores the history and context of Miami rap the same way that GoldLink’s great 2017 album At What Cost explores that rapper’s own DC roots. And Miami has a rich rap history to explore.

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