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Denzel pointed out that some people just vote and think that’s enough, like after that its on the president. FRANNIE: Yeah, thank you for coming here. Not only is this exceptionally impressive, but it also reflects in the impact and intensity of the album.

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DENZEL CURRYMiami-area rapper with reflective and socially conscious lyrics packed into speedily delivered bars. Check out Curry’s ZUU cover art and tracklist below. Last year, Denzel Curry dropped his three-part, 13-track album TA1300 Now, the Florida rapper has released his first single following up last July’s LP. DENZEL CURRY: More like a teenager.

Denzel Curry is a contemporary Rap star who is influenced by the greats. The Carol City, Florida MC channeled JT Money’s Poison Clan with the artwork of his 2019 album, ZUU Signed to Loma Vista Recordings through the same executive (Tom Whalley) responsible for first signing Tupac Shakur , Curry is reaching new audiences after years of pushing through.

And he had a song called “Don’t Get Yah Head Bust” where he sampled – a lot of Mortal Kombat samples was on this tape. He sampled the old school Mortal Kombat game, like the – Mortal Kombat 1. He sampled those beats and had a lot of those Mortal Kombat sounds like, “Finish him!” and “Superb,” “Excellent, “Fatality.” All those was all on this one tape.

XXXTentacion may have been a popular and beloved internet rapper but he was also an alleged abuser who faced charges of aggravated battery of a pregnant victim and false imprisonment. The testimony from his girlfriend at the time made disturbing national news. To drop one of his old tracks and write it off as a pure homage to a friend was flatly tone-deaf and potentially triggering to hear it suddenly blare across the field.

The 2019 ACL Fest has seen several of its premier hip-hop acts either arrive late or cancel. Megan Thee Stallion‘s name endlessly rang off the tongues of early Zilker Park attendees yesterday, but her no-show on the Miller Lite stage directly beforehand isn’t why an extensive crowd eventually filed in to partake in a furious frenzy. Curry atoned for his own late arrival (10 minutes) by running onstage to the tune of Zuu,” the title track of his fourth studio album, which doubles as a nickname for his hometown.

On April 2, 2018, Curry released the lead single off of Ta13oo titled, ” Sumo ” on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 radio show. 19 On May 24, 2018, Curry released the second single off the album titled, ” Percs “. Curry then released the third single titled, ” Clout Cobain “, on July 13, 2018, and announced that his album Ta13oo, would be released in three acts: The first act, Light, was released on July 25, followed by Gray on July 26, and Dark on July 27. Each previously-released single represents one of the album’s acts, as “Sumo” represents Light, “Clout Cobain” represents Gray, and “Percs” represents Dark, which come together cohesively to form Ta13oo.

Don’t get me wrong, I still want albums like this year’s ZUU, an impressive guide to the nuances of Florida hip-hop that feels extremely personal and lived-in. But these three tracks — not to mention his own taste for bands like Slayer, Turnstile, Show Me the Body and Suicidal Tendencies — are all the makings of a hard-as-hell rock band with a millennial post-genre mosaic of style, cadence and mood. And Denzel Curry needs to be at the center, with his own dang songs, to kick rock and roll in the ass.

Or maybe its because I just personally have a hard time with Soundcloud rap in general. Or more likely, it’s because his DJ was a very tall man dressed like a leprechaun in the middle of August and it made me uncomfortable.

ALI: Yeah. It sounds like you’re self-aware but also aware of your community, the people around you. DENZEL CURRY: Yeah. I only have one – a couple true friends I could say – call my friends. But everybody were like, I would say, treated me like I was a weirdo.

Maybe its because Deniro Farrar was such an energetic force that he was hard to follow. Or more likely, it’s because SoundCloud rap just doesn’t translate well live, and he was singing along to a track with prerecorded vocals.

Exhibit B: Denzel Curry’s woozy trap song about self-destructive tendencies, “Clout Cobain” gets a psychedelic hardcore adaptation with none other than F Up , for the Spotify Singles series. Part of me wishes this version sped up the tempo and featured Damian Abraham for more than ten seconds, but Denzel especially holds his own, growling and moody.

DENZEL CURRY: I’m not a conscious rapper. I just – I just speak – I just say real shit. I would never want to be put in a box of being conscious, cause I could say some stupid shit. I could say, “Rahduhrahduhrahduh” on a record and get away with it. But, you know, it’s just – when I was making the decision to make “Clout Cobain,” that was from depression. Struggling with friendships, struggling with fame, and all that stuff.

DENZEL CURRY: Man, it was like – it was like a cult following. It was so weird, cause we were just having fun with making the music, not knowing the impact that we had on all these kids all across the world.

The bangers continue with the opening of the second act, Gray”, on the track SUPER SAIYAN SUPERMAN”. Here the title is quite indicative of the pace and intensity of this song. Another hard-hitting and uptempo track, with Curry’s flow matching the speed of the production. I am conflicted that this sounds like something that should’ve been tied right with SUMO”, where it doesn’t really feel like the beginning of a new Act, or that there is any disconnect from SUMO” to this track. However, the flow and skill Denzel displays here is just as alluring as it was earlier on the record, and while it may be a low point for me, it’s still a respectable track on its own.

By 2013, Curry had weathered multiple storms. He’d shed the Aquarius’Killa moniker and started to go by his birth name. His second mixtape, King of the Mischievous South Vol. 1. Underground Tape 1996, grew his presence and was recognized by Odd Future In 2012, after the shooting death of Trayvon Martin (who went to Curry’s high school), Curry and his classmates made a powerful statement against police brutality. “Everybody came to school with hoodies on and we were all marching,” he told Crack Magazine in 2017. ( Martin was a Raider Klan fan , Curry said last year.) Curry kept Martin in mind when he released his third mixtape, Strictly 4 My R.V.I.D.X.R.Z.

Starting off the first act of the project, Light” is the titular track of the entire album, TABOO”. This melodic, soulful opener tackles the topic of molestation, something I wasn’t expecting to hear on an Act entitled Light”. Nonetheless, the track is produced well and has a very catchy hook to boot. Curry details a relationship he had with a woman who grew up being abused, and how he was a support for this person and helped her through her traumas. It is a sensitive side of Denzel I certainly had never experienced, and perhaps that is why it ends up being on the lighter” side of the project.DENZEL CURRY

During SXSW in 2017, Curry opened for post-punk legends At the Drive-In and united that audience’s mixed fandom with mosh pits to match. His rap songs pop with the escapism of sneaking into a rated-R movie. No wonder the ACL teens responded by going wild.

I think school should be that, what you’re interested in, what can you do for the community, what you can do for this. And that way you can have great leaders, and then you’ll have an art program. You’ll have a mentoring program. You can have a program where it’s dealing with combat. You can have a program showing you how to survive in your community or help your community. Architecture, stuff like that.

And then after that I was listening to your music, and I was like, “Wow. This is, to me, almost saying the same thing.” Way differently, but just in taking a moment to observe the things that are greater to you and the things that you connect you. And I hear that in your music, just in – I think some of it comes across as almost a pain, aggravation, but in a hope of those who are – not a hope. Those are who feeling outcasted, outsiders, there’s so much more in value to that person that you’re just discounting. And if you had a moment to really just peak in, you would see that love.

Curry began making music on free software like Audacity, and Purrp encouraged him to flood the internet with mixtapes. Curry filtered the harsh realities of his hometown with the harsh noise of cassette-traded Nineties rap that he discovered on YouTube.

But soon after this mixtape dropped, the group dissolved. Around this time, he finished up his first studio album, Nostalgia. The album received acclaim from critics who praised the rapper’s ongoing improvement. Denny Cascade” is proof of his growth, as he tells a warm and groovy story about a day in the life of Curry in Miami. He raps a tad rough, but it’s much calmer and more blended than his style with Raider Klan, which bordered on goth.

ALI: Never voted. Are you thinking about changing that? Because I get from the song – it seems like to me my interpretation of it is that it’s more being revolutionary than just voting, being more active.

DENZEL CURRY: Yeah. Cause usually, back in the day, it was revolutionary to vote as a black person. Now, I think it’s more revolutionary to not vote. I’m not saying to – don’t quote me on that. But like, I’m just saying, in my opinion, I would not vote. Because I’m just a suggestion when it goes down to the electoral college, if you really want to break it down. We’re all just suggestions of who we think the president should be. But at the end of the day, it’s not our say-so of who the president should be. It’s the electoral college.

The lights went out, the crowd bellowed, and Denzel Curry bolted on stage. Wasting no time, Curry jumped right into ZUU,” the first song off of his newest album, which dropped in May of this year. Not only does Denzel Curry slur, spit and scream his way through “I Against I” with a screw-eyed authority, he does the cover with Bad Brains, which sounds positively revitalized by the experience.

DENZEL CURRY: Mhmm. But with this record, certain tracks, I didn’t have to yell to get my point across. FRANNIE: Yeah. And so with the video, the “Clout Cobain” video, how – to me – so I was in middle school when Nirvana was a big deal and everything.

Curry’s career continues to push further inward as he becomes more comfortable and familiar with personal experimentation. He continues to show that his next move will always be more calculated than his last — something that likely puts continued mainstream success in his sights.

Either way – the crowd got the most excited when Denzel Curry came out for a half of a second during this guy’s set, and that is the truth. Heck, they were even more excited about the Mason Ramsey advertisement before the show even started.

Last night, Denzel Curry brought his tour in support of his newest album, ZUU , to First Avenue I didn’t know what to expect upon arrival, but what I did know was that it was hot, sticky, and sweaty and that a room full of eager fans at a sold-out show wasn’t going change that.

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