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This is the cheesiest advice I’ll ever give, but you have to find something that’s very you. I think, growing up now, I would probably question my mental health, and I don’t know what that would have done to me.

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DODIEDodie is a senior sales and relationship manager for the GA State Agency Operations. The mix of this beautiful video and song is an absolute joy for viewers and listeners alike. Dodie is a lovely person and an amazing artist. All of her music holds strong emotional attachment and I strongly recommend giving any of her songs a listen. You are sure to be pleased with what you hear.

Dodie has two channels, doddleoddle and doddlevloggle Most of the videos on her first channel are covers and original songs while the videos on her second channel feature personal chats with her audience about her struggle with mental disorders, sexuality and her life. Dodie has an uncanny ability to connect with people, especially those with mental disorders. She seems genuine and vulnerable in most of her vlogs about mental health issues and about the YouTube community, which is probably why she has gained a huge following online.

JC: This is a slightly different thing, but for me, when it comes to collaborating with all these different musicians around the world, it’s very interesting to have an idea, and think, This is definitely the idea I want to use, and I feel strongly about it, I made it myself,” but then to walk out of a session at the end and realize how much it’s completely changed…and that’s fine! There’s a lesson to be learned for both of us bedroom introvert musicians, about having ideas that can change and having that be a positive thing—it’s a lovely way of growing, while at the same time, realizing how important it is to have your own voice at the center of what you do.

dodie: Oh, man. Do we really want to start like this? Ok, let me think. What keeps me up at night? My friends talking in the other room. I guess the fear of death will creep in now and again. I think sometimes I’m guilty of thinking about the past a lot and what it used to be like. I feel like I’ve trained myself pretty well to fall asleep pretty quickly. If I’m not feeling great, I’ll be like, Brain, time to turn off, and begin again the next day, just try again.” If I’m feeling good, I feel good enough to sleep.

JC: Jeez Louise! Well, as we grow older, we learn more and more about the world, and one thing I’ve always believed is that when you’re young, you’re the most infinite, because you don’t know enough to close down your brain. So as I’ve grown older, I’ve learned more about music, but now when I sit down to write songs, my color palette is so big that it’s sometimes hard to focus.

Gwinnett Legal Aid – Dodie has been involved with Gwinnett Legal Aid as a volunteer since she became an attorney. In 2014, Gwinnett Legal Aid nominated Dodie to be considered as the Volunteer of the Year for Atlanta Legal Aid, which serves the entire Metro Atlanta Area. Dodie won that award in 2014, and in 2015 she was recognized as Volunteer of the Year for Gwinnett Legal Aid. Also in 2015, Dodie started the Family Law Information Class in partnership with Gwinnett Legal Aid. The Family Law Information Class is a free class offered bi-monthly to help people represent themselves in their family law class. Dodie taught the class from 2015 through 2018, and still teaches it occasionally. Dodie also serves on the Gwinnett Legal Aid Advisory Board.

The two first spoke on Twitter, and dodie got the ball rolling by contributing to an online project of Jacob’s. They seem like a natural fit to pair up—both enjoy harmonizing and duplicating their voices, something they do a lot in their first collaboration together, an odd and cheerful cover of The Beatles’ Here Comes the Sun.” They filmed the accompanying music video in Jacob’s London backyard, using a technique called masking to double their bodies so there are multi-Jacobs and multi-dodies, alternatively playing bass, ukulele, xylophone, guitar, and singing or dancing outside on the grass.

Additionally, her songs have a simple but moving quality to them. Her lyrics prick you because of their ability to mix metaphors and descriptive words and to take a look into the human soul. The uncomplicated riff in Secret for the Mad” and Human” creates space in the song, which makes the listener listen more closely to the soft melodies and piercing lyrics. Her ukulele also makes it perfect to listen to on a relaxing day.

On Sept. 27, music artist Dodie released her new song Boys Like You and a music video to go along with it. According to Dodie, the song was written over a year ago and is about those boys who lead you on and play with your heart.

dodie: I think it means experiencing everything. Forgive yourself and forgive everyone else, because we are experiencing life. So yeah, feeling a lot, experiencing a lot, maybe doing shameful things, and forgiving yourself.

Dodie is a testament to all aspiring singer-songwriters that you can truly achieve your wildest dreams by simply remaining true and authentic to yourself. With Dodie, it’s her honesty, vulnerability, and willingness to open up about her own struggles with mental health that translate into her beautiful, soothing vocals and storytelling lyrics to match.

The sight of bored, watchful mums and dads trying to melt inconspicuously into the shadows, and tumbleweeds blowing where long bar queues usually form, say everything about the average age of Dorothy Dodie ” Clark’s fans. But the 23-year-old twee-folk ukulele botherer isn’t your average teen-pop sensation – she’s a superstar YouTuber with 2.7 million subscribers.

I have depersonalisation disorder (DPD), a feeling of detachment from reality. It took me years of researching my symptoms to find a Wikipedia page about it and then I spent a day crying with relief that there were other people who felt as I did. It affects me in different ways at different times. The world looks flat and fake and my peripheral vision seems very dark or very light, as though I am looking through a filter.

dodie: Nothing has ever been planned. I think I’m planning now, but when I began and the way my career grew, it was not planned. I think I started kind of experiencing different symptoms of mental health problems, and it was new to me. I don’t think I had it in me to keep up this happy pretense, so I started sharing naturally on various platforms. And I think at first, the response was very kind-people related – and my community was small enough back then for it to be this really wholesome thing that didn’t have many consequences. It’s more difficult for me now, because there’s just way too many people and way too many opinions, so I kind of hold myself back a little bit more. But it was a helpful thing.

Hundreds of eager and brightly dressed fans stood in a line that stretched down the block from Denver’s Gothic Theatre on Friday night, each one waiting to be a part of a sold-out audience for dodie’s Human Tour.

JC: That’s something I’m so excited about! There are these Bobby McFerrin videos from an incredible concert he did entitled Spontaneous Inventions” in the mid- to late-’80s. He’d walk on stage with one microphone and start improvising with the audience, call-and-response melodies. I was really inspired by that growing up, but I wanted to push it forward, do things with chords, with the audience singing in three- or four- or five-part harmonies. I guess by fluke of nature, I’ve accrued an extraordinarily musical fanbase, so if I play a show I can guarantee that 80 percent of them are musicians or love to listen to music actively. One thing I like to do is split the audience into kicks, snares, and hi-hats. They love the challenge. I’m such a believer in the human voice, and everyone needs just the tiniest excuse to get out of their shell.

The pair was presented with a heartwarming video tribute to their years of journalistic excellence (he is best known for his Marcel Duchamp scholarship and work at The New Yorker, while she is a longtime contributing editor at Vogue ), with cameos from the likes of Jeff Koons , Laurie Simmons, Cindy Sherman , John Currin , and Rachel Feinstein. The best thing about being profiled by Tad Tomkins for The New Yorker is that you get to be friends with Dodie and Tad for the rest of your life,” Simmons effuses in the video.

It’s kind of like your existence has been turned down, like you’re half asleep all the time and you can’t find your feelings. I wrote in the book about when I went sky-diving and I just didn’t feel anything. I feel like life is just passing me by and that’s hard because I used to be so good at taking a mental screenshot of every moment.

dodie: I think I play with themes that run in my life. More recently, I’ve been experimenting with writing from different perspectives. I saw Lin-Manuel today. He’s writing the new Little Mermaid songs, and he said something along the lines of Oh, I should get out my Moana book, because he wrote all the songs from Moana, which are all water-themed.” And he kind of got over the Moana songs he wrote. I feel that way. Like, I’ve written about love and mental health a lot, and it’s hard to keep going back and being like, I’ve already written this song.” So yeah, I think I kind of play with different themes in my life that come across. Life is so damn long, and so much happens that I don’t think I ever will run out of inspiration.

A Funeral Service will be held on Tuesday, May 21 at 12:00 pm at St. John’s Lutheran Church, 2451 Fairview Lane Mound, MN 55364 (visitation at 11:00). A Celebration of Life will be held at 1:00 pm at Lafayette Country Club, 2800 Northview Rd, Minnetonka Beach, MN 55361. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum (Dodie’s Memorial). Interment will be at Lakewood Cemetery.

However, in comparison to all the good that it’s made, that is so small. If you don’t have mental health problems, you might see that as a problem. In having mental health problems, you will know that making fun of the fucking shit that you feel is the only way you are going to get through.

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