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She’s been releasing music on Soundcloud since she was 16 years old, and her early song So High” went viral when she was 18. Having grown up making music , she’s an expert at composing, recording, and cutting her own tracks.

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DOJA CATLos Angeles artist Doja Cat got weird with it in my old economics lecture hall on Monday night. The dairy dreamscape was by no means Doja’s introduction to the music industry. In fact, she had been signed to RCA Records since 2014, after the successful release of her debut single, So High.” From there, she followed up with several tracks, including Go To Town,” off of her debut studio album in 2018.

Since it premiered to viral acclaim, “Juicy,” which comes off her debut album Amala, has racked up 2.4 million views overnight. If anything, this proves Doja’s avant-garde imagination is undeniable and only furthers her rep as rap’s most creative artists to date.

Yeah well, the thing is when you’re going into the music industry knowing who you are and what you want it’s better. It is really important because if you don’t know they will figure it out for you. They will take that freedom and creativity and they’ll maybe try to do their own twist. Sometimes that can fall flat because a label is a bank and sometimes, they don’t have creative ideas. It’s just a business thing you know. For me, I knew what I wanted before I was even involved with it. I wasn’t the best at making it look the way I wanted but every time things worked out. It’s been really fun for me.

Overall, the majority of female rappers right now are showing love and unity both in the studio and outside of it (Nicki and Megan are basically best friends at this point), but they’re also embracing all of their different body types ranging from plus-size to slim. At the end of the day, all of these ladies are spreading their confidence to every woman listening and watching them, encouraging us to adopt a boss bitch attitude and have as much self-assurance as the rappers we love.

The “Mooo!” artist received backlash this month over a resurfaced video in which she seemingly mocked Cardi’s hit single “Press.” Though the video was taken in early June, it didn’t begin generating controversy until a couple of weeks ago, after DJ Akademiks reshared the clip on social media.

Doja Cat: I just thought it was so cute. I like the silhouette a lot but the cow print kind of did it for me, as well. It was like a bonus. I got that for tour and I cheat, I like to wear my costumes out into the world sometimes because I can’t help myself. I wore it on Instagram Live and I just wore the top while I was making a beat. I was making that song and I didn’t know what to write about at the moment, so I just started writing about cows. Just, fuck it.

Raw talent isn’t the first quality that record labels look for when recruiting artists these days. Being a triple threat in today’s micromanaged music industry might seem almost impossible, but Los Angeles artist Doja Cat makes singing, rapping, and producing her own music look easy.

Signed to RCA during 2014, she unveiled her acclaimed Purrr! EP. Its lead single So High” impressively racked up over 30 million cumulative streams and garnered praise from tastemakers such as Fader, Vibe, Paper, Pigeons & Planes, and more. Averaging nearly half-a-million monthly listeners on Spotify, she further engaged that growing fan base by touring with the likes of Lizzo, Father and Theophilus London. Along the way, she assembled what would become her debut album, Amala.

The 22-year-old Los Angeles native had spent the last several years making a name for herself as the colorful internet rapper and singer known as Doja Cat, garnering a small, but loyal, following of fans with the quirky, internet culture-influenced tracks found on her 2014 independent EP Purrr! and on her eclectic Soundcloud page. That following was enough to land her a label deal with RCA Records which spawned her debut album Amala earlier this year. Amala came and went without much fanfare, but Doja Cat experienced an explosion in fame when her jokey video for loose track Mooo!” went viral on social media five months later in the middle of August.

Rico Nasty hasn’t slowed down since she dropped the NASTY mixtape. While she was bringing all that heat, Doja Cat was transitioning to viral fame from her hit single Mooo!” Today, the breakout artists share a special collaboration called Tia Tamera” with a music video that ’90s kids were destined to appreciate. Obviously, the title is a reference to the popular Disney Channel sitcom Sister, Sister starring Tia and Tamera Mowry.

On Thursday, singer and rapper Doja Cat dropped a fruity visual to her single, Juicy Remix” featuring Tyga. Known for her viral hit Mooo!,” the multifaceted talent discusses happiness, women in music and much more.

Not yet. I’m ready. PETA can’t say shit and they can suck it because I didn’t actually hurt anybody. I didn’t hurt any cows, dogs, cats, or frogs, or fucking ants. I’m not worth picking on. I’m sure PETA has a sense of humor, too. I think in a way they’d appreciate it, but they’d also kind of hate it as well. They’d find reasons to hate it because they find reasons to hate most things.

This Queens music biz lifer ditched her stage name Wynter Gordon” around the time she hooked up with Beyoncé to co-write three of Lemonade’s strongest tracks, then released the sharpest songs of her career on Pure in 2018. And she’s holding strong here. I especially like the bit here where she scrunches her voice in the back of her throat to suggest Shakira at her most goat-like.

Her lyrics are typically laced with leftfield references (in a track released earlier this year with Rico Nasty , she delightfully compares her boobs to identical twin actors Tia and Tamera Mowry), which makes Doja Cat a perfect fit for the latest episode of Making It Up As You Go Along. In our YouTube series, we give artists a box filled with random topics to pick out and discuss, no matter what their knowledge on the subject is.

Perhaps best known for Bandages,” Hot Hot Heat has authored four best selling albums, which together include four top 50 hits. The band’s most recent album, Happiness Ltd., was released last year. Hot Hot Heat will perform second and directly before Gym Class Heroes tomorrow afternoon.

In an era where social media influencers reign and memes can make or break an artist’s career, it’s not often that the industry highlights true musicians that rap, sing, and produce their own music. Doja Cat uses Internet platforms to pique her audience’s interests but ultimately allows her music to speak for itself. She can float effortlessly over a beat with feathery vocals, deliver cutthroat raps with distinct melodies, and produce and record the whole damn thing by herself. In the process, she’s setting the triple-threat standard for women in the modern music industry.

Doja Cat is an American rapper and singer from Los Angeles, California. She’s currently signed to RCA Records. Her discography include the album Amala (2018) and the EP Purrr! (2014). Standout singles include Juicy”, Mooo!” and Tia Tamera” featuring Rico Nasty Doja Cat is also a music producer and songwriter. She’s collaborated with Elliphant, Sam Spiegel and AndersonPaak among others.

One woman that’s been marching to the beat of her own colorful drum is recording artist Doja Cat. At 23, she is already iconic; not only because of her music, but also through her charming and fresh personality. She is no overnight success, though: her grind to the top includes 5 years of her being herself, building an organic loyal fanbase, and just doing what she loves to do. Her comedic single Mooo!” caused so much viral attention; what started off as a joke between her fans became an influential boost to her career. In 2018, she released her debut album Amala via RCA records, and that project solidified why Doja is here to stay. The album is joyful, refreshing, and vibrant, and made us recognize that she’s truly in a class all her own. She recently collaborated with another bold female music artist — Rico Nasty — for their smash Tia Tamera.” Once again, she proved that she’s good at what she does, and the possibilities for her are endless.

With the release of Bottom Bitch,” the latest single from her forthcoming sophomore album, Hot Pink, the viral rapper has once again demonstrated why she may just be the Internet’s favorite rapper. The new single is liberally coated in late ‘90s and early 2000s grunge-evoking production, immediately hurdling us back to a time where all we wanted to be was a little more like Avril Lavigne or Kurt Cobain. The deluge of nostalgia finds a perfect home in Doja Cat’s ode to an undying friendship.

It is 2019. The Earth is on fire, Billie Eilish is walking on walls, and Nicki Minaj has apparently retired from the rap game with an abrupt tweet, leaving a throne unattended. While much of the conversation following Minaj’s sudden departure has surrounded themes of how long this retirement is actually going to last or if Cardi B is indeed the new queen of rap, I would like to posit a single interjection: Doja Cat is the one you need to be keeping your eye on.

When she’s not dropping (fire) bars about cows, Dlamini is signed to RCA; her first 2014 EP, Purrr! got a lot of press , and established the then-18-year-old as an up-and-coming force in the music industry. The whole episode is trés Internet-in-2018: semi-established artist drops lo-fi video as a joke, goes instantly viral — viral enough to spawn a catchphrase and a dance challenge — just before heading on tour to promote her new record.

With co-signs from Chance The Rapper, Katy Perry, Chris Brown and among others, 2018’s hit Mooo!” propelled Doja Cat forward and added many fans to her already feverishly loyal fan base. Juicy” comes from the deluxe version of the Los Angeles-based artist’s 2019 album Amala.

However, Doja claims her impression was not intended to be malicious. She addressed the situation during a recent interview with Big Boy, claiming she was hopped up on Flo Rida’s energy drink Celsius at the time she posted the video.

This isn’t the first time Doja’s gained internet fame for her outlandish videos. Last year, the “Go To Town” musician had the entire world cooing cow sounds to her troll track “Mooo!” which became a meme of its own in August 2018. Several months later, she doubled down on her viral victories with her commercial debut, the Rico Nasty -assisted single “Tia Tamera,” an ode to ’90s babies everywhere, and an anthem to the real-life twins who starred in Disney’s Sister, Sister.

It’s kind of like I make magic there. I don’t know, it’s hard sometimes because when you go to the studio with people you don’t know are there, I get a brain fart often. I have that a lot. I think I’ll want to build a studio in my house one day. A lot of studios are kind of boring.

With her penchant for candy-coloured wigs and outlandish getups, LA-based rapper Doja Cat has gained something of a cult following online. The video for her breakout banger Moooo” – which sees the 23-year-old twerking in a cow print outfit while grazing on a burger – went viral in 2018, establishing surreality, memeability, and killer lyrical hooks as her hallmarks.

With democratized media-sharing platforms like Spotify and SoundCloud, there’s been an inevitable boom in bedroom pop-stardom. Not only that, but with the increasing irrelevance of labels across younger generations, classification proves less important in not only topics of gender, but music, too. Lines blur across styles nowadays, with artists coloring the outsides more than ever. In attempts to maintain order through categorical standards, we see the term Alternative” tacked onto the classic genres we’ve come to know.

The dairy dreamscape was by no means Doja’s introduction to the music industry. In fact, she had been signed to RCA Records since 2014, after the successful release of her debut single, So High.” From there, she followed up with several tracks, including Go To Town,” off of her debut studio album in 2018.

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