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Stubbins explains that the full version of Gub-Gub’s encyclopedia, which was an immense and poorly organized collection of scribblings written by the pig in a language for pigs invented by Dr. Dolittle, was too long to translate into English.

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Doktor DolittleDr. Dolittle (also known as Doctor Dolittle) is a 1998 American fantasy comedy film directed by Betty Thomas , written by Larry Levin and Nat Mauldin , and starring Eddie Murphy in the titular role. Having grown up on the novels, the prospect of Downey hanging up his warrior vines long enough to play the legendary British physician and universal champion of animal rights piqued my curiosity. The miasmic universe that plays out is one that instead envisions Dr. John Dolittle (Downey) as Iron Vet, playing guardian to a galaxy of computer generated critters. What’s here leaves little for the imagination to marvel at.


The enduring Dr Dolittle lives on, long in the tooth now after 100 years but, along with Dab-Dab the duck, Gub-Gub the baby pig, Chee-Chee the chimp and all the other chatty animals that Lofting gave voice to, still a treat for a whole new generation to enjoy.

While treating the animals on the island, Dolittle receives a surprise patient – the Great Pink Sea Snail, which has also caught a severe cold. Dolittle discovers that the snail’s shell is watertight and can carry passengers. Dolittle sends Matthew, Tommy, Emma, Polynesia, Chee-Chee, and Jip back to England with the snail. Emma wishes to stay on the island with him, but the Doctor is adamant that a relationship would never work. She finally admits her feelings for the Doctor, and kisses him goodbye. Dolittle cannot go back because he is still a wanted man. Furthermore, he wishes to investigate the natives’ stories of another creature, the Giant Luna Moth. After his friends have left, Dolittle realizes painfully that he has feelings for Emma.

As soon as the Cat’s-meat-Man had told every one that John Dolittle was going to become an animal-doctor, old ladies began to bring him their pet pugs and poodles who had eaten too much cake; and farmers came many miles to show him sick cows and sheep.

Dolittle’s animal friends engineer his escape, and he, Matthew, Tommy, Polynesia, Chee-Chee and Jip set sail in search of the Great Pink Sea Snail. Emma, by this time fascinated by Dolittle, stows away, seeking adventure. They randomly choose their destination: Sea-Star Island, a floating island currently in the Atlantic Ocean The ship is torn apart during a storm.

Gub-Gub’s Book, An Encyclopaedia of Food (1932) was an associated book, purportedly written by the eponymous pig. It is a series of food-themed animal vignettes. In the text the pretense of Gub-Gub’s authorship is dropped, Tommy Stubbins, Dr. Dolittle’s assistant, explains that he is reporting a series of Gub-Gub’s discourses to the other animals of the Dolittle household around the evening fire. Stubbins explains that the full version of Gub-Gub’s encyclopedia, which was an immense and poorly organized collection of scribblings written by the pig in a language for pigs invented by Dr. Dolittle, was too long to translate into English.

He traveled widely as a civil engineer before enlisting in the Irish Guards to serve in World War I. Not wishing to write to his children of the brutality of the war, he wrote imaginative letters that were the foundation of the successful Doctor Dolittle novels for children. Seriously wounded in the war, he moved with his family to Connecticut in the United States. Lofting was married three times and had three children, one of whom, his son Christopher, is the executor of his literary estate.

And drawn in too by the soft nature of the doctor himself and his realisation — radical at the time when Lofting created him but very current today — that we humans share the planet with other species and have a responsibility to them. It is Polynesia who sets the tone.

The doctor is joined on his quest by a young, self-appointed apprentice (Dunkirk‘s Harry Collett) and a raucous coterie of animal friends, including an anxious gorilla (Oscar® winner Rami Malek), an enthusiastic but bird-brained duck (Oscar® winner Octavia Spencer), a bickering duo of a cynical ostrich (The Big Sick’s Kumail Nanjiani) and an upbeat polar bear (John Cena, Bumblebee) and a headstrong parrot (Oscar® winner Emma Thompson), who serves as Dolittle’s most trusted advisor and confidante.

With Dolittle,” the glorious VFX animals — especially a lumbering polar bear — are its greatest asset. But the flimsy story about a young boy (Harry Collett) wanting to apprentice with the country doctor (Downey) who lives only with his menagerie of talking animals, but pulls himself out of grieving the loss of his wife in order to attend to his ailing benefactor Queen Victoria (Jessie Buckley), finally pulls it down. No cohesive or immersive world here.

Robert Downey Jr plays the swashbuckling Dolittle, backed by stars such as Tom Holland and Emma Thompson voicing the likes of Jip the dog and Polynesia, the stroppy, raucous parrot with a penchant for uttering ‘the most dreadful seafaring swearwords you ever heard’.

Instead, he disappears from the plot, leaving Downey Jr. staring face to face with a dragon. I realize How to Train Your Dragon” is hot right now, but why is there a dragon in Dr. Dolittle?” Alas, at least the film finds a heartwarming way for Dolittle to diffuse the dragon threat, appealing to their shared grief over lost loved ones. But this good will is immediately undercut by a fart joke, yanking a set of bagpipes out of its butt.

The admittedly meandering plot combines elements from various of the Dolittle books, but it essentially concerns the Victorian veterinarian’s quest for the Great Pink Sea Snail, an animal whose language he hopes to add to the thousands he has already learned. Thus the first part of the movie takes Dolittle and his friends through several adventures on their way to earning the money to make the journey, while the second finds the entourage actually setting sail (on the aptly-named “Flounder”) for Sea Star Island and their goal. And, even if the musical is so front-end-loaded with big numbers that the second half seems anticlimactic, and even if the resolution of the plot’s final conflict is jarringly abrupt, and even if the film’s direction is a tad slow, it is also the case that I find more than enough pleasures along the way to compensate for these shortcomings.

In this adaptation, John Dolittle is a recluse. He once sailed the world with his wife, chatting to animals and curing their ills. But following the death of Mrs D, he has locked himself away with a pack of assorted creatures (voiced by the likes of Emma Thompson and Tom Holland, and created with excellent CGI). Now the Queen of England has been taken ill, threatening the future of his home (long story), and he’s forced back into action. The only thing that can save her is a fruit growing on an island that nobody has ever found.

Doctor Dolittle,” on the other hand, the British children’s book series by Hugh Lofting, yielded the notorious 1967 Doctor Dolittle” musical flop from director Richard Fleischer that almost bankrupted the Fox studio (although it won Oscars for the song Talk to the Animals” and for Visual Effects) as well as the 1998 non-musical version starring Eddie Murphy, which did well enough at $294.2 million worldwide) to spawn the less-successful Dr. Dolittle 2” and four DVD sequels. Universal jumped at the chance to jump-start a new franchise when the book went into the public domain.

Two years later The Story Of Dr Dolittle was published. The dedication read ‘to all children, children in years and children in heart’. It was an instant success. Lofting had hit the jackpot. Lucrative commissions rolled in for more Dolittle stories — he wrote 12 in all. He had found the success in life he always craved.

Universal Pictures is bringing Robert Downey Jr’s Voyage of Doctor Dolittle too theaters sooner than expected. Doctor Dolittle’s Birthday Book (1936) is a little day-book illustrated with pictures and quotations from the earlier stories. It appeared between Doctor Dolittle’s Return and Doctor Dolittle and the Secret Lake.

Young children might find the film entertaining, as they have been spoon-fed the bland animated characters of Pixar, DreamWorks, et al. Adults will tire of it quickly. Hugh Lofting was a British author, trained as a civil engineer, who created the character of Doctor Dolittle — one of the classics of children’s literature.

Young readers and audiences happily suspend their disbelief to be drawn in by that seductive notion of being able to talk to animals and share their undoubted wisdom and essential goodness. Robert Downey Jr. electrifies one of literature’s most enduring characters in a vivid reimagining of the classic tale of the man who could talk to animals: Dolittle.

Robert Downey Jr. as Dr. John Dolittle , a veterinarian who has the ability to speak to animals. But Dolittle lived on, in the books and the young readers who continued to lap them up. Until, that is, the 1970s, when suddenly they became forbidden fruit.

So, after two modern-day Eddie Murphy versions around the turn of the millennium, Robert Downey Jr. has brought Dr. Dolittle, the eccentric fellow who can talk to animals in their own language, back into the 19th century, as were the original stories by Hugh Lofting and the 1968 screen version that starred Rex Harrison.


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