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Massive amounts of radio airplay, more than 93 million views on YouTube, plus two Grammy awards – “Best Rock Performance” and “Best Rock Song”, proved that she is indeed a force to reckon with among her contemporaries.

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Elle KingJoin Elle on tour this Spring with the ‘Little Bit Of Lovin’ Elle King Experience! Q. You have a really specific process when you’re working on music, right? You don’t listen to a lot of other music so you can just guard that creative time for yourself. Growing up corn-fed and barefoot, Elle King expresses her Midwestern roots through her bluesy voice and relatable lyrics that often touch on love and heartbreak.

The album ends on a redemptive song for King called Little Bit of Lovin.‘” The guitar-heavy rock anthem features King’s raspy, growling vocals backed by a choir of harmony singers. She had originally wrote the lyrics as, There ain’t no more lovin’ left in this heart of mine,” but then decided that wasn’t right. She changed it to, I still got a little bit of lovin’ left in me.” At the midpoint of the song, she gives an empowered sermon on love, strength and hope.

The music you’ll hear at an Elle King show is a blend of blues rock, Americana, alternative country and straight-ahead rock and roll. Her powerful voice contains elements of soul, country, blues and rock. In addition to singing at her shows, Elle King also plays the guitar, banjo and bass.

King has three Grammy nominations under her belt and could well earn more with her new album, Shake the Spirit. Yet when she meets me, she describes herself as a mess,” struggling to shake off the man she secretly married nearly three years ago. I was literally talking to ghosts,” she says, wide-eyed.

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One of today’s most distinct voices on the contemporary blues rock revival scene, Elle King got her start performing in clubs around New York City. After generating early critical acclaim with her 2012 self-titled EP, King released her debut album, titled Love Stuff,” in early 2015. Songs like Ex’s and Oh’s” and American Sweetheart” showcase the raspy, soulful voice of this young star, who continues to impress her fans whenever she brings her live show to stages around the country. Our customer service team is on hand seven days a week by phone and online if you need help securing Elle King tickets for an upcoming concert. You can dial 866.848.8499 to be connected by phone or use Live Chat for online assistance. Otherwise follow the steps below to secure your spot in the audience.

The Ex’s & Oh’s singer and daughter of Rob Schneider and model London King posted on Instagram on Wednesday night, the day she turned 30, a video of her flashing a large solitaire diamond ring on her ring finger.

Bluesy bombshell Elle King has made a name for herself with her soulful, country-tinged take on classic rock and roll. King’s powerful voice and playful songs have made fans of everyone from Oprah to Jimmy Fallon, and it’s easy to see why as she commands the stage at her rollicking live shows. Stylishly dressed like a modern-day pin-up girl, King strums her guitar and belts out her clever lyrics with equal parts heartfelt sincerity and punk attitude. Whether she’s tearing through barnburners like “Ex’s & Oh’s” or performing her encore-worthy cover of Tom Petty’s “American Girl”, King is a powerhouse live performer who always knocks ticket buyers’ socks off on tour.

The sauntering My Saddle” utilizes guitar, horns, percussive shakers, lush background harmonies, wolf howls, and Cauthen’s vocal prowess to conjure up imagery fit for a John Ford film–and sweep his target off her feet. The American West is one of the ever-present undercurrents on My Gospel: Marfa Lights” compares a romance to the famous, sporadic heavenly light show in West Texas. It’s a mysterious, cosmic love song,” Cauthen says.

As she got older, King moved to bigger cities, hitting up New York City and Los Angeles and playing gigs. She released an EP in 2012, and then in her 2015 debut album, her single Exes & Oh’s” topped the charts, helping her become a mainstream name.

King released her critically-acclaimed second album, “Shake The Spirit,” in October 2018, featuring the lead single and her fourth radio No. 1 hit Shame,” which made her the only act in history to have scored top singles on the Adult Pop Songs, Adult Alternative Songs, Alternative Songs and Country Airplay charts.

King decided to name her band The Brethren because they had all come together like a family to record and write songs for Shake the Spirit,” the follow-up to her 2015 debut Love Stuff,” which resulted in two Grammy nominations for her hit song Ex’s and Oh’s.” Writing with members of the band in Los Angeles and recording together in a studio in rural Texas helped King get through a particularly tough and emotional year.

As a teenager, Cauthen got into more trouble than most. He got caught with weed and did a little time in jail, then got kicked out of college. You have to get kicked out of something in order to be a true songwriter, whether it’s kicked out of school, or kicked out of your house, or kicked out of a marriage, or kicked into jail,” Cauthen says, only half-joking. I got all those on my résumé.” He started working in oil and natural gas to make ends meet, surveying land and enjoying being outside. But all the while, he never stopped singing.

The album deals with King’s life since her Grammy-nominated mega-hit “Ex’s and Oh’s” took off in 2016. She secretly eloped that year with a man she’d only met weeks earlier and the two split the following year. King has battled depression , substance abuse and even post-traumatic stress disorder in that time.

The raunchy It Girl” has a message sure to stop anyone in their tracks as King confesses, You know I hate to wait, so I always put out on the first date.” Another slap down comes via Man’s Man” where King calls out an unfaithful lover and then delivers an “oh, by the way” that is sure to rock his world.

Elle King’s Shake The Spirit is the our Album Of The Week on The Current. It’s been amazing; it’s kind of cool,” King said in a recent telephone interview. “I love everybody, love being on the country tour. The show is so fun, so amazing.

Paul Cauthen remembers sitting alone in an Austin house after a weekend-long bender. A life making music seemed to be slipping away. Wide awake with nothing to lose, he fell on his hands and knees right there, bowed his head, and threw down a divine gauntlet.

Including songs like Different for Girls” and Not Easy,” this list of songs featuring Elle King as guest artist consists of radio hits, number ones, and less popular tracks. Fans can decide how to rank Elle King’s collaborations with Dierks Bentley, Alex Da Kid, Epick, and more.

I still, of course, believe in love. Totally. And I think that having that kind of belief and faith is what will bring goodness into your life… I’m a romantic,” King added, mentioning at the time that she had a new beau, but preferred to keep his identity private.

Talk Of The Town” and Told You So,” both solo King compositions, are no-nonsense rockers that deliver a knockout punch. Then there’s Runaway” which blends Sixties-era girl group pop with country (akin to Patsy Cline) into her style.

King’s biggest hit, 2014’s Ex’s and Oh’s” made clear she had a powerhouse voice well-suited to rockabilly. On Shake the Spirit, she mainly stays in a retro vein, but doesn’t just stick to rockabilly. Songs on the album are tinged with gospel (Little Bit of Lovin’”), blues rock reminiscent of the Black Keys (Shame”), and a ‘60s girl group sound (It Girl”). With all the stylistic shifts, what holds it Shake the Spirit together is King’s brash, smoky voice. Even on songs full of sadness and regret, like the beautiful Americana-tinged Chained,” a duet with Cameron Neal of the indie band Horse Thief, King sings with confidence. But I still think King shines best on songs with a rockabilly influence, such as my favorites on the album, the rocker Baby Outlaw” with guitars straight out of a spaghetti western, and Runaway,” which the singer says is her take on a Roy Orbison tune.

Mostly she wants people who have been as lonely and down as her to hear the music and find a light at the end of the tunnel, even if that message of self-love doesn’t sound very hardcore. It’s impossible for any guy to hit on me because I am like constantly surrounded by, like, at least eight dudes at a time, all in matching jackets,” the 29-year-old King joked.

Gruff-around-the-edges rocker Elle King became famous for her 2014 single Ex’s & Oh’s,” the hook of which — My ex’s and the oh oh oh’s they haunt me” — is a quintessential Millennial Whoop,” the most ubiquitous sound in modern pop. But King is not your average pop star. I’m not America’s sweetheart,” she declares on her first album. After a promising early career, King’s second album Shake the Spirit” shows her truly defining her own exciting sound.

For those who are ufamiliar with King, Rolling Stone called her a ” little bit country , a little bit rock n’ roll,” and ultimately “punk as f-.” Her second album, “Shake the Spirit,” was dubbed “first-rate” and a “rowdy, good-time party record” by Variety.

Elle King and Rob Schneider pose at The Ice House Comedy Club, Oct. 22, 2009 in Pasadena, Calif. Elle King performs at the Austin City Limits Music Festival on Oct. 7, 2018, in Austin, Texas. The album features collaborations with hit producer Greg Kurstin, who brings some sophisticated production to songs like the Spaghetti Western-infused “Baby Outlaw”.

What style a sophomore album would take seemed as open to question as her marital status. Since Ex’s and Oh’s” topped the alternative songs chart almost exactly three years ago (in a rare acknowledgement by that format that more than one gender exists), she participated as duet partner on Dierks Bentley‘s No. 1 country hit, It’s Different for Girls.” She subsequently signed with Bentley’s Nashville manager, and turned up on a CMT awards show just this week, leading some to wonder if she might have gotten the bug to go country. That’s not the case, although you can hear a trace of irreverent cow-punk two-beat in It Girl” or restless Americana in Chained,” a duet with Cameron Neal, frontman of the Oklahoma indie band Horse Thief. If anything, this time around, the guitars are rocking harder and her voice is growlier or bigger on the distortion effects. She might almost be too tough a chick for any mainstream format right now, but crossing over to country seems like the least her concerns.

By the summer of 2018, King appeared to have moved on from her ex. She also alluded to a new boyfriend, who she describes as having a more Buddhist state of mind.” The mystery man first surfaced on her Instagram in July 2018; in a photo he kisses Elle from behind a napkin, lodged to his face by a pair of sunglasses. Though few and far between, good men do exist,” she captioned on another photo of him. Mines got strong hands, kind eyes, and dimples for daaaays.” The most recent photo of the two was taken October in the Pedernales Falls State Park outside of Austin, Texas. In town for her performance at the Austin City Limits festival, she offers me a brown agate stone from her pocket, which she found on that same trip.

In the aftermath of King’s traumatic relationship, and in light of the ongoing #MeToo movement, untangling the fun of sex from the looming threat of violence is a bold move for the singer-songwriter; but she’s used to pushing those buttons. When she performs It Girl” live, she’ll usually pull up her shirt and flash a nipple for laughs.

The 30-year-old Los Angeles native — who hit the pop charts in 2015 with “Ex’s & Oh’s” and opened for the Dixie Chicks in 2016 at the TaxSlayer Center — is on the bill for Miranda Lambert’s “Roadside Bars & Pink Guitars” tour , coming to Moline on Oct. 24.

The News-Leader caught up with King Thursday to talk about the tour — King said she “can’t wait” to be here — along with her experience collaborating with other women artists and how her life is progressing right now. The conversation below has been edited for length and clarity.

King was opening for Miranda Lambert on the country singer’s “Roadside Bars & Pink Guitars” tour. She sounded great. Show was short and she only played a couple of her hits. I love all her songs, but you always want to hear your favorites at a concert and she didn’t deliver.

Though the pair officially started dating in April 2018, Jim didn’t appear on the singer’s Instagram until three months later in July. There was some pressure on King, because her debut album, Love Stuff,” catapulted her into the musical mainstream.

Mom: I’m glad we have the chance to review an Elle King album, since you’re the person who first made me aware of this singer we both enjoy. I’m also happy to say I thoroughly enjoyed King’s second album, Shake the Spirit. Although the songs on this album came from a rough period in the singer’s life (a quickie marriage to a man she’d known for a few weeks, who King says was abusive, followed by a speedy divorce, and struggles with PTSD and depression that led to substance abuse), Shake the Spirit, as the name implies, is ultimately an album about overcoming.

is a 30 year old American Singer. Born Tanner Elle Schneider on 3rd July, 1989 in Los Angeles, CA, she is famous for song Ex’s & Oh’s, Rob Schneider’s daughter in a career that spans 2005-present and 1998-present. Her zodiac sign is Cancer.

King’s dad is former ” Saturday Night Live ” cast member, comedian and actor Rob Schneider ; her mom is a former model named London King. Born Tanner Elle Schneider, she changed her name to Elle King when she decided to pursue music as a career.

The album, released last Friday, oscillates between party come-ons and late-night vulnerability. In the opening track Talk of the Town,” King asserts herself in the neighborhood and advises the town’s latest male fixation not to count her out. Layered over a manic guitar, the bluesy coyness is easy listening but belies the depth of the album.

King: Yeah, I mean I went through a lot , but everybody goes through a lot, right? Life is tough, life is hard. I happened to have to make a record (2018’s “Shake the Spirit”) while I was going through an emotional time. I made the best of it — I made a record about what I was going through. I don’t know, this last year has been a big, a really big, difference in my life, and the people in my life. I’m a much happier, much more grounded individual. I’m very happy about that. I think that making that record has a lot to do with that.

These undercurrents of anger are a refreshing shake” of an oft-homogenized Top 40 chart. In rejecting celebrity perfection, King extends a hand to everyday audiences. She invites vulnerability and loneliness in Runaway,” resignation in Sober,” and longing in Chained.” The downbeat tracks balance the album’s opening bravado and flesh out the album’s journey from catch-and-release partying to a renewed love.

But at the same time her fame was rising, King’s mental health was declining. She was partying harder than ever. The spotlight was putting pressure on her. She entered into a marriage within a month of meeting her ex-husband and didn’t tell anybody. Later, he was arrested for felony domestic abuse after grabbing King by her throat. She turned to drugs and alcohol and was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.

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