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Granted, there’s already Thor taking the spot of the MCU’s mythical Avenger, but Hercules is a Marvel staple with a personality and history all his own – one that ties straight into that of the Eternals.

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EternalsEternals are beings of eternity , any being which have existed and will exist for eternity. The idea is that the Eternals inspired humans’ earliest conceptions of gods, from the Aztecs’ Quetzalcóatl to basically the entire Greek and Roman pantheon. The Eternals live on Olympia, and their name are all twists on classical mythology, so that Mercury becomes Makkari; Zeus becomes Zuras. Of course, according to the Eternals, it’s their names that are the real deal. The more familiar versions just a case of human mispronunciation.

Marvel announced its upcoming movies for the next two years at San Diego Comic-Con and a lot of new characters are about to be introduced to the MCU. Case in point, Sersi of the Eternals is, in fact, the same character as the Cersi of Greek mythology, who appeared in The Odyssey (at least in Marvel lore), who ran afoul of Hercules in ancient times.

The actual characters of The Eternals, four decades on from their original conception, remain a relatively blank slate. As with other comics that cover entire species, like the X-Men or Inhumans, there are a lot of them. But really, there are only three names you need to know.

On Saturday, Kit Harington and Gemma Chan shared a kiss while filming Marvel’s upcoming blockbuster, The Eternals,” in London. Like many of the Eternals, Ikaris has also clashed with other heroes for reasons beyond human morality – he even defeated the Silver Surfer at the behest of the High Evolutionary.

The world is in need of stories that reflect the variety of people in the world, and based on the early knowledge of the movie, I think The Eternals is going to do just that. Third Generation Eternal (those born after Chronos’s experiment but before the Second Host): Aginar, Ajak, Arex, Atlo, Domo, Ikaris, Interloper, Mara, Phastos, Sigmar, Thanos, Thena, Veron, Zarin.

Updated August 24, 2019: The cast of Marvel Studios’ Eternals took the stage during the studio’s Saturday presentation at Disney’s D23 Expo to add two more to their number – and unveil concept art of the Eternals themselves in costume.

The past history of the Eternals of Earth-9997 mostly mirrors that of their Earth-616 counterparts. However, it’s been revealed that, at least on Earth-9997, the Celestials ‘ intentions for the Eternals was not exactly as beneficial as they had thought. The Celestials’ method of reproduction is to impregnate the planet with a portion of their energy (or embryo) as well as imbibe Vibranium into the planet’s core. Eventually, after centuries of gestation, the new Celestial would be born while destroying the planet in the process. In order to protect the Celestial growing within the planet, they would manipulate the DNA of the dominant species to act as unknowing anti-bodies. On Earth, it would be the pre-historic version of man that would be manipulated in such a fashion.

In the Marvel comics, the Deviants were first introduced by Jack Kirby in July 1976. After his attempts at creating a Fourth World saga at DC Comics failed, Kirby re-joined Marvel and fashioned his DC ideas into the Eternals. The first entry in this brand-new Marvel series also saw the Deviants make their debut, but the franchise was cancelled in January 1978 before Kirby could finish his story.

The Deviants’ history dates back as far as the Eternals’ and, strangely, humanity itself. Their existence is down to the Celestials, a group of extremely powerful cosmic beings who possess the ability to create and destroy life.

You’re probably already familiar with humans (it’s what you are, probably!), but the Eternals are essentially very beautiful humans who live forever and possess various superpowers (including the ability to shoot eye lasers and reconfigure matter at will). The Deviants, to put it bluntly, are very ugly people who don’t live forever and don’t have a consistent pattern of superpowers. Each generation of Deviants is different from the one before, preventing them from having a consistent identity or culture beyond we’re jealous of the Eternals.” Despite hiding their general specialness from humans, the Eternals and Deviants have periodically lived among mankind throughout history, influencing them in various quiet and unquiet ways. That is where the best hook from Kirby’s run comes in.

Ikaris was known as the “Prime Eternal” in the comics, meaning that he was more powerful than the other Eternals. He is fueled by cosmic energy, and he can move at superspeed and communicate telepathically. His sheer physical strength and agility makes him a formidable opponent in combat. It looks like there’s little that Ikaris can’t do, and there’s a good chance that Eternals will be centered around Ikaris as one of the main protagonists.

Nanjiani commends the people behind the film for creating a collaborative environment that values input from everyone involved, which may be a testament to Zhao’s indie background. While others have criticized movies in the superhero genre for favoring spectacle over character development, Kumail doesn’t see it that way in light of his experience filming The Eternals.

Dubbed The Eternals, the series, which was also ultimately canceled before Kirby could end it on his own terms, laid the groundwork for much subsequent Marvel Comics mythology. The Eternals #1 debuted in 1976 and took us into an archeological dig in the Andes Mountains where Kirby laid out the central conflict of the series.

Their dominion ended when the Celestials returned to conduct their Second Host. The Deviants, believing they could overthrow their creators, attacked the Celestials’ ship but were beaten back. As punishment for their insolence, the Celestials bombed Lemuria and destroyed their empire. Defeated, the surviving Deviants retreated underground and into caves – environments they’ve inhabited ever since whilst they’ve plotted against the Celestials and Eternals.

We may also get a brief origins story about the Deviants’ creation too. Concept art of the Celestials was revealed last year, so we might get a synopsis of how the Deviants and Eternals were made before we pick things up in present day after the events of Endgame.

In the comics, Gilgamesh is first introduced as the Forgotten One, an Eternal which was exiled from his kind by Zuras because he spent too much time around humans. It’s unlikely that Iron Man will make an appearance in The Eternals movie, but you never know – and if he does, then this book may become valuable suddenly.

A perfect origin! Acclaimed novelist Neil Gaiman revives the Eternals, this time issuing them into a world where they have forgotten their deified state and are living amongst humans. Artist John Romita Jr. astounds. One of the members of Marvel’s Agents of Atlas has already made it to the big screen with Randall Park’s Jimmy Woo appearing in Ant-Man and the Wasp – but the seeds for another Agent could be planted in Eternals.

Here are Kit Harington and Gemma Chan in north London earlier this week filming a kiss scene. I am already thrilled that there’s kissing in this movie. Kit is playing Dane Whitman, apparently also known as Black Knight, and Gemma’s character is Sersi and in the comic books, so the internet tells me, they’re a couple. This doesn’t look like a super happy kiss though. It looks like a troubled kiss.

These early stories established the general history of the Eternals, their relationship to the Deviants and major heroes like Ikaris, Sersei and Makkari. As readers learned, these heroes impersonated the gods of Greek and Roman mythology, gaining worshipers on those rare occasions when they actually revealed themselves to mankind.Eternals

The Eternals will debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with their own feature film, The Eternals , on November 6, 2020. In that story, the Eternals’ origins are partly traced back to the planet Eternus, once known as Eyung, which was the breeding ground that Celestials used to turn the people of Eyung into the first Eternals and Deviants.

In Avengers: Endgame , three weeks after eliminating half of all life, Thanos is ambushed by the surviving Avengers on his farm. They learn he destroyed the stones to avoid temptation, and an enraged Thor beheads him. Five years later (2023), the Avengers time travel to various points and retrieve the stones from the past, hoping that their fallen allies and loved ones can be brought back. The 2014 version of Thanos becomes aware of their plan and tasks Nebula with bringing him and his army to the future. Just as Bruce Banner uses the gathered stones to restore those who were decimated, Thanos attacks the Avengers with the intention of using the stones to destroy the universe and create a new one. During the final battle with the Avengers and their allies, he is finally defeated when Stark uses the stones to destroy him and his army.

His opening salvo there, beginning in 1970, was the Fourth World” saga Across four series and one graphic novel, Kirby wove his own science-fiction mythology centered on the New Gods, two warring pantheons. These stories introduced characters like Darkseid , Mister Miracle and Justice League villain Steppenwolf to the DC universe.

The Eternals have an extremely low birthrate among themselves, having one child every millennium or so. However, those Eternals who choose to mate with ordinary human beings often have children much more frequently, although these Children will not themselves be Eternals. Hence, the population level of the Eternals has remained very stable over thousands of years.

Dromedan 50 – Dromedan was bred by the Deviants as a weapon against the Eternals volume & issue needed Imprisoned beneath New York City by the Eternals. volume & issue needed Dromedan has vast psionic powers, including mind control , illusions and telekinesis He can also emit destructive energy blasts, and transform matter.

The Eternals were powerful and all but immortal, with abilities including super strength, flight, telepathy, energy blasts—all your most excellent classic superhero stuff. Over time, most Eternals choose on one superpower to hone. But beyond this, the Eternals can also fuse their consciousness into the Uni Mind, a shared consciousness.

They got another shot in 2006, though, when The Eternals returned with a new series by Neil Gaiman and John Romita Jr. that made the larger Marvel universe more of a factor and opened with most of the Eternals having no memory of their past lives as immortal gods—or their past adventures with Earth’s other heroes—thanks to a scheme by Sprite that allowed him to become human. This was just after the Super Hero Civil War, when people with powers were forced to register with the government, so the idea that these immortal people were just walking around among normal people does get addressed by a very frustrated Tony Stark (who does remember working with Sersi when she was an Avenger).

However, the clear standout character is Sersi, the character Angelina Jolie is reportedly playing in the Eternals movie. She’s the Circe of Greek myth, best known for transforming Odysseus and his crew into pigs in Homer’s Odyssey, but also claims to have taught Merlin every trick he knew. Think of the magical duel sequence from The Sword in the Stone, where two sorcerers constantly change forms — that’s Sersi.

Namor, Marvel’s first mutant, aka the Submariner, is being rumored and speculated for an appearance in Eternals. At San Diego Comic-Con 2019, Marvel announced The Eternals will be released in theaters on November 6, 2020. It’s going to be the first movie to give us a glimpse at the post-Endgame MCU.

At this point, we’ve met countless characters from the original Marvel comics in the MCU. Have we been introduced to any of the Eternals yet? Sort of. Thanos , who destroyed half of all life in the universe and was finally defeated by the Avengers in Endgame, was actually an Eternal. If that seems a little confusing, that’s understandable — the Eternals were supposed to be protecting humanity, not wiping it out, and they should be able to physically blend in among humans.

So without further ado, here are ten big Marvel Comics concepts the Eternals could introduce to the MCU. During January the cast have been spotted filming The Eternals around London, with Gemma Chan being seen filming her stunt scenes two weeks ago.

The sixth installment in the series, directed by Ron Yuan (Unspoken: Diary of an Assassin”), ignores the previous films and instead tells the familiar story of working-class dancers and rich dancers overcoming their differences in China. In many respects, Step Up Up: Year of the Dance” moves back to the franchise’s roots, with relatively grounded drama and a subplot about urban crime. But the film dabbles in broad strokes, with the protagonists incorporating kung fu into their choreography, a plot point that sounds like a big deal – and a major selling point for the sequel – only to get largely overshadowed by the otherwise conventional plot. Entertaining but never superlative, with choreography that sometimes but doesn’t always stack up to the zeniths of the series, Step Up: Year of the Dance” simply has more good ideas than good moves.

Sitting down with Good Morning America, Feige confirmed the news by sharing, He’s married, he’s got a family, and that is just part of who he is,” Feige said, although he did not clarify which character he was discussing. He also implied that the so far unnamed character’s sexual orientation would not be a focus of his story, but would act as a piece of a larger story. In April, it was believed that Hercules would be the first openly gay character in the film. New rumors are suggesting it will be Ikaris, played by Richard Madden.

Thanos appears as a playable character in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite , 110 voiced again by Isaac C. Singleton Jr. 92 In this game, Thanos no longer has the Infinity Stone-based moves from the previous Marvel vs. Capcom games. In the story mode, he was originally captured by Ultron Sigma (a fusion between Ultron and Sigma from Capcom’s Mega Man X series), until he is rescued by the remaining heroes and soon must aid the heroes to devise another plan in combatting Ultron Sigma.

Marvel writers have wrangled with the concepts introduced in The Eternals for 30+ years. All of them struggled to streamline Kirby’s ideas into something more coherent. The basic concept that the Celestials experimented on mankind, finding success with the Eternals and failure with the Deviants, is simple enough. But everything around that basic conceit is needlessly difficult to wrap your head around, even for comic book fans.

With any luck, more artwork – in much better quality – will soon leak online, but with the Eternals cast mostly rocking normal clothing in the set photos we’ve seen, it’s refreshing to see the team’s costumes and a definite sign that these characters are going to end up looking awesome on screen.

Thor and the Asgardians share a complicated history with The Eternals in the comics, but they’re unlikely to play a big role in the film rendition of homo immortalis. With a fourth film in the works, the Norse gods might be on their way out of the MCU. In contrast, the Eternals are just making their grand debut.

Like Thor, Marvel’s Hercules is literally the figure of Greek myth – and since the Eternals’ history has them impersonating or living as mythological deities on Earth, they’ve crossed paths with some figures of actual myth. Further, the Celestials’ experiments also led to the possibility of superheroes among humans, so the story of the Eternals offers up the origin story behind all the origin stories of the Marvelverse.

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