Everything You Need To Know About Dermot Kennedy, The Irish Dude Playing Coachella

Dermot KennedyRising Irish singer songwriter DERMOT KENNEDY today shares his darkly anthemic single ‘Power Over Me’ and gets its’ first radio play as Annie Mac’s Hottest Record In The World on her show tonight. Dermot recently appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert for his debut US TV performance, quickly followed by an appearance on one of America’s top talk shows The Ellen Show , wowing both crowds with a performance of ‘Power Over Me’ which has reached #1 in the airplay charts in France, Germany and Belgium and achieved Double Platinum in Ireland, Platinum in the Netherlands and Switzerland and Gold in Canada. His latest single ‘Outnumbered’ is now sitting on BBC Radio 1’s A-list and has been steadily climbing the UK charts since its release, currently sitting at #20 in the Official Chart—proving him to be one of the most exciting global stories of 2019.

A global star on-the-rise, Kennedy releases his incredible new single Outnumbered in the wake of a career highlight run of sold out shows around the UK and Europe, including a staggering performance at London’s Brixton Academy and four nights at Dublin’s Olympia Theatre. He also gave incredible performances at All Points East festival and Coachella, as part of a US tour which saw Dermot play to sold out shows to thousands of fans across the country.

Ahead of his biggest sold-out North American tour to date, which includes a performance at Coachella Festival and a massive headline show at the Filmore Auditorium in Denver, Colorado, Dermot appeared on ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ and performed a show-stopping rendition of ‘Power Over Me’ – his debut US TV performance and first terrestrial appearance outside of the French talk show ‘C à vous’.

I’ve only been following Dermot for the last few months and was so pleased I managed to get tickets. Kennedy releases his debut album, Without Fear, on Friday, September 27.Dermot Kennedy

2019 is set to be Kennedy’s year. His global streaming numbers continue to rise (over 600m across all platforms) and with 6m+ monthly listeners on Spotify alone, as well as recent praise from the likes of the Evening Standard, British GQ, Complex Magazine and The Independent. All success points to Dermot Kennedy.

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I mean, there’s so many people, like all the people that I was raised on. I would like chop off my finger to make a song with Taylor Swift Honestly, I’d chop off my hand just to sit in a room and write a song with her. She was my big pop music icon growing up. ” Teardrops On My Guitar ” was the first YouTube video I ever really watched of her. So yeah, that’d be really fun. But I mean, there’s a ton of people. I feel like with my upcoming album, a lot of the writers that I’ve really wanted to work with and stuff I’ve had the opportunity to work with. So I feel like I’m satisfied, I’m happy.

Dermot Kennedy’s debut album, WITHOUT FEAR, is set to be released on October 4th. His global streaming numbers continue to rise with over 600 million across all platforms and 9 million+ monthly listeners on Spotify alone. Recent praise comes from the likes of the Los Angeles Times, TIME Magazine, The New York Times, NPR, Complex and Billboard.

Yeah. The first time we met was when we made the music video together. It was her and her friend that she travels with, and then I bought them both dinner. I was like, “This is the least I can do.” The crazy thing is that we went to Downtown L.A. to get food. And we walked past the GRAMMY Museum , where they have all the people that have won GRAMMYs and one of them is for Best New Artist , which she had won at the 60th GRAMMY Awards We took a picture next to her thing on the sidewalk, which was really cool.

Shortly after putting his first songs on the music streaming service, one got added to the Discover Weekly playlist, which automatically appears on every user’s account each Monday.

Downtime is rare enough, but what does an average Dermot Kennedy day off look like? He paints a picture of scauldy hotels in Amarillo where he’s glad of his bandmates’ – friends rather than assigned session players, crucially – company.

Dermot Kennedy is an emerging singer songwriter from County Dublin in Ireland. He has been playing guitar and singing for about 6 years now and in the past 12 months has started writing his own unique style of material. His soulful voice coupled with the clear and poetic lyrics of his songs gives Dermot a unique sound that is not directly comparable to any other artist.

Coming off the back of performances on NPR’s acclaimed Tiny Desk series and Colors Berlin, Kennedy is currently on his 42 date headline World Tour. With over 75,000 tickets sold worldwide in the past year, his new tracks and ever larger live dates are making Dermot one of the hottest new artists globally.

This Dublin gig will be part of his biggest Ireland and UK tour to date. The glorious Dermot Kennedy has announced that he will play the 3Arena in Dublin this December.

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It’s so funny because even when you tour, and every night you’re like, oh, my vocals were okay but not on it. But if you listen to that album, it’s like every single thing is perfect. It’s super demanding music vocally and he just nails it. And the first concert I went to, which I won’t talk about much at all, was Westlife It was because of my sister, I had to go.

With massive success already at home – his most recent single Outnumbered peaked at number two in the Irish charts – he is the latest in a long line of earnest and Irish male singer-songwriters to make it big at home and abroad. But rather than exploring the political in borrowed blues like Hozier or playing it safe with daytime radio hits like Gavin James, Kennedy is cut from a different cloth as he gets deeply personal with songs that run like a tortured inner monologue.


I think subconsciously I’ve always written with other people in mind. Not in the sense that I want to please people, but I love the idea of providing people with a resolution, or with some kind of consolation for what they’re going through. Music is one of the most powerful things in the world and we all speak its language. When I write lyrics, I understand how much of an impact they can have on people, so I’m always aware of that. When I’m writing about a breakup or I’m writing about the state of the world or the planet or whatever, I try and make it hopeful. If I could be described as being a musician that gave people hope, then I’d be really happy.

Dermot Kennedy’s debut album is titled Without Fear, and it couldn’t suit the 27-year-old Irish singer-songwriter more as he starts the second half of 2019. The 12-track album is my best effort in presenting myself to the world,” he thinks. And as ever, it shows his ability to span a whole range of emotions, often in the space of just one song.

His new single, Outnumbered, comes in the wake of a career highlight run of sold out shows around the UK and Europe – including a staggering performance at London’s Brixton Academy and four nights at Dublin’s Olympia Theatre. This year has also seen an incredible performance at All Points East festival, as well as a show-stopping set at Coachella in April as part of a US tour, which saw Dermot play to sold out shows to thousands of fans across the country.

I started making the EP the second I moved from my hometown in Texas to L.A. I was going to college at UCLA and I was going to classes and I was recording at the same time. I wasn’t signed yet either. I think that, you know, most of the songs on the album I wrote during my senior year of high school, so basically I wanted the whole EP to be like a time capsule of what my senior year felt like. All of the missing home and also just like not really knowing what’s going on and having all these like extreme emotions that make no sense all the time, which I still feel. But I think when you’re in high school it’s this kind of like very specific feeling that you just never ever have ever again. I wanted to just get it all into a little package, that way I can remember it forever.

The massive audience brought on by his streaming success has enabled Kennedy to sell out his own shows in Dublin and London now, but when it came time to record ‘Doves & Ravens,’ he eschewed any temptation to repeat the same musical formula that had brought him past popularity, instead pushing himself further artistically and personally than he’d ever gone before.

With over 300 million worldwide streams under his belt, Dermot Kennedy has a captivating show in store with ‘Young & Free, ‘Moments Passed’ and brand new singles, ‘Power Over Me’ and ‘Lost’ set to make for an unforgettable night.

He’s not the only one who’s excited. Since the release of his stunning April 2017 EP, Doves and Ravens, and follow-up single ‘Moments Passed’, Kennedy has shot to over 80m plays on streaming platforms, been hailed as a big, beautiful and bold” new voice by Beats 1’s Zane Lowe, won praise from everyone from TIME Magazine to Wonderland. He’s also supported Lana Del Rey and worked his way on the radar of rap super producer Mike Dean, best known for his work with Kanye West and Travis Scott, with whom he’s currently cooking up a mixtape.

I think they can definitely expect the music to get darker. The past year has been really chaotic and I feel like my album absolutely represents how chaotic it was. Also, I think they can expect a good cry and a good little riot. Just a good like package of chaos, is what my album sounds like so far.

They line up in a way. I wrote the song quite a while ago, and it was one of those lovely things that kind of came together in a day, almost. It was this really organic thing where—my favorite days in studios are when you don’t second guess everything. I didn’t know it was going to be a single, and I didn’t know what the plan was for it, so I guess it was a good thing I was just there to make music. If it worked, happy days, and if not, then it was fine.

And so, that was kind of – I guess it’s that lovely thing where you write a song that’s personal but it can work with a lot of people and a lot of people can relate to that feeling regardless of what my specific thing was.

DERMOT Kennedy has come a long way from busking at the top of Dublin’s Grafton Street. It’s like the songs are the chapters of your life, and while the stories are super specific to you, so many people can relate to them.

The EP opens with “Glory,” an emotional, infectious tour-de-force that solidifies Kennedy’s status as a vocal powerhouse with equal parts grit and grace. Densely stacked harmonies meet minimalist instrumental production on the track, which is propelled forward by hypnotically off-kilter percussion loops. “I’ve learned that doves and ravens fly the same,” he sings in a subtle nod to the two life-altering events that underlie each of the EP’s four songs: falling in love and facing loss.

Ahead of his sold out Dublin concerts next Monday and Tuesday, Dermot Kennedy has announced two headline shows at The Olympia Theatre for May 13th and 14th 2019. Due to phenomenal demand Dermot has added two more dates on Wednesday 16th and Thursday 16th May, all of which are now sold out.

Coachella was awesome because I was shocked by the amount of Irish people there. Obviously, you do the two weekends, and the second weekend I was quite sick. I was like that guy before I went on stage with my face in the steam, trying to melt everything here, so that was a tricky one. But I went out and it was just a lot of Irish flags. So many Irish people go to things like New York and Boston, but I didn’t know if people went to Coachella from Ireland so it was this really lovely boost to get when I walked out onstage.

The single comes in the wake of a career highlight run of sold out shows around the UK and Europe, including a staggering performance at London’s Brixton Academy and four nights at Dublin’s Olympia Theatre. Last week saw an incredible performance at All Points East festival as well as a show stopping set at Coachella in April as part of a US tour which saw Dermot play to sold out shows to thousands of fans across the country. This weekend, Dermot plays as special guest to Mumford & Sons at their two Malahide Castle concerts in Dublin.

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