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He got his own song and then he got the fucking Mattress” remix with him, Ferg, Rocky, Carti, and Rich. Some of the highlights on the project come from collaborations from one of his idols Wiz Khalifa and formentioned ASAP Rocky joint.

FAMOUS DEX – Famous Dex Weaves A Flamboyant Style From The Threads Of Oddball Internet Rap

FAMOUS DEXAnnual UC Irvine concert canceled after rapper Famous Dex jumped into the audience and students rushed the stage. A short while later, however, students outside the arena were flooding social media channels with tweets, photos and videos of a man in Dex’s vehicle waving a gun and threatening spectators jostling for a closer look.

To be honest, Rocky has been wanting to fuck with me. Rocky been wanting to fuck with me when me and Rich dropped Goyard Pt. 2.” He wanted to shoot and direct our videos. Rocky been wanting to fuck with me. If you ain’t busy, you broke. I understand that. And he busy as fuck. I could never get a session with him until that time ASAP Bari called me and Rich. Like, Yo, Ferg and them here. Come to the session. Pull up.” Cool. I never met Ferg. I was so happy to see Rocky and Ferg because they were so cool. You wouldn’t have thought they were rappers. They were like brothers. We became a family.

Soulja Boy then called out 25-year-old rapper Famous Dex, claiming he played a role in the start of Famous Dex’s career which then ignited a profanity-filled Instagram Live exchange between the two rappers.

Take Her,” however, fell rather flat despite featuring Wiz Khalifa, a prominent rapper who has released a number of chart-topping albums and singles. The song lacks a unified beat, as Dex raps at random intervals, and falls short in original lyrics, as he repeats the chorus a few times too many. Khalifa’s verse is rather short, with the bulk of his influence in repeating various words after Dex throughout the song.

Famous Dex , a well known Chicago rapper, has always been able to deliver fun filled music. Whether it be through multiple mixtapes and collaborations with his labelmates Rich the Kid and Jay Critch, Famous Dex has made a name for himself. Despite people categorizing Famous Dex as a mumble rapper in today’s hip-hop scene, his debut project, Dex Meets Dexter, shows that he is not one-dimensional, but a lighthearted artist with a unique and diverse sound.

No matter what happens, it’s artists like Famous Dex that continue to give trap music a pulse. Sure, superstars — inside and outside of hip-hop — are championing or co-opting its sounds to various ends, but it takes the continuing interest and energy of the youth to assure longevity.

JAPAN” was released prior to the album, and Instagram personality Roy Purdy started the #JapanChallenge — receiving more than 3 million views on Instagram — encouraging dancers to remake his video dancing to the song. The lyric, I just popped a xan, 50,000 in Japan” alluded to selling out shows in Japan, as well as battling his addiction to the anti-anxiety benzodiazepine Xanax.

Scott isn’t the first person guilty of trying to steal a plane. In September 2018, a 22-year-old student at the Florida Institute of Technology tried to steal an American Airlines flight from Orlando Melbourne International Airport. A maintenance worker found Nishal Sankat in the cockpit and asked for his access badge. Of course, he didn’t have it, so two other employees held him down until police arrived.

In a video posted to social media , a man appearing to be Dex, whose real name is Dexter Gore Jr., can be seen waving a gun at a group of students who had surrounded his car following the canceled show on Friday night.

Dex, on the other hand, has chosen to pursue a career in hip-hop by crafting SoundCloud-ready, low IQ turn-up records. He isn’t the first “rapper” to travel down this path and, Lord knows, he won’t be the last. And that’s fine. There’s a large market for the “music” the 23-year-old is “crafting” and, following the general principles of supply and demand, he has wisely chosen to give the people more of what they want.

Famous Dex’s flamboyant personality stands out on every song he’s made. Rich the Kid ‘s protégé has vowed to bring a Wu-Tang Clan style of energy back into hip-hop, and that shines on viral tracks like Drip From My Walk” and “2 Times.” Dex’s work ethic is similar to Rich’s in that they both release music at an alarming rate. Together with burgeoning Brooklyn rapper Jay Critch, they dropped Rich Forever 3 over the summer, a teaser for their respective solo releases coming soon.

Dexter Tiewon Gore Jr. (born September 6, 1993), better known by his stage name Famous Dex, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. He is best known for his songs “Pick It Up” and “Japan” which peaked at number 54 and 28 respectively on the Billboard Hot 100.

But Dex — a frequent collaborator of post-Thug-and-Makonnen oddball Lil Yachty — favors a lighter variety of turn-up music, making bizarre metaphor and hyperbolic braggadocio as the mortar of his music rather than outright threats and name-calling. The slang is goofy; merely subbing in Ciabatta” for bread” when talking-cash can make a song worthwhile. The roots are in his hometown drill” and its lighter, more upbeat cousin bop,” and by proxy, Atlanta hip-hop, but also in the messy, playful sonics of Berkeley’s Lil B (Dex probably has B beat on the average bitch” word count per song).

In fairness to Dex—and he doesn’t deserve much if you’ve seen the sickening footage of the assault, for which he spent a measly two days in jail and has never been formally brought up on domestic violence or assault charges—the concept of “real music” is quite ambiguous. In general, though, “real music,” as it relates specifically to hip-hop, is usually a label affixed to records that have substance and meaning. Records that have a narrative. Records that are an authentic representation of an artist and their environment.

In a standing room full of fans and industry tastemakers Dex really wanted wanted everyone to know the theme behind this album. Seperating Dex the social media and music star from Dexter, a kid from Chicago. The Drip From My Walk rapper took a personal moment to discussing how the loss of his mother in 2015 due to breast cancer (which is literally tatted on his face) and his family situation shaped him. He also personally thanked with the help of Kevin Liles everyone who worked on this project, considering them family. Which is a sentiment cosigned by other 300 team members on what it was like working with the rising star on this release.

UCIPD is still investigating the incident involving the firearm seen in Famous Dex’s possession as he was leaving campus in his car which was caught in video posts and shared on social media. Texarkana, Ark., police were able to get in the plane and get to the man in the cockpit.

This chorus, in conjunction with the verses, allows listeners to easily remember the song and makes them want to listen to it repeatedly. When listening to these songs, it shows that Famous Dex is able to make great music.

Hits like PICK IT UP” featuring A$AP Rocky and JAPAN” carry the album’s popularity, and works like LIGHT” featuring Drax Project and PROVE IT” show the spectrum of Famous Dex’s talent, as they have catchy melodies and meaningful lyrics.

Dex’s music can hit you unexpectedly. I struggled to make it through the repetitive Drippy, but when I heard Dex’s voice pop up on Power 92 while driving around Chicago last week, suddenly I got his appeal. As much as Dex initially seemed derivative to me, I can hear him assert himself on OhhMannGoddDamm. His flow is like a kid playing “the floor is lava”—he lurches around unexpectedly, following a rhythm and a thread that make sense to him. He often slurps through his lines like he’s rapping with a mouthful of ice. OhhMannGoddDamm feels monotonous in parts, but even at its least inspired it demands my full attention. That’s a power more musicians should hope to wield.

Chicago rapper Famous Dex, also known simply as Dex, released his highly anticipated debut album Dex Meets Dexter” on April 6. The release came after the rapper achieved mainstream recognition with his hits Pick it Up” and JAPAN.” The 14 track album includes the aforementioned songs, previously released as singles, as well as 12 additional tracks, with some featuring artists such as A$AP Rocky, Wiz Khalifa, Diplo and Drax Project.

This project is a very polished entry for Dex. Trading in some of his trade mark energy fueled and party based lyrics for smoother tracks that shows more of his diversity. Humbly addressing the crowd, introducing songs that in his words aren’t what fans are used to hearing from him. Some of the highlights on the project come from collaborations from one of his idols Wiz Khalifa and formentioned ASAP Rocky joint.

Every song on Chicago rapper Famous Dex’s March mixtape uses the same basic form and flow patterns, and crawls at the same tempo (An exception is the penultimate Kanye,” which drags a bit more, and, in a nod to the production style of its namesake, employs a central vocal sample, uncommon for Dex’s style of music). The name is like an exuberant ad lib written out. and trademarked: #OhhMannGoddDamm. The syllables easily fit in Dex’s favored, against-the-beat, triple-time flow.

Houston rapper and Dex’s running mate, Ugly God, put his reputation on the line by defending his friend’s actions. Ditto for Rich The Kid. Oct 22, 2019 Provided to YouTube by Create Music Group Proofread. Famous Dex. Wiz Khalifa Proofread ℗ 2019 Create Music Group Released on: 2019-10-17 Auto-generated by YouTube.

The 24-year-old pursued music after the death of his mother in September 2014. He’s collaborated with Rich The Kid since and signed onto the self-made label, Rich Forever Music — the first rap artist to do so. Since then, he’s signed on Atlanta Records and 300 Entertainment. The relatively new rapper has extreme potential, and judging by his track record he’s headed in the right direction.

According to court records, Scott told investigators that he thought there wasn’t much more to flying the plane than pushing buttons and pulling levers, when asked about his complete lack of training as a pilot. Scott told police he intended to take the aircraft to Chicago so he could attend a concert featuring rapper Famous Dex.

Rapper Dexter Gordon’s 26-year-old friend, N’Sangue Augustine, sued Hyatt Place, 7700 E. Arapahoe Road on Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Denver. Augustine is seeking unspecified damages and attorneys fees against Hyatt.

According to the Texarkana Gazette, Texarkana Regional Airport security noticed Scott jump the fence around 2:30 in the morning before promptly alerting police. Scott, who told police he had been considering the heist for a month, said he was unbothered by his lack of training, believing plane operation to be little more than pulling levers and pushing buttons.

The teen — Zemarcius Scott — was busted last July 4th when Texarkana police say he broke into an American Eagle jet at Texarkana Regional Airport with the intention of flying it to Illinois. Famous Dex said – Shockotberfest and gave UCI students glocktoberfest instead,” said another.

Augustine was traveling with Gordon, a Chicago rapper, on Aug. 16, 2016, when they went to the hotel following a performance. Famous Dex has released rap songs that have appeared on Billboard Top 100, including Pick It Up” featuring A$AP Rocky.

Soulja Boy then called out 25-year-old rapper Famous Dex, claiming he played a role in the start of Famous Dex’s career which then ignited a profanity-filled Instagram Live exchange between the two rappers.

The Chicago rapper, whose real name is Dexter Gore Jr., performed at the University of California, Irvine on Friday to a crowd of more than 4,000 during the university’s annual Shocktoberfest event, according to the Los Angeles Times However, his show was cut short after he jumped into the crowd and chaos ensued, with some students even making their way onto the stage, the paper reports. That same night, fan-shot footage appeared on social media showing a man in a car who appears to be Famous Dex wielding a gun as fans look on — and film — from outside the vehicle. Campus police then issued a warning via social media that a man matching Famous Dex’s age and physical description had been seen with a gun, and urged anyone who spotted the suspect or the vehicle the gun-wielding man was spotted in to report any sightings to 911. They later tweeted that the vehicle appeared to have left the area.

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