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Which is a sentiment cosigned by other 300 team members on what it was like working with the rising star on this release. The potential for the Chicagoan’s advancement and expansion beyond buzzing mixtape rapper is unclear.

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FAMOUS DEXAnnual UC Irvine concert canceled after rapper Famous Dex jumped into the audience and students rushed the stage. After turning heads online in 2015 with uploads of his dynamic, Southern-flavoured brand of hip-hop, Dex broke into the national scene with the release of the mixtapes Never Seen It Coming and Dexter’s Laboratory, followed by several viral YouTube singles in 2016. Dex aligned himself early on with Atlanta trap savant Rich The Kid, who has taken him under his wing as the first member of his label Rich Forever Music, and produced the collaborative effort Rich Forever, which has since inspired two sequels.

Dex, on the other hand, has chosen to pursue a career in hip-hop by crafting SoundCloud-ready, low IQ turn-up records. He isn’t the first “rapper” to travel down this path and, Lord knows, he won’t be the last. And that’s fine. There’s a large market for the “music” the 23-year-old is “crafting” and, following the general principles of supply and demand, he has wisely chosen to give the people more of what they want.

That’s beginning to change, though. Several emerging young rappers have borrowed Keef’s burbling vowels and blurred consonants, and the more interesting among them have arrived at their own molten sounds by veering away from the pack. Chief among them is Lil Yachty, an Atlanta MC who’s rapped over the theme for Nickelodeon’s Rugrats and was among the models for Kanye’s Yeezy Season 3 line at the premiere of The Life of Pablo at Madison Square Garden last month Local rapper Famous Dex also has an intuitive grasp of what makes Keef’s style work, and he combines it with elements that sound indebted to Atlanta oddballs and contrarian Internet-famous MCs such as Young Thug and Makonnen, plus a bit of Odd Future flair. Not at all by coincidence, Yachty makes a guest appearance Dex’s new mixtape, OhhMannGoddDamm.

In a standing room full of fans and industry tastemakers Dex really wanted wanted everyone to know the theme behind this album. Seperating Dex the social media and music star from Dexter, a kid from Chicago. The Drip From My Walk rapper took a personal moment to discussing how the loss of his mother in 2015 due to breast cancer (which is literally tatted on his face) and his family situation shaped him. He also personally thanked with the help of Kevin Liles everyone who worked on this project, considering them family. Which is a sentiment cosigned by other 300 team members on what it was like working with the rising star on this release.

Dexter Tiewon Gore Jr. (b. September 6, 1993), better known as his stage name Famous Dex (formerly Black Migo Dex), is a rapper from Chicago, Illinois. He was born in Englewood. The rapper he was trying to see, Famous Dex, found out about what happened and said in a video obtained by TMZ that he thought it was a hoax at first.

But a crowd of fans entered the hotel and asked staff members which room Famous Dex was in and then gathered outside room 105, where the rapper was staying, the lawsuit says. They were loudly asking for autographs. Hotel staff members made no effort to protect the two men or call police, the lawsuit says.

Zeke and Wayne Famous Dex’s managers could tell you, I didn’t want the song. They kept coming to me. I’m like, I don’t like it.” I think where I recorded it at, it just sounded bullshit. I’m like, I don’t like this song, I don’t want it.” They played it again. Guess who is on there? ASAP Rocky. I freaked the fuck out. Oh hell nah. It sounded 10 times better and everything. It was a great, great look, and it’s a great, great record. It’s a great look for me and my fans. I feel like this record right here will show the world and everybody that I accomplished something. It’s hard to get a track with ASAP Rocky.

Famous Dex’s flamboyant personality stands out on every song he’s made. Rich the Kid ‘s protégé has vowed to bring a Wu-Tang Clan style of energy back into hip-hop, and that shines on viral tracks like Drip From My Walk” and “2 Times.” Dex’s work ethic is similar to Rich’s in that they both release music at an alarming rate. Together with burgeoning Brooklyn rapper Jay Critch, they dropped Rich Forever 3 over the summer, a teaser for their respective solo releases coming soon.

After fans surrounded his car post-performance, a man who appeared to be Famous Dex was seen briefly holding a gun. Overall, Famous Dex has made a great impression with his first album. Rather than be a labeled a mumble rapper, Famous Dex shows that he is hardworking artist trying to make a name for himself.

In a video posted to social media , a man appearing to be Dex, whose real name is Dexter Gore Jr., can be seen waving a gun at a group of students who had surrounded his car following the canceled show on Friday night.

The potential for the Chicagoan’s advancement and expansion beyond buzzing mixtape rapper is unclear. The universe in which he is doing well at the moment is pretty restricted: He’s signed to Atlanta rapper and Migos affiliate Rich the Kid’s label. It’s not exactly 300 or Epic Records, where the most promising figures in street rap usually end up. But Dex just started bubbling this year: Another few million-plus YouTubes, and a viral dance-video hit, and he might mind some higher profile features, and from there, a more lucrative partnership.

Houston rapper and Dex’s running mate, Ugly God, put his reputation on the line by defending his friend’s actions. Ditto for Rich The Kid. Oct 22, 2019 Provided to YouTube by Create Music Group Proofread. Famous Dex. Wiz Khalifa Proofread ℗ 2019 Create Music Group Released on: 2019-10-17 Auto-generated by YouTube.

Coming out of Chicago and working the word “drip” in wherever he can, MC Famous Dex rocketed to fame in 2016. Overall, Dex’s album makes up for what it lacks in lyricism with memorable melodies and his clear-cut development as a breakout artist.

Hits like PICK IT UP” featuring A$AP Rocky and JAPAN” carry the album’s popularity, and works like LIGHT” featuring Drax Project and PROVE IT” show the spectrum of Famous Dex’s talent, as they have catchy melodies and meaningful lyrics.

A short while later, however, students outside the arena were flooding social media channels with tweets, photos and videos of a man in Dex’s vehicle waving a gun and threatening spectators jostling for a closer look.

The opening track DMD” presented the album very successfully. Famous Dex repeatedly rapped Dex meets Dexter,” introducing the title of the album in an obvious fashion. The simple tune to the track comforts listeners and encourages them to keep listening — waiting to see what the hype is about. And Famous Dex delivers.

The album opens with DMD,” an upbeat and catchy intro that is reminiscent of certain verses from Pick It Up,” the rapper’s most popular song to date. Dex raps about the success he has enjoyed since breaking out into the spotlight, a common subject in his songs.

Scott isn’t the first person guilty of trying to steal a plane. In September 2018, a 22-year-old student at the Florida Institute of Technology tried to steal an American Airlines flight from Orlando Melbourne International Airport. A maintenance worker found Nishal Sankat in the cockpit and asked for his access badge. Of course, he didn’t have it, so two other employees held him down until police arrived.

Famous Dex announced that he was no longer signed to Rich The Kid’s record label Rich Forever Music back in August 2017. However Rich The Kid later claimed that Dex was too high” and just upset his album wasn’t released.” It’s not currently clear what their relationship is. According Rich The Kid, Famous Dex has a distribution deal with 300 under his Rich Forever Music venture.

Dex Meets Dexter,” the rapper’s first full-length album, was first announced in November 2017 through a YouTube video, but the project’s release date was pushed back several times before finally being released in April. The album was generally received with positive reviews, with many congratulating Dex. Prior to Dex Meets Dexter,” Dex had released seven mixtapes that were met with local success, but the album further propelled him into the public eye.

ASUCI’s annual concert event Shocktoberfest was cancelled following a security and safety hazard which was prompted by midliner Famous Dex, walking into the audience area. Video footage of the incident shows students rushing the floor after the rapper stepped down from the stage, causing a stampede. According to witnesses, the rush of students caused barricades to be knocked over.

That happened in the winter time. That was one of the dopest moments of my life, too. Speaking of Ferg, I think I was the only artist this year that had two songs on his album. We all know Dexter is new to this game compared to these big artists. For me, to have two songs on his album just made me know that I’m accomplishing a lot of stuff. I was just so happy, man, and it was just a blessing. Dex got two songs on ASAP Ferg’s album. Not one, but two. He got his own song and then he got the fucking Mattress” remix with him, Ferg, Rocky, Carti, and Rich. it was unbelievable for me. Just coming from where I come from.

According to court records, Scott told investigators that he thought there wasn’t much more to flying the plane than pushing buttons and pulling levers, when asked about his complete lack of training as a pilot. Scott told police he intended to take the aircraft to Chicago so he could attend a concert featuring rapper Famous Dex.

In early 2016, Gore released his third and fourth mixtapes, Drippy 10 and #OhhMannGoddDamn. 11 12 His first viral Youtube Singles Drip from My Walk” and Hit Em Wit It” were a huge step in the direction of mainstream for Gore. March 2016, Gore announced that he was officially signed to Rich the Kid’s label, Rich Forever Music. 13 14 Shortly thereafter, Gore and Rich released their collaborative effort, Rich Forever. 15 This was followed by 2 sequels, with the third exclusively featuring then Rich Forever newcomer New York rapper Jay Critch. Rich Forever 4 was released on August 2nd 2019 featuring new artists that signed to rich forever.

He boasted about his Louie Vuitton shoes: I ain’t doin’ no playin’, these red bottoms, not no vans,” though he has a love for the Vans shoe, the skater-branded pair to which he attributes his identity. JAPAN” represents Famous Dex’s personality as a rapper. If Famous Dex continued to produce songs like JAPAN” and PICK IT UP,” there’s no doubt he’ll be hitting the top 10 on Billboard soon.

Famous Dex , a well known Chicago rapper, has always been able to deliver fun filled music. Whether it be through multiple mixtapes and collaborations with his labelmates Rich the Kid and Jay Critch, Famous Dex has made a name for himself. Despite people categorizing Famous Dex as a mumble rapper in today’s hip-hop scene, his debut project, Dex Meets Dexter, shows that he is not one-dimensional, but a lighthearted artist with a unique and diverse sound.

Dex’s debut album Dex Meets Dexter was released in April 2018. The record’s first single, ‘Pick It Up’, swiftly dominated U.S. hip-hop radio with the help of a feature from A$AP Rocky, earning a Platinum certificate from the RIAA. Follow-up single ‘Japan’ achieved the same feat, landing in the Top 20 on Billboard’s hip-hop and R&B chart. His latest offering, a standalone single featuring the killer trio Lil Baby, Jay Critch and Rich The Kid, was released in September. With hype building at a rapid pace, Dex has received endorsements from rappers across the board, offering up show-stealing guest verses alongside Playboi Carti, Lil Yachty, Sean Kingston, Trippie Redd and 6IX9INE.

Possibly the swaggiest rapper out of Chicago yet, Famous Dex is the first Southside drill dude that makes us feel warm inside. For a Midwestern dude, Dex’s music feels rather Southern, with features from some of ATL’s hottest young rappers. One of those guys, Rich The Kid, announced in March 2016 that Famous Dex was the first signee to his new label, Rich Forever Music (Dex later confirmed this on Twitter). With three mixtapes released in 2016 alone (Drippy, #OhhMannGoddDamm, Heartbreak Kid), this Illinoise-maker is proving to be one of the most productive spitters of his generation. No time to lose, and lots to prove.


Every song on Chicago rapper Famous Dex’s March mixtape uses the same basic form and flow patterns, and crawls at the same tempo (An exception is the penultimate Kanye,” which drags a bit more, and, in a nod to the production style of its namesake, employs a central vocal sample, uncommon for Dex’s style of music). The name is like an exuberant ad lib written out. and trademarked: #OhhMannGoddDamm. The syllables easily fit in Dex’s favored, against-the-beat, triple-time flow.

A friend of popular rapper Famous Dex is suing Hyatt Place Denver Airport claiming that poor security allowed someone from an unruly crowd of fans to shoot him in the knee outside the performer’s room, a lawsuit says.

To be honest, Rocky has been wanting to fuck with me. Rocky been wanting to fuck with me when me and Rich dropped Goyard Pt. 2.” He wanted to shoot and direct our videos. Rocky been wanting to fuck with me. If you ain’t busy, you broke. I understand that. And he busy as fuck. I could never get a session with him until that time ASAP Bari called me and Rich. Like, Yo, Ferg and them here. Come to the session. Pull up.” Cool. I never met Ferg. I was so happy to see Rocky and Ferg because they were so cool. You wouldn’t have thought they were rappers. They were like brothers. We became a family.

Augustine was traveling with Gordon, a Chicago rapper, on Aug. 16, 2016, when they went to the hotel following a performance. Famous Dex has released rap songs that have appeared on Billboard Top 100, including Pick It Up” featuring A$AP Rocky.

On Dex Meets Dexter, the majority of songs are lighthearted and made for entertainment. There are no serious issues being talked about or dark vibes. Famous Dex made an album that a person to can listen to at a party or with a group of friends.

I’m not a fan of Famous Dex, the artist or the man, and I’m deeply bothered by hip-hop’s ignorant embrace of sexual assault , but if he really loves whatever it is he’s making, he should continue to do so. Labels be damned.

Known for his mixtapes and EPs, Famous Dex, or Dexter Gore Jr., just released his first studio album, Dex Meets Dexter — with a fresh take on trap rap with captivating chorus lines and innovative beats. The Chicago rapper collaborates with Wiz Khalifa, A$AP Rocky and Diplo but stuck to his guns with primarily solo work.

Famous Dex, for those unfamiliar with the Chicago rapper, is most widely known for his 2017 hit Pick it Up ” featuring A$AP Rocky, along with his recent livestream beef with Soulja Boy (aka Big Drako).

Campus police also texted students and posted a message to social media warning that a 25-year-old, 5’11” man had been spotted with a gun near the campus’ Bren Event Center. The age and height match those listed online for Dex.

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