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In early 2016, Gore released his third and fourth mixtapes, Drippy 10 and #OhhMannGoddDamn. Famous Dex announced that he was no longer signed to Rich The Kid’s record label Rich Forever Music back in August 2017.

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FAMOUS DEXThe rapper Famous Dex allegedly pulled a gun on UC Irvine students after the concert he was playing at the university was canceled because of his stage diving. Every song on Chicago rapper Famous Dex’s March mixtape uses the same basic form and flow patterns, and crawls at the same tempo (An exception is the penultimate Kanye,” which drags a bit more, and, in a nod to the production style of its namesake, employs a central vocal sample, uncommon for Dex’s style of music). The name is like an exuberant ad lib written out. and trademarked: #OhhMannGoddDamm. The syllables easily fit in Dex’s favored, against-the-beat, triple-time flow.

The Chicago rapper, whose real name is Dexter Gore Jr., performed at the University of California, Irvine on Friday to a crowd of more than 4,000 during the university’s annual Shocktoberfest event, according to the Los Angeles Times However, his show was cut short after he jumped into the crowd and chaos ensued, with some students even making their way onto the stage, the paper reports. That same night, fan-shot footage appeared on social media showing a man in a car who appears to be Famous Dex wielding a gun as fans look on — and film — from outside the vehicle. Campus police then issued a warning via social media that a man matching Famous Dex’s age and physical description had been seen with a gun, and urged anyone who spotted the suspect or the vehicle the gun-wielding man was spotted in to report any sightings to 911. They later tweeted that the vehicle appeared to have left the area.

Zeke and Wayne Famous Dex’s managers could tell you, I didn’t want the song. They kept coming to me. I’m like, I don’t like it.” I think where I recorded it at, it just sounded bullshit. I’m like, I don’t like this song, I don’t want it.” They played it again. Guess who is on there? ASAP Rocky. I freaked the fuck out. Oh hell nah. It sounded 10 times better and everything. It was a great, great look, and it’s a great, great record. It’s a great look for me and my fans. I feel like this record right here will show the world and everybody that I accomplished something. It’s hard to get a track with ASAP Rocky.

This morning, Famous Dex spoke to TMZ, and shared his plans to treat the Arkansas teen, who attempted to steal a plane to come to one of his shows to a good time. Now police say a fan of the Chicago-born artist might have taken those words too literally.

Dex’s music can hit you unexpectedly. I struggled to make it through the repetitive Drippy, but when I heard Dex’s voice pop up on Power 92 while driving around Chicago last week, suddenly I got his appeal. As much as Dex initially seemed derivative to me, I can hear him assert himself on OhhMannGoddDamm. His flow is like a kid playing “the floor is lava”—he lurches around unexpectedly, following a rhythm and a thread that make sense to him. He often slurps through his lines like he’s rapping with a mouthful of ice. OhhMannGoddDamm feels monotonous in parts, but even at its least inspired it demands my full attention. That’s a power more musicians should hope to wield.

The album opens with DMD,” an upbeat and catchy intro that is reminiscent of certain verses from Pick It Up,” the rapper’s most popular song to date. Dex raps about the success he has enjoyed since breaking out into the spotlight, a common subject in his songs.

Dex’s debut album Dex Meets Dexter was released in April 2018. The record’s first single, ‘Pick It Up’, swiftly dominated U.S. hip-hop radio with the help of a feature from A$AP Rocky, earning a Platinum certificate from the RIAA. Follow-up single ‘Japan’ achieved the same feat, landing in the Top 20 on Billboard’s hip-hop and R&B chart. His latest offering, a standalone single featuring the killer trio Lil Baby, Jay Critch and Rich The Kid, was released in September. With hype building at a rapid pace, Dex has received endorsements from rappers across the board, offering up show-stealing guest verses alongside Playboi Carti, Lil Yachty, Sean Kingston, Trippie Redd and 6IX9INE.

Earlier this week the Rich Forever” rapper conducted an Instagram Live feed. In the middle of playing some soon to be released music for his fans and smoking marijuana Dex is seen slowly falling asleep. And this was not your typical quick resting of the eyes either; the Chicago native’s head starts to lean forward to the point where his lit blunt lands on his other hand.

The song has a bit of a knock to it, and contains a familiar hip-hop sample: Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr.’s Nothing Can Stop Me.” Dex and Rocky ride FKi’s beat with a hurried flow, delivering some boastful lines underscored by Dex’s signature ad-libs, arguably some of the best in the game today. The track gives us an exciting taste of his highly-anticipated album, Dex Meets Dexter.

In fairness to Dex—and he doesn’t deserve much if you’ve seen the sickening footage of the assault, for which he spent a measly two days in jail and has never been formally brought up on domestic violence or assault charges—the concept of “real music” is quite ambiguous. In general, though, “real music,” as it relates specifically to hip-hop, is usually a label affixed to records that have substance and meaning. Records that have a narrative. Records that are an authentic representation of an artist and their environment.

Trap music is like TV today: There’s something for everyone, and most of it is just okay. People have figured out how to do it right. If a young aspiring ATLer or just any old Internet Millennial Kid wants to make a Mike Will-style beat they can pirate ProTools or Ableton and watch some YouTube videos to get the purring hi-hats right , and figure out how to get a kick to rattle anyone’s trunk. The best one can hope for, generally, is appealing tweaks to a formula, or just good standalone Soundcloud-bubbling hits to pad out a mix.

Famous Dex , a well known Chicago rapper, has always been able to deliver fun filled music. Whether it be through multiple mixtapes and collaborations with his labelmates Rich the Kid and Jay Critch, Famous Dex has made a name for himself. Despite people categorizing Famous Dex as a mumble rapper in today’s hip-hop scene, his debut project, Dex Meets Dexter, shows that he is not one-dimensional, but a lighthearted artist with a unique and diverse sound.

According to court records, Scott told investigators that he thought there wasn’t much more to flying the plane than pushing buttons and pulling levers, when asked about his complete lack of training as a pilot. Scott told police he intended to take the aircraft to Chicago so he could attend a concert featuring rapper Famous Dex.

To be honest, Rocky has been wanting to fuck with me. Rocky been wanting to fuck with me when me and Rich dropped Goyard Pt. 2.” He wanted to shoot and direct our videos. Rocky been wanting to fuck with me. If you ain’t busy, you broke. I understand that. And he busy as fuck. I could never get a session with him until that time ASAP Bari called me and Rich. Like, Yo, Ferg and them here. Come to the session. Pull up.” Cool. I never met Ferg. I was so happy to see Rocky and Ferg because they were so cool. You wouldn’t have thought they were rappers. They were like brothers. We became a family.

This nigga was texting me the whole time while breaking into my shit. What a piece of shit please everyone REPOST my last post. Let the world know what a Thieving. Lying. Woman beating person @famousdex is. If you follow me and my music. You KNOW there is nothing I would have done to deserve this. I HELP out my own. And THIS is what I got. Can’t lie I feel violated right now but I hope this will stop him from doing this to someone else,” she captioned in the iMessage exchange.

That happened in the winter time. That was one of the dopest moments of my life, too. Speaking of Ferg, I think I was the only artist this year that had two songs on his album. We all know Dexter is new to this game compared to these big artists. For me, to have two songs on his album just made me know that I’m accomplishing a lot of stuff. I was just so happy, man, and it was just a blessing. Dex got two songs on ASAP Ferg’s album. Not one, but two. He got his own song and then he got the fucking Mattress” remix with him, Ferg, Rocky, Carti, and Rich. it was unbelievable for me. Just coming from where I come from.

300 artist and Youtube success story, Famous Dex previewed his first studio album to a crowd of fans in downtown New York City. He is from Chicago, Illinois. His cousin is fellow rapper Lil Wop 17 He has three kids.

Houston rapper and Dex’s running mate, Ugly God, put his reputation on the line by defending his friend’s actions. Ditto for Rich The Kid. Oct 22, 2019 Provided to YouTube by Create Music Group Proofread. Famous Dex. Wiz Khalifa Proofread ℗ 2019 Create Music Group Released on: 2019-10-17 Auto-generated by YouTube.

JAPAN” was released prior to the album, and Instagram personality Roy Purdy started the #JapanChallenge — receiving more than 3 million views on Instagram — encouraging dancers to remake his video dancing to the song. The lyric, I just popped a xan, 50,000 in Japan” alluded to selling out shows in Japan, as well as battling his addiction to the anti-anxiety benzodiazepine Xanax.

SAN ANTONIO (Texas News Radio) — A Texarkana teen who was caught trying to fly a plane to an out-of-state concert is being hooked up with an all-expense paid trip to the rapper’s concert in Los Angeles.

The teen — Zemarcius Scott — was busted last July 4th when Texarkana police say he broke into an American Eagle jet at Texarkana Regional Airport with the intention of flying it to Illinois. Famous Dex said – Shockotberfest and gave UCI students glocktoberfest instead,” said another.FAMOUS DEX

After fans surrounded his car post-performance, a man who appeared to be Famous Dex was seen briefly holding a gun. Overall, Famous Dex has made a great impression with his first album. Rather than be a labeled a mumble rapper, Famous Dex shows that he is hardworking artist trying to make a name for himself.

Famous Dex stopped by iHeartRadio headquarters to chop it up – literally. While promoting his new single ” Japan ,” the rapper also tried his hand at making some sushi. A young man from Arkansas has pleaded guilty for attempting to steal a plane to see a concert featuring his favorite rapper, Famous Dex.

According to the Texarkana Gazette, Texarkana Regional Airport security noticed Scott jump the fence around 2:30 in the morning before promptly alerting police. Scott, who told police he had been considering the heist for a month, said he was unbothered by his lack of training, believing plane operation to be little more than pulling levers and pushing buttons.

DISTURBING CCTV footage claims to show rapper Famous Dex chasing down his girlfriend before battering her senseless. The principled songstress also posted screenshots of alleged text conversations she had with the rapper.

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