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The award, combined with the increasing popularity of his tracks on MySpace, led to him opening for such acts as Drake, Lil’ Wayne, and Snoop Dogg. I’m probably just pretty conversational with myself.

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G-EAZYG-Eazy’s set for the NFL’s Genesis Halftime Show wasn’t too well-received by a lot of fans. His early work — punchy, rhythmic, and clever — suggests that G-Eazy has, buried somewhere within him, the heart of a lyricist. Perhaps if he had come up in New York, Chicago, Detroit, or Atlanta, he might have defaulted to honing his skills in that area. But operating in the Bay tradition means setting a mood first and foremost, and for Gerald the mood is partying endlessly and fucking other people’s girlfriends — he talks more frequently in his music about stealing your girl than anyone this side of Trey Songz.

The music sensation followed this up with an international tour and also made his first appearance on the TV. His third studio album was released in 2015 and he also had collaboration with Britney Spears. He has also co-recorded a soundtrack for the movie The Fate of the Furious. He has positive reviews for his third studio album and is gradually expanding his foothold in the industry. He has some nominations and awards in his name. His net worth is said to be $ 9 million.

He was influenced by his local hero Lil Wayne. After his bachelor degree of arts, he was set on a career in hip-hop. He released several mixtapes as a digital download including The Tipping Point” (2008) Sikkis on the Planet” and Quarantine”.

On July 9, 2013, he joined Lil Wayne and T.I., performing on ‘America’s Most Wanted Tour’. During this tour, he performed songs from his next album, ‘These Things Happen’, which was his first album to be released by RCA Records the next year.

In May, the Miami installment of the festival was derailed by a false report of an active shooter, which led to widespread panic and multiple injuries as festivalgoers fled the Hard Rock Stadium. Rapper Kodak Black was arrested on his way to the festival on a weapons charge, and headliner Lil Wayne refused to perform, explaining on social media that he would not submit to a search by police in order to enter the venue.


Thursday night at Irving Plaza, G-Eazy, from Oakland, Calif., was presentable as ever — black leather trench coat, black T-shirt and jeans, thin gold necklaces, sunglasses and mid-1950s slicked hair. For added gloss, the show was sponsored by Nylon Guys, the style magazine. The V.I.P. package, which cost $100, included an on-site haircut from G-Eazy’s barber at Frank’s Chop Shop.

Still, he’s saved something extra for this hometown crowd. In other massive performances I’ve seen on video, he seems to be at work, gamely delivering on his contract but still somewhat removed. Tonight, there is a sense that he’s legitimately putting on a show for the tens of thousands of fans packed into the arena where he and his mom once watched the Golden State Warriors play from the nosebleed seats they could afford. In those years, Oakland was a forgotten town, faded and unkempt, the Warriors an obscure franchise from which most NBA fans couldn’t name a single player. In the past decade, pretty much everything from the East Bay has become cleaner and more expensive.

Pop singer-songwriter AJ Mitchell has released his brand new song Like Strangers Do” today via Epic Records. Co-written by Jesse Fink (Noah Cyrus, Christian French) and Evan Gartner (Chelsea Cutler), the smooth, stripped-down song puts AJ’s incredible voice on full display.

It’s been a long five years: During that time, G-Eazy, born Gerald Gillum and raised in Oakland, Calif., signed to a major label and released three Top 10 albums (the latest, the Fitzgerald-inspired fame lamentation The Beautiful & Damned,” dropped in December). He worked hard, toured constantly and dated well, his personal life a source of fevered tabloid speculation.

After exchanging diss records and words on social media, MGK and G-Eazy surprisingly made a reconciliation in April when Kells hopped on stage to join the West Coast emcee during a performance at KAOS nightclub in Las Vegas. Now, G-Eazy is revealing how that all came about. And it involves another Cleveland rapper.

While many applaud the singer for being raw and unfiltered when it comes to her music, fans are loving her even more for doing the same when it comes to her personal life. The Oakland rapper shared the story during a recent interview on Real 92.3 Los Angeles, confirming it all went down during Paris Fashion Week, about one month before the KAOS concert.

A: How can I say this, it doesn’t really work that way, especially not for the people around me that get affected by one or the other’s actions. It’s not a fair excuse to say, G-Eazy did that,” if Gerald still has to deal with it.

Production is fine, G Eazy has some of the worst and most douchebag lyrics of all time. That being said on the last track he actually kind of sticks to a concept, and I think some of the songs are fine. Some of the features do well, others are awful. But overall this is a pretty bad EP and I feel like G Eazy should have changed it up a long long time ago.

A: Yeah. I’m probably just pretty conversational with myself. I sometimes use music as a way to talk to myself, I guess. I don’t know if that’s my Gemini twins talking to each other or what, that’s just how I like to write songs.

Random” goes legitimately hard, in both beats and verses. But listening to it again later, I wondered if I was holding back on my enthusiasm because of the way G-Eazy looks. If these same lyrics were spat by a black artist, would the track’s heat be celebrated unreservedly by critics? The truth is that if there exists something of a taboo against treating G-Eazy like a good rapper, it is because he is not operating on equal footing. It’s simply not possible for him to. Too many other venues in life see handsome white men held to standards far below everyone else’s. Too many women and people of color have found that they have to be twice as good to get half the opportunities. Hip-hop was founded as a space for those whom society has offered no other shelter.

Oct 16, 2019 I Wanna Rock” is G-Eazy and Gunna’s first collaboration and a good showing at that. G-Eazy in particular uses colorful metaphors that basically lend to the age-old hip-hop adage of the pursuit of money being paramount over romantic relationships.

The news was made public yesterday following a Puma-hosted dinner to celebrate G-Eazy’s homecoming at Rolling Loud Bay Area over the weekend. G-Eazy collaborators E-40 and Guapdad4000 performed the event, as did fellow Puma ambassador DaniLeigh. NBA Hall of Famer Ralph Sampson (pictured below) was also on hand for the celebration, which included a display of his new Ralph Samson Lo sneakers.

G-Eazy gained a foothold in the music industry with the release of the mixtape ‘The Endless Summer’ in August 2011. The song ‘Runaround Sue’, which was sampled from the original 1961 No.1 song by Dion DiMucci, became a runaway hit and earned over 4 million views on YouTube.

G-Eazy whose full name is Gerald Earl Gillum is a famous American rapper and record producer whose popularity soared with the mixtape The Endless Summer. This was released on the internet and was for free. For more than a decade before his hit, he was busy polishing his art and also widening his fanbase. He has confessed that he is not a ‘natural’ rapper.

Two blocks away is the McDonald’s where G-Eazy got into a fistfight that has become the stuff of Berkeley lore. I first heard about it from a friend who was in high school around the same time as the now 27-year-old rap superstar. The plot is predictable: two rap crews, same school, dis tapes are made. Somebody heard that somebody called somebody a bitch. Now folks gotta go see about it. Legend has it that one kid got tossed over the cash registers, and Gerald’s picture, along with those of a dozen other kids, was posted on the McDonald’s wall for about a year. Later, when he tells me the story himself in detail, he does so without the smirk with which men often spin bygone tales of battle. Instead, his voice has a tone of absentminded grief, almost as if he were telling a sad story from another person’s life.

An integral part of the duo’s success involves tailoring the concerts to their respective geographic regions, which is why the Oakland concert is loaded with homegrown talent like Kamayiah, Filthy Rich, Saweetie, Rexx Life Raj and Nef the Pharoah.

Despite the passage of four decades, multiple generations, and billions of corporate dollars, aspects of this cultural ethos have remained remarkably intact. A white rapper does have to tread with more care, jump through more hoops, balance more adroitly the need for swagger with the call of humility, aggression with sincerity, in order to be taken seriously by other rappers and hardcore fans. Part of what accounts for G-Eazy’s avoidance of the kinds of missteps sometimes made by successful white purveyors of black music is that he seems to genuinely understand this.

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Earlier this year, hip hop stars Machine Gun Kelly and G-Eazy engaged in one of the more publicized rap beefs of 2019 over, among other things, their respective relationships with pop star Halsey.

Once we are settled in the room and the interview begins, he is earnest and poised. He comes across as respectfully attentive, even thoughtful, like he’s at an admissions interview for a prestigious private school. He leans forward on the couch, fixes his gaze, and thinks before he speaks. On the surface, the mood of the day is celebratory. He is returning as a conqueror to the city where he was once banned from a fast food restaurant. Yesterday he opened a fashion pop-up in downtown Oakland with a 6-foot neon sign bearing his logo and lines of fans snaking around the corners; this morning he was chauffeured around his hometown, stopping to grab breakfast at a local taco hangout called Gordo while kids peered in through the windows of the SUV and fogged up the glass. It’s been a long decade since he was slinging late-night hot dogs to drunk Cal students.

Billed as the world’s biggest hip-hop festival, the event has rapidly expanded into several other cities since its launch in Miami in 2015. It made its Bay Area debut at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in 2017 before settling into the Coliseum parking lot last year, and that’s where it plans to return on Saturday-Sunday, Sept. 28- 29.

With so many new rap albums, mixtapes, EPs and songs dropping every week; knowing which ones are worth your time can be a challenge. But no worries, we’ll help smooth out the process with Now N’ Laters,” a column that highlights the hottest new releases of the week and the songs you’ll want to listen to now — and later.

Born Gerald Earl Gillum, G-Eazy specializes in Top 40 duets with maximally ethereal female vocalists, from the 2016 Britney Spears comeback bid Make Me…” to his double bill with Kehlani on the Fate of the Furious soundtrack jam Good Life.” Most prominently, there is 2015’s Bebe Rexha teamup Me, Myself & I,” a moody ode to solitude and solipsism that cracked the Top 10 and might even rank among the top-five songs with that title. In an alarmingly homogenized pop-radio landscape — where each and every new hit is a soothing puree of trap, EDM, noirish R&B, and capitalist indie quirk — his workmanlike voice, neither too clunky nor too distinct, fits in without standing out.

Today, multi-platinum superstar G-Eazy has released a brand new single, I Wanna Rock ” featuring Gunna. While touring for Drake, G-Eazy’s college teacher demanded he show up for class — or fail it. Begrudgingly, the aspiring rap artist went to class.

His second album for RCA, When It’s Dark Out, dropped in November 2015, with guests including E-40 (again), Big Sean, Chris Brown, Bebe Rexha and Keyshia Cole. The album debuted at No. 5 on the Billboard chart and was certified platinum. Its lead single, “Me Myself & I,” a duet with Bebe Rexha, reached No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart (his first Top 10 single). A remix of the album’s second single, “Order More,” featured Lil Wayne and Yo Gotti.

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