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From his relationship to the Instagram star Ariana Fletcher, he is a father to a son named Yosohn, born in 2018. Though the school sits on several acres, Herbo is concentrating on revamping the Child Parent Center specifically.

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G HERBOG Herbo ‘s son’s mother, Ariana Fletcher, is not happy. G Herbo’s arrival on the grand stage found the rapper releasing his long-awaited debut album, Humble Beast , an body of work that earned the praise of critics and resonated with the rapper’s core fans, particularly those in his hometown of Chicago. Painting a bleak picture of his hometown throughout, G Herbo encapsulates the pain and lack of hope that has crippled the Windy City for far too long.

Ariana Fletcher took to Instagram on Thursday claiming her ex, Chicago rapper G Herbo, “beat the f” out of her. Though the post was quickly removed from her social media account, screenshots exist on forums like The Shade Room.

Lil Herb grew up in Terror Town, a South Shore neighborhood in Chicago known for its violence and gangs. Towards the end of 2014 he released his second mixtape Pistol P Project”. By that next April he was working with Chief Keef on his Faneto” remix.

G Herbo is an American songwriter and rapper. He is a young busy music mastermind who aims to please his fans. He has been quite successful with making his fans happy and he has people all over the world who enjoy his music.

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Reflection his personal life, The successful rappers G Herbo is leading a lavish lifestyle from his flourishing musical journey. The young rapper is enjoying a blissful life and is seen hanging out his friends and family in some exotic places.

Uncle K-Tone was in deep with the Chi’s ‘90s hip-hop VIP circle at the time, from the world’s fastest rapper Twista, to rap trio Do or Die, all the way to the underground beginnings of Common. Like any emulating nephew, the rap seed inevitably planted in G Herbo before he’d even hit puberty, though it wouldn’t sprout until about high school.

That was his first record since he came home, his first feature an’ shit. Bump had one of the biggest influences on Chicago ever. Before I started rapping or picked up a pen, microphone or anything, we just looked up to Bump cause he’s one of those guys that’s street. All we ever wanted to be was hood legends. Before this rap shit, we just wanted to be street legends, so Bump was one of those to us. When Bump got the deal, he had a whole movement in Chicago. So we looked up to Bump on some Frank Lucas shit. It ain’t have nothing to do with no music shit. So for him to be able to come home from under his situation and to be able to collab with him, it was crazy. I never expected it. I never ever thought I would be on a song with Bump J.


Continuing his music journey, the star released his second mixtape Pistol P Project in December 2014. The mixtape has been downloaded more than 575,000 times on Spinrilla. The album includes 10 tracks including Pistol P (Intro), Where I Reside, Nothing At All, and others.

There are different information regarding the rapper’s net worth. Some sources claim the actor has an incredible net worth of $2.5 million whereas the other sources claim, the star has a net worth of $1 million. Though there is no factual information regarding Herbo’s net worth, he definitely has a net worth of over $1 million.

The song also featured other Chicago rappers Lil Biby and King Louie. By August of 2015 he dropped mixtape three Baling Like I’m Kobe”. This tape was to represent his slain friend Jacobi D. Herring. The Chicago-bred rapper was released from jail on March 1 following another arrest alongside two other men. They were all taken into custody for the possession of an illegal firearm in February.

Still Swervin opens with a raspy urgency on Sacrifice.” Right away, we get that Humble Beast storytelling and dourness, which lasts until the final track, Wilt Chamberlin.” There is an overall severity and snarl to Still Swervin; G Herbo sounds calculated in his menace. Lurking terror makes the record seem as if it was dragged through the grime of Chicago alleys. Herb’s mercurial ways are traded in for a haggard and gnashing tone (Visionary”). Sparks of rage and fear turn into a steady flame of aggression. On Still Swervin, Herb accepts his circumstances and takes on the role of inscenced reporter. There is the fun of Swervo (Up It”), but with an underpinning of wounded heart (Ok”).

Still Swervin doesn’t have the initial explosiveness of Swervo, but the delivery has a measure of control. G Herbo is, dare I say it, often on-beat. When we get into the bangers and the Speed Racer flows, the project is absolutely ballistic and haunting (Boww”). Herb takes the essence of drill and reinvigorates it song over song.

His late uncle was a musician. His grandfather was a member of the band The Radiants. He has a son named Yosohn with ex-fiance Ariana Fletcher He began dating Taina Williams in 2018. He’s trash and all them Chicago drill rappers aside from bibby are gay.

There is little wrong with feeding the streets, but considering that Swervo is not even a year old, exercising some restraint would not have hurt Herb either. Yet, with the speed at which music is moving, it appears Herb has little choice but to play the game. Luckily, nothing on Still Swervin besmirches his artistic direction. From a fan perspective, the more Herbo, the merrier. From a critic perspective, that still stands—within reason.

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G Herbo and Fletcher, who is better known as Ari” got into an argument Wednesday (Apr. 17) morning, and at some point, Herbo assaulted her , according to Atlanta police, as TMZ reports. He has also been featured on rapper Common’s The Neighbourhood” from his album Nobody’s Smiling”. He has also been featured on the Fight or Flight (remix)” with Common and Chance The Rapper.

The support of Swervo’s peers replaced the absence of his parents’, who couldn’t connect to (let alone want to hit play on) the content of his music. His mother did, however, acknowledge her son’s transparency through the forbidden content, and had only two words for it that G Herbo must have heard a thousand times over by then: stay safe.

Today (Apr. 18), Fletcher took to Instagram to share what allegedly happened. He kicked my door down to get in my house because I wouldn’t let him in, beat the f out of me front of my son then he took my son outside to his friends and had them drive off with my son, hid all my knives in the house, broke my phone and locked me inside and beat the fout of me again (choked me, punched me in my face and all over my body, dragged me outside on the concrete by hair after his friends drove off with my son, took me in the house and continued beating me,” Fletcher wrote.

I always was kind of a storytelling artist when I first started rapping. I ain’t even used to make hooks; I used to rap about me and what I had going on. Me and Mick were in the studio late-night and he just told me to record a record, third-person. Artists like me, street dudes, we gonna make a story about the average guy from our neighborhood. Juelz Santana did “Lil Boy Fresh,” Meek did “Tony Story,” so I wouldn’t say it’s the average storytelling, but I feel like artists who are able to touch on those standpoints, that’s the basis of what you’re gonna rap about. I can’t say if I was in, like, just a super rap zone. I honestly myself didn’t even think I could make that kind of record. I was challenging myself. I knew I could, I feel like I can do anything, but it was a challenge myself, I didn’t even think the record was gonna come out the way it did and be such a big powerful record until I was done with it honestly, I ain’t even gonna lie to you laughs.

Currently, the Welcome to Fazoland rapper is constructing 150 Dream Team, a company and label inspired by his neighborhood where he’ll sign aspiring musicians with hopes to remove them from the streets and land them into the studio. In that same breath, Swervo doesn’t wish for his fans to depend on narratives of homicide and armory war zones to cement their legacies in the Chi. After all, his entire city leans on him now for everything—from funeral costs to his family’s mortgage.

Shortly after he took a chance and released his EP Welcome To Fazoland”. The EP contained some of the unreleased tracks of the Welcome To Fazoland” mixtape. The same year, the very busy rapper started working on his studio album Humble Beast”.

Back in April, Herbo was arrested in Atlanta for simple battery after Fletcher claimed that he physically assaulted her in front of their child. Herbo addressed the allegations via an Instagram Live video claiming that Fletcher stole items from his mother’s house.

Active since the early 2010s, the rapper born Herbert Wright appeared on a pair of tracks off Free Crack, a release by close associate Lil Bibby, in 2013. Fletcher and Wright have been separated for some time now, but recently reunited to celebrate their son’s first birthday party.

G Herbo was undeniable, and he kept that momentum with his sophomore album, a collab with Southside, Swervo. Swervo, which dropped in July of this year, told a different story and brought a different energy than Humble Beast, told from the perspective of a more rash and hardened alter ego. Herbo has the range, but does he enjoy being Swervo or Humble more? We put him to the ultimate test—the Lie Detector test—to find out.

Fletcher and Davis were also at the Allure Gentlemen’s Club on Tuesday night, which is where G Herbo happened to be, but it’s unknown if they saw each other there, according to TMZ. G Herbo net worth is 2.5 million dollars. His net worth is expected to increase over the coming years as he plans to release new singles and additional albums.

Fletcher told officers she was in an argument with the 23-year-old entertainer before he assaulted her and left with their son, police said. She suffered minor scratches as a result of the incident. It’s unclear what prompted the argument or the alleged attack.

Sought by Earl Sweatshirt and Common, a rapper with a coarsely grained voice who added emotional complexity to Chicago’s drill scene. Rounding out the top ten is Blueface at number two, followed by Lil Yachty, Stunna 4 Vegas, Silkk the Shocker, Jojo Simmons, G Herbo, 50 Tyson, Lil B, and I-20. See the rest of the top 50 below.

Jarius Daughtery with the Atlanta Police Department said a woman told police that she got into an argument with Wright, “the father of her child,” that turned violent. That’s when police said Wright left the home on Canterbury Lane with their son. The woman, who has not been identified, had minor scratches after the fight, according to police.

G Herbo has released a decent amount of mixtapes that help him bring in income. His singles featured tracks, and albums have also contributed to some of his wealth. G Herbo is very proud of the wealth he has accumulated due to his music. He often uses his personal and expensive cars to travel to his shows.

Ariana Fletcher took to Instagram on Thursday claiming her ex, Chicago rapper G Herbo, “beat the f” out of her. Though the post was quickly removed from her social media account, screenshots exist on forums like The Shade Room.

G Herbo, born Herbert Wright III, was released on a $2,000 surety bond on Thursday, April 18, according to Fulton County Jail records, TMZ reports. Enter: G Herbo, hip-hop’s 23-year-old voice of the streets, one of Luc Belaire’s youngest and latest envoys, and more than just another Chicago success story.

TMZ has pointed out that perhaps the fact that Fletcher is now dating boxer Gervonta Davis and is about 14 weeks pregnant with his child may have triggered the situation. On Tuesday night (Apr. 16), Fletcher and Davis were both out partying at Allure Gentlemen’s Club in the Woodland Hills neighborhood of Atlanta where G Herbo also happened to be present. The trio did not come to the club together. It’s ambiguous whether or not anything transpired between the three at Allure that might have led to the alleged argument and assault the next morning.

It always feel good. I’m always humbled by it, but I look at that as fuel to go out and do it. Like you got the attention, now what you gonna after that? I’m trying to do bigger and better things. When Hov heard the “Street” record, that shit blew my mind just to know that Hov heard my record and he understand where I’m coming from and can relate to my raps. That was the most in awe I ever been behind anybody ever listening to my music or complimenting my shit, but it just make me wanna go harder. It make me wanna make better music. So I’m just trying to get better and create good music.

He simultaneously showcased his talent, reintroduced the world to the track, secured his place as a knowledgable and skilled lyricist who knows his history, and of course kicked off a huge trend in rap. Everyone from A$AP Rocky to Lil Yachty and Trippie Redd to Young M.A dropped their own freestyles—even the members of Three 6 Mafia did their own remixes after G Herbo brought the song back.

In September 2015, the rapper released his third mixtape titled Ballin Like I’m Kobe. The album consists of a total of 16 tracks including Watch Me Ball, P Interlude, Peace of Mind, Struggle, and others. The album was critically acclaimed with high ratings.

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