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His songs Money Longer,” Canadian Goose,” $ub Zero,” Hi Roller,” and You Was Right”have earned him more than 400,000 loyal Soundcloud followers. Still Swervin doesn’t have the initial explosiveness of Swervo, but the delivery has a measure of control.

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G HERBOA native of the Chicago’s South Shore neighborhood, G Herbo entered the game during the peak of the city’s “drill rap” movement, making his first splash under the moniker Lil Herb with “Kill Shit,” his 2012 collaboration with Lil Bibby. The 90’s duo’s first studio album together went platinum, with Magoo featuring on the hit track “Up Jumps da Boogie” with Timbaland, Missy Elliott, and Aaliyah. Many fans have argued he doesn’t have a significant catalogue of music.

The support of Swervo’s peers replaced the absence of his parents’, who couldn’t connect to (let alone want to hit play on) the content of his music. His mother did, however, acknowledge her son’s transparency through the forbidden content, and had only two words for it that G Herbo must have heard a thousand times over by then: stay safe.

The rapper, whose legal name is Herbert Wright, faces a simple battery charge after an argument with Ariana Fletcher allegedly turned violent, Atlanta police told The incident happened off Centerbury Lane a little after 11:30 a.m.

In the summer of 2012, Herbo released Kill Shit” with fellow Chicago emcee and childhood friend Lil Bibby. The song became an instant internet sensation, garnering national attention for the artists with over 12 million YouTube views to date.

G Herbo, born Herbert Wright III, was released on a $2,000 surety bond on Thursday, April 18, according to Fulton County Jail records, TMZ reports. Enter: G Herbo, hip-hop’s 23-year-old voice of the streets, one of Luc Belaire’s youngest and latest envoys, and more than just another Chicago success story.

I’m a machine now. All I wanna do work, I ain’t even gonna lie. The little time I got before he get her, I just be trying to be in the studio recording music, do the shows and shit that I can do to just benefit us. I always been work-oriented, I always been a hard worker, a grinder. That’s always been me. But right now, I don’t know, I just been on a whole ‘nother level. I got extra push I think. Sometimes my girl don’t be understanding that shit, but just me being a father, I gotta be able to have the flexibility to say, “Aight, I’ma do this, I ain’t gon’ do this, boom, my son got a basketball game, I can take off.” So I feel like that’s the shit I gotta do now. I gotta put the legwork in now and it’s gonna help me to be flexible and be a better father. That’s just how I think right now.

It’s been five years since an 18-year-old G Herbo snagged a coveted collaboration with Nicki Minaj on her song Chiraq” and overnight became one of Chicago’s most buzzed-about new MCs. But honestly this is just the beginning of my journey,” the 23-year-old rapper said when calling from his downtown home on a recent afternoon.

The Atlanta Police Department says the couple was arguing early Wednesday morning when Herbo assaulted Fletcher and left the scene with their child, later returning. Fletcher sustained minor scratches from the altercation. Unfortunately, this isn’t Herbo’s first run-in with the law.

By the time he was a sophomore in high school, Wright had begun to earn a reputation as an offbeat rapper—one who used his words and his guerrilla-style YouTube videos to paint vivid pictures of life in his Chicago hood. Around that time, he was shot in the leg while out with his friend Marvin Carr, aka rapper Capo of Chief Keef‘s Glo Gang. Though Carr wasn’t hurt in that incident, in July 2015 he would be killed in an apparent drive-by.

The song also featured other Chicago rappers Lil Biby and King Louie. By August of 2015 he dropped mixtape three Baling Like I’m Kobe”. This tape was to represent his slain friend Jacobi D. Herring. The Chicago-bred rapper was released from jail on March 1 following another arrest alongside two other men. They were all taken into custody for the possession of an illegal firearm in February.

Chicago’s favorite street rapper has joined a project to turn part of a shuttered south-side school into a media lab and music incubator. Fletcher reportedly told officers that Wright assaulted her during an argument and then left with their son. Wright returned to the scene and was arrested while police were talking to her.

While the latest Marvel movie installment, Avengers: Engame, made history by bursting open the best-performing box-office weekend ever, GHerbo made it clear he was not a fan of the franchise. The Chicago rapper took to his Instagram stories to express his disregard for the mega superhero film, dismissing Avengers as just another “nerd” movie.

Back in April, Herbo was arrested in Atlanta for simple battery after Fletcher claimed that he physically assaulted her in front of their child. Herbo addressed the allegations via an Instagram Live video claiming that Fletcher stole items from his mother’s house.

To support Epix’s crime drama television series and American Gangster prequel Godfather of Harlem, Wale , G Herbo and Belly are teaming up for a new single titled Everything’s For Sale.” Written by the duo of Chris Brancato and Paul Eckstein and guided and constructed by directors like Joe Chappelle and Joe Ridley, Godfather of Harlem stars Forest Whitaker as infamous 1960s New York City gangster and narcotics trafficker Bumpy Johnson.

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Unsettlingly grim singles like 4 Minutes of Hell, Part 3,” Kill Shit,” and Hood Cycle” – for which the rapper released a gritty lo-fi video in February – illuminate the harrowing realities that are all too familiar for many black boys in any of America’s racially segregated and marginalized communities. By 19, Herbo had lost over a dozen close friends to gun violence. One of the most difficult deaths was that of his best friend, Fazon Robinson, whom his 2014 mixtape Welcome to Fazoland commemorates. In a time in which rappers have become the bedrock of popular culture, some will undoubtedly glorify Herbo’s sobering reflections, but his intention isn’t to romanticize street life; the music began as, and remains, a form of self-catharsis that others in similar scenarios can find solace in.

Lil Uzi Vert (left) and G Herbo perform at Spotify’s RapCaviar Live in Chicago in October 2017. Chicago rapper G Herbo was arrested in northeast Atlanta on Wednesday after he allegedly assaulted the mother of his child, police said.

Propping up the former Lil Herb in such elite company so early in his career could’ve been a recipe for failure, but thankfully, the Chicago rapper was up for the challenge. From the moment G Herbo broke through alongside frequent collaborator Lil Bibby on Kill Shit” , he demonstrated impressive lyrical dexterity and a seemingly breathless flow.

That was his first record since he came home, his first feature an’ shit. Bump had one of the biggest influences on Chicago ever. Before I started rapping or picked up a pen, microphone or anything, we just looked up to Bump cause he’s one of those guys that’s street. All we ever wanted to be was hood legends. Before this rap shit, we just wanted to be street legends, so Bump was one of those to us. When Bump got the deal, he had a whole movement in Chicago. So we looked up to Bump on some Frank Lucas shit. It ain’t have nothing to do with no music shit. So for him to be able to come home from under his situation and to be able to collab with him, it was crazy. I never expected it. I never ever thought I would be on a song with Bump J.

Wright says he was a “talkative bad boy,” and he still has a bit of the class clown in him. But he didn’t have many chances to just be a kid. The only place he could go where trouble wouldn’t find him was the Rebecca K. Crown Youth Center in South Shore, not quite six miles from Overton. After school, he and his friends could get warm meals and sometimes free clothes at the center. He went on CYC field trips to Six Flags Great America—a big deal for a kid from an east-side family without means, who would’ve had trouble making the 40-plus-mile trip to Gurnee. In the summers he hooped in the center’s basketball league with his best friend, Fazon Robinson—who became the namesake of Wright’s debut mixtape, 2014’s Welcome to Fazoland, after he was shot and killed in 2010.

The rapper, whose legal name is Herbert Wright, faces a simple battery charge after an argument with Ariana Fletcher allegedly turned violent, Atlanta police told The incident happened off Centerbury Lane a little after 11:30 a.m.

An American rapper and songwriter. Rapper G Herbo has been released from jail following his arrest in Georgia on a simple battery charge connected to an assault on his baby mama. Atlanta Police said the rapper, named Herbert Wright, left with their son after an argument.

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