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In the orange-lit haze, VanderWaal, with her signature ukulele and ash-blonde braids, appears almost elfin. VanderWaal is doing some public good, too. Her energy was contagious, her songs and small conversations with the crowd were supercharged.

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GRACE VANDERWAALGrace VanderWaal is growing up right in front of our eyes. The music video for “Stray,” directed by Blythe Thomas, mirrors the song’s lyrical themes of adulthood and identity, following two versions of VanderWaal as she wanders through the desert — one dressed in white, and one dressed in black, bicycling blindfolded.

Like her album titled suggestz, the young star was truly just getting started: Since the beginning of 2018, VanderWaal has toured with Imagine Dragons, released a gorgeous collection of ukuleles with Fender, and was cast as Stargirl in Disney’s upcoming adaptation of the beloved book of the same name.

In 2016, Grace VanderWaal took the stage on the TV talent show and instantly caught the attention of viewers and judges who were captivated by the ukulele-brandishing 12-year-old who wrote and performed her own songs.

When I write a song, I don’t really know what they’re about until much later, when I’m like ‘Oh, that’s what my subconscious was trying to say,’” says VanderWaal of her creative process, which begins with songwriting and extends to musical arrangements and visual treatments. Stray,” which comes with a music video dreamt up by VanderWaal and brought to life with help from director Blythe Thomas, eventually revealed itself to be about the exhilarating fear and freedom of growing up.” The song features VanderWaal’s soulfully raspy vocals atop a moody, searching sound that’s a departure from her signature airy ukulele riffs.

Grace VanderWaal is a songwriter and ukulele player who became the youngest participant to win the reality TV talent show ‘America’s Got Talent’ (AGT) in ten years. Winning AGT brought her 1 million dollar in prize money and a three-night headline act in an AGT show in Las Vegas. She is also set to feature in the very first holiday special from AGT in December. After winning AGT, she appeared on many talk shows and performed her original songs from the talent competition. She has made guest appearances on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show and on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’. Winning the AGT also escalated her into the list of 21 Under 21, “music’s hottest young stars,” by Billboard magazine. She announced on Instagram that a lyric video for her popular song “I Don’t Know My Name” is in the works. She also teased her fans on Twitter about her upcoming album by posting pictures of her first professional recording session.

Following her opening song UR So Beautiful” she brought out her ukulele. VanderWaal has come a long way from her America’s Got Talent audition. Unlike the anxious anticipation which greeted her on that fateful performance, here the crowd went absolutely wild to see her with her signature instrument.

Grace Vanderwaal was discovered on America’s Got Talent when she was a mere 12 years old for her original music accompanied by her ukulele. She has appeared in festivals such as Austin City Limits Music Festival and LOVELOUD Fest.

Grace’s victory in the 11th season meant she was only the second female to win America’s Got Talent” since the very first year. Her runner-up was mentalist duo The Clairvoyants. At only 12 years old, Grace received an early boost that season thanks to Howie Mandel‘s Golden Buzzer in her audition, in which she performed an original song titled I Don’t Know My Name.” Soon after the show wrapped, Grace took home the trophy for Next Big Thing at the Teen Choice Awards.

At 12 years of age when she won, Grace was the 2nd youngest act to win America’s Got Talent. The young singer became a sensation after her Golden Buzzer-worthy audition on America’s Got Talent” in 2016, ultimately being declared winner of the show’s 11th season.

VanderWaal was comfortable on stage. Far from simply singing through her songs, she made an effort to interact with her audience. Following a performance of 2019’s Stray,” VanderWall shared with the crowd that she recently got an energy crystal, which she wears around her neck. She encouraged the audience to get one for themselves by emphasizing how it elevates the positive energy in a room.

Grace VanderWaal is getting honest about her emotions in the new song I Don’t Like You”. Grace VanderWaal, Fender’s youngest signature artist, releases her performance-inspired Grace VanderWaal signature ukulele with Fender, available now on and at local dealers.

EXCLUSIVE: Grace VanderWaal, who at 12 years old won American’s Got Talent two years ago playing the ukulele and singing her original songs, has beat out 700 other girls to take the lead in Disney’s Stargirl — one of the first original films that will go through the company’s new streaming platform. VanderWaal, who is supporting her new single Clearly” by opening for the band Imagine Dragons’s Evolve tour today, once again stole the director and producer’s hearts.

Despite having already accomplished an impressive amount, VanderWaal only seems to be picking up speed. She’s set to make her acting debut as the eponymous lead in Disney’s Stargirl in 2020, and in the meantime, there’s more music on the way.

The vibrancy of the band can feel childlike and candy-coated. But the group’s songs are more about the pain of entering adulthood and leaving some of that sweetness behind. She currently has the most viewed audition YouTube video in America’s Got Talent history with over 92 million views.

Despite her age — and that of her fans — there was nothing childish about Grace’s performance. Her setlist was carefully curated and she was professional and attentive with as many of her fans as she could reach. Grace VanderWaal is not just some musician riding the high of viral memedom; she’s a young artist with boundless vision and incredible enthusiasm and I really can’t wait to see what she does next.

Grace VanderWaal, 15-year-old wunderkind, sweeps in amidst cheers and a swell of percussion. Fog billows across the stage. In the orange-lit haze, VanderWaal, with her signature ukulele and ash-blonde braids, appears almost elfin.

The music evolution of Grace Vanderwaal. Grace has performed many times but people know her most for her America’s Got Talent performances. Watch the evolution of Grace over the years covering 50 performances from 2015 to February 2018. The list is not meant to be all-inclusive and is just a sample of 50 of her performances.

Kansas-born and Suffern, New York,-raised singing prodigy Grace VanderWaal won NBC’s America’s Got Talent” a few years back at age 12 with a mix of soulful vocals, poise, her ukulele and songwriting ability.

When I arrived for the unusually early 7:30pm show, I saw a long line of young teens wrapping around the block, mostly girls, and a fair smattering of adults who didn’t look like the regular concert goers who head to the 9:30 Club on a weekday evening. And as you’ve likely guessed by now, the show I was about to witness was not the riff-rock guitar player we’d recently featured on All Songs Considered but a very different sort of wunderkind who won the hearts of millions as the 11th winner of America’s Got Talent and, now, a Columbia recording artist.


But the power of her performance isn’t just about her voice — though it really is pitch-perfect throughout, and has a unique tone that sounds much older than her years. The rawness and maturity of Grace’s original lyrics are also what’s touching hearts everywhere.

It doesn’t matter how many concerts you go to as an adult — there’s nothing like the raw power of a concert attended mostly by middle schoolers. Pre-Friday night sleepover energy transformed the 9:30 Club from a concrete hideaway for punk music and up-and-comers into an emo 12-year-old’s grunge wonderland.

Despite her illness, Grace’s voice was incredible — her attitude and her connection to the crowd felt genuine. When a fan near the front passed her a beanie with two large pom-poms on the top midway through her set, she pulled it on and danced with it for her next three songs.

What Grace would call crystal energy” became the best way to succinctly describe how it felt to be a part of her audience. It wasn’t that Grace had grown out of her signature ukulele and simple, lyrics; she had grown with them. Her energy flowed beautifully through a setlist that included unreleased songs from her new album interspersed with older ones, including her first single, I Don’t Know My Name,” and Waste My Time,” which she released this past August. She also performed a cover of See You Again” by Tyler, the Creator and DMV native Kali Uchis.

All throughout, VanderWaal shares her day-to-day musings with nearly 10 million fans and counting via social media. In addition to snapshots, videos, and shoutouts, her fan base can also keep tabs on Little Miracles, the charity she created with the prize money she won on America’s Got Talent. The Little Miracles Foundation’s mission is to put music education back into marginalized school systems by spotlighting talented students, and providing free musical instruments and audio equipment to local school districts and communities.

Grace VanderWaal Signature ukulele, making her their youngest ever Signature artist for Fender. They call it America’s Got Talent for a reason. And last night, one super talented 12-year-old proved that fact yet again — big time.

Grace VanderWaal Net Worth is $2 million dollars and earns an annual income of $800,000 dollars. Grace VanderWaal is an American singer-songwriter from Suffern, New York. In September 2016, at age 12, she won the eleventh season of the NBC TV competition show America’s Got Talent (AGT). Grace VanderWaal recently bought a brand new Ford luxury car for $80,000 USD. The Net Worth of Grace VanderWaal has seen a hike of 30% over the past few years. While calculating Grace VanderWaal Net Worth we have included the data updated as of this Quarter. Check out the Exclusive information on Grace VanderWaal Net Worth details such as Yearly Income, House, Car Collection, Investments etc. Also read Net Worth details of Hope Sandoval and Charles Esten.

What came next was a moment fans of NBC’s hit reality show may never forget. With her ukulele in hand, Grace performed “I Don’t Know My Name” that resulted in a standing ovation and rave reviews from the judges and viewers at home.

I was surprised to see how much Grace has embraced elements of rock in her live performance on the “Ur So Beautiful” tour, but it’s totally awesome. Her growth as an artist has been so much fun to watch. He’s an amazing singer, of course, but she’s also a complete musician and live performer. Grace is a genuine rockstar, making her a blast to see live. All this and her live vocals are also still as incredible as ever.

New York’s Grace VanderWaal is a heartfelt pop singer best known for winning the 11th season of NBC’s performance competition America’s Got Talent. After releasing her first EP, Perfectly Imperfect, she issued her debut full-length, Just the Beginning, in 2017.

VanderWaal: When I was on tour, I wrote many songs, definitely enough to have a very short EP. But they were all off. And I was afraid that I was losing that thing, you know? So that’s why I mention writing in the song. I want to be able to write again, the way I used to.

Grace was the first singing act to win AGT that performed original songs. Boss Sound is your musical website. We provide you with the latest music news, songs,Shows, and videos straight from the music industry.

I myself am familiar with the now-15-year-old’s work. I’ve seen a couple of her ukulele covers, have a song or two of hers in my playlists and follow her on Twitter. But with her fanbase in mind, I had neatly filed her away with other viral Gen Z sensations like Lil Nas X, Bhad Bhabie and, of course, Mason Walmart Yodel Kid” Ramsey. Everything about her onstage performance, however, proved my assumptions wrong.

The music video for “Stray,” directed by Blythe Thomas, mirrors the song’s lyrical themes of adulthood and identity, following two versions of VanderWaal as she wanders through the desert — one dressed in white, and one dressed in black, bicycling blindfolded.

She has performed at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Madison Square Garden, the opening and closing of the 2017 Special Olympics World Winter Games in Austria, various benefit concerts, the Austin City Limits Music Festival and on several television talk shows. VanderWaal conducted her first concert tour in 2017 in support of Just the Beginning. She next toured in mid-2018 with Imagine Dragons in their Evolve World Tour. She is set to star in the Disney+ film Stargirl, which is scheduled for release in 2020.

In 2016, Grace VanderWaal took the stage on the TV talent show and instantly caught the attention of viewers and judges who were captivated by the ukulele-brandishing 12-year-old who wrote and performed her own songs.

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