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All from the tiny Michigan hamlet of Frankenmuth known for its chicken dinners and the world’s largest Christmas store. All of the cuts on this album were tracked live; any production, if we thought it was necessary, came later.

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GRETA VAN FLEETGreta Van Fleet is named after a real person. Maybe Josh Kiszka doesn’t intend to sound identical to a young Robert Plant – but he does, albeit a smiley, danger-devoid version (he also bears a physical resemblance to Roger Daltrey mixed with Gino Vannelli – look him up, kids). And while it would be ridiculous to impound that level of vocal talent, no doubt there are people who will never give Greta Van Fleet a fair assessment because of the similarities.

What do you think about Greta Van Fleet’s name? Sound off in the comments below. The Michigan rock band is coming off a recent Grammy win. However, according to the Detroit Free Press , Van Fleet says she isn’t really all that into the band. In fact, she supposedly enjoys classical music more.

All from the tiny Michigan hamlet of Frankenmuth known for its chicken dinners and the world’s largest Christmas store. All were raised on their parents’ vinyl collections which helped give birth to the music they make today: a high-energy hybrid of rock’n’roll, blues and soul.

Greta Van Fleet isn’t a band from the ’70s heyday of rock ‘n’ roll. No, no. On January 19, Greta Van Fleet will help kick off Saturday Night Live’s new season as the show’s first musical guest of 2019. I do like that song. There’s a couple others that I like, but that’s not really my style. It’s not my era that they’re making popular come back,” VanFleet said.

Once Shannon and the Clams finished, the chatter of the crowd grew as they waited giddily to become initiated into the Peaceful Army. Not long after, the band revealed itself on stage atop the swirling fog that covered the floor. The lead singer, Josh Kiszka, screamed with a set of steel lungs that pierced the night sky, marking the beginning of their set. Jumpsuits and all, the members embodied rock ‘n’ roll.

Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl called Kurstin a fucking genius” with unmatched sonic intuition” in reference to his work on Foo’s 2017 record, Concrete & Gold. The New York Times lauded the record for demonstrating the band’s ability to strike a balance between being disciples and trailblazers, as both Grohl and the rest of the Foo Fighters wear their influences so openly” — commentary that has been regularly weaponized against GVF’s derivative retro rock.

Before they could develop any sort of expanded musical knowledge, they were whisked away by music exec Jason Flom, who signed them to a major label deal. The problem here is that bands often need time to seek out their own footing as musicians. This comes from a few years on the road, bad shows, bad songs, exposure to diverse music scenes and genres. The Black Keys—one of the few bands Greta Van Fleet apparently knows or respects—even came to its own on indie labels and had years to define itself before signing to Warner Bros.

Greta Van Fleet covered several songs in its set, such as Watch Me” by Labi Siffre and The Music is You” by John Denver, putting its distinct spin on these classic songs in both cases — which, given the already lengthy setlist, made the show a bit exhaustive. With Greta Van Fleet being very much an equal members band, the show began to drag.

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Grammy Award-winning rock upstart Greta Van Fleet postponed Sunday night’s scheduled appearance in Nashville. The only thing Greta Van Fleet is guilty of is flippantly broadcasting a naive sort of uncoolness because they don’t know any better.

Despite their classic rock-inspired sound, many of the members weren’t even old enough to drink when the band first started, in 2012. Comprised of three brothers, Jake, Josh and Same Kiszka, plus Daniel Wagner on drums, the group started their musical journey when most kids were still learning their ABCs.

Kiszka and his brothers Josh and Sam along with their drummer, Danny Wagner, are taking their Michigan-based quartet on the road behind last year’s debut album, Anthem of the Peaceful Army.” They will hit the Orlando Amphitheater on Friday (8 p.m., 4603 W. Colonial Drive in Orlando, $54.50, ).

Josh: Well, John Denver oddly enough is up there. I love the purity and power of his voice and I always have. I think he’s a majorly underrated artist. I never really was a rock and roll guy, really. I didn’t really start even listening to rock and roll until about five years ago when the band came into fruition, and I can’t say that I really am the rocker of the group to this moment either. But, yeah, John Denver, Joe Cocker probably because of his super power ability to convey emotion in his vocal, you know? Robert Plant. I really loved the power behind Sam and Dave. I mean, they were kicking Plant’s ass anyway, as far as I’m concerned. They were really hitting amazing power notes. And I love Wilson Picket, probably Wilson Picket would have to be up there.

The guys in Greta Van Fleet were teenagers, the youngest of them 13, when the name arrived in a serendipitous moment of inspiration. In summer 2012, they were just an amateur ensemble without a name — three brothers and a friend working up classic-rock covers by the likes of Led Zeppelin and Ozzy Osbourne.

A debut album is a statement, and on Anthem of a Peaceful Army,” Greta Van Fleet makes sure to look beyond Led Zeppelin. That means quoting licks from Cream (in the chorus of When the Curtain Falls,” a cynical song about an aging actress) and the Allman Brothers (in the love song You’re the One”) and hinting at Neil Young’s guitar tone and rhythm in Brave New World” and elsewhere.

Now, the band is nominated for three Grammys—including Best New Artist, Best Rock Performance, and Best Rock Album. And, given the Recording Academy’s tendency to give awards to the most commercially successful act and whatever act appeals to aging fans of guitar music, they’re likely to win. Even if they don’t win, their presence at music’s most prestigious award show will be controversial in itself.

Josh: Well, Jake is a great fan of drinking and he is always on the guitar. That’s like something that’s almost an extension of his body, it’s connected to him. I love writing. I love reading. Everybody in the group does. We all have a sense of humor. We like to sort of shake up an environment as we go through it just to watch the reaction. Yeah, I’m extremely privileged to work with three genius, amazing people, and have a great team. I’m very lucky for that too.

The band first cut their teeth playing biker bars as teens, impressing locals with their classic rock chops and drawing comparisons to Led Zeppelin Though they released their debut EP in 2014, Greta Van Fleet got their first taste of fame when their blues-riddled ‘Highway Tune’ appeared on the US TV series Shameless in 2016, and caught the attention of rock fans looking for a purebred throwback. That same year, drummer Daniel Wagner replaced Hauck and has been with the band ever since.

Clearly, people are hearing the band’s music – and liking it. When Greta Van Fleet finally released a full album, Anthem of the Peaceful Army,” a year ago, it debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Rock chart and at No. 3 on its overall Albums chart. In February, its second EP, From the Fires” won the Grammy Award for Best Rock Album.

The mostly sold-out crowd erupted as guitarist Jake Kiszka (Josh’s twin) tossed out the nasty lick of Safari Song,” Josh nailed a patented wail and an overhead slab of lights illuminated the Fox Theatre with arena-worthy power.

It’s not enough. Millennials could use a band that can play instruments in real time, that exults in musical possibilities, that wants to make both a ruckus and a difference. On its debut album, Greta Van Fleet isn’t that band.

Greta Van Fleet guitarist Jake Kiszka started the band alongside his brothers Sam and Josh in 2012, and drummer Danny Wagner joined them in 2013. Kizska joined Stateside to talk about the band’s rapid rise to fame, which he says none of them expected.

On the third episode of the recent HBO limited series Sharp Objects , Camille Preaker’s 16-year-old roommate at a rehab center hands her an earbud and introduces her to the musical stylings of a hot new band called … Led Zeppelin? I can believe Zach Braff’s character in Garden State convincing a girl that the Shins will change her life, sure, but a present-day scene involving a teenager introducing a fully grown adult to Led Zeppelin did not quite feel authentic. Had this scene happened in the real world, for one thing, the teenager would probably be introducing her elder to Greta Van Fleet.

Michigan rockers Greta Van Fleet brought their March of the Peaceful Army” tour to the Jersey Shore on Saturday night, performing at the legendary Asbury Park venue the Stone Pony’s Summer Stage. Backstage in Nashville, the Kiszka brothers discuss getting Robert Plant’s seal of approval, playing guitar as a toddler and recording their debut record.

Being respected in that genre, and also accepted on large scale even among more popular genres like pop and rap, it feels good that rock ‘n’ roll isn’t dead but that there is place in the music world for that,” Jake Kiszka said.

Greta Van Fleet are three brothers and one friend from Michigan, between the ages of 22 and 19. And yes, they sound exactly like Led Zeppelin. You would be hard-pressed to find a single article about them that does not mention that fact in the first paragraph—here I am, contributing to the problem—but you would also be hard-pressed to listen to more than several seconds of Greta Van Fleet’s music and not think, Hmm, sounds like Led Zeppelin. Robert Plant himself has, rather derisively, referred to them as Led Zeppelin I,” and has called the band’s frontman, Josh Kiszka, a beautiful little singer.” Not since Aretha Franklin said of Taylor Swift’s music great gowns, beautiful gowns” has such legendary musical shade been thrown in the direction of the young.

Unlike the bands of the ’70s and the debauchery-filled decade against which they are compared, however, Greta is certainly more radio-friendly for younger viewers overall, both on stage and off. They’ve got the sound, sure, but the scandal? For four young guys ranging in age from 19 to 22, they instead have a shocking lack of scandal.

Though her face is never seen She is what love is made of Thanks to taylor, camila for correcting these lyrics. “Always There” was originally recorded for the band’s debut album, “Anthem Of The Peaceful Army” (2018), but it didn’t make into that release because the band decided it wouldn’t fit the tone of the album.

2017, Greta Van Fleet’s first year as a professional band, was a wild ride of sold-out concerts in North America and Europe, glowing press, accolades from a slew of fellow artists from Elton John to Nikki Sixx to Justin Bieber , millions of YouTube video plays and Spotify streams, two #1 singles at Rock Radio and two #1 EPs, and most importantly, the genesis of an extraordinary connection with their fans. With their debut album Anthem of the Peaceful Army released in October of 2018 and the single from that, When the Curtain Falls” peaking at number 3 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs chart.

Van Fleet and her husband headed to the venue that afternoon, got an explanation from the young rockers, and stuck around for the show. It’s a bluegrass band called Holy Jeans. The band only plays a handful of times throughout the year, she said.

In mid-January, the quartet of very young rockers in Greta Van Fleet were preparing to make their Saturday Night Live” debut. For a band just a couple years into a dizzying rise from a Michigan hometown known for its Bavarian kitsch, this was enormous, and band’s members sounded a little bit nervous.

Greta Van Fleet stopped by to play a couple of acoustic songs for us last week before their show at the Tractor Tavern. New Artist, Best Rock Song (Black Smoke Rising”), Best Rock Performance (Highway Tune”), and Best Rock Album (From The Fires EP), which the band took home.

VanFleet first met the group that adopted her name in 2013 when they performed at the Zehnder’s Snowfest in Frankenmuth. Gretna VanFleet is the 88-year-old bluegrass musician who inspired the band’s name. She said some of her own favorite songs to play include church hymns and Christmas music, giving MLive a demonstration while playing her piano.

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