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Juice WRLDJuice WRLD is bringing Death Race For Love Down Under. With major chart hits and sold-out shows worldwide at such a young age, Juice WRLD is an unstoppable force on the music scene with a long career ahead of him.

The first time I heard the term emo-rap” it was in reference to Atmosphere , the hip-hop group from Minneapolis. This was on the heels of the group’s second studio album, 2002’s God Loves Ugly.” The vulnerability in Slug’s verses was alluring, especially amid a sea of hyper-masculine rappers. The next summer, while drowning in a bad high school breakup, God Loves Ugly” was my life jacket.

Every single melody loop in this pack was carefully written and refined, to make sure they authentically emulate the lush melodic style that Juice WRLD is known for.

His early tracks were all posted online, leading up to 2017’s Juice WRLD 999 EP. Produced by Nick Mira and Sidepce, the set included the singles “Lucid Dreams (Forget Me)” and “All Girls Are the Same”. Both tracks would also land on his official debut full-length album, Goodbye & Good Riddance, which peaked at number 15 on the Billboard 200 upon release in May 2018.

Born Jarad Higgins, Juice WRLD got his start by shunning major streaming services and building a major following on Soundcloud. Within weeks of the February 2018 premiere of his video for All Girls Are the Same,” he scored a deal with Interscope Records. Soon after the signing, Juice WRLD made his debut with Goodbye & Good Riddance and drew critical acclaim from the likes of the New York Times (who called it one of the year’s most effective hip-hop releases”.) Juice WRLD also completed his sold-out debut headlining tour of North America in 2018 and is set to make his Coachella debut this year.

On Death Race,” his strongest, most polished melodies are on display, and the record does feel manufactured to chart as high as possible — and, with a bloated 22 songs, no less. Indeed, Juice even throws in a tired dancehall-tinged pop track with Hear Me Calling,” along with a serviceable Travis Scott imitation on Big” — which squanders a delicious sample and beat switch in the middle — to cover all his bases.

These concerts tend to last at least two hours, but additional performances can add another hour to the event. You should prepare for other artists to take the stage before he decides to perform. During a show, some events may require some preparation. This can extend the length of the concert by 30 minutes. The size of the crowd can affect the event, as well. If there is a large audience, accommodations can take time.

Juice WRLD – born Jarad Higgins – released his first studio album in May of 2018, titled “Goodbye & Good Riddance.” The 16 tracks offered an additional view into the creative “emo-rap” genre Juice WRLD has helped build momentum around. The album gained commercial and streaming success as “Lucid Dreams” climbed to a top-5 spot on the Billboard charts.

JUICE: 120 percent yes. SoundCloud is a beautiful place because you can just share and you’ll never know who will stumble upon your songs. It’s a bigger opportunity than YouTube, because it’s strictly music.

Juice WRLD , MTV’s Push artist for the month of November, may be young, but he still knows what it’s like to hang with the modern hip-hop establishment. The 19-year-old rapper is fresh off a joint release with Future called WRLD On Drugs, which also features appearances by Lil Wayne, Young Thug, and Nicki Minaj. But his style is more varied than his résumé might suggest.

Although a young kid, Juice WRLD is the same age that controversial Florida rapper XXXTentacion – aka Jahseh Onfroy – was when unknown assailants shot him dead last summer. Juice spoke to him on the phone a couple of times when they were both in ascendance.

Our entire production team has always loved Juice WRLD’s music, so they were extremely excited to make an all-encompassing collection of samples, MIDI, and synth presets that capture the sound of this incredible artist.

Tickets will go on sale to the public online at or in-person at The National Box Office at 708 East Broad Street in Richmond, Va. on Friday, Feb. 22 at 10 a.m. Virginia Credit Union and RICHMOND NATION members will receive an exclusive pre-sale for the Juice WRLD concert on Wednesday, Feb. 20 at 12 p.m.

Juice WRLD started his music career as a highschooler, releasing the track ‘Forever’ on Soundcloud in 2015. His first full-length release came in June 2017. The 9 9 9 EP included the breakout ‘Lucid Dreams’, which hugely increased the rapper’s following.

In less than a year, Juice WRLD travelled from unknown Illinois teenager to emo-rap icon who, two nights before we meet, supported Nicki Minaj at London’s 20,000-capacity O2 Arena.

But the extended catalogue is sure to guarantee high-impact riches. His poppy touch and cross-genre deftness tell a similar story to Post Malone, whose own crooning, pop-friendly sound has propelled him to the top of the hip-hop food chain. With Death Race,” Juice is making a strong case for a similar lane, albeit riddled with more angst, crocodile tears and styrofoam cups. It may just be Juice’s world soon enough.

In a world where Lil Pump has a $8 million dollar deal, some brushed off Juice WRLD’s $3 million dollar contract as a result of the current rap gold rush. But given how much he’s blown up since signing his deal, it seems more like astute A&R work on Interscope’s part.

The rapper first gained major popularity from his 2017-released track All Girls Are The Same,” which gained even more recognition when popular director Cole Bennett made a music video for it. He’s often compared to Post Malone for his similar sounding voice and style.

Although All Girls Are The Same” is the song that would eventually blow up, its wasn’t an immediate success. Upon its release on SoundCloud, it did 11,000 plays in two days—enough for Juice to be excited about it then, but it was nothing compared to what was coming.

In 2018, the 20-year-old Chicago native earned numerous accolades including being named Apple Music’s Breakthrough Artist of the Year and Spotify’s Biggest Breakout Artist of 2018. The awards were partly due to the smash success of his four-times-platinum single Lucid Dreams,” a genre-warping track that’s spent over 38 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 (peaking at #2). The hit also landed at #1 on YouTube’s U.S. Top Songs Chart, #1 on Spotify’s Global Chart, and #2 on Billboard’s Streaming Songs Chart.

If you think that Juice Wrld is bitter about Sting banking a reported 85% of the royalties for Lucid Dreams” — his 2018 hit that interpolates the former Police frontman’s 1993 single Shape of My Heart” — think again.

Some of that may have been lost in translation Friday, like when bros belted out “Get high with me if you rock with me” during “Lean Wit Me.” But there’s a desperation to the song, and in much of Juice WRLD’s self-destructive tales of drugs and despair, that still came through in concert.

No wonder he’s ebullient: he just released his debut album, ‘ Death Race For Love ‘, a sprawling 22-track emo-rap opus that swings between introspection (the sing-song ‘Robbery’) and braggadocio (from ‘The Bee Knees’: ‘Holy shit! He’s the shit!’ – words from my peers”), laced with voguish trap beats and, more eccentrically, throwbacks to mid-noughties alt-rock. In the time it’s taken to turn this article around, ‘Death Race For Love’ has squealed to Number One on the Billboard 200, overtaking Ariana Grande and the soundtrack to A Star Is Born, having been acclaimed as potentially seminal within its subgenre.

One listen of “Lean Wit Me” and you start thinking maybe Juice can get behind that sentiment, too. Watch Juice WRLD’s performance of “Lean Wit Me” above.

Like Juice, XXX found fame through SoundCloud with a breakout track, ‘Look At Me!’, circumventing the gatekeepers of the music industry. Yet that’s where the similarities end, as XXX’s name has become toxic: as a teenager he allegedly committed appalling acts of domestic violence and admitted on tape to brutally assaulting a man whom he believed to be gay.

Two things that this new generation of up-and-coming Internet-bred rappers have been defined by is their reliance on prescription drugs as focal points in their music and not really having much at all to say. Both widely-held assertations are misplaced. The latter is an argument that is thrown around with every novel step in music and has more to do with the psychology of how people accept or deny new and foreign information. Yet, the former assertion is one that is harder to shake. Prescription drugs, particularly the anti-anxiety drug Xanax, has become a sort of cultural identity to SoundCloud rap. Drugs, illicit or otherwise, are nothing new to rap, or other genres for that matter. For instance, the former generation or rappers spoke heavily of lean, while ‘90s rap saw notable references to crack and cocaine.

As at the Riverside show in August, Juice WRLD’s extensive entourage came on stage for the last song, but by that point, his girlfriend Ally Lotti has already made a few appearances, beaming while Juice WRLD serenaded her during a couple of songs, and giving him little pecks on the lips.

Nine months ago at the Riverside Theater, you could tell that Juice WRLD — playing one of his first big shows after breakout single “Lucid Dreams” went viral — was going to be a big star.

Bennett and Juice’s second collab was bigger than the first, racking up nearly 150 million streams on YouTube and setting up Lucid Dreams” to be a Billboard smash. It’s Cole Bennett’s third most-watched music video ever—behind only videos from America’s favorite love-to-hate rappers: Lil Xan and Lil Pump.

Juice WRLD ‘s NME Big Read shoot is a family affair. In the plush basement of a central London hotel, his mum sitting a few feet away, tucking into a steak, the Chicago rapper’s joined by his girlfriend, Ally, who wraps herself around him, nodding sagely as he offers up bon mots on topics such as his eclectic influences (I’m a music head and always will be”) and the dignity in being an openly emotional man (It’s ones of the toughest things in the world”).

Although the song originally leaked online in June of 2018, with unfinished mastering and a missing verse, snippets from December of 2018 and February of 2019 also surfaced, leading to theories that it was a throwaway from Juice’s sophomore album, Death Race for Love , released in March 2019.

Born Jarad Higgins, Juice WRLD got his start by shunning major streaming services and building a major following on Soundcloud. Within weeks of the February 2018 premiere of his video for All Girls Are the Same,” he scored a deal with Interscope Records. Soon after the signing, Juice WRLD made his debut with Goodbye & Good Riddance and drew critical acclaim from the likes of the New York Times (who called it one of the year’s most effective hip-hop releases”.) Juice WRLD also completed his sold-out debut headlining tour of North America in 2018 and is set to make his Coachella debut this year.

Jarad A. Higgins, better known by his stage name Juice Wrld (pronounced as “Juice World”), is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. He is best known for his singles “All Girls Are the Same” and “Lucid Dreams”.

In an era when the pressure to sustain one’s relevancy has resulted in the rise of gimmicks and publicity stunts, one artist who’s managed to capture the attention of the public while keeping the focus squarely on the music is Juice WRLD Seemingly coming out of nowhere with his smash single “Lucid Dreams,” the Chicago native has built on that success with a number of releases including two solo studio albums (Goodbye & Good Riddance and Death Race for Love ) and a collaborative mixtape with Future (WRLD on Drugs). Hailed for his emotive lyrics and artistic range, the newcomer taken home awards from a number of award shows.

In early July, Lucid Dreams” peaked at No. 3 on the Hot 100. For a second, it looked as though it might reach No. 1, but it couldn’t knock Cardi B and Drake off the throne. The track also became his first platinum record—not too shabby for a song that sat on SoundCloud for five months before even hitting 100,000 plays.

Even though it’s his most famous work to date, “Lucid Dreams” has been bittersweet for Juice, as the song contains a rework of Sting ‘s 1993 “Shape of My Heart,” and the English bassist owns 85% of the record’s profit-share. The breakup anthem was also snubbed from Grammy consideration, failing to notch Juice WRLD his first nomination.

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