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Did the meet and greet. His style is generally described as angry, cynical and somewhat melodic, and is often compared to early Eminem albums. On Kamikaze, Eminem takes aim at President Donald Trump, Drake and the press, among others.

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HOPSINAt first, Hopsin was famous for his falling out with the pioneering label Ruthless, but that became a footnote when the rapper, producer, and actor released the hit track “Sag My Pants” on his own in late 2010. His next album, ‘Knock Madness,’ released in November 2013, with a positive message for the youth. He toured the US, Europe, and Australia, along with the crew of his label, ‘Funk Volume,’ to promote his album and the message it carried. The album reached number 76 on the ‘Billboard 200′ list and sold over 12 thousand copies in the first week.

No Words 2 (Skit)” criticizes a more specific group of hip-hop, mumble rappers.” These are artists that critics claim mumble all their lyrics, making them hard to understand, such as Young Thug and Future. Hopsin mocks them by mumbling in an exaggerated manner, making him sound almost unintelligible.

The best partly-underground rapper ever. He raps about real things, what’s on his mind, his past, and the things we all know about but don’t have the balls to say. He raps about the things that are fucked up about society.

Hopsin’s brand of rap is equally weird in terms of what the industry usually produces. Rather than project an image of wealth, drugs and promiscuity, he prefers to call rap fans idiots for thinking they live a life that they don’t just because their favorite rapper makes them believe they do. As a matter of fact, Hopsin refuses to drink or do drugs, crediting his relationship with God and daily Bible study.

Ill Mind of Hopsin 5 is one for most modern day rappers and their fans. The album cover for Raw is a homage to the Saw film series, as is the music video for “Kill Her”. Hopsin both wrote and produced I Don’t Want It” all by himself. He released the song on the 15th day of July 2019.

That said, it is quite a shame things have become so hard for the rapper. Indeed issues such as coming from a dysfunctional family, dealing with leeches” and having beef with your baby’s mother is more or less standard hip-hop fare. But Hopsin is taking things really-hard by referring to suicide and such. However, considering that he is known for airing out his personal issues , such heavy-hearted lyrics may actually be part of his overall marketing strategy considering that (emo)tional raps are what are trending these days.

With cover stories and a plethora of seven-figure YouTube content, the self-made talent is sticking to his formula on his third LP, Knock Madness. It’s gonna be hard to top’”I’m calling it right now,” he boasts, claiming it’s just an enhancement” of his work. Moreover, he wants to punctuate his career. This will probably be my last album for a long time.” Elaborating, the recluse promises the biggest tour I’ve ever done, and I’m leavin’ for a while” as devotes his attention to Funk Volume. While controversy may have made Hopsin a star, skill and courage made him a fan favorite. Whether making art in his basement, crowd-surfing or skiing Down Under, Hopsin has the attitude and charisma that makes Hip Hop unpredictable again.

There’s no denying that Hopsin is a talented rapper, but his lyricism and attitude tend to garner a lot of criticism. He takes on an aggressive tone as he expresses frustrations, but often he becomes very toxic, making it difficult to sympathize with him.

Funk Volume went from one of hip-hop’s strongest independent labels to a smoldering pile of debris so fast it feels like it got hit with a drone airstrike, and today Hopsin took to the YouTubes to share his side of how their fledgling empire collapsed in his new ” Ill Mind of Hopsin 8 ” video.

His success in music came along when he released his second studio album titled Raw in 2010. The album was supported by two singles that Sag My Pants” and Nocturnal Rainbows.” The album songs themes revolve around dissing other rappers such as Lupe Fiasco, Drake, and Soulja Boy, among others. What propelled Hopsin to mainstream success is his release of Ill Mind of Hopsin 5,” which is one of the Ill Mind of Hopsin” video series. The song charted at position 17 on Billboard Hot R&B Hip-Hop Digital songs chart and also received one million views on YouTube under 24 hours.

Fans of Hopsin have often considered his rap style to be similar to Eminem’s. Hopsin, however, has vocalized how Eminem has inspired his music before. The Los Angeles-based rapper has even mentioned his interest in collaborating with the “Lose Yourself” hitmaker.

Born Marcus Hopson, he is an independent rap artist whose 2013 album Knock Madness includes the singles “Old Friend,” “Hop Is Back” and “Rip Your Heart Out.” He first gained recognition for his 2010 album Raw. He is known for performing with white contacts in his eyes.

It has been a blessing to witness your art and career grow over the past 12 years. From the grimy days in the basement to performing for thousands worldwide, your ascent has been nothing short of amazing. We founded Funk Volume together, and unfortunately, as time progressed, I gradually fell off and was never able to make a substantial contribution to the team. If it wasn’t for you there’s absolutely no way I’d have the following I do now. Two mixtapes, a few random releases, and a handful of features in the span of 7 years is pretty disgraceful. If I was on any other label I would have been dropped from the roster a long time ago. However, I can’t change the hand I was dealt, and as much as I wanted to be out there with you, Dizzy, Jarren, and Hoppa, my health was priority. I just wasn’t in a space to make the full commitment to my career, and for that I’m sorry.

Calling out others on their actions is a tendency the rapper has not shied away from since the releases of “Kill Her” and “Sag My Pants.” The latter is a song that points out the flaws in the messages received by fans and mentions rappers such as Rick Ross and Drake, two responsible for the phrase “YOLO” (You Only Live Once). Hopsin admits the term does sound cool, but argues that it offers people an excuse to do stupid things.

Hopsin is not among the friendliest rapper, you know, especially to the Hip Hop Heads out there who really don’t like him because it seems he has got beef with nearly every bigwig of the town. However, here are a few things you probably don’t know about Hopsin.

While many would agree with Hopsin’s claims about the content of music, I asked what he thought it would take for that to change. He believes the only way will be for the powerful artists of this generation – and the last – to come out and prove content matters through their music. He believes hip-hop has been an ignorant genre of music from the start – bragging about money, women, and drugs – but there was more of a balance before. Now that the genre is more popular, all of the trash that existed has been amplified by more radio play.

At first, Hopsin was famous for his falling out with the pioneering label Ruthless , but that became a footnote when the rapper, producer, and actor released the hit track “Sag My Pants” on his own in late 2010.

Taking those details into consideration, the rapper’s trademark white contacts don’t seem all that unusual. The 27-year-old California native Marcus Hopson — known to fans as Hopsin — is the same creative-minded Marcus his family has known all his life. The same guy who works in the style of early Eminem, Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliott.

In November 2011, Wright signed to Funk Volume after being discovered at the Sheikh Music “Rip the Mic” Competition in 2010. Impressed by his smooth flow, confident stage presence and energy that won over the crowd, Funk Volume knew he was a special talent and would be valuable addition to the team. On the heels of his latest mixtape “Soul Searchin’ Next Level,” Wright will release “Smoke Out Conversations” on February 20th, and says the tape was inspired by Don Miguel Ruiz’s widespread book, “The Four Agreements.” “I live the four agreements. The first agreement is be impeccable with your word. People will learn something from this mixtape.

Hopsin’s album, Knock Madness was released on 26 November 2013 to fairly good success in US Rap Charts. Featured guests for the album include Dizzy Wright, SwizZz, Jarren Benton, and Tech N9ne. He has said the album has more of a positive message and said it is better than Dr. Dre’s Detox.” Hopsin and the rest of the Funk Volume artists went on a three-month worldwide tour in the fall of 2012 which included 58 shows in 60 days in the United States, Europe, and Australia.

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