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Cole SwindellHere, two of California’s great compositions meet, as exceptional wine and intimate live music are paired to create an unforgettable wine country experience. You will be hard pressed to find someone who’s job is up on the stage yet is most at home with the crowd. Performing his songs in front of his fans is not something he takes for granted. That the difference between himself and those who have the talent, and paid their dues, but have not yet caught a break isn’t lost on him. One day people aren’t going to want a picture. Without the folks in those seats out there every night, I can’t imagine what it would be like.” Pictures, autographs, or a quick high five, Cole takes time because he appreciates his opportunity. He is a fan, showman and songwriter, this is his Life on Tour.

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You may think of country awards shows or having a song on the radio, things you imagined when you’re dreaming about things. But Grammys, I don’t think that I’ve ever even thought that was a thing where my name would be mentioned in that same sentence. So it was a shock, I didn’t know how to feel. But for me, the main thing was I was happy for the writers of the song. Without the writers, the songs don’t exist. I just know how special it was to them, it was to me. I’ll never forget getting that news and just being floored, I didn’t even have a response. I wish I could tell you this great story, but I didn’t know what to say for a while, I think I was just silent.

Though many of his concerts start out tamely, they quickly build up energy as Swindell moves into his upbeat and catchy tunes. On more serious songs like “You Should Be Here,” written about his father who passed away unexpectedly, you can feel the somber mood as he earnestly delivers. The crowd is invested with him on this journey, even if only for the night. Expect his moving ballads and upbeat hits to create a wide spectrum of energy throughout his performances.

As far as songs that other people have recorded of mine, that’s by the far the most special to me. I grew up every year going down to Panama City, and it was always around my birthday, June 30. We were always there in the summer, and Thomas Drive, that’s where we stayed and just did all the things you do on family vacation. It went from family vacation to high school to spring break down there. I have a lot of time spent in Florida, especially Panama City, and any time I can be around the water and be in that kind of weather, it takes me back.

One of the most significant places of his adolescence – and a place he was excited to show off in the video – was his high school, Terrell Academy, where he played sports before graduating with just 23 people.

Don’t be surprised if you see Georgia-raised country star Cole Swindell back in Sarasota County next year, when the Braves move their spring training full-time to North Port. But before that, he’ll headline a concert Saturday at Ed Smith Stadium with MacKenzie Porter and Carter Faith, part of the Orioles’ Athletes and Artists Play for Kids weekend.

golf in high school, and he also ran track. Swindell looked back on his high school days with his video for “The Ones Who Got Me Here,” which saw him visit his high school football field.

Swindell’s third album, All of It,” also went straight to No. 1 after its 2018 release. His latest song is the party anthem Drinkin’ Hours” off his Down Home Sessions V” EP released earlier this year.

Now and then, a song and artist can’t be denied. Cole Swindell was nothing more or less than a terrific songwriter with a Nashville publishing deal and a growing reputation as one of the city’s most exciting young performers. Now, he’s on the road to stardom.

To honor his dad, Swindell wrote “You Should Be Here” with Ashley Gorley, and the video features footage of the first time he visited his father’s grave in Georgia.

Staying humble isn’t hard for Swindell, who spent three years selling T-shirts on tours with Luke Bryan and every bit of his free time honing his songwriting craft. The job, and the opportunity to learn from Bryan’s lead guitarist Michael Carter, was the product of a chance meeting between Swindell and Bryan in 2007 on the front porch of the Sigma Chi house at Georgia Southern University, where they both attended college.

Listen to Cole Swindell – “All of It” Out Now now. Cole Swindell has made writing chart-topping hits look easy, but he knows the real story is far from it. This fun and flirty song follows the standard boy-meets-girl scenario while showing off plenty of Swindell’s personality.

Swindell, now 36, doesn’t know where he’d be if he hadn’t gone on the road with Bryan – at the time a rising star on his way to becoming one of the biggest names in the music industry.

Every time you hear one of Swindell’s songs on the radio, you know it’s him thanks to his distinct voice and writing style. From tear-jerking ballads to sing-along party anthem, Swindell can do it all. His range of subject matter and emotions creates one-of-a-kind recordings.

One of my buddies Brandon Bissell runs a company, Ballpark Music, and we’ve done several events with them. It’s such a cool idea, I’d never heard of it, but it’s music in stadiums where there’s baseball, football. I’ve had the chance to play the Braves stadium, played outside of bowl games, played inside of a bowl game. And now to be at spring training, that’s something that I’ve never really gotten to experience enough of. I grew up a Braves fan, but I’m a baseball fan, so any time I can be around that, play some music and be a fan, it’s exciting.

That first single hit the top of the charts and was followed by two more No. 1 hits from his platinum-selling, self-titled debut album released on Warner Bros. in 2014.

I know what songs have done for me at an early age all through college,” he continued. That’s how I started my career, writing songs. I was lucky enough to get some recorded and ended up getting a record deal. Having my eighth No. 1, the most special one and the first one I didn’t write and I wouldn’t have it any other way because I know what it’s like to have somebody believe in a song that I wrote. This is why you move to Nashville, to write songs like that. This one is going to be around for a long time.

Jon will call me from time to time after a write and he will say, ‘Oh man, we wrote a hit today, we wrote a smash,’ or bomb or fire or whatever it is,” he joked. But I will say that Jon called me right after the session and said something and he’s only said it once, he said, ‘I think I might have written the best song of my career.’ And you were right, this is going to be one of the best songs of your career.

I’ve never really talked about both of these songs in one answer, so just thinking about it right now, both of those songs were written on my bus. I was only a part of one, I wrote You Should Be Here” with Ashley Gorley up outside of Boston at the Patriots’ stadium, Gillette Stadium. He had sent a picture to his daughter, we were playing Gillette Stadium with Luke Bryan, I’ll never forget it. He had sent a picture from the stage just saying, Love, look where the concert is, the football stadium” and he said You should be here” at the end of it. So to him, he sent it as a message to his daughter saying you’d love this, you should be here. And immediately when he brought that title up, I had lost my dad not very long before that and I just remember that’s what I thought of. I was thinking of my dad because he’d have freaked out seeing me play a NFL stadium, especially at that point, my career was just starting.

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