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As their true destines are revealed, dragon and rider will fight together—to the very ends of the Earth—to protect everything they’ve grown to treasure. The How to Train Your Dragon franchise has become a major cash cow for DreamWorks over the years.

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how to train your dragon 3 movieDreamWorks introduced innovative path-tracing renderer MoonRay, which provided for the first time a real-world lighting scheme. Throughout this film, Hiccup and his friends are running from a dragon killer. The one that killed all the Night Furies (besides Toothless of course). He uses a Light Fury as bait to separate Toothless and Hiccup, causes Hiccup to have to learn to fight on his own. He says that he feels he is nothing without Toothless, but Astrid helps him learn to embrace who he is. This is a really important lesson for children to learn, and something I was glad to see in this film.

Even if you never saw the first two parts — which you should — chapter three makes it easy to catch up. Hiccup, the gangly, young Viking (voiced by Jay Baruchel) at the center of all three films, is currently living in harmony with the dragons in his village of Berk. That’s mostly because his old friend Toothless, the dragon alpha who hails from the once-fearsome Night Fury species, keeps his fire-breathing brethren in line. Then Toothless falls in love with a creamy-skinned, female dragon. She’s called Light Fury by Hiccup’s pal Astrid (America Ferrera), who’s also interested in matters of the heart: She’d like to go from Hiccup’s best bud to his true love. But before dragons and humans can settle down, both species need to deal with Grimmel (F. Murray Abraham), a villain in the Trump tradition who’d like to wall off all communication between humans and what he calls murdering” dragons.

But in a good, kid-friendly way. Hiccup (played by Jay Baruchel) and his girlfriend, Astrid (America Ferrera), get serious about marriage Toothless, a night fury dragon, finds a companion, Light Fury (which is a big deal because night furies are rare). We also watch Hiccup experience flashbacks about his father, Stoick, who was a romantic, tender guy even though he was as a big as an ox.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World is rated PG for adventure action and some mild rude humor. Perhaps that day has arrived. A bad Viking known as Grimmel the Grisly is hunting dragons and searching for Hiccup. If he can locate Hiccup, then he can find hundreds, perhaps thousands, of dragons that Hiccup is protecting.

The movies – based on a book series by author Cressida Cowell – are a coming-of-age story about a kid and his pet. Those of us who had a dog or a cat can relate. His pet just happens to breathe fire. The story is about more than just Hiccup and Toothless. It’s about the unlikely hero. It’s about a father and son relationship. It’s about prejudice. It’s about love. It’s about loss.

I’m constantly impressed by the animation in this movie. Not only are the landscapes breathtakingly gorgeous (and we get to see a lot more of the world in this film), but the cast’s physical growth is so impressive. The joke that Hiccup got hot in the second installment is more of a factual statement than anything else, and I’d be surprised if there were any legitimate arguments against that.

Sadly for fans of the film franchise, How to Train Your Dragon’s director Dean DeBlois confirmed the third sequel, The Hidden World, will be the last in the series. How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World will serve as the official billing for this third, apparently final , film in the DreamWorks Animation feature franchise.

The third and final film in the How To Train Your Dragon trilogy is now playing in theaters and sending audiences on the next adventure with Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) and his dragon Toothless. The Hidden World picks up a year after the events of the last film, with Hiccup growing into his leadership position as the chief of Berk. However, the future of Berk is put in question as the dragon population continues to grow and dragon hunter Grimmel (F. Murray Abraham) is tasked with capturing Toothless – who is now the Alpha. But, Toothless’ focus is not on finding a new home for the Vikings, rather learn more about the new Light Fury he encounters.

As Hiccup fulfills his dream of creating a peaceful dragon utopia, Toothless’ discovery of an untamed, elusive mate draws the Night Fury away. When danger mounts at home and Hiccup’s reign as village chief is tested, both dragon and rider must make impossible decisions to save their kind.

My 6yo daughter is at that awkward stage(for me as her book buyer:), where the ‘leveled readers’ are too easy and short for her and I am struggling to figure out what books are too old or too young. Since she loved the movies based (loosely) on this series I thought we’d give it a try. After all, I knew she would eventually grow into them if they were too hard for now. Well they are PERFECT. The style is so engaging that even though she informed me she wouldn’t be ready for chapter books until she is 7 (?!?!- kid logic), after reading the forward she was pulled right in. Nice big words and adjective and adverb laden sentences to really keep a kid’s interest. One caveat- the humor does involve giving people meaner names than you want your 6 year old to call people, so a quick reminder chat about what is okay to call people in real life is a good preventative.

Spoilers ahead for all three How to Train Your Dragon movies. How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World DVD and Blu-ray release date was set for May 21, 2019 and available on Digital HD from Amazon Video and iTunes on April 30, 2019.

Director Dean DeBlois has confirmed that How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World will be the last in the series. Speaking at the Toronto Film Festival, where he introduced a set of clips from the new film, DeBlois also said that fans should be prepared for things to get emotional.

How to Train Your Dragon isn’t as precious as the Toy Story movies, but to the children who grew up with it – as I did with Toy Story – it can be. Almost a decade has passed since the first HTTYD, and the legions of 10-year-olds who must’ve dragged their parents to watch it in 2010 are now probably adults – like Hiccup in the film.

Love, it’s said, makes the world go ’round, and it makes this movie go, too. How to Train Your Dragon 3: The Hidden World is all about love—not just romantic love, but the affections we feel for friends and family. The story even takes a special interest in the sacrificial variety, too. Embracing love, the movie suggests, is always worthwhile—even if it comes with its share of pain.

Much of what we’re doing here is nitpicking, pointing out problems that younger kids might not notice, but it’s also worth highlighting the good stuff in these films that might fly over the heads of the younger members of the audience, such as interesting recurring lines of dialogue that appear throughout the series.

Toothless goes out alone at night and comes across the Light Fury. He becomes enamored by her and starts making an attempt to woo her. Hiccup and Astrid come across them, but they startle her and she fires a blast in their direction before she vanishes into thin air.

The plot pivots on something more serious: the discovery of Hidden World, an exotic place inhabited by dragons, where they must hide out until Grimmel and his thugs are defeated, and humans and dragons can once again peacefully coexist. DeBlois lays on the politics, but mostly with a light touch that avoids sermonizing. Where he triumphs is in the small details that create a relatable universe. The courtship between Toothless and Light Fury is a thing of balletic beauty that brings out the dazzling artistry of the animation. And when the dragons take flight to the lush score by John Powell the film brims with romance.

Whatever happens from here, the Dragon franchise is ending strong. All three films earned “A” CinemaScores from polled moviegoers. All of the films have Rotten Tomatoes fresh scores above 90%, with the first film earning an Audience Score of 91% and the second and third films both currently at 89%. There was even early talk that How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World might finally have a chance at that animation Oscar , but we’ll see. There’s a lot of competition ahead.

Love it, of course! The HTTYD trilogy is the best and I knew I wanted all three movies on DVD. Glad that could finally happen. ^^ I pre-ordered it and it arrived sooner than I expected, and Wal-mart kept me in the loop at all times.

On October 25, the second trailer for How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World was released. There is no stinger after the credits of How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. Astrid is one of Hiccup’s closest allies in the village, and eventually becomes his girlfriend.

DEBLOIS: The Hidden World is a pretty expansive location, and we were certainly looking forward to discovering new places, as we did with the second film. Discovering new dragons is always exciting; new villains coming into the mix definitely puts the screws to them. But I think it was the emotional journey of what Hiccup has to face—this identity crisis of who he is, without his dragon—against the backdrop of a world that continues to expand, and the comfort of home being left behind. Being out there at the edge of the world, seeking out what could be a myth, this sort of sailor’s tale, which turns out to be, in effect, an access point to the ancestral home of dragons.

How to train your dragon trilogy. Five years later, Hiccup now spends his time saving dragons from ignorant Vikings – poachers – who still believe dragons are evil. If you’ve enjoyed the How to Train Your Dragon” movies before, the new final chapter is a great way to tie off the story and say your goodbyes.

You can get a taste of the cosmically incandescent set piece in the film’s trailer , but witnessed on the big screen, the grand scope of the hidden world suggests something of a fitting culmination for the studio. The franchise’s final fantastical reveal, in a series bursting with them, marks the technological pinnacle of the How to Train Your Dragon team’s achievements over the course of a decade. And by no small accident, what could be DreamWorks’ height of artistic imagination also sets the scene for the emotional last act of a boy and his dragon whose journey was every bit as exquisite.

The people of Berk are consistently referred to as “Vikings,” which is derived from an Old English word meaning “pirate.” As you might imagine, actual historical Vikings were seafaring raiders. Due to a combination of having scarce resources at home and poorly defended neighbors all around, Vikings were known for attacking foreign ships, raiding foreign towns, and killing those who stood in their way. That’s why it’s more than a little odd (although understandable since this is a kids’ movie, after all) that across three films, the Vikings of Berk never even discuss the possibility of raiding or killing anyone.

The obvious praise to be given first is for the absolutely magnificent animation. The world of How to Train Your Dragon” is built almost entirely on fantasy, so the creators had the task of crafting a unique world with its own rules, biology and physics. The amount of thought that went into formulating everything is astonishing. Each dragon species featured in the film — and there are many — has a completely different way of moving. The consideration put into the habits, movements and anatomy of so many variations of these fictional creatures brings them all to life. Through animation, the creators are able to bring a completely believable, yet totally fantastical, creature to life.

Finally, TIFF audiences will be among the first to take in the splendor that is the Hidden World — a mythical dragon den that, spoiler alert, doesn’t stay hidden for long (c’mon, it’s in the title). DeBlois and Lewis can’t help but beam when they show off the bioluminescent marvel, inspired by a vivid dream DeBlois had but rooted in some semblance of the science of ancient undersea caves. And as far as expansive terrestrial caverns go, the first film’s Red Death nest and the second’s Alpha ice abode don’t hold a phosphorescent candle to the hidden world.

Grimmel uses a white Night Fury (or Light Fury) to lure Toothless to him. He and the Light Fury fall in love, and she helps Toothless tap into his hidden powers. She also leads him to a hidden world of dragons, where they all see and respect Toothless as the alpha. Unfortunately, Grimmel finds the villagers and captures Toothless and the Light Fury, which also makes the other dragons follow them. Astrid encourages Hiccup to not give up on himself and to go save his best friend. Hiccup leads the Dragon Riders to fight Grimmel’s army. They defeat his men and save the dragons, but Grimmel takes the Light Fury with him to the skies. Hiccup and Toothless reach him, but Grimmel tranquilizes Toothless in midair. Hiccup fights Grimmel and tells the Light Fury to save Toothless as the two fall toward the ground. The Light Fury saves Toothless and then goes for Hiccup while Grimmel plummets to his demise.

DEBLOIS: On the first film, we invited him to talk with our lighting department and layout department, the people responsible for camera placement and lenses, camera movement and composition. We just wanted to have someone of Roger Deakins’ caliber come in and talk to the departments about achieving a look that would somehow straddle the line between animation and live-action, where we could really take advantage of textures, and hair, and moss, just to have this sense of reality to the place. Because we wanted people to feel that the dragons were real, and weren’t just cartoon characters—that they had roamed this earth at one point, that the peril was real. As part of establishing that there was consequence to heroism in this world, we wanted it to feel gritty, and palpable, and visceral.

When we decided that we were going to do a sequel, I pitched the idea of a trilogy. And I wanted to take it all the way to the disappearance of dragons, concurrent with Hiccup becoming the wise selfless chief, and linking those two ideas,” he told to train your dragon 3 movie

Still, that’s not to say DreamWorks can’t – or never will – release another movie set within this world. After all, the movie franchise is based on a 12-book series by Cressida Cowell. That’s plenty of material to mine for future films set within the same world as How to Train Your Dragon , but perhaps following different characters than Hiccup and Toothless – though, it should be noted, Hiccup and Toothless are the protagonists of all 12 books.

The only real problem with the How to Train Your Dragon” sequels is that they’re never as clever or as well-thought-out as the first film. There’s also pretty clear evidence that the creators are making it up as they go along. The aforementioned Hidden World” home of the dragons has never been mentioned before, despite being three movies deep at this point.

Relatively small dragons attack an assailant like rabid Chihuahuas, and one gnaws on an artificial leg still attached to its owner. Hiccup plays fetch with Toothless with his own metal limb. A dragon uses a mysterious electrical power to free himself from the clutches of hostiles. A few dragons and at least one person fall into the ocean to suffer fates unglimpsed (but presumably not pretty). An unconscious dragon nearly suffers the same fate. Ships and villages burn. Though Hiccup and his mates wear fireproof dragon-scale armor these days, someone forgets to fireproof his rear end. Dragons rampage, throwing would-be attackers right and left.

Is each individual How to Train Your Dragon movie perfect? No. For one, it could have pushed the boundaries of representation. But when you view them as a whole, you have a franchise that explored life’s challenges and mysteries with a fantastical and nuanced touch, which remained simultaneously entertaining and educational.

Hiccup is able to capture a Night Fury by shooting him out of the sky. He finds the dragon in the woods, wounded, missing half of his back fin and unable to fly. When Hiccup goes to kill the elusive dragon, though, he realizes he doesn’t have it in him. Instead, he pities him, nurses him back to health and befriends the dragon. He names him Toothless (because his teeth are retractable) and builds him a special contraption for his take which allows Toothless to fly with Hiccup’s help.

But this series is, at its heart, not an ensemble story. It wants to be primarily about the friendship between Hiccup and Toothless. Because of this, the writers just don’t seem to know what to do with the profusion of supporting characters in the later films. Most rarely have anything to do, with the possible exception of Astrid, but she only exists as Hiccup’s love interest. The rest sometimes get the occasional middling joke or forgettable subplot, but that’s about it. And if it wasn’t crowded enough, the second movie also adds Hiccup’s mother, Valka, and Eret the dragon trapper.

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