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Every single song from the album dubbed la joya del género urbano” by many critics, made it into Chile’s Top 50 on the very first day of being released (!!!). He opened the doors for me. He put my shoes on so that I would run.

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J BalvinSometimes-definitely not all the time-the radio doesn’t suck. Both artists have created enigmatic personas that redefine Latin American masculinity. Going against traditional macho stereotypes, both take care of their appearance and choose styles that shine, form the clothes down to their often unique haircuts. They are more Lady Gaga than Daddy Yankee, and we say this in the best possible way.

I want to make history bringing these guys to my world,” J Balvin said of his American collaborators. On Safari,” his next single, Pharrell sings the hook in Spanish; Grant Singer, known for his work with the Weeknd and Skrillex, directed the forthcoming video.

Bunny: I made the track Si Tú Novio Te Deja Sola” before I met Balvin. That was before these opportunities arrived in my life, when I did music without thinking if it would be a hit. When I made that rhythm, I only thought about having Balvin on it—like, Damn, this song with Balvin would be super cool.” When I had the opportunity to make the song with Balvin, I showed it to him. I recorded the chorus, which I already had, and showed it to him. When he said he liked it, it was an incredible feeling. I always remember that. I’m not embarrassed to say it: I was so excited I had to go outside of the studio—I left Balvin and Mambo working—and cried.

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J Balvin is the stage name of José Álvaro Osorio Balvín, from Medellín, Colombia. Balvin is a reggaeton singer whose polished urban singles and best-selling albums have made him a top-tier Latin pop artist. He became interested in music at a young age while listening to rap, champeta, bachata, and reggae on the radio. He was also a big fan of music videos; it was from these that he began to develop his dance moves and cultivate his own style.

J Balvin

They represent the coming future of Latin and global pop where language is less a barrier than an invitation. There’s no better place to prove that than the biggest stages at Coachella, and in this pointedly global year, they’re making their case with aplomb.

As the music made its way into my regular rotation, I began to realize how big of a deal J Balvin is. The Colombian singer is behind a million hits, from Mi Gente,” to Cardi B’s I Like It,” to Loco Contigo.” I had listened to his music for years without knowing his name. I became a fast fan.

Balvin: It was very beautiful because when they sent me the song, I said, We have to record this now and make a video tomorrow.” And we did. It was immediate, and the vibes were there Laughs.

After two solid opening performances by Eladio Carrion and Lyanno, a rainbow washed over the stage and J Balvin made his grand entrance in a new pair of tiny sunglasses. He started the set fittingly with Reggaeton.” Once the beat dropped, Balvin’s backup dancers appeared on stage. They weren’t the typical, sexy twerk crew you’d expect, though. A group of men wearing Michelin man suits and giant cloud heads took the stage and surrounded the singer. It was awesome.

He may not be a household name in the UK, but 34-year-old J Balvin is arguably – statistically – one of the most successful musicians in the world right now. The Colombian is credited with the revival of reggaeton, with monthly streaming figures that currently surpass those of Drake, Justin Bieber and Cardi B. He is second only to the unstoppable Ed Sheeran. His recent release, Oasis – an ebullient eight-track joint album with Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny – was called historic” by both Fader and Vulture and goofy but incredibly fun” by Pitchfork. It clocked up 40m streams in one week. Granted, streaming can be a malleable metric, but across the board Balvin’s numbers are phenomenal. They made it official yesterday. I’m currently the most viewed artist on the planet on YouTube,” he says as we sit at a table shaped like a massive vulva.

The duo covered Complex last year for a joint interview Balvin is currently touring while Bad Bunny is prepping for the second leg of his trek. Bad Bunny: To me, the most important artists in my career are Arcángel and Balvin. Arcángel gave me the push, the respect in the streets.

Balvin’s collaborations were as notable as his own work that year. He and Julión Álvarez were featured on Juan Gabriel’s single “La Frontera.” His “Latino Remix” of Justin Bieber‘s smash “Sorry” scored big for both artists at Latin pop radio and in digital streaming and downloads. In May 2016, he released the single “Bobo,” produced by Pharrell Williams, who also appeared on the track along with Mosty and Bia. It topped the Latin songs chart. The full-length, Energia, features additional contributions from Bull Nene, Daddy Yankee, Fuego, Yandel, and Juanes.

With an expanding global audience and hits like Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s “Despacito” winning record of the year at the 2017 Latin Grammy Awards, Reggeaton is experiencing a wave of international popularity like never before.

Balvin: I feel incredibly honored to have received the nominations I did this year. I’m just happy to be able to share my music with my fans and the world. And if that means growth as an artist, then even better. Music constantly inspires me to keep going and achieve my goals. The recognition that comes with it is just affirmation that I’m doing what I should be doing.

J Balvin has toured five times since the start of his career. He supported The Sun Comes Out World Tour in 2011 and the Sex and Love Tour in 2014. His first headlining tour was La Familia Tour with Becky G in 2015. He also headlined his Energía Tour in 2016 through 2018 and Vibras Tour in 2018.

Bunny: Yeah, but that’s already changed. Without sounding… I’ve already stopped getting surprised. In the beginning, yeah. But you can’t imagine how many huge artists call me all day, and there comes a moment where you have to say no. I admire you, I’m a fan, I know that you’re a legend, but I’d have to release a song daily if I said yes to everyone.

J Balvin, who grew up on Metallica and Nirvana, had his paradigm shifted by Daddy Yankee, whom he calls the Jay Z of Latin hip-hop. As a teenager, I was such a fan that I was copying his style, the way he moved onstage, his flows, his raps,” J Balvin said.

By flirting with the American music industry — including a domestic audience of some 55 million Latinos — but not straying too far from his reggaeton roots, he hopes to attract interest without undermining his global brand.

In many ways, Miami is ground zero for popular Latin music in the United States. With Latinx residents forming the majority of the Magic City’s population , Miamians — with their love of music like reggaeton and Latino urbano — are often bellwethers for new Latin artists and songs that go on to find success in the greater American market. It’s no surprise, then, that Colombian reggaeton superstar J Balvin’s concert at the American Airlines Arena felt almost like a homecoming for an artist who isn’t even from the 305.

According to E! Latino , the singers met on April 2018 and their first collaboration, a remix of X” , the song made famous by Nicky Jam and J Balvin, now Maluma and Ozuna, was released on June 29 of that same year. We would love this pair to collaborate much further, perhaps writing something together.

Balvin took a moment during one of his slower songs to have a heart-to-heart with the audience. He spoke about dealing with depression, and then thanked the reggaeton artists before him for paving the way. My friend commented how glad she is that musicians like Balvin have changed the machista stereotype that defined the genre for so many years.

They are both young men (J Balvin, the oldest, just turned 34 this month), so they will likely remain friends for years and years to come. Music careers, particularly in genres like reggaeton, which depends as much on talent as it does on youth, tend to be short. We can just imagine what they will look like as a pair of viejitos watching videos of their best years and, hopefully, smiling over their many collaborations. Se vale soñar.

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