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Extreme highs like Off da Zoinkys” could have held so much more weight on a more focused record. At this point, J.I.D is looking to secure the autumn all to himself, calling back to last year’s DiCaprio 2, which arrived at the tail end of November.

j.i.d – J.I.D Skrawberries Feat. BJ The Chicago Kid (Audio)

J.I.DEast Atlanta rapper J.I.D has signed with Dreamville Records and Interscope Records, which released his official debut single Never” in December. Lauder” serves as the powerful outro to J.I.D’s 2017 release, The Never Story. Over a laced production, J.I.D delivers three riveting verses that display his prowess as a writer , as he seamlessly jumps in and out of flows, delivers top-tier wordplay and gives the listener content that relates directly to his life experiences. It was the right song to close out the project because it leaves fans with one of the most impressive exhibitions of his career, thus far.

There’s a noticeable difference in the overall tempo and liveliness of how the album flows. Location has an effect on how art is made The environment influences the direction in which creativity flows. One perk of The Never Story being well-received was a chance to constantly be on the road, an outcome that had a substantial impact on the molding of its follow-up.

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For this video, ATLiens, J.I.D, Young Nudy, and EarthGang, allow Bas and J. Cole to invade their city. The visual was directed by Chad Tennies, Mac Grant, Caleb Seales, and Mike Dan and starts off with the two East Atlanta representatives, J.I.D and Young Nudy, welcoming the camera to their section of the city. Nudy holds tightly to his title of “The King of EA” by donning a crown during a verse that teases listeners. J.I.D quickly follows up with a verse that’s littered with Atlanta references. He delivers these bars while eating chicken on top of a classic Oldsmobile.

The MC, who just made a splash with ‘DiCaprio 2,’ is not your average ATL rapper. He explained how when The Never Story” was released, people did not know what they could expect, but with DiCaprio 2,” fans had a precedent.

The Green Bay Packers and the New England Patriots are facing off on the television. There are five, maybe six of us watching from couches in the living room. J.I.D is to my left; on his lap is an old MacBook. Before play is pressed, he asks for the T.V. to be turned down; not muted, just a slightly lower volume. He’s surprisingly still for someone who received his nickname for being jittery as a child. He’s also surprisingly soft-spoken, a quality found in his SoundCloud bio but one that isn’t displayed when the rapper takes the stage.

Over a fire instrumental provided by Nice Rec & Christo, J.I.D spazzes out with relentless flows and bars on top of bars. The clarity in his rapid-fire delivery may be the most impressive element of 151 Rum” and even with several tongue-twisting stretches, the Atlanta MC sounds even more comfortable than when he raps at a slower cadence. Purely from a stylistic perspective , this is a record that embodies why he’s viewed as a superstar in the making” by many. This is one of those tracks that you have to max out the volume on when you press play.

It’s that nightmare-within-a-dream-situation that evokes the most similarities between J.I.D and a Leonardo DiCaprio character; in this case his late-career signature role as Dom Cobb, in Christopher Nolan’s dream-centric thriller Inception. Recently, he shared a graphic of the infamous shot of a spinning top that closes the film. When I ask the question everyone has at the end of the film — does that top keep spinning or does it wobble? — J.I.D waits before answering.

Dreamville’s Revenge of the Dreamers III released back in July of this year. In addition to showcasing the talents of the Dreamville roster, the album is packed with complementary features. You can revisit the project underneath.

The track Off Da Zoinkys” comes from the -signed rapper’s critically-acclaimed sophomore project, DiCaprio 2 – lushly layered over a gospel sample from The Crowns of Glory, with J.I.D’s confident staccato flow spitting about abstaining from drugs.

Here, we find J. Cole, J.I.D , Bas , EarthGang , and Young Nudy all linking up in Atlanta, the stomping grounds of J.I.D, EarthGang, and Young Nudy. Press play above to watch the Chad Tennies, Mac Grant, Caleb Seales, and Mike Dank-directed video.

Like fellow rappers Quavo and Schoolboy Q, JID dreamt of being an athlete as a kid. As a high schooler, he played football as a defensive back, and was also a track athlete. He suffered a hip dislocation in his senior year, but still went to Hampton University in Virginia on a football scholarship. But, as Rolling Stone notes , JID didn’t leave Hampton on a good note—and his future looked uncertain.

Hatcher: In terms of production, we wanted it to be a bit more open, daytime, and upbeat, whereas the first album was very nocturnal and chilled out, so, that’s kind of the difference between the two sound-wise as well.

So how did an Atlanta rhymer link up with North Carolina’s own J. Cole? The relationship began when J.I.D went on tour with EarthGang, Bas and Ab-Soul way back in 2014. It was there where J.I.D struck a friendship with Cole’s right-hand man Bas and producer Cedric Brown.

Eventually, EarthGang (both Johnny Venus and Doctur Dot) and J.I.D close out the video by meeting on top of the torch that was left in Atlanta from the 1996 Summer Olympics. Watch the “Down Bad” video above.

DiCaprio 2 is a subtle evolution. J.I.D’s raps are still thick, intricate and compressed, but aren’t as impenetrable. The raps are tighter, the stories more streamlined, the beats more luscious. A song like Tiiied,” featuring 6LACK and Ella Mai, is in the running for one of the best uptempo R&B songs of the year. Even with the Auto-Tune cranked up, J.I.D’s energy doesn’t slow, his syllables always come tumbling out with a ferocious energy.

DJ D-Ron and DJ Cristo both constantly ran around the stage, making sure the show was perfect for the audience. They both were excellent in hyping the crowds for JID, with DJ D-Ron playing songs like Kendrick Lamar’s m.A.A.d. city,” which got the whole Bourbon crowd singing along.

Despite his explanations, the similarities between J.I.D and Leonardo DiCaprio are not immediately apparent. Destin Route is a 28-year-old rapper from East Atlanta, covered in a menagerie of tattoos and tapped as one of the best traditional lyricists of his generation. Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio is a white, 43-year-old actor who was never scouted by J. Cole for his Dreamville Records label or even named an XXL Freshman (basically the new Oscars). Regardless, even the most casual observer can tell they both have indelible charm and chips on their shoulders.J.I.D

In November 2018, JID released his second studio album, DiCaprio 2,” an album that has come with critical acclaim for the Atlanta-born rapper. Last year was a huge year for JID, as he was featured on Denzel Curry’s track Sirens” and became a starring member of ‘s Dreamville” record label roster.

His debut studio album, The Never Story, was released on March 10, 2017 to public praise and included the single “Never”. He released his second album DiCaprio 2 on November 26, 2018; it contained the singles “151 Rum” and “Off Deez” and also received critical acclaim.

Hampton wasn’t all doom and gloom, though. It was there that JID met Doctur Dot and Johnny Venus of EarthGang, who recruited him into the Spillage Village crew they founded around 2010. The Atlanta oddball duo have been supporting him ever since.

The expansive 14-track sophomore effort is a brilliant showcasing of not only J.I.D’s technical ability but the rising rapper’s range. Opening on a skit that makes one beyond nostalgic for an age of underground hip-hop where such things were commonplace and expected, J.I.D sets the tone of DiCaprio 2 as an exercise in how to bring traditional influences to the present day and beyond. Jumping into the aptly-titled Slick Talk,” J.I.D delivers a series of rapid-fire bars over an array of atmospheric production to prove he has the skill to back up his more humorous inclinations.

For those keeping score, J.I.D. also took a moment to tease one of his more anticipated unreleased bangers in the ensuing comment thread. “Lions and tigers and nas with knives,” he writes, in Emojispeak, harkening to this particular track. Die-hard J.I.D. fans are clearly familiar with this one , and if it’s indeed set to be included on his next project, we’re likely in for something truly special. At this point, J.I.D is looking to secure the autumn all to himself, calling back to last year’s DiCaprio 2, which arrived at the tail end of November.

Being relatable is an attribute that many talented acts simply don’t have. They make great music, but lack the ability to connect with the listener on a personal level This has never been an issue for J.I.D, as he’s an artist who presents his real-life experiences in a way that makes it easy to relate to. Working Out” off DiCaprio 2 is a joint that articulates the emotions that one feels when things just aren’t going their way despite putting effort. Another introspective, great record.

Hatcher: I didn’t have any. E, A, D, G, B, and E. That’s a really sht guitar joke. I think even at that point, I wanted to do it. And then I met Andy when we studied music at university. We just had to slog on for a few more years and hone our craft a bit.

In October 2013, J.I.D released Para Tu, his fourth mixtape. Around this time, he also officially created the Spillage Village collective with EARTHGANG, Hollywood JB, and JordxnBryant. J.I.D re-released Para Tu on SoundCloud in December 2017 after fans had discovered it and were posting it online.

For a man who, at the beginning of the album, claimed he was trying to diss every other rapper, the song is extremely vulnerable. In the chorus, he repeats, I been working hella hard, shit ain’t really working out,” but he gives no indication to what that shit” might be. The track is an unapologetic look into J.I.D.’s own mental state.

Destin Choice Route (b. October 31, 1990), better known by the stage name J.I.D, is an American rapper from Zone 6, Atlanta, Georgia. He describes himself as a soft-spoken but intricate lyricist with a cocky side.” His stage name originates from jittery,” his grandmother’s nickname for him due to his sporadic behavior as a child.

J. Cole and his Dreamville crew are back with a new video in support of their most recent compilation album, Revenge of the Dreamers III The release of the Down Bad” visual follows their Sacrifices” aesthetic from August.

J.I.D inking a deal with Dreamville is a great match. The label, which is home to Bas, Cozz, Omen and singer Ari Lennox, are all excellent with the pen but each bring a distinct style that’s truly their own. The new signee fits that fold. With his new project, The Never Story, on the way, XXL sat down with J.I.D for The Break to get to know more about his come up.

This album does so many things right, but I can’t call it a masterpiece — it definitely has its flaws. It is undeniably top-heavy, with a second half that is good but not as great as the first seven tracks. Furthermore, while J.I.D.’s lyricism is as clever as it gets, it is almost too accessible. On the first listen, you can hear J.I.D.’s skill instantly. However, you aren’t rewarded on the second, third or even 10th listen like you are with one of the greats such as To Pimp a Butterfly.

Pushing the same piece of shit until I get me a Bentley,” J.I.D raps on LAUDER ,” the impressive epilogue that concludes his breakout Dreamville debut, 2017’s The Never Story. He’s referring to his beloved 2006 Pontiac G6, the vehicle J. Cole is seen driving in the Never Story mini-documentary that preceded the album’s release.

J.I.D began attending Hampton University on a football scholarship in the fall of 2008. At that time, he was nicknamed ‘Jidd’ and released music under multiple variations of that name. His first mixtape, CakeWalk , was released in May 2010 and featured a number of friends from Hampton. The tape also marked two of his earliest collaborations with EARTHGANG He released his second mixtape, CakeWalk 2 , in June 2011. J.I.D was expelled from Hampton at some point during his senior year. Route of Evil was released in June 2012 as J.I.D’s third mixtape. DJ Tay James , Justin Bieber ‘s official DJ, hosted each of these three mixtapes. J.I.D does not publicly acknowledge any of these tapes, and they are not easily discoverable on the internet.

As a kid—around the age of seven or eight—J.I.D watched and was impressed by the Lasse Hallström-directed classic film What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. Leonardo DiCaprio played Arnie Grape , the mentally impaired baby brother of Gilbert, played by Johnny Depp. The level of talent required to play the role convincingly is what made a young J.I.D gravitate toward DiCaprio. He would later find in his favorite actor a kindred spirit. He was highly respected in his field, yet lacking recognition in the highest form.

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The phrase “controlled combustion” is a recurring thought as songs spill from the MacBook speakers and Backwoods rotate around the couches. The first listen is like hearing a project of intricate songs that carry moments of surprise. Whether it’s the bombastic production, lyrical prowess, rhyme patterns, heightened musicality, or unexpected guest features, there’s something about the records that make them pop as if cherry bombs were planted in the Pro Tools.

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