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113 Therefore, the prestige of the J.D. has also risen, and many universities outside the U.S. have started to offer the J.D., often for the express purpose of raising the prestige of their law school and graduates.

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J.I.DAtlanta rapper JID turned his back on a football scholarship to pursue music, working for years to develop a quickly shifting lyrical style that stood out in a sea of soundalike rappers. From Outkast to Gucci Mane to the recent rise of mumble rap, Atlanta has remained a breeding ground for some of the most important and impressive feats in hip-hop. J.I.D carries that torch with a deft hand and impressive flow in his long-awaited sophomore album, DiCaprio 2. The Atlanta rapper, who signed to J. Cole’s Dreamville records last year, was lauded for his debut project Dicaprio and its impressive sense of lyricism and technicality. J.I.D has only gotten better with time.

This Oldsmobile becomes a focal point of the video. As the visual transitions to Bas’ verse, the rapper is seen sitting in the car with EarthGang and J.I.D. While it seems like they are just cruising through the city, they’re actually on their way to meet J. Cole at the airport where he’s just exited his private jet. That sets the stage for Cole to drop his verse. Similar to the way his staccato lyrics change the flow of the song, EarthGang’s Johnny Venus switches the location of the video from East Atlanta to the city’s West End. He also changes the car from a chopped top Oldsmobile to a Buick GSX.

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JID came onto the stage with a backdrop of the faces of Hollywood stars, such as Denzel Washington, Steven Spielberg, Scarlett Johansson and its centerpiece, Leonardo DiCaprio. JID started his set with older hits off of his first album, The Never Story,” with songs such as EdEddnEddy,” All Bad” and Underwear.” These songs helped set up the atmosphere in the Bourbon, warming the crowd up for what was to come.

The questions covered a wide range of topics from the rapper’s rise to fame to finding success in the music industry, and J.I.D held nothing back, giving advice and sharing wisdom with fans and aspiring artists in the audience.

The phrase “controlled combustion” is a recurring thought as songs spill from the MacBook speakers and Backwoods rotate around the couches. The first listen is like hearing a project of intricate songs that carry moments of surprise. Whether it’s the bombastic production, lyrical prowess, rhyme patterns, heightened musicality, or unexpected guest features, there’s something about the records that make them pop as if cherry bombs were planted in the Pro Tools.

DiCaprio 2” warrants a few listens, a few songs added to the aux cord playlist, but falls flat as the individual piece of art that J.I.D. is so capable of crafting — and has crafted in the past. Fans can only hope that J.I.D. can use his evident artistic growth to craft a project worth putting into the rap history books.

J.I.D inking a deal with Dreamville is a great match. The label, which is home to Bas, Cozz, Omen and singer Ari Lennox, are all excellent with the pen but each bring a distinct style that’s truly their own. The new signee fits that fold. With his new project, The Never Story, on the way, XXL sat down with J.I.D for The Break to get to know more about his come up.

J.I.D began attending Hampton University on a football scholarship in the fall of 2008. At that time, he was nicknamed ‘Jidd’ and released music under multiple variations of that name. His first mixtape, CakeWalk, was released in May 2010 and featured a number of friends from Hampton. The tape also marked two of his earliest collaborations with EARTHGANG. He released his second mixtape, CakeWalk 2, in June 2011. J.I.D was expelled from Hampton at some point during his senior year. Route of Evil was released in June 2012 as J.I.D’s third mixtape. DJ Tay James , Justin Bieber‘s official DJ, hosted each of these three mixtapes. J.I.D does not publicly acknowledge any of these tapes, and they are not easily discoverable on the internet.

This is the debut album from the Atlanta native. ‘DiCaprio 2′ features the singles 151 Rum, Off Deez and more. Guest features include J. Cole, 6lack, Ella Mai, A$ap Ferg, Method Man, Joey Badass and BJ The Chicago Kid.

The expansive 14-track sophomore effort is a brilliant showcasing of not only J.I.D’s technical ability but the rising rapper’s range. Opening on a skit that makes one beyond nostalgic for an age of underground hip-hop where such things were commonplace and expected, J.I.D sets the tone of DiCaprio 2 as an exercise in how to bring traditional influences to the present day and beyond. Jumping into the aptly-titled Slick Talk,” J.I.D delivers a series of rapid-fire bars over an array of atmospheric production to prove he has the skill to back up his more humorous inclinations.

As I walk out of J.I.D’s home, I tell him the next time he plays me an album it will be inside a mansion. He laughs, a modest man who believes in his music but not his own hype. However, two songs eventually turned into six as the rapper performed several songs off his most recent album DiCaprio 2,” released Nov. 26.

It’s been a little under a year since J.I.D.’s last solo album DiCaprio 2, though Revenge Of The Dreamers 3 certainly served as a suitable holdover Yet with an upcoming No I.D. collaboration album in the works, as well as his next solitary endeavor, anticipation for J.I.D’s next move has been elevated to new heights. Evidently, J.I.D. himself has been feeling anxious about the drought, and took to Twitter to reveal his upcoming release window – albeit, sneakily.

Despite his explanations, the similarities between J.I.D and Leonardo DiCaprio are not immediately apparent. Destin Route is a 28-year-old rapper from East Atlanta, covered in a menagerie of tattoos and tapped as one of the best traditional lyricists of his generation. Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio is a white, 43-year-old actor who was never scouted by J. Cole for his Dreamville Records label or even named an XXL Freshman (basically the new Oscars). Regardless, even the most casual observer can tell they both have indelible charm and chips on their shoulders.J.I.D

Over a fire instrumental provided by Nice Rec & Christo, J.I.D spazzes out with relentless flows and bars on top of bars. The clarity in his rapid-fire delivery may be the most impressive element of 151 Rum” and even with several tongue-twisting stretches, the Atlanta MC sounds even more comfortable than when he raps at a slower cadence. Purely from a stylistic perspective , this is a record that embodies why he’s viewed as a superstar in the making” by many. This is one of those tracks that you have to max out the volume on when you press play.

It’s that nightmare-within-a-dream-situation that evokes the most similarities between J.I.D and a Leonardo DiCaprio character; in this case his late-career signature role as Dom Cobb, in Christopher Nolan’s dream-centric thriller Inception. Recently, he shared a graphic of the infamous shot of a spinning top that closes the film. When I ask the question everyone has at the end of the film — does that top keep spinning or does it wobble? — J.I.D waits before answering.

The high point of the album comes almost halfway in with Off da Zoinkys.” I hesitate to call it an anti-drug anthem, as so many songs with this structure serve to make rap more palatable to half-woke white people.

Pushing the same piece of shit until I get me a Bentley,” J.I.D raps on LAUDER ,” the impressive epilogue that concludes his breakout Dreamville debut, 2017’s The Never Story. He’s referring to his beloved 2006 Pontiac G6, the vehicle J. Cole is seen driving in the Never Story mini-documentary that preceded the album’s release.

East Atlanta-born-and-raised rapper signed to J Cole’s label for his stunning technical abilities and versatile rhyme styles. Here’s the second song off DiCaprio2 with. With production from Chase The Money and J. Cole on the record, this is to be played as loud as possible.

JID then played his most popular song from DiCaprio 2,” Off Deez.” Even though the recorded version of the song has a feature, JID tried to include the crowd even more by having them sing J. Cole’s part.

The track Off Da Zoinkys” comes from the -signed rapper’s critically-acclaimed sophomore project, DiCaprio 2 – lushly layered over a gospel sample from The Crowns of Glory, with J.I.D’s confident staccato flow spitting about abstaining from drugs.

DJ D-Ron and DJ Cristo both constantly ran around the stage, making sure the show was perfect for the audience. They both were excellent in hyping the crowds for JID, with DJ D-Ron playing songs like Kendrick Lamar’s m.A.A.d. city,” which got the whole Bourbon crowd singing along.

In February 2014, J.I.D and the rest of Spillage Village released Bears Like This, their first compilation. In July of that year, J.I.D released Lucky Buddha, a collaborative EP with Money Makin’ Nique.

One of the many album standouts was Down Bad,” which features Cole, JID, Bas, Earthgang, and Young Nudy. Now, Dreamville has shared a new video for the track. The clip alternates between grainy footage filmed inside an airplane and professionally shot video of the rappers involved delivering their verses in various environments.

From Outkast to Gucci Mane to the recent rise of mumble rap, Atlanta has remained a breeding ground for some of the most important and impressive feats in hip-hop. J.I.D carries that torch with a deft hand and impressive flow in his long-awaited sophomore album, DiCaprio 2. The Atlanta rapper, who signed to J. Cole’s Dreamville records last year, was lauded for his debut project Dicaprio and its impressive sense of lyricism and technicality. J.I.D has only gotten better with time.

Just two tracks later, J.I.D. does what some previously thought was impossible. The track Off Deez” features J. Cole, and yet it avoids disintegrating into a fireball of cringe. J. Cole’s verse is pretty good, as far as J. Cole verses go — I’ll leave what that means up to your opinion on J. Cole — but it is undeniably outshined by the man signed to J Cole’s label, J.I.D.

Never” was the first single released for J.I.D’s The Never Story and is still one of his most popular records. It’s a reflective joint that gives you insight into his life struggles , but sets the stage for him to charismatically showcase his undeniable range as a rapper. In a sit-down with GENIUS , he stated, I made it in a real crazy time in my life. When I was trying to get shit, but I didn’t really have shit.” That energy of hunger is clear throughout, which makes for a compelling listen.

When I arrived at J.I.D’s Southwest Atlanta home, the gold Pontiac sat before the two-story house like a stock-still guardian. Years of wear and tear and adventure were apparent from first glance. To see the car, and to return to his home, reminded me of arriving to hear The Never Story back in 2016. J.I.D wasn’t a burgeoning rap sensation then; he was far from the world’s radar. There were no Dreamville or J. Cole cosigns ; no interviews in Complex and Rolling Stone ; no sold-out headlining tours in the U.S. and Europe.

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