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In September of 2018, he issued the single “151 Rum,” the first offering from DiCaprio 2 , his sophomore full-length and sequel to his 2015 EP. The album arrived in late November and included cameos from 6LACK , A$AP Ferg , Method Man , and others.

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J.I.DWhen you think of the new sound of the young wave of artists coming out of Atlanta, nine times out of 10, you’re going to think about trap music. There are elements in albums like J. Cole’s KOD , Vince Staples‘ FM! , Travis Scott’s ASTROWORLD , and Rico Nasty’s Nasty that exemplify the live-show experience. It takes consideration to curate a project that translates in settings beyond headphones and trunk speakers. Just don’t think for a second because the stage inspired elements of the music that DiCaprio 2 is built upon brevity. He’s got a lot of words on this tape,” Johnson admitted when discussing the upcoming tour.

In November 2018, JID released his second studio album, DiCaprio 2,” an album that has come with critical acclaim for the Atlanta-born rapper. Last year was a huge year for JID, as he was featured on Denzel Curry’s track Sirens” and became a starring member of ‘s Dreamville” record label roster.

Rising hip-hop artist J.I.D. , part of J. Cole ‘s Dreamville Records powerhouse squad, has been on fire lately. Late last year, just in time for his Halloween birthday, the Atlanta rapper released his sophomore album, DiCaprio 2, which is filled with big collabs and even bigger energy throughout its 14 tracks.

When I arrived at J.I.D’s Southwest Atlanta home, the gold Pontiac sat before the two-story house like a stock-still guardian. Years of wear and tear and adventure were apparent from first glance. To see the car, and to return to his home, reminded me of arriving to hear The Never Story back in 2016. J.I.D wasn’t a burgeoning rap sensation then; he was far from the world’s radar. There were no Dreamville or J. Cole cosigns ; no interviews in Complex and Rolling Stone ; no sold-out headlining tours in the U.S. and Europe.

One of the many album standouts was Down Bad,” which features Cole, JID, Bas, Earthgang, and Young Nudy. Now, Dreamville has shared a new video for the track. The clip alternates between grainy footage filmed inside an airplane and professionally shot video of the rappers involved delivering their verses in various environments.

You’ll recognise him from Baby Driver and The Fault In Our Stars, but American screen star Ansel Elgort‘s latest jaunt sees him showing off some smooth moves in the brand new music video from east Atlanta rap talent (and friend), J.I.D.

With its cinematic nature, it’s no surprise that J.I.D’s music is revered in the film and television world — just this summer he joined Aloe Blacc on Getting Started,” the official theme song for Hobbs & Shaw;” his track 151 Rum” appeared on HBO’s cult classic Euphoria” TV show while Skrawberries” makes an appearance on EA Games’ NBA2K20 video game soundtrack.

J.I.D is far from that middle place now but he knows there are billions of people in the world and only a small fraction knows his name. He is confident—and rightfully so—DiCaprio 2 will attract more eyes and ears. Yet, the album that began as a mixtape is only a bridge between The Never Story and what will come next. They weren’t major label album releases, but Kendrick Lamar’s Section.80, J. Cole’s Friday Night Lights, Wiz Khalifa’s Kush & Orange Juice, and Wale’s The Mixtape About Nothing all served as a launching pad for each artist. DiCaprio 2 has the potential to be that release for J.I.D, a project that sets the bar for his entire career.

J.I.D signed to J. Cole ‘s Dreamville Records on February 20, 2017. Less than three weeks after his signing, he released his debut studio album, The Never Story , on March 10, 2017. In Nov. 2017, J.I.D embarked on the Never Had S-t Tour.” He co-headlined with Earthgang, also a part of Spillage Village, performing over 34 shows across North America and Europe.

This is the debut album from the Atlanta native. ‘DiCaprio 2′ features the singles 151 Rum, Off Deez and more. Guest features include J. Cole, 6lack, Ella Mai, A$ap Ferg, Method Man, Joey Badass and BJ The Chicago Kid.

Hatcher: I didn’t have any. E, A, D, G, B, and E. That’s a really sht guitar joke. I think even at that point, I wanted to do it. And then I met Andy when we studied music at university. We just had to slog on for a few more years and hone our craft a bit.

There’s a noticeable difference in the overall tempo and liveliness of how the album flows. Location has an effect on how art is made The environment influences the direction in which creativity flows. One perk of The Never Story being well-received was a chance to constantly be on the road, an outcome that had a substantial impact on the molding of its follow-up.

Listening to the words in his music, the Dreamville artist refers to himself as JID, the word altogether and naturally, spelled out as J-I-D. During the majority of the performance, the crowd rapped along with J.I.D. At one point, the theater was completely silent as the audience was entranced by the rapper’s verses.

The J.D. is not to be confused with Doctor of Laws or Legum Doctor (LLD or LL.D.). In institutions where the latter can be earned, e.g. Cambridge University (where it is titled Doctor of Law, though still retaining the abbreviation LLD) and many other British institutions, it is a higher research doctorate representing a substantial contribution to the field over many years, a standard of professional experience beyond that required for a PhD and academic accomplishment well beyond a professional degree such as the J.D. 28 The LL.D. is invariably an honorary degree in the United States.

Listening to his knotty lyrical flows and rap gymnastics now, the ‘jittery’ description doesn’t quite stick. But JID still gets anxious and sensitive , especially when it comes to his music. That’s the sign of an artist who takes his craft seriously, though.

Over a fire instrumental provided by Nice Rec & Christo, J.I.D spazzes out with relentless flows and bars on top of bars. The clarity in his rapid-fire delivery may be the most impressive element of 151 Rum” and even with several tongue-twisting stretches, the Atlanta MC sounds even more comfortable than when he raps at a slower cadence. Purely from a stylistic perspective , this is a record that embodies why he’s viewed as a superstar in the making” by many. This is one of those tracks that you have to max out the volume on when you press play.

Before DiCaprio 2 landed, JID dropped an album trailer that delighted fans of both the rapper and the titular actor. The tongue-in-cheek clip featured JID re-enacting some iconic scenes in DiCaprio movies, from The Revenant to Inception to The Wolf of Wall Street.

During my conversations with Johnson and Nicholson, both men framed DiCaprio 2 as a statement album and a separation piece. It’s a consensus—intentional or not—of the shared expectations. Growth is a recurring word that can be found in all my transcripts. The music has elevated, and now they want everything surrounding their artist to follow suit. Kamara is having a statement season for the Saints; it’s fitting that J.I.D sees in his performance this year what he wants this upcoming release to exemplify. The spirit that drove him to compete on the football field in college is still a driving force to prove why he’s a standout artist.

Being relatable is an attribute that many talented acts simply don’t have. They make great music, but lack the ability to connect with the listener on a personal level This has never been an issue for J.I.D, as he’s an artist who presents his real-life experiences in a way that makes it easy to relate to. Working Out” off DiCaprio 2 is a joint that articulates the emotions that one feels when things just aren’t going their way despite putting effort. Another introspective, great record.

J.I.D began attending Hampton University on a football scholarship in the fall of 2008. At that time, he was nicknamed ‘Jidd’ and released music under multiple variations of that name. His first mixtape, CakeWalk , was released in May 2010 and featured a number of friends from Hampton. The tape also marked two of his earliest collaborations with EARTHGANG He released his second mixtape, CakeWalk 2 , in June 2011. J.I.D was expelled from Hampton at some point during his senior year. Route of Evil was released in June 2012 as J.I.D’s third mixtape. DJ Tay James , Justin Bieber ‘s official DJ, hosted each of these three mixtapes. J.I.D does not publicly acknowledge any of these tapes, and they are not easily discoverable on the internet.

On this Willie B-produced gem, listeners are granted a 2-minute bar session that impresses even in its brevity. The song flows as a freestyle, and J.I.D uses this track as a way to simply get some rhymes off and flex lyrically. Willie B’s menacing, but eerie instrumental works as the perfect complement to the Atlanta MC’s very specific style of rapping.

Atlanta-based rapper J.I.D. is no newcomer to his craft — he’s been cranking out music well before a lot of his contemporaries hit puberty. However, only recently have audiences started tuning in to what he has to say. In 2017, J.I.D was signed to J. Cole’s label, Dreamville. In 2018, he was placed on the XXL Freshman cover. However irrelevant being put on the XXL Freshman list may be nowadays, it is still a significant nod to J.I.D.’s achievements and gradual maneuver towards the upper-echelons of the rap game.

JID continued with more hits from DiCaprio 2,” like Off Da Zoinkys” and Skrawberries,” which showed off his singing prowess with his melodic vocals carrying the track. After Off Da Zoinkys,” JID stopped the show for the remembrance of Mac Miller by playing his song Come Back to Earth.” The majority of the crowd turned on their flashlights in an emotional moment.

Growing up on a mix of his parents’ collection of classic funk and soul LPs, J.I.D first appeared on the Atlanta hip-hop scene with his debut EP DiCaprio in 2015. After a stint at Hampton University playing football, J.I.D hooked up with fellow MCs as part of the Spillage Village collective – eventually making the move to drop out of college and focus solely on music.

His debut studio album, The Never Story , was released on March 10, 2017 to critical acclaim and included the single “NEVER”. He released his second album DiCaprio 2 on November 26, 2018 to positive reviews and critical acclaim.

The expansive 14-track sophomore effort is a brilliant showcasing of not only J.I.D’s technical ability but the rising rapper’s range. Opening on a skit that makes one beyond nostalgic for an age of underground hip-hop where such things were commonplace and expected, J.I.D sets the tone of DiCaprio 2 as an exercise in how to bring traditional influences to the present day and beyond. Jumping into the aptly-titled Slick Talk,” J.I.D delivers a series of rapid-fire bars over an array of atmospheric production to prove he has the skill to back up his more humorous inclinations.

DJ D-Ron and DJ Cristo both constantly ran around the stage, making sure the show was perfect for the audience. They both were excellent in hyping the crowds for JID, with DJ D-Ron playing songs like Kendrick Lamar’s m.A.A.d. city,” which got the whole Bourbon crowd singing along.

Rising hip-hop artist J.I.D. , part of J. Cole ‘s Dreamville Records powerhouse squad, has been on fire lately. Late last year, just in time for his Halloween birthday, the Atlanta rapper released his sophomore album, DiCaprio 2, which is filled with big collabs and even bigger energy throughout its 14 tracks.

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