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63 The third single from the album was ” Carry You Home “, released in March 2008, peaking at number 20 in the U.K charts and bringing the album back into the Top 10, six months after its release.

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JAMES BLUNTJames Hillier Blount (born 22 February 1974), 3 better known by his stage name James Blunt, is an English singer-songwriter , record producer and former British Army Officer. Produced by Great Guns, the video picks up where ‘You’re Beautiful’ left off – a literal cliff hanger that saw him jumping into cold waters below after leaving most of his clothing and possessions on top of an icy mountain. All these years later, viewers are reunited with Blunt as he finally emerges from the ocean, washing up on a stony beach below a steep, rugged cliff face. True to its namesake, ‘Cold’ sees him embarking on a perilous climb up the mountain with his bare hands, fighting the elements to collect all his old clothing and possessions – many of which were the original pieces kept by Blunt after filming ‘You’re Beautiful’. In a cathartic climax, Blunt is rescued by a helicopter, finally leaving the mountain behind.

Yet he is also an Old Harrovian ex-Household Cavalryman whose father was a cavalry officer, and whose left pinky finger bears a gold signet ring impressed with the crest of a family that can trace its ancestry in the realm back nearly a millennium. His wife is a descendant of the Duke of Wellington. At the risk of being unfair to cavalry dynasties, it doesn’t sound entirely Remainy. In the end, I can’t make up my mind. Either he is a Leaver wary of spooking his pro- EU fans, or he is a Remainer who wants to appear sound to the shire Tories who comprise a chunk of his fanbase. Whichever it is, it’s not a dilemma Stormzy has faced.

On August 29, 2019, James Blunt officially released Cold”. The track was the first single Blunt released from his 2019 album Once Upon A Mind. FYI, Once Upon A Mind is Blunt’s sixth album. It was also Blunt’s first single release (as a lead artist) in 2019. As a matter of fact, prior to releasing Cold”, Blunt’s last fresh solo material came out as far back as in 2017.

James Blunt has stretched what many thought would be 15 minutes of fame into 15 years. He pumps out world tours every two years, is about to release his sixth album Once Upon a Mind and is still a master of self-deprecating humour — as our very own Tom Gleeson found out in 2017.

Still, everything wasn’t entirely rosé with The Afterlove. He mentions another of those big discussions, not quite a row but pretty close”, about a song called OK”, written with Steve Mac (co-writer of Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You”), who also produced it. I really didn’t enjoy where it got to, but the label said: ‘This has to go on, this is the direction, this is your first single.’ I said, ‘absolutely not’.

Blunt recorded Back to Bedlam in 2003 with Rothrock as producer in Conway Recording Studios and Rothrock’s home studio in Los Angeles, playing many instruments himself. 31 39 During recording, he lodged with actress Carrie Fisher Fisher contributed in naming the album, and he recorded the song ” Goodbye My Lover ” in her bathroom. 8 Back to Bedlam was released in the UK in October 2004.

Cold” serves as the first single of British songwriter James Blunt’s upcoming album Once Upon A Mind”, set to release on the 25th of October. The project was announced via Instagram along with the release of Cold” as its first single.

That is, in part, why he’s leveraging the single for his new work. “We’ve done a video for the new single here in the UK. That song is called ‘Cold,’ and it’s me coming back out of the ocean wearing the same clothes I was wearing in the video for ‘You’re Beautiful,'” Blunt explains over the phone. “I really feel like I’ve made it back to shore.” That feeling of rescue is one he’s bringing onto his new album, Once Upon a Mind, due out October 25.

There’s only one moment when James Blunt seems flustered. It’s not when he talks about his sick father, or how his new record is his most personal in 15 years, or how he handles criticism. Mostly he is genial and pleasant company, as you’d expect from someone who is as well known for his self-deprecating and occasionally lewd Twitter feed as for his harmless ballads. It’s when I ask him if he voted Remain.

Many also pointed out that, while a popular musician like James would not see his life on the road hampered by Brexit, this wasn’t the case for smaller acts, after a Guardian report found that leaving the EU without a deal would make touring ‘unviable’ for UK artists.

Things, then, are happening fast”. But equally, they’re very inspiring to write about”, Blunt says, less callously than it looks in print. You see a parent grow old, then you see that life replaced by other people,” he notes, referring to his two young sons – and here his other default setting, privacy, battles with the openness of the new album; he asks that I don’t reveal their names.

After flirting with electronica on his last album, James Blunt returns to what he does best on new album ‘Once Upon A Mind’, writing classic songs that touch both the heart and the head. His debut album Back to Bedlam, released in 2004, proved to be a huge success, selling 17million copies worldwide thanks to hits such as You’re Beautiful and Goodbye My Lover.

In the interview, James Blunt refused to disclose which way he voted in the 2016 referendum but told the paper’s Ed Cumming: “I’m going to carry on touring through Europe whatever happens. James Blunt, known for his wit, sassy comebacks and his friendship with fellow musician Ed Sheeran, is followed by 1.82 million users on Twitter.

James Blunt loves to joke about how gloomy his songs are and he says Once Upon a Mind is his most depressing collection yet. But the truth is that the album is really just agonisingly safe and painfully middle-of-the-road. (For the most part) Blunt has stared into his dark night of the soul and turned it into something beige and inoffensive.

James revealed he has written a song on his new album, Once Upon a Mind, that has summed up what he wanted to say in the event of his father’s death. And all my musician friends in independent bands who tour Europe every year but will be crippled by bureaucracy each time they cross a border. They don’t have tour managers to do this stuff for them.

Taking the mickey out of himself has truly become one of troubadour Blunt’s favoured forms of self-expression, using Twitter to communicate who he really is to his fans. James Blunt released his first album, ‘Back To Bedlam’ in the autumn of 2004 and soon after the single ‘You’re Beautiful’ became a global smash hit.

Blunt, whose new album Once Upon A Mind is out later this week, also appealed for help to find a kidney donor for his father, who has stage four chronic kidney disease. I loved James Blunt before and I love him even more now! Amazing energy. Awesome performance. Perfect vocals. Great band. The Belasco Theater was a beautiful venue for an unforgettable night.

It’s only when Blunt sings about his ill father that he finally delivers on his promise of real emotion. “How It Feels to Be Alive” is a sprawling piano-led melodrama, whose verses nod to early Tom McRae. The most affecting track, though, is “Monsters” based on Blunt’s experiences sitting by his father’s hospital bed. It may be overblown, and hugely sentimental, but when Blunt sings about trying to chase his dad’s monsters away, it’s also genuinely moving. If only he’d lay himself bare more often.

I’ve been on five world tours, I’ve played to thousands of people and they pay good money and they’re so positive and excited, and they sing along to songs that mean something to me because they connected with them in some respect in their own lives,” he says.

James Blunt is absolutely right – Brexit is not going to change the lives of public school educated millionaires like us. The You’re Beautiful singer was called out on his “ignorant” views and for being a “privately educated millionaire” by angry Twitter users.

Oh, now you’re asking technical questions! Laughs. Yes, it’s a real acoustic piano, but it also has MIDI, so I can play with a band live without the sound getting lost. But I can also get rid of the band for some songs and just play acoustically, and that’s when it’s really nice to have the real, original piano sound. It’s my piano of choice; it sounds great, and it’s very reliable-it’s lasted through a world tour! So I’m really happy, and wouldn’t look elsewhere.

James Blunt has sold over 23 million copies all over the world. After experimenting with electronic music on Afterlove” (2016), James Blunt’s new record Once Upon A Mind” marks the British singer’s comeback to his musical roots.

The singer has created 10 snapshots from his extraordinary life wherein love, lust, mistakes and regrets are scrutinized unflinchingly. Such is their sense of intimacy, the listener almost feels as if they are eavesdropping.

On 16 September 2014, Blunt confirmed on his official Instagram account that “Moon Landing” would be re-released on 3 November 2014. The new version of the album was named Moon Landing – Apollo Edition and contained 19 tracks: 11 from the original disc, plus the three bonus tracks of the deluxe version (“Telephone”, “Kiss This Love Goodbye”, and “Hollywood”) and five new tracks (“Smoke Signals”, “When I Find Love Again”, “Breathe”, “Trail of Broken Hearts”, and “Working it Out”). The new track “When I Find Love Again” was released as a single that same day, after being played on BBC’s Radio 2 for the first time. The official music video for “When I Find Love Again” was released on 14 October 2014. 68 69 The new version of the album also contains a 19-track live DVD recorded during Blunt’s performance in the 2014 edition of the Paléo Festival , Switzerland.

It is interesting that a boy who was ‘kicked off to boarding school at the age of seven’ has no angst about that paternal separation; neither does the teenager who desperately wanted to be a musician have any regrets about putting that dream on hold to follow his father into the Army, coming as he does from a family who can trace their military connections back to the 10th century. Everybody knew Blunt wanted to make music. When he studied sociology at Bristol, his final dissertation was entitled The Commodification Of Image – Production Of A Pop Idol. In Kosovo, where he served with distinction as a troop commander, he strapped his guitar to his tank and composed the song No Bravery, which became a hit five years later. But Blunt is all about old-fashioned duty.

The national barometer of boomer blood pressures reached ever new heights today, as James Blunt—best known for his massive 2004 single You’re Beautiful”—suggested in an interview this week that The Rolling Stones are still looking for a similarly seismic cultural offering of their own. To be fair, the whole Esquire piece in question is mostly about Blunt’s own attitudes toward his life of pop culture servitude as the You’re Beautiful” guy—he’s pretty okay with it, despite previous comments acknowledging its annoyingness—but the weirdest part is definitely when he suggests that Mick and Keith are still looking for a song with similar staying power, because apparently Jumping Jack Flash” just can’t compare.

Although he is widely adored for his hilarious Twitter take-downs and witty zingers, the singer-songwriter reckons the online world has fooled us all into thinking that life isn’t as wonderful as it actually is.

The reason this is so difficult for Blunt, 45, to talk about is that his father has stage four chronic kidney disease, and he needs an positive organ donor. None has been forthcoming so far, and the family have been shown an NHS timeline of life expectancy in these circumstances.

James is in a good place. The former British soldier who saw action in the Kosovo War before rising to fame with his debut album, Back to Bedlam, and achieving worldwide fame with the singles You’re Beautiful and Goodbye My Lover, has rediscovered his mojo.

At the Q Awards the year after the release of his album, he sat at a table while Noel Gallagher told the audience he was leaving Ibiza because he’d just heard Blunt had bought a house there (Blunt still lives on the island), Paul Weller announced he’d ‘rather eat his own s than work with James Blunt’ and Blur’s Damon Albarn refused to be in a photo alongside him. The NME named Back To Bedlam Worst Album Of The Year.

James is, indeed, lighting up the States. Having played a comparatively short 19-date, one-month tour in 2014, to support his Moon Landing album, he’s maxing out with his road-buddy, Ed. The shows will be followed by a major European tour, which will sell out the arenas of Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland and Italy, among others, before he returns to South America and the biggest cities of Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.

Yeah, I think I’m writing very personal songs about personal experiences, but perhaps people relate to them because as humans we’re very similar. We tend to have the same emotions, the same hopes and fears-we’re just trying to get by, really. But the things I write about are things that I feel and experience myself. Things that directly relate to my life.

Saw James open for Ed Sheeran in Nashville last weekend. I was so impressed and entertained. Loved his new music! I bought the entire album from ITunes. I also enjoyed when he sang “You’re Beautiful” because the entire crowd sang along.

Still, everything wasn’t entirely rosé with The Afterlove. He mentions another of those big discussions, not quite a row but pretty close”, about a song called OK”, written with Steve Mac (co-writer of Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You”), who also produced it. I really didn’t enjoy where it got to, but the label said: ‘This has to go on, this is the direction, this is your first single.’ I said, ‘absolutely not’.

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