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We caught up with him as he prepared for yet another North American tour. Blunt was a reconnaissance officer in the Life Guards, a cavalry regiment of the British Army, and served under NATO in the Kosovo War in 1999.

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JAMES BLUNTJames Blunt’s biggest fear” is not having enough beer. James Blunt is absolutely right – Brexit is not going to change the lives of public school educated millionaires like us. The You’re Beautiful singer was called out on his “ignorant” views and for being a “privately educated millionaire” by angry Twitter users.

This relatively quick journey to the top has its roots in Austin. After a performance at 2003’s South by Southwest conference, Blunt signed with Linda Perry’s Custard Record label and began work on his debut album. Back to Bedlam charts a journey through life’s experiences, relationships, hardships and aspirations.

James Blunt has shared the heartbreakingly beautiful ballad Monsters. This is the fourth track we’ve got to wrap our ears around that will feature on his upcoming sixth studio album, Once Upon A Mind out October 25th.

James Blunt is officially starting off on February, 14 2020 in Birmingham and is wrapping up his Once Upon A Mind Tour” at the magical Royal Albert Hall in London, after touring all over Europe and in the United Kingdom.

Blunt, whose new album Once Upon A Mind is out later this week, also discussed how he deals with criticism online. He is well known for his sarcastic comebacks on Twitter and often pokes fun at his own career, which peaked with his first studio album Back to Bedlam.

Blunt has sold over 20 million records worldwide. He has received several awards, including two Brit Awards—winning Best British Male in 2006—two MTV Video Music Awards and two Ivor Novello Awards, as well as receiving five Grammy Award nominations.

The singer has created 10 snapshots from his extraordinary life wherein love, lust, mistakes and regrets are scrutinized unflinchingly. Such is their sense of intimacy, the listener almost feels as if they are eavesdropping.

He received five Grammy nominations nearly two years after its release, but for a large part of the world, they don’t remember the nominations or the album’s other singles like “High” or “Goodbye My Lover.” They don’t recall the four studio albums he’s released since Back to Bedlam. They do however remember the inescapable melody of “You’re Beautiful” and the strangely frigid music video that ended with him disappearing into the sea. A decade and a half later, he’s reappeared out of the ocean. Literally.

James Blunt has called time on his musical career, saying he wants to take more time for himself”. This time, when posting a moving tribute to the singer Keith Flint, who died on Monday age 49, Blunt managed to get in a couple of subtle digs, just for good measure.

I go away on tour for extended period of time, up to 18 months at a time, leaving that little family behind and with that comes loneliness and guilt and isolation, not just on my part but sometimes on theirs too.

If he was to dedicate the album to a single person, he says, it would be his father, who has stage-four chronic kidney disease and needs an -positive kidney donor. Telling GMB viewers more about his new album he clarified “it is not all misery” and that some songs on there are for his wife and children – who are “hugely inspiring” to him.

Oh, now you’re asking technical questions! Laughs. Yes, it’s a real acoustic piano, but it also has MIDI, so I can play with a band live without the sound getting lost. But I can also get rid of the band for some songs and just play acoustically, and that’s when it’s really nice to have the real, original piano sound. It’s my piano of choice; it sounds great, and it’s very reliable-it’s lasted through a world tour! So I’m really happy, and wouldn’t look elsewhere.

During the interview James revealed that his album wasn’t ‘all misery’ and detailed the other meanings behind his songs, including his wife and kids. Good morning Britain airs weekdays from 6am on ITV while James Blunt’s new album Once Upon A Time will be available from Friday October 25.

James, whose sixth album Once Upon A Mind is dedicated to his family, said he got into music because it was “a better way of communicating” after his time in service. On 28 August 2019, Blunt announced the title of his forthcoming sixth album, ‘Once Upon A Mind’. He also released the song, ‘Cold’, as the lead single of the album on 29 August.

It is interesting that a boy who was ‘kicked off to boarding school at the age of seven’ has no angst about that paternal separation; neither does the teenager who desperately wanted to be a musician have any regrets about putting that dream on hold to follow his father into the Army, coming as he does from a family who can trace their military connections back to the 10th century. Everybody knew Blunt wanted to make music. When he studied sociology at Bristol, his final dissertation was entitled The Commodification Of Image – Production Of A Pop Idol. In Kosovo, where he served with distinction as a troop commander, he strapped his guitar to his tank and composed the song No Bravery, which became a hit five years later. But Blunt is all about old-fashioned duty.

Singer James Blunt has faced a backlash on social media after claiming “our lives aren’t going to change” after Brexit. In his signature self-effacing style, Blunt heralded the arrival of The Afterlove last year Tweeting, ‘If you thought 2016 was bad… I’m releasing an album in 2017′.

Anyway, none of the members of the Stones have responded to Blunt’s comments yet, presumably because they’re all holed up in the studio, trying to make this whole music career” thing finally come together at last.

Many also pointed out that, while a popular musician like James would not see his life on the road hampered by Brexit, this wasn’t the case for smaller acts, after a Guardian report found that leaving the EU without a deal would make touring ‘unviable’ for UK artists.

James Blunt is absolutely right – Brexit is not going to change the lives of public school educated millionaires like us. The You’re Beautiful singer was called out on his “ignorant” views and for being a “privately educated millionaire” by angry Twitter users.

James is, indeed, lighting up the States. Having played a comparatively short 19-date, one-month tour in 2014, to support his Moon Landing album, he’s maxing out with his road-buddy, Ed. The shows will be followed by a major European tour, which will sell out the arenas of Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland and Italy, among others, before he returns to South America and the biggest cities of Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.

Things, then, are happening fast”. But equally, they’re very inspiring to write about”, Blunt says, less callously than it looks in print. You see a parent grow old, then you see that life replaced by other people,” he notes, referring to his two young sons – and here his other default setting, privacy, battles with the openness of the new album; he asks that I don’t reveal their names.

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