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It’s tempered by a fluid Derulo dance routine that combines ballerina spins with kung-fu high kicks. Recuperating and reflecting upon his injury, he announced details of his new album and released the single “The Other Side” in April 2013.

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JASON DERULODerulo started writing for the likes of Diddy and Lil Wayne, with the intent of becoming a solo performer. Why, you might ask, are we discussing dessert with the A-list R&B artist? Well, life is going pretty well for Jason Derulo at the moment — he’s essentially having his cake, and eating it, too. Still only 29 years old, Derulo has sold more than 50 million records worldwide, with 11 singles having reached platinum status. Online his songs have racked up more than two billion views on YouTube and a further billion on Spotify streams.

Taylor Swift‘s 1989 holds strong at #2 with 70,000, then it’s another big rap debut, as Boosie BadAzz enters at #3 with Touch Down 2 Cause Hell on the strength of 64,000 units. No doubt this was mostly because the project was our Album Of The Week last week. More than 59,000 people bought the record outright, the erstwhile Lil Boosie’s biggest sales week ever. After that comes the Pitch Perfect 2 soundtrack at #4 with 51,000, then it’s another debut. Hillsong United’s latest Christian worship album Empires enters at #5 with 50,000. The 47,000 purchases represents a yet another career high sales week, besting Hillsong’s last top-10 album, 2013’s Zion. Last week’s #1, Twenty One Pilots‘ Blurryface, is at #6 with 38,000. Ed Sheeran’s x is at #7 with 35,000, followed by Meghan Trainor’s Title at #8 with 34,000. Two more soundtracks round out the top 10: Fifty Shades Of Grey (#9, 30,000) and Furious 7 (#10, just under 30,000).

There are bumpier moments. During a short preview of new song Make It, an ode to breaking up in order to sexily make up again, Derulo briefly appears to be miming. His DJ encourages the crowd to sing Happy Birthday to the star, despite it being a day late. It is also hard to summon up much enthusiasm for the declaration: I had the honour and the privilege of writing a song for the Fifa World Cup.” Turns out not even Derulo can make Colors , a Coca-Cola-funded would-be terrace anthem, anything approaching sexy.

7. Jason Derulo – of “Ridin’ Dirty,” “Whatcha Say,” and “Wiggle” fame – revealed that, growing up, his musical training was largely classical. When’s your opera album coming out, Jason? We’re waiting.

Over the next several years, Harris worked his contacts in the music industry while Derulo finished high school, until the law school student and junior high ballplayer officially became manager and artist.

Founded by global multi-platinum recording artist Jason Derulo and his mother Joyce in 2018, Just For You Foundation endeavors to support education, bring shelter to at-risk orphans and families, and encourage health in the United States and around the world through fundraising and global events.

With his laser-sculpted facial hair and endearing habit of singing his own name at the top of songs, Jason Derulo once seemed like the US equivalent of Craig David , even if the ripped Floridian’s industriousness made it almost impossible to imagine him chilling on Sundays. Derulo has now been pumping out radio-targeted, R&B-inflected club bangers for almost a decade. The last time the 29-year-old took any serious time off was an enforced year of physical therapy in 2012 after he almost broke his neck during a dance routine rehearsal.

At the start of 2012, he embarked on the Future History Tour, but broke one of his vertebrae during rehearsals. As a result of his neck injury, he canceled the entire tour. Recuperating and reflecting upon his injury, he announced details of his new album and released the single “The Other Side” in April 2013. Its follow-up, “Talk Dirty,” featuring 2 Chainz , shot to number three on the pop chart during the summer of 2013, and the album Tattoos was released in September in most territories. The U.S. received a retooled version of the album in 2014 titled Talk Dirty. It featured several new tracks, including “Wiggle” featuring Snoop Dogg , which reached the Top Ten in the summer of 2014.

Before topping the music charts, Jason was a ghostwriter for other artists. Your output is pretty incredible. Since your debut single in 2009 not a year has passed where you haven’t released something. Jason Derulo’s father is Joel Desrouleaux,he has two older brothers are Jeremih Felton and Joel Desrouleaux.

We spoke to Jason over the phone at a wholly unreasonable hour (for him) to talk about the upcoming music, the new crop of pop stars and working alongside acting superstars Judi Dench, Idris Elba and Ian McKellen in the forthcoming Cats film.

That extravagant armour is ditched during the opening AutoTuned fanfares of his debut single Whatcha Say While Derulo subsequently slips a parade of artfully distressed jackets on and off, he spends much of the 90-minute show bare chested, a creative decision enthusiastically co-signed by the majority of the crowd. He has become one of pop’s great preeners, even if some of his come-ons are a bit strong. The wicked nursery rhyme-styled Wiggle features the ungallant, frequently repeated line you know what to do with that big fat butt”. It’s tempered by a fluid Derulo dance routine that combines ballerina spins with kung-fu high kicks.

Here’s the plot of Pixels: A time capsule blasted into space in 1982 reached alien life forms, who responded by attacking earth with monster-sized retro video game characters including Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and the Space Invaders, forcing US military recruits former video game champions Adam Sandler and Josh Gad to fight off these creatures and save the world. Even that is less absurd than this song.

Jason Derulo’s laugh is contagious. He lets out a ha-ha-ha in a silky baritone and it’s almost impossible not to join in. On this occasion we’re chuckling about desserts — specifically chocolate lava cake — as he admits that it’s his guilty pleasure.

Derulo’s third international album, Tattoos, was released on September 24, 2013, while Derulo’s third U.S album Talk Dirty was released on April 15, 2014. Multi-platinum singer-songwriter Jason Derulo will make his feature acting debut with Cats, Working Title and Universal’s big-screen adaptation of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical.

This summer, Derulo will hit the road as support for Black Eyed Peas in Canada in July, appear at the Summer Sonic Festival in Japan in August, and perform several dates in Europe, including England’s V Festival, before hitting the road for a headlining U.S. tour at the end of September and Australia and New Zealand in November.

He’s already feeling that love. With his triple-platinum debut single “Whatcha Say” (an irresistible slice of finger-snapping, futuristic pop-R&B that spent four consecutive weeks atop the Pop chart), and the platinum second single In My Head,” Derulo became the first male solo artist to score consecutive No. 1’s on Billboard’s Pop Songs radio airplay chart in the chart’s 17-year-history with his first two entries. Whatcha Say,” which climbed to No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100, Rhythmic, and Pop charts, has sold five million copies, while Derulo’s second single, In My Head,” has sold more than three million copies, both worldwide, to date. Derulo’s third single, Ridin’ Solo,” is quickly approaching one million units sold, while its accompanying video has earned 12 million views on YouTube. Derulo has sold more than eight million singles and 600,000 albums worldwide.

Derulo is also keeping busy with his role in Cats,” the movie version of the musical that dominated Broadway in the 1970s and ’80s. Taylor Swift, Ian McKellen and Jennifer Hudson play felines alongside Derulo in the film, to be released Dec. 20.

Miami native Jason Derulo wrote and produced songs for the likes of Lil Wayne and Diddy before releasing his debut single, Whatcha Say,” and its follow-up, In My Head,” in 2009. Two years and two albums later, Derulo — who once opened for Lady Gaga — has sold 14 million tracks domestically and received approximately 700 million views on his YouTube channel.

After his amazing performance at the festival in 2017, Derulo and his uncanny ability to find new angles and true trends will be back sharing his music in order to delight the audience once again. His 11 career-defining platinum singles include hits such as Want to Want Me”, Whatcha Say”, In My Head”, Ridin’ Solo” or Don’t Wanna Go Home”.

The European leg of Jason Derulo’s 2Sides World Tour kicked off September 19 and wrapped up on October 30, with 27 shows scheduled across Ireland, the U.K. and Western and Eastern Europe. In 2015, Derulo released his single “Want to Want Me” and announced his fourth studio album, Everything Is 4, which was released on June 2, 2015. His next album, 2Sides, will follow in 2018.

The album features American hip-hop recording artist 2 Chainz ; it is the first single from Derulo to contain a feature. The tracks accompanying music video had already been shot and was released in early August 2013.

Derulo’s 2014 album, Talk Dirty, spawned five platinum singles that sold a collective 16 million units worldwide including: The Other Side,” Talk Dirty” (feat. 2 Chainz), Marry Me,” Wiggle” (feat. Snoop Dogg), and Trumpets” — propelling Derulo into an elite cadre of artists, including Drake, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Rihanna, Beyoncé, and Taylor Swift, who have scored five platinum singles from one album. The track Talk Dirty” itself sold over six million singles worldwide and became a No. 1 around the world, while dominating radio charts in the U.S. in 2014.

Like some shirt-averse pop-bot moon-walking through the Turing test, Jason Derulo is finally alive. In Let’s Shut Up & Dance,” the pop singer collaborates with Asian K-pop acts Lay Zhang and NCT 127 in a trans-Pacific partnership he thinks ought to be increasingly common in the musical future.

But this is a song about physicality that takes place on Earth, and largely inside Derulo’s head — a reminder that lust is something that stays locked up in the body until it finds reciprocity. You’re the one I want to want me,” he sings during the chorus, making a clunky phrase sound smooth, which is something that great pop songs do.

Its smash singles are just part of what makes Derulo’s self-titled debut album shine. An uncategorizable blend of pop, rock, electronic, and R&B elements, Jason Derulo showcases this exciting newcomer’s many talents. It’s definitely a music lover’s album,” the 20-year-old says. It reflects all my different influences, but it’s deeply rooted in pop. My vision for the album was to make music that would impact the world. And by that I mean that music is a healing thing. When you play your favorite song, you can forget all your troubles for three minutes. I want to provide those getaway moments for people.” To that end, Derulo recorded more than 300 songs that he narrowed down to the nine that appear on the album. I wanted to make sure I had something special that would endure and sound timeless,” Derulo says.

Riding a string of hit singles, from his chart-topping Whatcha Say” and Talk Dirty” feat. 2 Chainz to this year’s Goodbye” with David Guetta feat. Nicki Minaj and Willy William, Jason Derulo blazed through European arenas this fall on his 2Sides World Tour.” To deliver Derulo’s incandescent blend of R&B, hip-hop and pop with intimacy and impact, production manager and FOH engineer Rick Wright Jr. relied on a Meyer Sound LEO Family reinforcement system as supplied by U.K.-based Wigwam Acoustics.

Derulo has collaborated with everyone from pop hitmakers like Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj and David Guetta to Colombian superstar Maluma and country music king Luke Bryan. The 29-year-old would seem to be too old to be a fan of the bubblegum musical style that has had Asian youth captivated for years and made serious inroads among American teens, especially with the success of the boy band BTS, who released two No. 1 albums in the U.S. last year and won honors at the Billboard Music Awards and American Music Awards.

The album’s lead single, Want To Want Me,” is an exception. The song slipped out of the top 10 earlier this week, but it doesn’t feel as perishable as Derulo summer hits of yore. Where 2013’s The Other Side ” and 2014’s Wiggle ” were each as pungent and fleeting as a spritz of Axe body spray, Want To Want Me” exudes real pheromones. It’s a song about desire. More specifically, the desire is to be desired. And in the video, when Derulo breaks into his Usher-yoga-spasms, it’s as if the music might actually be registering on his body.

His latest track Too Hot, released this week, is a late-summer hip-shaker that samples Chaka Demus & Pliers early ’90s dancehall hit Murder She Wrote It’s the first in a flurry of new music from Jason, who hasn’t released an album since 2015’s Everything Is 4, but has put out plenty of one-off singles.

Numbers don’t lie, and the facts remain that singer, songwriter and dancer Jason Derulo’s success ranks up there with some of the best-selling, radio-dominating pop and urban artists of the day, selling over 130 million singles worldwide and ranking up over 5 billion views on YouTube and 4 billion plays on Spotify.

When Jason Derulo was a kid, he would go for a run around the block with his brother and sister—it felt essential. As a heavier kid, the Florida native thought running was the only way to remedy the weight. When he got older, he joined the track team. The goal was the same, though, this time, the motivations changed; all the fit, pretty girls ran track. Derulo was still bigger than most and lacked speed and hops. What I did have was the mental toughness to work harder than everyone else,” Derulo says. I started off chubby, and, by the end, I became amazing.” And girls noticed.

Jason Derulo seems to be hiding in plain sight, a condition that’s somewhat peculiar phenomenon for an artist who has sold more than 50 million singles worldwide. Jason Derulo has been popular for his song ‘Whatcha Say”.

Want to Want Me” has gone platinum in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K., and has over one billion streams on Spotify and 800 million on YouTube. It is the most added track in the history of Top 40 Radio, and to some ears the best song Derulo has ever written. A sizzling ode to booty calls, it’s to this summer what Iggy Azalea’s Fancy” was last summer, and Daft Punk’s Get Lucky” was the summer before that.

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