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Records and later Asylum Records, but after both mergers fell through, the label signed with Strange Music, after Tech N9ne, Missouri-based rapper and founder of the label, met with them and offered Rock a record deal.

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JAY ROCKAfter a life-threatening motorcycle accident, Jay Rock returns with his strongest album yet, a collection of rap songs that highlight his struggle and journey. Before ‘Redemption’ is released next Friday, let’s look back at the best from Rock’s decade-long catalog.

Hailing from Watts, CA, Johnny Reed McKinzie, Jr. (born March 31, 1986), better known by his stage name Jay Rock, is an American rapper, songwriter and record producer. To complicate this further, labelmate Kendrick Lamar has ascended to the top of the game without sacrificing his dense lyricism—though his features have become increasingly less potent overtime.

Almost skipped this one since I’ve spent so much on concerts lately and just saw Rock as part of The Championship Tour. Really glad I didn’t skip this one, Reason and Rock both killed it plus SZA came out and did Love Galore plus performed Redemption with Jay Rock. Great show, TDE never disappoints.

He’s not ignorant to, nor intimidated by, any of this. In fact, it’s his acknowledgement and acceptance of life’s setbacks, the urgency he now feels, and his reignited love for life and music that have become the subjects of his third studio release.

Next Friday, June 15, Rock will release his third studio album, Redemption. It will be his first project distributed by Interscope , joining labelmates Kendrick Lamar and ScHoolboy Q as the third TDE artist under the Jimmy Iovine-founded regime. With the success of King’s Dead”—Rock’s highest-charting single to date—the major label machine, a verse from JAY-Z , and some of TDE’s secret sauce, there’s hope Redemption will turn into Rock’s long-overdue breakout album.

I’m just trying to win, baby. At the end of the day, everybody who’s been following Jay Rock, and know my story, I took too many losses. I was like, this time around, it’s just for anybody that… I want to be a motivator. Somebody asked me a question not too long ago: Do you feel like you’re a community leader or things of that nature?” No, man. I just want to be a motivator.

The thunderous declaration that arrives on WIN” is a fitting exclamation point to close Jay Rock’s Redemption chapter, placing the stoic on a champion’s pedestal with his most technically sound album to date. His delivery and vocal performance are stellar throughout the project, making for a more engaging product that still retains his hard-edged persona. On Rotation 112th” he slices back and forth over the eerie synths with the precision of a five-star chef, while elsewhere on The Bloodiest” he settles into an exasperated cadence in the first verse before snapping into laser-sharp focus on the second.

Well actually I recorded so many songs. I can’t even count how many songs I recorded. A lot of stuff got cut. It was kind of like the last end of it because we was trying to push the album to come out in April. I was going over a lot of music, me and the big dog, and I just told myself I could go harder.

All of these features run in the streets and perhaps somewhere in your own family tree. Which is why Trouble’s real life approach to music has garnered a following of devout fans who either relate to his story personally, or know of someone who has seen a similar life.

Kendrick Lamar , Jay Rock , Future and James Blake tied with AndersonPaak for Best Rap Performance at the 61st GRAMMY Awards , for “King’s Dead” and “Bubblin,” respectively. It is the first-ever GRAMMY wins for Rock, Future, Blake andPaak, and the 13th career win for Lamar.

Growing up in a Low-Class family Khaliq’s Lyricism is driven by an unstable lifestyle and finding the truth. Khaliq often goes from Narrative perspectives, Third person perspectives, to even extroverted & introverted attitudes motivating people through life’s obstacles with music that creates a relatable experience to fans, connecting with them through real-life events.

On Redemption, TDE performs something like heart surgery, laying bare the engine that has secretly driven the TDE machine to its unchallenged success. Not only is it Rock’s most introspective, confessional material yet, it reveals how hard he works to step up his craft. Lyrically, Redemption is leaps and bounds over his debut, Follow Me Home, and displays more technical, efficient songwriting from 90059, as illustrated by the aforementioned metaphor from Broke +-.” Wordplay” might not have been something the blunt-force rapper was best known for on earlier works — the idea of play” seemed foreign to him as he mean-mugged and growled his way through almost brutal, street-centric tales with a delivery like a thrown brick. Those stories are still present here on tracks like ES Tales” and Rotation 122th,” but they are leavened later on by the sheer joy of hearing Rock trade bars with Kendrick on Wow Freestyle,” a looser, more lighthearted offering than anything he’s ever tried before.

Since 2006, Rock has released several mixtapes and is perhaps best known for his 2008 commercial debut single, “All My Life (In the Ghetto)”, which features fellow American rappers Lil Wayne and Apart from his solo career, Rock is also known for being a member of the hip hop supergroup Black Hippy, alongside fellow West Coast rappers and TDE label-mates Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q and Ab-Soul. In 2011, after signing his joint-venture deal with Strange Music, Rock’s often-delayed and long-awaited debut studio album produced by his Irish Cousin Nathan Maher Cashin, Follow Me Home, was released in July of that year. The album was supported by the singles “All My Life (In the Ghetto)” and “Hood Gone Love It”. His second studio album 90059 was released in September 2015. It was supported by the singles “Money Trees Deuce”, “Gumbo” and the title track. In June 2018, Rock released his third studio album ‘’Redemption”. All three albums have achieved relative critical and commercial success.

Lamar earned his first career GRAMMY nominations at the 56th GRAMMY Awards for Best New Artist and Album Of The Year for Good Kid, M.A.A.D City. He won his first career wins—for Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song for “I”—the following year at the 57th GRAMMY Awards Rock earned his first nomination for his feature on “Money Trees,” from Good Kid, M.A.A.D City.JAY ROCK

Walton also explains how growing up in Memphis, Tenn. has influenced his music and who he is as a person, allowing him to work well with all kinds of artists. He got his start working with his brother, rapper June , and while they didn’t really grow up in a musical family, they learned together, releasing an album called EVOL in 2012.

It was supported by the lead single ” King’s Dead ” with Kendrick Lamar , Future and James Blake , followed by singles “Win”, “The Bloodiest”, the remix of the song “Rotation 112th” featuring Rich the Kid entitled “Rotation 112th Remix”, an open verse remix of the song “Tap Out” featuring Jeremih entitled “Tap Out II Open Verse”, and the remix of the song “Win” featuring Snoop Dogg entitled “Win (Remix)”. The album was met with critical acclaim and debuted at number 13 on the US Billboard 200 , selling a total of 31,417 units.

I was the first one in the label, took the hits, took the bumps and the bruises, but while I was down you had dudes like Kendrick Lamar right out the gate with that chopper loaded, ready. Schoolboy Q, ready! Ab-Soul, ready! Them my little brothers. While big bro was down, injured, they did what they had to do. Now big bro healed up, ready to go. We back as one.

And Redemption”, the song with SZA, I just said, I need a female voice on this.” What better person to get than SZA, my little sister? Laughs. She family and that’s how that came about. I got a few other features. Shout-out to my boy Mozzy. I got a record with Mozzy that’s crazy. I might still drop that, and I got a cold record with me and my boy Tee Grizzley. I got that in the chamber. I don’t want to tell you all my secrets. Laughs.

Jay Rock , TDE’s first signee, is determined not to fall victim to circumstance—a common fate to those in his hometown of Watts, California. On his new album Redemption , he returns to reap the benefits of all that he and his label have sowed, and to inspire others to get out and grab all that they came for.

Jay Rock: It’s a lot of people that go through sh-t and just get to a point where they’re like, “F-k this. I’m not trying to do this no more.” But I’m like, “Nah, don’t give up.” I know how hard it might get. I done been though the bullsh-t with this industry sh-t, but I’m still here and still going. F-k what people gotta say. At the end of the day, you living for you.

As discussed earlier, Jay Rock’s talent and presence give him a unique opportunity to carve his own lane by building on previous blueprints. He carries stories burdened with battling his demons while trying to provide for his family—stories the world deserves to hear. The time has come for him to choose how the next chapter in his career will be written. Either way, by any standard, Jay Rock’s breakthrough into the Billboard Hot 100 is a huge, well, win.

Vice City” stands as the best example of what could be. For four minutes, Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, and ScHoolboy Q operate in thoughtful unison as if the group was merged into a rapping Voltron. There’s something rare about hearing these different personalities and styles merge into a singular entity. Vice City” is chemistry.

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