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In the near-decade since, Jay Rock has built up a catalog of material that people should be talking about, but it just hasn’t happened. There’s something rare about hearing these different personalities and styles merge into a singular entity.

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JAY ROCKIt’s evident in everything from his promotion strategy to his release record. While TDE cash cow Kendrick Lamar is four albums deep into his catalog on the label, not including mixtapes” like Overly Dedicated and EPs such as Untitled Unmastered, and Schoolboy Q will be releasing his fifth studio album later this year, Jay Rock’s Redemption will be only his third album despite having been there at least as long as any of his compatriots. While Kendrick’s albums have never debuted outside Billboard 200’s top five since his debut” Good Kid, M.A.A.D City, by contrast, Rock’s last album, 90059 , a heartfelt ode to his hometown and upbringing in the Nickerson Gardens housing projects of Watts, peaked at No. 16 and sold less than 20,000 in its first week. Rock’s music has been, well, as solid as his name, but that hasn’t translated to sales or widespread acclaim — yet, he continues to soldier on, quietly grinding away in the shadows at the margins of TDE’s runaway success.

From heavyweights such as Kendrick Lamar and SZA to newcomers like SiR and Reason, it’s safe to say that TDE have been absolutely killing it over the past few years. This past Summer, the label continued their streak with Redemption, the third studio album from Jay Rock; the rapper who was the label’s first signee. The follow up to 2015’s 90059 features contributions from the likes of Jeremih, J. Cole and SZA, Jay Rock warmed the waters with the fiery lead single King’s Dead”, a track which appears on the Black Panther Soundtrack and enlists the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Future and London artist James Blake.

Jay Rock: What little bro taught a n-a is staying dedicated. That’s one dude that works hard as a mother—ker. It’s times where he’ll be up at 3 or 4 in the morning. I’ll text him, like, What you think about this?” That dude don’t sleep with this sh-t. That’s what gives me inspiration to keep going. We all learn off each other and feed off each other’s energy. He might do something that’s hard as a motherf—ker and that’ll inspire me to do something hard. It’s just friendly competition within us. It’s no ego sh-t. It ain’t about thinking you’re better than the next n-a. It’s all about bigging each other up and making each other better.

As fate would have it, we spoke to Jay a mere 48 hours before he attended the Grammys for the first time (take two). King’s Dead” took home the award for Best Rap Song, giving Jay his first Grammy and solidifying the track’s place in the cream of the pop culture crop. Even more impressive was the fact that he was competing against himself; his Redemption track Win” was nominated in the same category. I mention that the circumstance feels almost too metaphorical to be real – a roller-coaster journey to the top of his industry that ends in literally competing against his own work.

Because we’re a family. That’s a difference between a lot of other labels. Sometimes people show up because they have to work for this dude, or they’re just trying to get some money. Over here, we’re a family. We all support each other as one. It’s a family thing, Nobody over here is dealing with egos, or worried about what the next man got. We all out for one goal, and that’s making dope ass music, and staying dedicated to what we going through.

Lamar and Rock have been close friends and collaborators for a number of years, with both artists having long been members of Top Dawg Entertainment’s formidable roster. On Saturday, October 13, Dead Nation Presents and Top Dawg Entertainment present Jay Rock “The Big Redemption Tour” at the WOW Hall with special guest Reason.

The gradual growth of Jay Rock’s artistry is noticeable with each successive project. As a lyricist, he has only gotten sharper, more refined. His beat selection has also improved, an expanding sonic palette that puts more consideration into musicality. Gumbo” is a fine display of Rock’s fine-tuning, with two strong verses over a stripped and soulful soundbed from producer There’s a pleasant softness to how well the synths sampled from Kool & the Gang’s Summer Madness” intertwine with the guitar riff. Inspired by Rock’s late grandmother, Gumbo” lives up to the warm, flavorful dish that encouraged its creation.

Next, Jay took us back to his 2011 Follow Me Home album with a nostalgic performance of Hood Gone Love It.” Vice City” featuring Black Hippy from 90059 and his verse on Kendrick Lamar’s Money Trees” followed.

Jay Rock: It means the hood. Imagine somebody who grows up in the hood and sees this all the time. Every time he walks out on his porch, he sees the same tennis shoes over the wire. But at the same time, he says, I want to see something change, something different.” It’s the same rerun. People get tired of that. That’s what the whole album is about. It’s me growing up inside this box, a box that a lot of people want to make it out.

Just minutes before learning of his win for Best Rap Performance, the artist spoke to EBONY about goals for the year, to which he replied, I’m ready to win these Grammys!” The MC also received nominations for Best Rap Song and for his contributions to the Black Panther Soundtrack.

Jay Rock , TDE’s first signee, is determined not to fall victim to circumstance—a common fate to those in his hometown of Watts, California. On his new album Redemption , he returns to reap the benefits of all that he and his label have sowed, and to inspire others to get out and grab all that they came for.

Top Dawg Entertainment added to its rich roster of talent with the signing of Reason, a Del Amo, Calif.-bred rapper who gained his most significant bit of exposure when he appeared on the label’s Black Panther soundtrack earlier this year on a song called “Seasons”.

Redemption is the third studio album by American rapper Jay Rock It was released by Top Dawg Entertainment and Interscope Records on June 15, 2018. 1 It succeeds Jay Rock’s second album 90059 (2015), released three years prior. The album features production from a variety of record producers, including executive producer and Top Dawg Entertainment label-head Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith, Sounwave , Hit-Boy , Mike Will Made It and Boi-1da ; as well as further production contributions from Jake One , Teddy Walton , Cardo and Vinylz , among others. The album features TDE label-mates Kendrick Lamar , SZA , and vocal contributions from Sir , as well as guest appearances from Dcmbr, Future , Tee Grizzley , J. Cole , Jeremih , and Mozzy The album received two Grammy award nominations for its singles “Win” and ” King’s Dead ” in the categories Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance , winning the latter.

Born Johnny Reed McKinzie, Jr., Rock was raised in the Watts neighborhood – specifically the Nickerson Gardens public housing complex – of Los Angeles, California. Hard times influenced the rapper’s lyrics, and soon appearances on local mixtapes found him rapping in a hard style reminiscent of local hero the Game With help from Top Dawg Entertainment , Rock shopped his demos and mixtapes, eventually landing a deal with Warner Bros. In 2008, the major label released his single “All My Life (In the Ghetto)” with guest stars Lil Wayne and By the end of 2010, he had left Warner , but had deepened his connection with TDE as a member of Black Hippy beside contemporaries Kendrick Lamar , ScHoolboy Q , and Ab-Soul Additionally, he was named to XXL magazine’s 2010 Freshman Class.

As Jay Rock confidence increases, he started appearing in local mixtapes. In 2005, his lyrics caught the attention of Top Dawg Entertainment boss Anthony Tiffith who signed him. The two began working together, releasing multiply mixtapes and securing major recording label deals. With T.D.E backing him, Rock as able to secure a recording deal with Asylum Records, which later blossom into a joint deal with Warner Bros. Records in 2007.

Jay Rock: It’s a lot of people that go through sh-t and just get to a point where they’re like, “F-k this. I’m not trying to do this no more.” But I’m like, “Nah, don’t give up.” I know how hard it might get. I done been though the bullsh-t with this industry sh-t, but I’m still here and still going. F-k what people gotta say. At the end of the day, you living for you.

Jay Rock: The first time we ever did a song together. Kendrick came in the studio and didn’t write sh-t down. I was struggling on a piece of paper. He just came in, gave me a shout out on the record with no pen and no pad. I was like, Damn, this n-a crazy.” Yeah, inspiration.

There’s the warm, summertime production that makes you feel like Ice Cube on his best day, the nostalgia of Rock’s Price Is Right bar (an instant classic), and a verse from Peak Wayne. Your family can die when I say go, green light, green light, what’s your green like?” was major in 2008. How much they paid for the verse is unknown, but it was worth every penny. Wayne treated 16 bars how Oprah treated cars—everyone got one. Most of his verses from this period are good, but Rock truly received a goldmine. All My Life (In the Ghetto)” is to earlobes what ice cream is to taste buds. Anytime, anywhere, it’s good for the soul.JAY ROCK

On Redemption, TDE performs something like heart surgery, laying bare the engine that has secretly driven the TDE machine to its unchallenged success. Not only is it Rock’s most introspective, confessional material yet, it reveals how hard he works to step up his craft. Lyrically, Redemption is leaps and bounds over his debut, Follow Me Home, and displays more technical, efficient songwriting from 90059, as illustrated by the aforementioned metaphor from Broke +-.” Wordplay” might not have been something the blunt-force rapper was best known for on earlier works — the idea of play” seemed foreign to him as he mean-mugged and growled his way through almost brutal, street-centric tales with a delivery like a thrown brick. Those stories are still present here on tracks like ES Tales” and Rotation 122th,” but they are leavened later on by the sheer joy of hearing Rock trade bars with Kendrick on Wow Freestyle,” a looser, more lighthearted offering than anything he’s ever tried before.

Jay Rock: People planted seeds into me. Older cats gave me the game. My family, especially my mother, gave me the game and I pass it on. That’s what it’s about. If somebody gives you mental jewelry and you wear it for so long, you want to give it to somebody else for them pass it on. I got big homies that’s doing time in the pen who always call me and tell me what’s real like, Keep doing what you’re doing on a positive note.” That’s the motivation I push everywhere I go.

Literally and figuratively rough around the edges, Jay Rock’s first national exposure was through a short lived joint venture with Tech N9ne‘s Strange Music imprint for the release of 2011’s Follow Me Home. Primed for the limelight a year later with a promising verse on Kendrick Lamar’s Money Trees,” his next shot at glory was 2015’s lukewarm 90059 which featured Black Hippy group cut Vice City,” a double-edged sword that generated mass anticipation for a four-man Avengers style album while distracting from Jay Rock becoming recognized as a self-contained entity.

Since 2006, Rock has released several mixtapes and is perhaps best known for his 2008 commercial debut single, “All My Life (In the Ghetto)”, which features fellow American rappers Lil Wayne and Apart from his solo career, Rock is also known for being a member of the hip hop supergroup Black Hippy, alongside fellow West Coast rappers and TDE label-mates Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q and Ab-Soul. In 2011, after signing his joint-venture deal with Strange Music, Rock’s often-delayed and long-awaited debut studio album produced by his Irish Cousin Nathan Maher Cashin, Follow Me Home, was released in July of that year. The album was supported by the singles “All My Life (In the Ghetto)” and “Hood Gone Love It”. His second studio album 90059 was released in September 2015. It was supported by the singles “Money Trees Deuce”, “Gumbo” and the title track. In June 2018, Rock released his third studio album ‘’Redemption”. All three albums have achieved relative critical and commercial success.

Jay Rock: My mother is home. Your mother is your home. Everybody is a momma’s boy or a momma’s girl. That’s where we came from, from a woman’s womb. She always gave me good advice because mothers know best at times. She gives me advice and I take it, run with it and share that with somebody else. She basically tells me to stay positive to keep pushing.

Of course, the highlight is none other than the title track. Over a soulful composition, he interrogates his life choices and the trauma of his recent, near-fatal motorcycle accident. He’s never sounded more vulnerable, addressing the unreciprocated support of his partner, who helped him through his recovery, while SZA provides a lilting chorus that floats over the gospel-influenced piano keys of the downtempo beat. He wraps things up with the triumphant bombast of Kendrick-assisted single Win,” closing on a high note while expressing his final intention for his third album, which he’s sure to accomplish. Winners just outwork the competition and no one works harder than Jay Rock.

Having suffered his share of industry setbacks and struggles to make music that resonates universally, with Redemption Jay Rock takes aim at following in the footsteps of Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolboy Q and SZA to become TDE’s fourth breakout signee. Making the most of having who most consider the number one rapper on speed dial, he crafts a best case scenario for artistic compromise on the label’s first hip-hop follow up to the mega success of Pulitzer prize winning DAMN. Lamar’s influence on this phase of Jay Rock’s trajectory can’t go understated, as he takes on an executive producer role curating while contributing multiple appearances including the aforementioned King’s Dead,” a fun sparring session on Wow Freestyle,” and background vocals all throughout.

Complex spoke with Jay Rock about the creation of Redemption, working with TDE labelmates Kendrick Lamar and SZA, and why he’d love to do a record with Jay Z. Redemption debuted at number 13 on the US Billboard 200 with 31,417 album-equivalent units , of which 9,290 were pure album sales. 19 The album became Jay Rock’s highest-charting album to date.

It was supported by the lead single ” King’s Dead ” with Kendrick Lamar , Future and James Blake , followed by singles “Win”, “The Bloodiest”, the remix of the song “Rotation 112th” featuring Rich the Kid entitled “Rotation 112th Remix”, an open verse remix of the song “Tap Out” featuring Jeremih entitled “Tap Out II Open Verse”, and the remix of the song “Win” featuring Snoop Dogg entitled “Win (Remix)”. The album was met with critical acclaim and debuted at number 13 on the US Billboard 200 , selling a total of 31,417 units.

For the past three years, I just stayed in the studio. Sometimes I wasn’t even going home. I was just staying in the studio til like five or six in the morning; go home and shower, then come right back. I told myself I gotta get back in it. And basically I just fell back in love with the music, and that’s what the people is hearing. I just wanted to do something different.

Jay Rock, in the middle of his 30-city Big Redemption Tour, believed it was important to stop at Howard. He flew from California to Washington, D.C., to participate in several homecoming activities, including the step show and halftime of the Howard vs. South Carolina State football game.

I wouldn’t consider Money Trees Deuce” a repeat performance, but what’s delivered is absolutely electric. Over three verses, Rock overflows with passion; the lyrics carry the ambitious weight of a man who will not be held back. It’s the kind of record that pumps and surges the soul with the spirit of a thousand hustlers. Lance Skiiiwalker’s reaffirming chant to beat all odds was a proper pairing. Before WIN,” it was Money Trees Deuce” that felt like Jay Rock was starting to make music for Olympic champions.

From heavyweights such as Kendrick Lamar and SZA to newcomers like SiR and Reason, it’s safe to say that TDE have been absolutely killing it over the past few years. This past Summer, the label continued their streak with Redemption, the third studio album from Jay Rock; the rapper who was the label’s first signee. The follow up to 2015’s 90059 features contributions from the likes of Jeremih, J. Cole and SZA, Jay Rock warmed the waters with the fiery lead single King’s Dead”, a track which appears on the Black Panther Soundtrack and enlists the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Future and London artist James Blake.

Jay Rock has proven himself to be an exceptional feature artist. The world stood still during his vicious verse on “Money Trees” from Lamar’s 2012 Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City. Perhaps the best version of Jay Rock we’ve heard, this dexterous verse is accepted as one of the best on the album. As evidenced by his performance on tracks such as Ab-Soul’s “Black Lip Bastard,” his own “Vice City” and “Pay For It,” and most recently the Black Panther soundtrack contribution “King’s Dead,” Rock is more than capable of upping his game to meet any competitor. This skill has been noted and perfected by artists such as Rick Ross, who often commissions other big-name artists to raise the bar and create timeless classics. Perhaps Rock could also frequent tracks with other talents that can push him deeper into his bag.

In a career defined by his consistency as a rapper, Redemption might be Jay Rock’s most consistent yet. At 44 minutes, the album breezes by without many frills. Rock raps, makes his point, and gets out quickly after, allowing the TDE vet to chalk up his biggest win yet.

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