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And on Wednesday, she debuted a short film to accompany her new single, “Gatekeeper,” which tells her personal story of experiencing sexual harassment six years ago as a young artist trying to climb the ranks in the music industry.

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JESSIE REYEZR&B artist Jessie Reyez, who has tackled everything from heartbreak to domestic violence in her music, says there’s a reason she wears her heart on her sleeve. The expanded OMF2018 roster continues with many of this summer’s hottest talents. DVSN , Kelis , Rapsody , and Jessie Reyez will remind all in attendance and online why people love to watch them, and there will be George Clinton & Parliament to depend upon for funk. Other performers include Big Krit, Davido, Goldlink, St Beauty, and Teedra Moses as well as a special Atlanta crunk set.

Stream Feel It Too the new song from Tainy. Featuring: Tory Lanez, Jessie Reyez, Inna. Added on: Sep 6th, 2019. Jessie learned how to play guitar as a child and has written songs since she was in high school.

I feel like I’ve always just wanted to talk about my experiences, but I never wanted to be this like sings melody like an entrance for royalty, you know what I’m saying? I think that takes away from the element of empathy and why people connected with so much, so all I wanna do is continue talking about the shit that’s happened to me, like my realness. I don’t expect to go through that again. I won’t let it happen again. The difference, now to then, is a couple years, and thicker skin, and gaining wisdom, and knowing how to move, particularly as a woman in this industry where you have to teach people how to treat people, you know? Then, I was quiet, I don’t know. This is different. If it happens, then I’ll talk about it, but I’m not gonna force anything. I feel like when you try something synthetic, then you’ve already failed.

Jessie Reyez’s net worth has growing significantly in 2019. Jessie Reyez is a successful Pop Singer, who has a net worth of approximately $500,000 – $1M at the age of 26 years. Jessie Reyez’s net worth comes from being a Pop Singer.

While passing her offstage, the legend whispered “You’re great” to the uber-emotional starlet and kissed her hand for confirmation, causing a viral stir. “That sht was nuts. Steven Tyler came up to me, and it was just so unexpected. Dude, I can’t even,” Reyez laughs , now settled on a piano bench at the VIBE office. She unravels her bun and kicks a pair of white Under Armour slides towards me, to better seat herself with her legs crossed. A dense crown of waves tumbles from atop her thickly arched brows to below the waistline of her cutoff Wrangler shorts. One thing is clear: Reyez’s beauty is as effortless as the likely success of her soon-to-release EP, Being Human in Public and its 29-date North American tour.

Being torn between a punishing work schedule and the comforting proximity of her family was a choice Jessie didn’t want to make, because the former could not be endured without the latter, and so her parents are now travelling companions, and a vital component of her entourage (her, mother, for example, is a shrewd protector: My mom’s got a really good judge of character. She feels vibes miles before anyone… She’s called shit like months before it happened”). More than just companionship, their presence is a reflection of Jessie’s innate compassion and generosity.


The singer, born in Canada to Colombian parents, worked to get her music heard by handing out copies of her mixtape to DJs while they were performing. One of those DJs was Calvin Harris, who years later would feature Reyez on the track Hard to Love” from his album Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1.

REYEZ: No—I was just living life. It just so happened that I got my heart broken. It just so happened that I was telling someone a story about what happened to me with Gatekeeper” a couple years ago—I was telling it to William Larsen, the producer—and we ended up coming out with that. There wasn’t this defined, This is what we’re building, this is what I’m writing.” I knew that I wanted to make a project. I knew that I was working toward that. But during the first year of Kiddo, I didn’t know I was making Kiddo. I was primarily writing for other people, writing for TV, and doing writing camps as opposed to focusing on myself as an artist. It wasn’t until me and my team decided, It’s now or never. We just have to put all our eggs into you. Let’s just go hard on the artistry without worrying about writing camps and making songs for other people.” And it ended up turning into Kiddo.

Nevertheless, Megan Thee Stallion is picking up the baton for Southern hip-hop with a quick tongue and trunk rattling beats optimized for twerking. She inherited the legacy from her mother, as well as an unstoppable work ethic, the kind that kept her from cancelling shows even after her mother’s tragic death this spring because I know she wouldn’t want me to stop.” Not long ago, a buzzy mixtape rapper signing to a major label like 300 Entertainment was a one-way ticket to clunky albums overstuffed with radio bait. Fever’s cohesion is a testament to Megan’s talent and dedication. Look forward to partying with Hot Girl Meg all summer.

I was an awful singer when I was younger. And my writing, I don’t think it got any substance until I went through my first real heartbreak, you know? After puberty. When you feel like an adult, and you meet someone, and you two become one, and you think that’s it. Getting out of that was my first blow, and that first blow, I needed to get that pain out. And I couldn’t really go to class ‘cause I’d cry, I couldn’t go to lunch, ‘cause I’d cry; I was depressed. And so, my music teacher would let me crash in the music room cause I couldn’t bear to be around people. And the music room had this little corner room with a piano, and he would let me in there, and I would just go there and cry, and play. Cry and write and play.

The beauty of the Shutter Island” video comes in its timing and symbolism. Drawing on a setup somewhere between a magic show and a horror movie, director Peter Huang keeps it simple enough without clouding the message. A relationship can feel like being locked up. It can also feel like drowning. Or sometimes both.

The video, directed by Peter Huang, depicts Reyez and others being torn apart from their loved ones. Her love interest in the video is killed by ICE agents, but Reyez told CBS News she’s not attacking immigration officers because not everything is black and white.

Aug 24, 2016 Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. OK, so Jessie herself wasn’t on Love Island but her song made it to the ITV2 show. ‘Figures’ featured in the background of a particularly emotional scene, ’cause it’s such a gorgeous song.

Reyez ‘s life took a left turn when her family members were granted visas to live and work in America after years of waiting; she relocated to Miami with her folks, but after landing a job as a bartender, she found the city’s party-friendly atmosphere was sapping her creativity, and when a music video she made began receiving notice online, she left Florida to return to Toronto. After resettling in Canada, Reyez became involved with the Remix Project, an educational program for low-income students that helps young adults learn about music and the arts. Through the Remix Project, Reyez was introduced to Chicago-based hip-hop artist King Louie ; he liked her work and asked her to collaborate with him on a song.

No fucking way. The way it happened was just really organic too. He just hit me like, yo Figures” is doing really dope. People in the industry are excited about you. We weren’t at a million views yet, we were just at a little bit of buzz. So when he said that, I was like man, thank you. Then we talked a little more and he was like yeah, I’m working on something, before anyone knew about Funk Wav, you should come out to LA, we should work. Flew me and my manager out and then we got to work. It was only supposed to be a one day thing and then we got together and the vibe was sick and it turned into a few days and I ended up flying back and it turned into a week. Now it’s turned into just working a lot.

Speaking of dance parties, DRAMA keeps mine going with their new single. Am I happy or am I sad when I listen to this track? Is it gossiping about an ex or getting me to shake my booty? Some songs can do both. This Chicago duo have some kind of magic touch to make such an enjoyable song about what sounds like a breakup.

While she is now able to express her anger over the incident through her song called Gatekeeper, ” Reyez also stressed that she isn’t mad at herself for not speaking up at a time before the #MeToo movement took off.

It’s a thin distinction but a very real distinction. I’m clear that in the reception history of the Hebrew Bible, black women, in particular, have been excluded. So my work is to retrieve a voice for black women. It’s just a matter of doing that in the ways that I feel is the most faithful to the scholarship and my discipline.

Her most popular song, “Figures,” is a slow jam about wanting to move on from someone who’s hurt you—in this case, a cheating boyfriend—and failing. Many fans have told her that it keeps them from calling their exes. And on Wednesday, she debuted a short film to accompany her new single, “Gatekeeper,” which tells her personal story of experiencing sexual harassment six years ago as a young artist trying to climb the ranks in the music industry.

Canadian singer-songwriter Jessie Reyez delivers a stinging indictment of President Trump’s harsh immigration policies in the video for her new song Far Away,” which is the first track from her forthcoming debut full-length album slated for release next year. While the track itself is essentially a love song about missing a lover — until it becomes clear that Reyez’s boyfriend is being detained by ICE. The video, directed by Peter Huang and produced by Jessie’s Mad Ruk, depicts a Latinx family and a white family in similar scenes at home and in a nightclub, underscoring the similarities between the two, until ICE agents crash into the Latinx bar with guns drawn and begin arresting the patrons. Images of Trump and a border wall appear throughout the clip.

The only other guest on Fever is Juicy J on Simon Says,” where he also supplies a beat that sounds like a house party in the middle of a home invasion. Simon says bust it open like a freak,” Megan raps like a nursery rhyme, a fitting match for the originator of Slob On My Knob.” The song was the center of a minor controversy over the album release weekend when singer Wolf Tyla implied she had a writing credit and drew an indignant response from Megan. The facts became harder to parse from there. Maybe Tyla wrote the hook, or maybe Juicy did and asked her to record a reference track. (A just okay hook to go to bat for as an unknown ghostwriter, frankly.) In an era where the world’s biggest male stars snipe at each other about fragments of songs they’ve written for one another, this shouldn’t be a story, but a rising female rapper can’t allow any question of her bona fides.

Lil Kim: Why not? I’m a beast, I love music. Why not? I love music, I’m good at what I do, and my fans want it. As long as my fans want it, I’m going to keep giving it to them and doing what I want to do.

At the early age, Jessie Reyez began writing songs and tuning the guitar. She started writing her music in her high school. During her sophomore period, she used to attend dance rehearsals where she was passionate about dance and music. Soon after, she joined Remix Project which helps her work with the Rapper King Louie on the track Living in the Sky. Jessie Reyez height is 1.6 meters.

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