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He grunts and winces and barely gets off any cool lines. It most certainly does not. Few films in this genre are known for their intricate, layered dialogue or depth of feeling, and this doesn’t exactly break these conventions.

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john wick movieThe Keanu Reeves-starring action franchise keeps ticking right along, but director Chad Stahelski has been honest about where this is all heading. John Wick’s good at killing. But can he kill every Tom, Ivan and Harry who comes gunning for him indefinitely? Maybe not. And let’s face it: John would like to play fetch with his new dog without the both of them constantly dodging bullets and ninja stars.

Joby Harold previously penned King Arthur: Legend of the Sword and he also co-wrote Army of the Dead, the upcoming zombie movie being produced by Netflix that serves as Zack Snyder’s follow-up to Justice League. Harold also worked on both John Wick: Chapter 2 and John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum. As for James Vanderbilt, he’s worked on a wide range of big movies including The Rundown, The Amazing Spider-Man and Independence Day: Resurgence. He’s probably best known for his work on David Fincher’s Zodiac, which is certainly a standout credit.

As anyone who follows the movie business closely will know, over time most movie franchises make less money at the box office. Fortunately for everyone involved in this series, that certainly hasn’t been the case so far. Instead, John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum made more money in its opening weekend than the first film in the series brought in during its entire theatrical run.

John Wick Hex is entirely made up of situations like this, and when it works, it’s really satisfying. The time-management aspect is smartly designed, deconstructing the movies’ combat sequences into a series of quick decisions. Each stage is tightly designed and puts up a good challenge. A lot of thought has been put into devising the death traps for your Keanu-inspired avatar to navigate.

Considering how expertly crafted the John Wick movies are, it is all the more impressive that the films are directed by Chad Stahelski since he was a stuntman before working on them. Thankfully, Keanu Reeves had faith in the first time director which makes sense given they’ve known each other for years since Stahelski was the actor’s stunt double during The Matrix movies.

But beyond the exquisite brutality they put on display, they’ve also got an eye for artistry, with cinematographer Jonathan Sela helping convey an ominous sense of underworld suspense. Early scenes are so crisply desaturated, they look black and white, from the cloudy, rainy skies over Wick’s wife’s funeral to his head-to-toe wardrobe to his sleek, slate-gray Mustang. As Wick begins to re-immerse himself in the criminal world he’d escaped, other scenes pop in their vibrancy-the deep green of a secret, members-only cocktail bar, or the rich red of a Russian bad guy’s shirt under an impeccably tailored suit.

Satirical and full of swagger, John Wick: Chapter 2 is a high-octane homage to classic action movies like The Terminator — the feared, oft misunderstood lone wolf bad” guy, who’s determined to finish that one last job — mixed with the cartoon-like violence of a Tarantino film. The blood and guts may be gratuitous, but the violence is as self-aware as a graphic novel’s, and artfully crafted, akin to the Kill Bill franchise. Each over-the-top sequence (arcing bullets in impossible fashion to take out a comical onslaught of rival agents, for instance) is led by a wholly self-aware Reeves, who delivers a physical performance that Neo would be proud of. This is thanks to the guidance of the film’s director: Chad Stahelski, the stuntman extraordinaire who helped make those moves in The Matrix so legendary.

2017’s John Wick: Chapter 2 managed to satisfy fans of the original by going bigger and bolder while maintaining the unparalleled intensity and the focus on the title character from the first one. But it didn’t come together overnight. The sequel was the result of extensive discussions among the creative team.

All those years of experience and exposure give their film a level of confidence you don’t ordinarily see in first-time directors. They’re smart enough to let the intricate choreography speak for itself. They let the fight scenes play out without relying on a lot of nauseating shaky-cam or Cuisinart edits, which sadly have become the aesthetic standard of late.

Your favorite movie in this franchise is likely a toss-up (there’s no wrong answer), but the impact of John Wick: Chapter 2 remains one of the more resonant moments in the legacy of the franchise. It’s when we realized that these movies were going to be a big deal – remember, the first became something of a word-of-mouth hit. John Wick: Chapter 2 is the moment it became a dominant cultural force – and it should be rewarded as such.

And approaching them in that spirit I have enjoyed the movies more in certain ways with each installment, as the baroque assassin‘s world envelops the narrative, the appearances by normal people fall away, and we just move from one ludicrously tricked-out lair to another, with stops in between at the movies’ best invention, the Continental Hotels (there’s one in every city), where assassins are required to keep the peace.

Santino places a 7.000.000$ bounty in John Wick’s Head. A lot of hitmen attempted to kill John, including Cassian. But John kills them all, except Cassian who is left alive for professional respect. John Wick arrives at the Bowery King where his wounds are treated. And then John convinces the Bowery King to help him kill Santino, who provides him with a gun with seven bullets and information about Santino’s location. John manages to kill most of Santino’s henchmen and leaves Ares badly injured, while Santino escapes at Continental Hotel. The Italian demands Winston to revoke John Wick’s membership, but he decided and tells him that Continental is his kingdom and John hasn’t broken any rules yet. In the same time, Winston tells Santino that he has privileges in the Continental. However, John arrives and finds Santino. Winston tells Wick to walk away, but the hitman ignores his warnings and kills Santino inside the Continental before returning home.

This led to John Wicks 2 and now 3, adding a fairly silly story about an underworld society of assassins, most of whom want to kill John Wick, resulting in many, many murders. The sheer brutality escalates rapidly. But, as the brutality ramps up, the artistry tails down.

As mentioned earlier, John Wick became one of the most unlikely action movie franchises of the past few years. It has grown from a small $20 million action flick into one of the biggest, most expensive and elaborate cinematic franchises in Hollywood. Audiences are clearly hungry for more, and they are happy to know that John Wick: Chapter 4 is coming around the corner in just a little over a year.

I have not seen any of the John Wick movies, but I did just watch the trailer for the first one and my best guess about what happens is this: A man at the gas station tries to buy Keanu Reeves’s car off of him. Keanu declines and then those men follow him home, break into his house, and kill his dog? Keanu is very sad and seeks revenge. He loads a bunch of guns, at which point I turned the trailer off halfway through because even though I love Keanu Reeves, action movies are boring, except for Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle.

Ms. Perkins informs Viggo that John and Marcus have been in contact. Viggo visits Marcus in his home and tortures him for information before executing him. Viggo contacts John to tell him about Marcus’ death and plans to have Ms. Perkins ambush him. However, Winston calls Ms. Perkins into a meeting where she is executed for breaking the rules of the Continental when she killed Harry.

Any of these issues would have been enough to sink a lesser movie to the realm of generic action blockbuster, but while its deficiencies in storytelling and character are noticeable, they don’t distract from the overall experience. Parabellum” is a movie that largely knows what it wants to be and succeeds in doing so, filling the screen with heart-stopping choreography and vibrant cinematography. It pushes the John Wick” franchise to the forefront of the imagination as a cornerstone that disrupts the oft-generic, unwatchable Hollywood action genre.

With a rich mythology and incredible action sequences, the John Wick franchise has been a massive hit at the box office, each new installment topping the last and proving that audiences cannot get enough of the Keanu Reeves-led saga. Which is why a fourth film is already in the works , set for 2021 release, and a female-led spinoff film is also on its way.

The John Wick movies appeal to something so basic in certain people—I speak only for myself and a few others I have met—that they can’t help but be successes: the hypnotic appeal of combat with an unbreakable honor code. Wick himself is, foremost, a great fighter, and his world is one of rules, other rules, and still more rules. Break those rules, and you have violated a near-sacred oath, which requires justice to be served—seen when John Wick is legally hunted for his transgressions.

Winston, the Continental’s owner, tells John that Viggo has Iosef under guard at his nightclub, the Red Circle. John enters the Red Circle and makes his way to Iosef, but Viggo’s henchman, Kirill, waylays John, allowing Iosef to escape. John retreats to the Continental to patch up his injuries. Ms. Perkins, an assassin and former acquaintance, sneaks into John’s room to kill him but Marcus alerts John, allowing him to subdue Perkins. He forces Perkins to reveal the location of Viggo’s front , knocks her unconscious and leaves her with Harry, a fellow assassin, to await punishment. However, Perkins frees herself and kills Harry.

Keanu Reeves has appeared in plenty of famous films, but perhaps his most widely known role is that of Neo in the Matrix film series, a trilogy and universe that set new standards for action films as well as giving pop culture one of its best theories about alternate realities. As Neo, the mystical “One” who can control the synthetic world of the Matrix and fight the machines holding humans hostage within the Matrix and the real world, Reeves established himself as a true action star, making him the ideal choice to play one of the world’s most lethal hitmen in John Wick.

Let’s get to the bloody heart of these films—the fight scenes. Actually, they aren’t really fight scenes as much as they are highly choreographed battle ballets. Whereas most fight scenes these days are shot with fast cuts, tons of camera shake, and tight angles, John Wick films go the exact opposite direction. Wide shots that often run uncut for long periods of time turn close-range gunshots, rapid knife strikes, and hand-to-hand violence into a stunning cinematic artform.

More importantly, it’s a brief peek through the portal of what feels like a much larger, deeper untapped sandbox, in which Wick’s vengeance-quest story is merely one among many. You don’t need a detailed universe to enjoy the primal pleasures of Reeves expertly taking down dozens of men (he’s obviously put in serious dojo hours), or the blend of creative firearm skills colloquially dubbed gun fu,” or observing a bad guy who’s hit by a car then get shot through the vehicle’s roof as he tumbles over it. But this tiny conceptual touch makes a huge difference. It’s an expert bit of concise worldbuilding dropped into a project you might otherwise describe as Keanu kills everyone.” It somehow places an oft-told tale of a hit man being dragged back into the game one last time into the center of an elaborate maze, where the minotaurs sport Russian-prison tattoos and the homeless guy around the hedge may be part of a deep-state criminal enterprise.

There is just enough story here to give the brutality shape and purpose, and to keep that numbness from turning to boredom. Parabellum” — the name comes from a Latin phrase meaning If you want peace, prepare for war” — picks up precisely where John Wick: Chapter 2” left off: with John on the run. After the assassin’s organization to which he belongs has declared him excommunicado” — banned for killing a man on the grounds of an off-limits hotel that caters exclusively to a clientele of killers — he must flee from a host of hit men who want a piece of the $14 million bounty that has been placed on his head.

So, Wick reluctantly travels to Rome and eliminates Gianna after she orders his subordinate Cassian to he left alone, only to find that completing his mission has made him Santino’s next target. He then fights his way through a rigorous assault by Ares , Santino’s bodyguard, and her cohorts. After escaping the ambush, he is forced to battle Cassian as well and the two men crash at Continental Hotel of Rome. In the bar, John apologizes for killing Gianna, while Cassian vows revenge.

The series was picked up by the Lionsgate -backed broadcaster in January 2018, and comes from Lionsgate TV. Other members of the team behind the film franchise that executive produce include Thunder Road Pictures’ Basil Iwanyk, Chad Stahelski, John Wick franchise screenwriter Derek Kolstad, along with Collins and David Leitch. Stahelski will direct the premiere episode.

So, when it comes to Parabellum, you probably have seen many knife fights in movies—but not like this. You have seen loads of motorcycle chases before—but not like this. You have seen a fight underwater before—but NEVER like this.

Peak Human Durability: Considering his physical condition, John’s body is also very durable as he was able to survive (Despite being critically injured) from falling off the Continental Hotel while colliding with other objects before landing flat on the concrete floor. Another example was shown when despite being stabbed and shot multiple times, he didn’t lose any of his strengths.

In the initial screenplay for John Wick written by Derek Kolstad, which was then titled Scorn, the title character was described as an elderly man, in his mid-60s. This was to explain the character’s legendary reputation in the assassin community.

John Wick 3’s reliance on hyper-violence is why I called this movie barbarian.” I don’t know what highly civilized society could find the hundreds of simulated deaths in this movie artistically appealing. Certainly, this movie celebrates guns and their uses to great extremes that few movies have gone to before.

This has allowed the editors more freedom in the cutting room, as they aren’t beholden to making a cut to accommodate a stunt double’s takes, because, most of the time, there isn’t a stunt double. Chad Stahelski, the director of all three John Wick movies (although he was a co-director on the first one, technically), was Reeves’ stunt double in The Matrix trilogy, so they already have a strong rapport in this field.

In the latest entry we visit a Continental in Casablanca to meet a not particularly well-cast Halle Berry, plus a Russian mob lair, with Anjelica Huston presiding, that trains all its boys to be killers and all its girls to be ballerinas, plus a tent in the desert where the sheikh who sits above the High Table” weighs and measures Wick. And then we return to the original Continental, with Ian McShane presiding devilishly as the hotelier and Lance Reddick at his side, for the final dance with death.

Soon after the death of his wife ( Bridget Moynahan )-the woman whose love inspired him to retire from his life as an expert assassin-Wick receives an unwelcome visit to his minimalist, modern mansion in the middle of the night. Russian bad guys have come to steal his prized 1969 Mustang-and they kill his dog in the process. The latter act is horrifying in itself; what’s even worse is that the adorable beagle puppy, Daisy, was a posthumous gift to John from his dying wife, who knew he’d need someone else to love.

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