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They’re ready for Jon Pardi, and he knows exactly what they need. Pardi is a native of the Golden State, but he’s no Hollywood Hills golden child. The snarl in his voice sets the tone for Jon Pardi’s California Sunrise.

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Jon PardiThe snarl in his voice sets the tone for Jon Pardi’s California Sunrise. Of all the new guys I’ve heard, I like that Jon is closer to country than most of the others and I thought his songwriting was better than what I’ve heard in a while,” he said.

UMG Nashville President Cindy Mabe said programmers pushed back initially on the roughness of Pardi’s voice as compared to smoothies like Blake Shelton and Thomas Rhett. He’s a honky-tonker,” Mabe said in a what-do-you-want-from-me tone. Yet they came around for Head Over Boots,” which topped Billboard’s country airplay chart on its way to selling 2 million downloads.

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We almost didn’t record it,” Pardi said, adding, trust me — there’s a lot of old-fashioned things I don’t want to come back.” His girlfriend, Summer Duncan (with whom he line dances in the video for Heartache Medication”), changed his mind about the song.

It might be considered contemporary cool to inject country songs with programmed drums, rap phrasing and poppy melodies. But Pardi isn’t worried about what’s trendy. He’s more concerned with making country music that will last, and California Sunrise successfully hits that target. It’s stocked with classic Nashville melody, blue-collar lyrical themes and authentic country instrumentation – real drums, loud-and-proud fiddles and tangy steel guitar. The album’s 12 songs draw a direct link to such forbearers as Dwight Yoakam, George Strait and Marty Stuart, and it’s intentional.

His song received three stars from Taste of Country’s Billy Dukes. He released his second single titled Up All Night” in the same month in 2013 and became his first top 10 hit. His third single, What I Can’t Put Down, was also released that month in 2014. The album’s fourth single, When I’ve Been Drinkin, was released to country radio on September 22, 2014. On 5th February 2018, he released his new singles, titled She Ain’t In It.

Up and coming country music star Jon Pardi may be a new face at the CMA Awards, but the man certainly knows how to create a hit song. On 2nd October 2019, Jon Pardi popped the question to his girlfriend Summer Duncan during the show at Nashville in the iconic Ryman Auditorium.

Fond of music from an early age, Jon began writing when he was merely 12. By the next two years, he had already formed his own band. The rising star’s fascination towards the music industry eventually led him to move to Nashville upon his high school graduation.

Apparently, the now engaged couple went on one of their first dates in Ryman. Entertainment Tonight reported, Jon disclosed this information to the crowd in attendance before getting down on his knee. The country singer was headlining the venue for the second consecutive night when he decided to take his personal relationship to a whole new level.

Pardi has been on tour almost steadily since his debut album for Universal in 2012, mostly opening in arenas and stadiums. He’s spent most of 2019 as an opening act for Dierks Bentley — a good fit, as a headliner with his own sense of rowdiness and not quite as prominent neo-traditionalist leanings — after recent outings with Miranda Lambert and Luke Bryan. In the next year, though, Pardi is taking a time-out from going out on further superstar tours to free himself up for 2020’s country festivals, where he figures he can expose himself to an even wider array of fans, as well as theater headlining gigs like this week’s Ryman shows.

Pardi joined Brooks & Dunn in 2019 on a new version of their hit single My Next Broken Heart” for their album Reboot. In an interview, Ronnie Dunn revealed that, while some of the guest artists on their album had ideas of what they wanted their duets to sound like that differed from Brooks & Dunn’s recordings, Pardi was insistent that they record the song exactly as it had been in 1991 as he was such a big fan of the original.

With the unshakeable dream of finding success in the country music capital, Pardi moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 2008 and worked as a life guard. It wasn’t long before the musician’s name was generating attention, notably for his songwriting, and by 2010 inked his first publishing deal. The deal enabled Pardi to work with a host of successful artists, promote his name further, and ultimately led the musician to sign with Capitol Records Nashville in 2011.

Not that Pardi isn’t committed to his music career also. The California native has been successfully juggling both maintaining his farm and working on his music, and sees no reason why he can’t keep doing both.

It’s not that Pardi is going to strike anybody as Jimmie Rodgers’ exact reincarnation. But a song like this does at least pick up where Burns’ series left off: in the ’90s, and in what some genre fans would consider the last glory days when honky tonk” still accounted for at least a portion of what you’d hear on the radio and didn’t just describe a place where Southerners go to boot-scoot to hip-hop. Pardi isn’t completely a guy you can pin down; his new album, also called Heartache Medication,” covers a multitude of styles, but all of them fall somewhere under a neo-traditionalist umbrella. Which makes him a bit of a hard sell, in some regards, in 2019 — but also a hero in the making.

Pardi teamed again with frequent collaborator Bart Butler as a co-producer on the album, though this time, mixing engineer Ryan Gore also takes on a co-producer role.

Pardi broke out onto the country music scene by finding his way into the songwriting community and learning from songwriters like Brice Long, who co-wrote Randy Houser’s ballad “Anything Goes” and Gary Allan’s No. 1 single “Nothing On But The Radio.” Pardi also became particularly close with Bart Butler, who emerged as Pardi’s co-producer.

Songwriter and producer Corey Crowder agrees with Laird, adding that California Sunrise is one of his favorite records. Crowder has a cut on the album, Can’t Turn You Down,” and says he was surprised at Pardi’s interpretation of the song in the best way.

Jon Pardi

Watching Jon on stage was a hugely powerful experience. He’s relaxed, he’s confident, and he knows exactly how to get a crowd riled up and in the mood. The country singer has a really suave approach to his audience, and he kept giving us that sly smile of his – it really had the effect of feeling like he was singing for the crowd, rather than just at us. After he sang ‘When I’ve Been Drinking’, the crowd started swaying and dancing along to the beat, obviously won over by this charming young Californian.

Things have come full circle for Pardi, who is also featured in the Country Music Hall of Fame beside some of his heroes. All the while, he credits his success to staying true to himself and never getting down when things weren’t happening the way he had hoped.

It’s been a little more than three years since Pardi released California Sunrise, but he is confident the wait will be worth it in the end. Brooks & Dunn perform with Jon Pardi, center, during a taping of “CMT Crossroads” on a stage built on Broadway on Tuesday, June 4, 2019.

Jon Pardi’s new studio album Heartache Medication is at music retailers everywhere today (Friday, September 27th). The album features his current hit single and the album’s title track, along with 13 other songs, including a duet with Lauren Alaina.

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