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And I think that’s what Juanes did, also. The top 34 entries on Billboard’s 2018 Hot Latin Songs year-end chart were all reggaetón, and major non-urban Latin artists like Juanes and Arjona didn’t even make the list.

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JUANESJuanes has been named as the 2019 Latin Grammy Person of the Year. His dad, Javier Aristizábal, was the musical force in their home, giving him first an accordion, then a guitar to play, he says. Juanes recalls living as a child in Carolina del Príncipe, where his family raised cattle, owned a small market and rented out space for a bar. “Our bedroom was on top of the bar and every night, since I was very little, I would go to sleep and the music I heard until midnight was bar music — tangos, boleros,” and the Colombian rhythms that later found their way into his own sound.

Born and raised in Medellín, Colombia, Juan Esteban Aristizábal – better known to most of the world as JUANES, has become Latin Rock’s leading global ambassador. Hailed by TIME as one of the 100 Most-Influential People in the World,” and The New York Times as Latin America’s hottest singer-songwriter… a soulful poet with electric guitar,” Juanes has built a distinctive sound that fuses his love of rock & pop music with smartly crafted, multi-layered songwriting and a deep reverence for the traditional folk and other indigenous rhythms of Colombia and Latin America. With seven multi-platinum studio albums, a critically-praised MTV Unplugged release, and Disney soundtrack work to his credit, Juanes has sold millions of albums around the world, notched ELEVEN #1 Billboard singles, holds multiple records for Latin rock chart duration, and has been recognized with numerous awards, including a staggering TWENTY-FIVE combined GRAMMY & Latin Grammy Awards.

When Juanes, 43, learned that the request – to perform for Pope Francis at the Festival of Families, this Saturday in Philadelphia – was legit, he was elated. And not just because Juanes was raised Catholic, or because the event, which will also feature Andrea Bocelli and Aretha Franklin, is so high-profile.

He has used his voice in support of peace and social justice, either through his music or his foundation, which he established in 2006 to help victims of anti-personnel mines in Colombia, and initiatives such as the 2008 Paz Sin Fronteras” (Peace without Borders) concert in Cuba.

Before he became the Grammy-winning star who counts beats onstage, Juanes counted sheep on his father’s hacienda. When the singer born Juan Estebán Aristizábal Vásquez was just a boy, his father, a rancher, would invite him and his five siblings to mount horses and count livestock at the family cottage near Carolina del Príncipe, Colombia, where they would spend vacations.

Juanes marveled at the path his career had taken since the release of his first album, telling Ramiro Burr in the San Antonio Express-News, “These two years have been very crazy but very good too. This is what I’ve spent 15 years working for.” Although his passion and commitment to music was unchanged, he now found himself in front of larger audiences, traveling extensively, and meeting many more people, all of which he enjoyed.

I have always tried to mix different musical worlds; rock with the music that I love and listen to: the music of Colombia, like cumbia, vallenato and guasca. Over the last five years, I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with younger producers. It has been interesting to experiment with things like bringing the dembow rhythm into my songs. But more than trying to do reggaeton, what I can do is bring elements of that music to my songs in an organic way that works. I wanted to mix folklore and rock with some of what we’re hearing today – pop, urban rhythms. The album has a lot of that; it’s a record for dancing and having a good time.JUANES

Soon after the band’s breakup, Juanes moved to the United States looking for broader success. The move paid off when he met Argentinean musician and producer Gustavo Santaolalla in Los Angeles. Santaolalla was impressed by the demo tape Juanes sent him, and he eventually agreed to help him cut his first solo album.

Juanes says the two of them jammed for hours, taking breaks to ruminate about life. “For me it was it was almost like a journey, like something spiritual,” he says. Alessia Cara, Logic and Juanes at the 18th Annual Latin Grammy Awards in November 2017.

Case in point: Nada Valgo Sin Tu Amor,” is another gem off of Mi Sangre. It’s a beautiful love poem—word for word a triumph in love songs. Juanes acknowledges that his errors weigh heavier than age on his love, and proceeds to detail the power his partner has on his life. As he exclaims, I’m nothing without your love,” we’d be remiss to think the same—the world would be darker without Juanes’ Mi Sangre.

Juanes will be honored as the 2019 Latin Recording Academy Person of the Year. The Colombian singer, composer and philanthropist will be celebrated at a tribute concert on Nov. 13 at the MGM Grand Convention Center in Las Vegas. The Latin Recording Academy celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.

Juanes, the Latin music superstar will sing for the Pope this Saturday in Philadelphia. Some of the influences you might detect when you hear Juanes live include Stevie Wonder, Enrique Iglesias and Carlos Vives.

Juanes, 44, made his previous studio album, Loco de Amor” in 2014, with the English producer Steve Lillywhite , who has worked with U2 and Peter Gabriel. For Mis Planes Son Amarte,” he switched to a younger generation of Colombian musicians from Medellín: the hip-hop and reggaetón producers Mosty, Sky and Bull Nene.

The Colombian superstar is also a dedicated global activist, with wide ranging charitable work for his own Mi Sangre Foundation (spotlighted in a special Billboard Philanthropy issue) and as a co-founder of the “Paz sin Fronteras” (Peace Without Borders) organization- which utilizes music to unite populaces regardless of political or geographic divides and advocates that all people are entitled to the basic human right of peace.

On streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, urbano leads the global playlists. Spotify’s ¡Viva Latino! is the third-most-followed playlist on the platform, with more than 10 million listeners; Baila Reggaeton is close behind, with over 9 million. Apple Music’s reggaetón-dominated ¡Dale Play! is its top Latin playlist globally, according to Jerry Pulles, a Latin music programmer at Apple. That’s what listeners and artists are moving toward,” he says.

I first sang folk music – boleros, tangos, nueva canción Chilena – as a cover singer. When I began my own project, I became more interested in other genres like pop and alternative music. What I like to do now is utilize diverse rhythms to tell a story. I feel that music is also a very visual, theatrical thing, and that serves me well for the stage. But I like all types of music. I feel like I can find the beauty in everything.

A lofty description, but one that plays out in Juanes’s life. His quest for peace is rooted in action. His desire to give back produces compassion, human rights and rehabilitation through his Mi Sangre (My Blood) Foundation, which helps poor Colombian children — primarily in rural areas — who are victims of landmines and war. “What I do is because life and music have led me to it,” the singer says.

Earlier this month, Latin rock star Juanes busted out a faithfully accurate version of the Metallica classic Seek & Destroy” at Rock al Parque Festival in Bogota, Colombia, and now he’s earned praise from the thrash legends themselves.

That intimacy was heightened by the presence of Laferte. The duo performed a PG-13 version of “Amárrame,” a passionate pop song with lyrics reminiscent of 50 Shades Of Grey. You can sense an obvious chemistry between the two during that song, as well as on the Juanes classic “Fotografia” (which originally featured Nelly Furtado).

Fusing colombian folkloric styles with rock’n’roll, Juanes is Latin music’s most down-to-earth superstar. Across two decades, he has earned 23 Latin Grammy Awards and two mainstream Grammys, and has logged 33 entries on Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs chart, with eight of those reaching No. 1.

During the first decade of the new millennium, ska had one of its most important moments in Bogotá; a fertile scene that although could not stay together, left behind several memorable bands. In this edition of Rock al Parque, The Klaxon and La Severa Matacera were responsible for reviving the adolescent spirit of the rudeboys of the early 2000s, a spirit that for a couple of years has been revived by new blood and a union with some of the pioneers of the movement. The Klaxon took us back to the days of the release of his album Obras Públicas, with classics such as La sombra,” the ska version of El Aguacate” by Julio Jaramillo, and Qué más quisiera.” La Severa Matacera showed not only its festive songs, but a tribute to several of the national acts that have stepped Rock al Parque such as Alerta Kamarada, Desorden Social, and La Pestilencia.

JUANES: I remember the first moment when I get to his studio in the Dominican Republic, in his house. And I was a little bit nervous, you know. And then I just found this guy – you know, Juan Luis – so, so relaxed; so calm, so sober. And he just inspired this like, peace inside me. And for me, it was like a journey, like something almost spiritual.

Juanes held a benefit concert in 2006 in conjunction with KLVE and Univision which raised roughly $350,000. The money went to care for injured children, provide prosthetics, wheelchairs, and land rehabilitation.

Juanes never set out to be a voice for any particular political movement, but people label you, he says. “We might be naïve, we might be idealists, but you must have the ability to believe the impossible is possible.” Some might have considered global success, with songs only in Spanish, impossible. Yet his hit “La Camisa Negra” soared to number one in 43 countries. “It breaks age and social class barriers,” says longtime manager Fernán Martínez.

In 2008, tensions rose between Ecuador, Colombia, and Venezuela, following a raid by Colombian armed forces on a rebel camp inside the border of Ecuador. The governments of Venezuela and Ecuador questioned this incursion and diplomatic ties were cut for a time. A concert organized by Paz Sin Fronteras on the border between Venezuela and Colombia brought together many tens of thousands of people in a call for peaceful resolution of conflicts in the region.

Wherever you go in the Peruvian jungle, be it Tarapoto, Moyobamba, or Iquitos, you’re sure to see people selling and eating juanes. Wrapped in waxy bijao leaves, unopened juanes look like green, spherical (or sometimes brick-shaped) packages. Cut the string around the top and the leaf starts to unfurl, revealing a ball or block of yellow rice.

Born Juan Esteban Aristizábal Vásquez, Juanes — who appears Friday and Saturday at the Hollywood Bowl with the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra and conductor Thomas Wilkins — has been one of Latin America’s most popular young musicians for the past two decades. His first four albums topped music charts. He has won a Grammy Award and 17 Latin Grammys.

Juanes was born in Carolina del Príncipe, Antioquia , Colombia. citation needed When he was seven years old, his father and brothers began to teach him how to play guitar. 4 His passion for the instrument led him to discover simple genres of music such as traditional sounds such as tango and Vallenato , as well as Russian folk music.

Tupper, M., and F. Juanes. 2017. Testing foraging arena theory: the effects of conspecific density and habitat type on time and energy budgets of juvenile cunner. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 487: 86-93.

Juanes performs at Latin Grammy Awards in Las Vegas in November 2014. Editor’s Note: This entry has been edited. It previously misidentified the song Rita dedicated to her wife and said her band performed Panamanian plena.

ideals entered Spain, Juan de Juanes and his father were the city’s most significant artists. Born Juan Maçip, Juanes trained and collaborated with his father on some of Valencia’s most important commissions from 1530 until his father’s death in 1550. Despite being strongly influenced by his father, Juanes developed his own distinctive style. His sweeter, gentler approach included clear, luminous tones and softer effects of modeling but displayed less technical detail in finishing. He painted mostly religious subjects, along with mythological works and portraits.

Laferte began the concert solo with the torch song “Pa’ Dónde Se Fue” (Where Did You Go?). She sang the break-up story with a smirk that belied the heartache hiding in her poignant lyrics. Then, after a short set break starring the Tiny Desk engineer Josh Rogosin, Juanes joined her to perform the duo’s sultry single, “Amárrame” (Tie Me Up).

DEL BARCO: Guerra became the producer and arranger for the “Unplugged” album, but also something of a mentor for Juanes. Guerra himself had taken a break from playing his fusion of merengue and bachata – with jazz and classical influences – to devote his time to Christian gospel music. So he had some advice for Juanes.

On the same day that Pride was celebrated worldwide, writer, composer and singer Rita Indiana graced the Rock al Parque stage, waving a flag with the rainbow on her hands. She opened her set dedicating El blu” to her wife. This song I want to dedicate to my wife. I did it when I met her and I want to dedicate it as if it was the first time,” she said. Indiana is a woman whose art has been the Latin identity from the Antilles, where songs like Guasábara” speak of how during colonization they almost exterminate the natives of the Caribbean. She performed the light Equeibol,” but also took time to reflect on how several friends of her adolescence have already died. A show that marks her return to music, the result of what felt like a 10-year long conversation for ‘Chucky’ García. She also used the show to present El Comité, her new band in which the Puerto Rican plena meets metal and punk to create a demon that dances while the fire burns.

In 2008, Juanes, 38, staged the massive, free Peace Without Borders concert on the Venezuela-Colombia border. The two nations and Ecuador had been on the brink of war due to a Colombian raid inside Ecuador. The concert celebrated the diplomatic end to the crisis.

This Friday, Juanes, perhaps Miami’s best-known Latin singer, will release the first major visual album by a Latin American artist: Mis Planes Son Amarte. The project combines the equivalent of 12 music videos and interspersed dialogue scenes into a cohesive hourlong narrative.

RENO, Nev. (Aug. 15, 2019) – Columbian singing sensation Juanes will perform at Grand Sierra Resort and Casino (GSR) on Saturday, Sept. 7 at 8 p.m. The GRAMMY Award-winning artist will take the stage inside Reno’s acclaimed Grand Theatre to deliver an intimate performance of the dynamic and exhilarating music that has made him an international superstar.

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