jungkook tattoo au – BTS’s Jungkook Cut His Hair And ARMYs Are Freaking Out

It has been an entire year and a half since the scandal, and six months since Jihun was captured once again. The ARMY spotted Jungkook had chopped his long locks for a shorter hairdo. Instead, he simply got a shorter haircut.

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JUNGKOOKThe BTS boys are back home in Korea following their recent concert in Saudi Arabia , and Jungkook has decided to celebrate their return with a fresh haircut, sending ARMYs into a frenzy. 38. BTS was named musician of the year” at the Korean Music Awards last year, and Jungkook was the youngest recipient of that award too. The previous record holder was singer Hwi-sung, who won the award at 23.

Two days after the concert, Jungkook posted a series of photos to BTS’s shared Twitter account. In the photos, Jungkook sported a shorter haircut. On social media, BTS fans expressed how they hoped Jungkook chose to cut his hair because he wanted to and not because he felt pressured.

In an Oct. 13 post on Twitter, Jungkook shared the new look in three photos that totally work his angles. With his locks now hitting just above his ears, it’s a noticeably shorter look than the longer haircut he’s been sporting as recently as Oct. 10 As usual, Jungkook’s social media update got the BTS ARMY talking. From hair tributes to heartfelt messages, fans from all over the globe chimed in on the singer’s updated looks. It looks like many still aren’t ready to let go of the old Jungkook, and understandably so, since the change is still so fresh.

During the World Tour for Love Yourself, Jungkook injured his foot and couldn’t perform for 7 concert days. He had to get stitches in his heel. Check out the tweets from BTS’ members to Jungkook below, through which they expressed their birthday wishes and even shared some unseen photos and videos.

BTS’ Jungkook is always looking so on point. His razor sharp aesthetic and adorable personality are just some of the reasons why Jungkook is loved by so many of his fans. Just like the changing colors of the fall, Jungkook unveiled a new hairdo that has fans buzzing all over social media. These photos of BTS’ Jungkook’s new haircut showcase his subtle transformation as the musical group gears up for a new season.

The (possible) new sleeve tattoo isn’t the only thing the ARMY is talking about. While Jungkook has been rocking the long hair for quite a while now, he took to Twitter on Oct. 13 to announce some earth-shattering news: He cut his hair.

Some fans initially doubted the man in the photo was Jungkook and even claimed he was South Korean rapper Hash Swan, who later denied on his Instagram account that it was him. Jungkook’s ideal type is someone who’s at least 160 cm but smaller than him. He changed it. 🙂 And that he also likes tan girls whom he can go with him at the beach. Because he likes beaches a lot.

This… please wait for it,” the newly 22-year-old wrote in Korean, sharing a brief snippet of an English-language song. The mellow, keyboard-based tune is fronted by Jungkook’s reflective lyrics, seemingly about his relationship with himself.

Along with his message of thanks and gift for his fans in the form of the brief song, Jungkook’s birthday was also full of well-wishes not only from BTS’ ARMY around the globe, who trended multiple hashtags to celebrate his special day, but also from the other members of BTS and Justin Bieber – who Jungkook has mentioned in the past as one of his favorite singers and has frequently covered.

It’s not just his luscious locks — the singer was also spotted with new ink while BTS made their way through Incheon International Airport in Korea on Sept. 16. The delicate tattoo on his left hand features the word “ARMY” with a ton of cute symbols that has fans debating whether or not it’s a temporary tattoo or a real tattoo. With no confirmation yet from Jungkook himself, the BTS ARMY will have to be keep wondering about the tat until it makes another appearance.

As BTS continue to be the biggest thing since One Direction , inspiring Beatlemania-style devotion amongst fans, whether it’s selling out Wembley Stadium , an album release, one of them lip-syncing to Billie Eilish , or, hell, if one of them made a cup of tea, their fans would be there, pom poms in hand and enthusiastically celebrating the moment. So of course they were going to make sure they were on hand to wish Jungkook many happy returns.

A photo believed to be from leaked CCTV footage showing Jungkook, the youngest member of BTS, hugging a female tattoo artist from behind went viral on the Internet on Monday (Sept 16). Jungkook and Nayeon were standing in the same line. While Nayeon was looking at the fans, Jungkook took a peek” at her.JUNGKOOK

Jungkook’s soulmate will never appear in front of him, but never having the chance to bond to them saved his life. Even though he is alive, now he is knowingly alone in a world where everyone is connected to someone. And despite love being driven by fate, he somehow finds himself attracted to his own personal forbidden fruit.

In 2016, Jungkook was cast in shows the pilot episode of Flower Crew and appeared on Celebrity Bromance. He also appeared in the show King of Mask Singer under the name “Fencing Man” competing in episodes 71 and 72, respectively. In December of the same year, he participated in the 2016 KBS Song Festival interpreting the song “I’m a Butterfly”, along with other artists forming the “K-Pop 97 Line”. In 2018 the Korean musical channel Mnet invited Jungkook to be an honorary director for BTS’ comeback show to celebrate the release of the album Love Yourself: Tear. It was his first time directing in an official capacity.

45. Jungkook raised a puppy named Gurum, which means cloud” in Korean. Gurum lives with Jungkook’s parents. His dream when he was younger was to become a badminton player. In his first year of high school, he listened to G-Dragon songs and changed his dream to that of becoming a singer.

I don’t know if Jungkook got tattoos or not, I’m just so incredibly happy he’s doing this HE wants to do. Awhile back he wouldn’t in fear of offending army, so this is just the best thing to me. Grow that hair, get those tats babe. DO YOU #BTSinRiadh,” wrote a Twitter user.

However, according to All K Pop, Big Hit Entertainment were quick to publish a statement to quash the reports, saying: The now circulating dating rumors regarding our artist Jungkook is absolutely not true. During his visit to Geojedo, he realized his circle of tattooist acquaintances was also visiting there so he hung out with them.

BTS has been busy after finally ending their hiatus They performed at their first concert in almost three months in Saudi Arabia for their Love Yourself: Speak Yourself tour, and now they’re back home in Korea. The boys are gearing up for the new season with some personal changes—hence Jungkook debuting a brand new hairstyle on Twitter.

Footage that circulated online showed Jungkook noticing a fan in a wheelchair, before deciding that he wanted to greet them so jumped the barrier. Jungkook then managed to get up off his stool and hobbled to the front of the stage to sing their final hit Answer: Love Yourself.

BTS’s leader, RM, was assigned Jungkook. He expressed dismay at this assignment, as Jungkook is incredibly athletic. During a recent Summer Outing” episode of Run BTS!, Jungkook single-handedly competed against five members of BTS during a game at a water park. The game was named Defeat Jungkook” because of how difficult it was for the other members to keep up with him.

When the love of his life suddenly disappears, Jungkook lost everything that he thought has. Trying to keep his life together with a baby to take care of, his family decided to do what they think best for him, marrying him off with someone that his family knows. Everything seems perfectly normal on the outside but only both of them know, how on the verge the marriage is.

38. BTS was named musician of the year” at the Korean Music Awards last year, and Jungkook was the youngest recipient of that award too. The previous record holder was singer Hwi-sung, who won the award at 23.

In the end, Big Hit told us that they have no responsibility over this because it happened during Jungkook’s vacation and has not contacted us since. In our last call, they made us seem like we were expecting some sort of compensation, so we firmly told them that we don’t need it and that we never wanted it.

A fan also noted that the new tweet flaunting Jungkook’s new hairstyle became the fastest BTS tweet to have reached one million likes. “You broke another record today baby. Fastest BTS tweet to reach 1M likes. Congratulations! But more than just a number, that shows how much you’re loved. I mention this a lot, but because I truly hope you know that. Our precious Jungkook, who is perfect in every way,” the fan wrote.

During 2019 FESTA, “Bangtan Attic” video was released; in which the members sit down and eat snacks while answering questions. One question was “How are your stage personas and real selves different?”. Jungkook answered by stating his stage persona “shines brightly” while in the group, whereas, his normal self individually as ‘Jeon Jeong-guk’, he finds himself insignificant. He elaborated by saying that he didn’t study much in school, feels that he progresses slower than others and didn’t take things very seriously as a kid, he oftentimes regrets it.

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