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We left disappointed and wanting a little more. Sudden downpours of rain. I had to teach myself all these things.” One of these videos from 2012 is still on Uchis’ YouTube channel. That was fun to wear because I love when I can feel like a goddess.

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KALI UCHISOn his debut LP, Jardín, Gabriel Garzón-Montano sings of the struggles and uncertainties of the many-layered game that is America today, from the specific doubt and double consciousness of the first-generation hustle, to the universal challenges of love, legacy, and exploring the maze of one’s own mind. Kali Uchis and Jorja Smith may be from opposite sides of the pond, but they perfectly complement each other, and The Kali & Jorja Tour showcases two rising stars poised to make waves in pop music. Their sets on Saturday night delighted an enthusiastic crowd, never more so than when they came together to close out their wildly successful stop in Irving at the Toyota Music Factory.

Left-field pop polyglot nominated for multiple Grammy awards before she hit the Top Five of the R&B album chart with Isolation. Always love this venue and Kali was amazing. Popcorn a plus! Super yummy. KALI: A lot of coffee, and Shakira. There’s a lot of people coming out with music from there like you probably heard of J Balvin, he’s worked with Pharrell.

Kali Uchis is highly particular. She likes the design of Adams Morgan’s Line hotel but wishes the TV in her room could swing out from its wall mount. She enjoys Los Angeles, but the lack of seasonal weather makes her feel as though she’s caught in a Groundhog Day” loop. She’s selective about whom she works with, she says, because she’s averse to other people telling her how she should sound.

It’s easy to classify Kali Uchis as a Columbian Lana Del Rey, or a West Coast Amy Winehouse. This is the Kali Uchis we fell in love with in her music video for ‘Loner’ two years ago: lips puckered, highlighter sparkling, and bubblegum American drive-in station, a purple silk-sheeted motel room. The luxury is fascinating, and the various feather-tipped sparkly disguises mixed in with her mysterious lyrics and smokey vocal delivery.

The Colombian American singer, who oversees most of her own creative direction, has a clear view of not only what she wants to do, but how she intends to do it. And the 24-year-old is well aware of how the world perceives resolute women like her.

Karly-Marina Loaiza (born July 17, 1994), known professionally as Kali Uchis, is an American singer and songwriter. She debuted in the music industry with her 2012 mixtape, Drunken Babble, which was described as “genre-defying”. She released her first EP , Por Vida , in 2015 to further recognition. Her debut studio album, Isolation , was released in 2018 to widespread acclaim.

TYLER: Every other animal just knows, Oh, it’s a storm coming! Let’s move!” I feel like their foot is one with the Earth. Humans are stupid though. Kali Kali Kali,” the audience chanted. DMV D.C., Maryland, Virginia, I love you,” Uchis belted out to the ecstatic crowd.

Kali Uchis: It’s really natural for me to write bilingually. I would love to have more songs that were all fully in Spanish. I have already started – Tyrant” has a full Spanish version. I want to give all of my songs a Spanish version, just because I can.

We talk a bit about the prevalence of brujeria, or witchcraft, in Latin culture, which leads to me telling her I am surprised there aren’t more Spanish songs on the album. While much of Isolation has some Spanglish ad-libbing and rhythmic influences, Nuestro Planeta” is the only song entirely in Spanish.

Uchis goes on to tell me candidly that mental illness runs in her family, and that she’s struggled with depression herself. She says that up until recently, her family didn’t really understand what she was doing with her life, but ever since her 2017 duet with popular Colombian artist Juanes, they’ve been very supportive. In the last few months, she’s also dealt with her fair share of online haters.

Ever since then, every time I talk to my parents, I speak to them in Spanish. If your parents know English, you get reliant on that because you’re so used to speaking English in America. I know a lot of Latinos whose parents didn’t raise them speaking it at all. It’s way harder for them to connect, and they feel a little bit of their Latinidad is erased and taken away from them, which is unfortunate. I started feeling like maybe that’s why my friends don’t like to speak it – when I try to speak Spanish they respond to me in English.

The album captures Uchis at different stages of life, so she embraces retroactive self-discovery. I feel bad for anyone who stays the same,” she says quietly. I feel like it’s the responsible thing to do, to talk about certain things that are happening and make people aware of privileges, whether it be about sexism, colorism or just classism,” she says.

It was better when she was at the house of blues. The way she changed the tones of her songs too was bad, she left the audience thinking that she was going to sing more because it was a short performance. She didn’t really interact with the audience either like Jorja smith did. Just because you get a bigger place to perform in doesn’t mean that you should deliver less. I’m giving 3 stars because of jorja smith, she was amazing.

Isolation also delves into (no-brainer) isolation and the issues that come with it. In the popular track After The Storm” featuring Tyler, The Creator, Uchis makes it a point that sometimes, one has to be their own hero and help themselves out of whatever slump they may be going through. Female musicians of the past like Amy Winehouse were famous for stories of pain and heartbreak, but Uchis tells her listeners, No one is gonna save you now, so you better save yourself.” The fact that a female artist like Uchis is coming up with such a strong message is proof that the culture is changing.

Eggs. Milk. Cheese. Bread. LOVER. These are the things that Kali Uchis writes on a grocery list at the beginning of the video for After the Storm ,” her Tyler, the Creator and Bootsy Collins collaboration from earlier this year. It’s the kind of visual that is so beautiful, so aesthetically delicious, that you want to climb inside it and never, ever get out. Every color looks like it was sucked from a child’s story book, and the result is a surrealist utopia. Did you ever wonder? Yeah, do you ever wonder?” sings the 24-year-old Colombian-American artist, her eyelids half closed, her perfectly manicured nails resting beneath her chin. And then she’s slowly gliding through a supermarket in lemon yellow rubber heels, a dazed look on her face, the contents of her trolley coming to life in the way you’d imagine them doing when you were a kid with a fever. Oh my god, I remember thinking, when I saw this for the first time, this person is pure genius.

Tyrant” was the first single off Kali Uchis’ debut album, Isolation. In addition to being a dynamic singer, Uchis has also been a music video director, songwriter, record producer and fashion designer. Dir. Kali Uchis & WIISSA. Video prod. Nouvelle Vague LA. Song prod. Kaytranada & BBNG.

TYLER: A lot of heroin comes from Afghanistan, I believe… Yeah, Colombia’s not really put into mainstream as anything other than this is where we get coke from” so people are ignorant to what’s there.

See below for a list of Kali Uchis’s GRAMMY Awards history. If Kali Uchis noticed, it didn’t faze her. She finished strong with the huge crowd cheering wildly as she left the stage. An undeniable electricity filled The Anthem as Jorja Smith and Kali Uchis kicked off their North American Kali & Jorja Tour” this Sunday.

Uchis’ flirting and shimmying-till-the-drums-don’t-hit (and they always hit) was matched by Smith’s introverted spirit, guided by restraint. She holds her hands midair, delicate as a rose petal, when she sings. When she opened her set, however, she was all thorns.

I had a lot of fun; I love dressing up. Everyone thinks I dress up more than I should anyway, so it’s nice when people appreciate it – they’re not just like, Why the fuck are you wearing that to 7-11?” Laughs Now I actually have somewhere to look crazy at.

She’s enlisted an impressive array of producers and writers for Isolation, too, and her pick-n-mix vision pays off. Gorillaz lend both their writing and production credits to In My Dreams,” a strange, antsy song in which Damon Albarn sings about happiness. Elsewhere, Thundercat—who was at the creative epicentre of Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly—helps shape album intro Body Language” into a hypnotic cacophony of jazz flute shuffles that make Kali’s voice sound almost euphoric. Frequent collaborators BADBADNOTGOOD also show up for the aforementioned After the Storm,” arguably one of the album’s standout tracks. And even Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker co-writes and produces alongside Kali for my personal favorite, Tomorrow”, bleeding his distinctive psychedelic flavour into her already colorful palette.

But the way I work best is still from scratch on the keyboard, when I’m by myself in my room. I’ll just make different sounds, and it can get weird laughs. Then I bring my ideas to people who can really produce, because I’m still figuring out how to be a better singer, writer and musician in general. It’s nice to see what you come up with with different people, because I learn so much from all these really talented musicians.

For a long time, one of my long-term goals was to buy an island and to create a new civilization. I understand realistically it would take a lot of money. Islands aren’t necessarily that expensive, but then I’m going to need Wi-Fi out there, and an airport in case I need to leave for any reason. I started thinking about all the logistics. On this island, anyone who was nasty or committed a crime wouldn’t be put in prison—there would be no jail—but we would rehabilitate them and teach them how to be better people. There wouldn’t be greed because we would all be rich. I would have so much money I’d fund everyone in the town and they would all have comfort. Anyone that seemed like they weren’t going to fit in our society, which will be made up of people with good energy and good intentions, we would all decide to kick off the island. It would just be as simple as that.

TYLER: While eating my favourite waffle or French toast. I feel like that’s death. That’s heaven. My body would OD and I would just orgasm. I would die, like I would actually die… A foot massage is equivalent to a blow job to me.

On stage, Kali Uchis brims with the sultriness of a vintage pinup and channels a sullen soulfulness in the same vein as Little Ann. These qualities have caught the attention of Lana Del Rey, with whom the Los Angeles-based singer toured extensively in 2017, just months before releasing her star-studded 2018 LP debut, Isolation.

Kali Uchis: I wanna expand into making films and TV shows, maybe doing creative direction. I really like movies about drug lords, crime, with a strong female lead. I love the movie Gia. I feel like I can just really relate to characters that are really dysfunctional. Making a movie is just such a dream of mine.

Uchis’s music has always been difficult to pin down to a single style. Isolation incorporates jazz, reggaeton, funk, and R & B, and her live performance traversed a variety of such genres. Her set even included a dreamy, downbeat cover of Radiohead’s Creep.” The delightfully funky Tyler, the Creator collaboration After the Storm” was another big hit with the audience.

Smith opened the show and seemed totally comfortable in her role as a dazzling, pink-clad idol. There were moments when Smith was partially drowned out by the instrumentation on her more upbeat songs, though the crowd didn’t seem to mind. For my part, not knowing the songs by heart, she shone brightest on the slower numbers that centered the emotive power of her voice, allowing me to actually make out her lyrics.

Kali Uchis is highly particular. She likes the design of Adams Morgan’s Line hotel but wishes the TV in her room could swing out from its wall mount. She enjoys Los Angeles, but the lack of seasonal weather makes her feel as though she’s caught in a Groundhog Day” loop. She’s selective about whom she works with, she says, because she’s averse to other people telling her how she should sound.

It comes as no surprise that Kali Uchis’ pump-up playlist is a stream of beltable songs by iconic women. Uchis is becoming somewhat iconic in her own right, with her bold style, brassy spirit, and unmistakably rich voice. To her fans worldwide, Uchis is also a vital role model – a strong Colombian woman who’s proud of her culture and her sexuality. Her songs are often self-sustaining anthems of empowerment, elegant vignettes about striking out on your own and knowing your worth and not needing a man. In her music videos, Uchis plays motorbike-riding hustlers, power suit-wearing newscasters, and the kind of women who shove the guy who wronged them in the trunk of their car. In the promo photos for her first EP, she posed in the desert wearing all white, a suitcase in one hand and a rifle in the other.

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