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I was writing loads of music and I wrote that song. The song FEAR.” samples 24-Carat Black’s song Poverty’s Paradise,” released in 1973. The record contained the Top 40 singles “Swimming Pools (Drank)”, “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe”, and “Poetic Justice”.

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KENDRICK LAMARKendrick Lamar’s album, “DAMN.” ranks as number one on Lamar’s personal list of his studio albums. On the latest episode of Hip Hop: Songs That Shook America, Kendrick Lamar’s Alright” is explored as almost anachronistic in a time of apparent artist apathy towards social issues and still became an anthem for the millennial generation’s first major civil rights movement, Black Lives Matter. This episode makes sure, at no point, does the viewer get the impression they’re simply hearing people talk about a rapper with a popular song.

DeRay and Packnett take us into the tense altercation between the Cleveland police and Black Lives Matter activists in July 2015 Outside of the first-ever Black Lives Matter conference, a transit officer pepper-sprayed a crowd protesting the dubious arrest of a 14-year-old boy They explain how once the large congregation of activists was able to get the young boy out of police custody, the assembly of Black and brown people ebulliently changed We gon’ be alright.” That’s when Packnett gives the most salient connection between Kendrick Lamar’s song and the spirit of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Lamar continually breaks boundaries with his thought-invoking lyrics revolving around current issues pertaining to the hip-hop industry. DAMN.” is a perfect example of how music has evolved into a platform for expression and Lamar is the perfect spokesperson. Oh, and the album is amazing.

Of course, this is hardly the hip-hop tycoon’s first whirl on the real estate rodeo. Way back in 2013, Lamar paid $523,400 in cash for a perfectly ordinary house way out in the Riverside County city of Eastvale, about an hour’s drive east of Los Angeles proper. And in late 2017, he forked over $2.65 million for a large residence inside a guard-gated Calabasas, Calif. community; that house is currently occupied by his mother, younger sister and several additional family members.

While both would no doubt have been worthy winners, DAMN.” is just as beautiful and just as thoughtful in the way it comments on and presciently reflects our times in surprising and clever ways. The 30-year-old Californian won the prize for his album Damn, released in April 2017.

Fifteen-year-old Kendrick Lamar likely never thought he’d be performing at halftime of one of the biggest sporting events of 2018. Certainly not when he, as a teenager, was getting stomped at Compton, California’s, Avalon Swap Meet. But a decade and a half after the fight he references on ELEMENT. ,” from 2017’s Grammy-nominated album DAMN. , here he is: headline performer at halftime of the college football national championship — the NCAA’s Super Bowl. The all-Southeastern Conference main event is Monday night in Atlanta.

About four hours ago, Kendrick Lamar woke up to the news that the Golden Globes nominated him for its original song in a motion picture prize, honoring All the Stars,” his collaboration with SZA from the soundtrack to Black Panther.” The next day the Compton rapper would discover that he’d be up for more Grammys than any other artist, eight total, including song of the year, record of the year and album of the year. All of them laud his work masterminding the platinum soundtrack to the $700-million-grossing Marvel Comics blockbuster.

Kendrick Lamar Duckworth, better known as Kendrick Lamar, is an American rapper and songwriter from Compton, California. In 2004, Lamar signed to the Carson-based indie record label Top Dawg Entertainment and in 2012, Lamar and the label signed a joint venture deal with Aftermath and Interscope Records. Lamar is also a member of West Coast hip hop supergroup Black Hippy, alongside his label-mates and fellow California-based rappers Schoolboy Q, Jay Rock, and Ab-Soul.

Gender ? This helps us keep people, musicians and brands searchable on Myspace. Du Yun, who won the music Pulitzer last year for her opera Angel’s Bone,” said she was thrilled about Lamar’s win. In addition, per Genius, the album was certified three times platinum in 2018, and numerous songs on the album, including Poetic Justice,” have gone multiplatinum.

In the other corner are those who argue that irrespective of genre, Lamar and DAMN.” aren’t worthy. For these critics, it’s not that hip-hop isn’t music, but rather that there’s a laundry list of artists who arguably deserved the award more. Indeed, among Lamar’s fellow finalists were special talents — artists also seeking to comment on the world around them in their art. These finalists included people like Michael Gilbertson, whose string quartet was rewritten in the wake of the 2016 election, and Ted Hearne, whose Sound from the Bench,” a cantata for a chamber choir, electric guitars and drums, includes texts from Supreme Court decisions.

Released almost exactly a year ago and featuring credits from Rihanna, U2, James Blake and (ironically, given the milestone) jazz saxophonist Kamasi Washington , DAMN. has been described as the more compact successor to Lamar’s experimental, often complex sophomore record, 2015’s To Pimp a Butterfly. It sold 353,000 copies its first week, according to Billboard (that’s not including streams — overall it racked up 603,000 album-equivalent units”), and went platinum earlier this month , the third of his records to do so. Like Butterfly before it, DAMN. garnered Lamar an Album of the Year nomination and the award for Best Rap Album at the 60th Grammy Awards.

These are the type of moments that help canonized great hip-hop music. Burke likens Alright” to t his generation’s ‘Fight The Power,’” a phrase that transitions to Chuck D and Hank Shocklee of Public Enemy speaking on how the 1989 anthem was created as a response to drug and murder epidemic in Black communities. Simply mentioning the connection between Fight The Power” and Alright” is astute, having Chuck D make that connection makes this episode feel like a definitive stamp of approval.

In late January, the Compton, Calif., rapper Kendrick Lamar lost the Grammy Award for album of the year to Bruno Mars. DAMN.,” Mr. Lamar’s fourth LP, was his third straight to be nominated but ultimately fall short of the trophy, considered by most to be the top prize in popular music.

However, Eminem remains the king for holding the record for longest-charting hip-hop album overall, with 2005’s Curtain Call: The Hits. However, as XXL explains , that album is a compilation of previously released material, not a studio work.

Lamar, 32, has shunned the adjective shy” when describing himself, and his tour de force opening of the 2018 Grammy Awards and uber-confident headlining set of last summer’s 30-city TDE Championship Tour would certainly serve to back that up. Introvert” is the man’s preferred term.

Lamar has released at least one album every year since 2015, including, most recently, the accompanying soundtrack for Marvel’s Black Panther, which he curated. He made guest appearances onstage at Coachella over the weekend, during the sets of Black Panther collaborators SZA and Vince Staples.

In March 2012, MTV announced that Lamar had signed a deal with Interscope Records and Aftermath Entertainment , marking the end of his career as an independent artist Under the new deal, Lamar’s projects, including his album good kid, m.A.A.d city , would be jointly released via Top Dawg, Aftermath, and Interscope. 54 Also in March, Lamar appeared on Last Call with Carson Daly , where he spoke on Dr. Dre and his hometown of Compton, California. 55 On April 2, 2012, Lamar premiered his commercial debut single ” The Recipe “, on Big Boy’s Neighborhood at Power 106. The song, which serves as the first single from his good kid, m.A.A.d city, was released for digital download the following day. The song was produced by West Coast producer Scoop DeVille and features vocals from his mentor Dr. Dre, who also mixed the record.

The season will carry 14 episodes, each one covering one song from the album. Cole will bring music theory, details on instrumentation, lyric interpretation and more in discussing the album to bring a deeper connection to the body of work and the artist with the fan.

Kendrick Lamar mostly performs in North America and Europe, but he has visited Oceania and Asia for his tours. Cities that the rapper has performed in include Berlin, Dublin, Perth, Seoul, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Toronto and Quebec City. He has performed in the Midwest too, such as Saint Paul, Minnesota, Lincoln, Nebraska, Chicago, Illinois, and Columbus, Ohio.

The Pulitzer board has awarded special honors to Bob Dylan , Duke Ellington, George Gershwin, Thelonious Monk, John Coltrane and Hank Williams, but a popular figure like Lamar has never won the prize for music. In 1997, Wynton Marsalis became the first jazz act to win the Pulitzer Prize for music.

There’s a context for this. Violence was endemic during that period in Compton. In 1995, when Kendrick was eight, the murder rate in Compton was 81.5 out of 100,000 people. By comparison, New York City, with a murder rate of 2.2 per 100,000 people in 2015 , looks like a playground. Even Chicago, which is the current strawman for violent crimes in modern America, only had a murder rate of 8.52 in 2015. It’s not as bad in Compton as it once was, but it’s also not particularly great. The per capita income is still just a little above $13K, a fraction of the $58,030 US average.

Trump vs. Lamar is quite the undercard for Monday night’s main event. It could very well be a culture-shifting moment spearheaded by the man who has been bestowed with the heavy title of voice of a generation.” Lamar is well-aware of the moment he occupies and times he’s become a voice for. His message to Trump could very well come in words, via actions or even purely via symbol. Does this mean halftime will be his Kanye West 2009 MTV Video Music Awards moment? Who knows.

In order to understand the connection between Kendrick Lamar’s album and the blues tradition, I first define what mental health is and what it means to Black people historically. Second, I present the role of music in combating and managing mental health both during and after slavery as part of the Black public sphere. Third, I break the album TPAB down thematically along three themes that connect to the blues tradition: To Pimp” (major lyrical statements and themes about systemic racism), The Cocoon” (major lyrical statements, themes and content that relate to the blues tradition), and The Butterfly” (major lyrical statements and themes that deal with knowing and empowering oneself to be proud and authentic). Lastly, I will connect the album, with its analysis of the blues tradition, to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Lamar has been referred to as Dr. Dre’s protege since he emerged onto the scene in 2010, signing with Dre’s label Top Dawg Entertainment. Three platinum studio albums later, Lamar has generated critical acclaim throughout the music industry. His influence even reached the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences music branch, as he assisted with the Black Panther” and Divergent” soundtracks.

College halftime shows traditionally feature marching bands. But in an effort to mirror February’s actual Super Bowl, the College Football Playoff and ESPN announced last spring that an artist would perform. Lamar’s résumé of course warrants his booking.

Underscoring his expanding influence, Lamar in June 2018 was invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences’ music branch, for his work on the Black Panther and Divergent soundtracks. The following month, he made his acting debut in 50 Cent’s crime drama Power, as a homeless man.

Reclusive and enigmatic yet proficient and prolific, the post-Pultizer Kendrick Lamar recently popped up in the video for TDE R&B artist SiR’s searing new single, “Hair Down,” for his forthcoming Chasing Summer LP. Yet, as is increasingly becoming the Kenny way, the featured artist is hardly seen, his face shadowed by a thick, woolen black hood or hazily reflected in rippling water as he breathes his fire and unveils yet another fresh flow on the track. The focus may be laser-eyed, but the MC’s expressions forever remain shrouded, recalling Star Wars’ Jawa drip.

While on the promotional run for his newly released album, Kirk , Charlotte rapper DaBaby appeared on Beats 1 radio to chop it up with Ebro Darden. A major point of discussion was DaBaby’s well-rounded skills, which gave him the ability to churn out both club bangers and lyrical cuts.

But the soundtrack’s emotional weight is inextricable from the thematic gravity of Black Panther.” In the film’s dueling rivalry between T’Challa and Killmonger, it’s easy to see the internecine conflict within Lamar: the unstinting desire to make the world better, but the need to hermetically preserve a sense of self. Despite the nature of his fame, Lamar is notoriously private, eschewing social media and rarely mentioning his personal life. He’s acquiesced to some of the expectations of a pop star by appearing on Taylor Swift and Maroon 5 singles, but regularly invokes his Compton roots in both his music and financial contributions to the community.

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