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After touring in Europe and the United States, Abstract changed the title of the album to American Boyfriend” and told fans it would be coming out toward the end of the year. One by one, we go in a circle and say what our week looked like.

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KEVIN ABSTRACTA runaway, Kevin certainly has plenty of life experience for a twenty-year old, but he will openly admit he doesn’t have things figured out. But these aren’t college kids. They are the 12 members of Brockhampton, an artistic collective from Texas, and they’d prefer you called them a boy band, a creative factory or a brain trust. They are a family, and Abstract is its head.

In April, Abstract announced that he would be going on tour with The Neighbourhood again, but this time in the USA, during May and June. Abstract exclusively performed new songs from his upcoming album.

Abstract also pointed out that ARIZONA Baby is a full-length album. While it’s been widely regarded as an EP due to its length, the rapper said he was merely rolling out the full album gradually to avoid people skimming over his work.

I was definitely drawn to the softer tracks of this album for their ability to bring listeners intimately into the depths of Abstract’s mind, but I have to give special mention to some of his more intense verses. Corpus Christi” especially stood out to me lyrically, with Abstract pouring out all of his emotions about his recurring struggles in a sort of stream-of consciousness style reflection on his life and his anxieties about letting down the people he loves. On Big Wheels”, Abstract is aggressive and unapologetically honest about his sexuality, and its placement as the first track of the record is a punch in the face to the lack of queer acceptance in the hip-hop industry. The entirety of ARIZONA BABY serves as an inside look into Kevin Abstract’s personal journey, and the blend of different energies and emotions in every track make each listen a fresh and fulfilling experience.

KEVIN ABSTRACT: Yeah. And someone told me yesterday, You’re so open in your music. It’s interesting that you have this guard up when you’re talking to me, but you seem so, ‘This is me, this is me,’ in your music.” That’s because when I record it it’s not out. I can think about not releasing it. If I’m tweeting something I can be in control and just delete it. But if I’m talking to a journalist I’m not in control of that. … I might change my mind. I don’t know—that’s life I guess. I guess that’s what happens when you grow up on the internet and in control of how you look.

The 22yo is in peak form – as a rapper, singer, songwriter – and as a creative architect, executing a cohesive vision that solidifies what we’ve suspected: history may well prove Kevin Abstract to be one of the most interesting and important voices of his generation.

The 22-year-old recording artist has had to grow up quickly, and Arizona Baby,” his first solo album since 2014, reflects on this with a wave of nostalgia and genre-bending musicianship. Arizona Baby” is an unapologetic expression of vulnerability, exploring Abstract’s relatable struggles of self-identification, uncertainty of the future and regret over the past.

KEVIN ABSTRACT is the founder and primary singer of the hip-hop group Brockhampton and has already developed a concrete image both on stage and online and is commanding attention due to his progressive music as well as his carefully curated visual presentation. Citing influences like Kid Cudi and Tyler, The Creator, Abstract’s ability to champion and relate to those whom have been fortunate enough to discover him through his unique approach of transparency and honesty with fans will continue to propel his impact on audiences and news fans alike.

Big Wheels” and Joy Ride” send the album off initially, starting listeners right into its thick energy. Horns accompany both tracks, and the latter boasts a tight flurry of bars and percussion. These were released as a trio preemptively alongside Georgia,” which stands to contrast the pair greatly. While his diction and voice remain familiar, the beat is chilled out quite a bit, and it’s about reflecting now that everything is alright.” Various nostalgic focal points are belted out beautifully like school days, smoking and young love.

Abstract’s comments are far from the first time a famous solo artist has hinted at a retirement from the limelight after battling their label. Lil Uzi Vert, ever-unpredictable, said he was done with music” in January before returning with a host of features, three new singles, and rumors that his long-awaited sophomore album, Eternal Atake, is finished and will drop this summer.

Abstract also took the opportunity to unveil a video for “Peach” that appears on the new LP. Starring Dominic Fike, the relaxing visual focuses on the relaxing days of summer in California and submerges itself in memory. Fike’s sandpapery voice and spider-like movements make him an interesting focal point in the video along with Abstract who meanders with blunt force along the sunny backdrop that sometimes dips into the night. An overall relaxing video for a naptime tune that is for those days lounging on the couch surfing Netflix and watching The Office.

The rap artist released a new hit Wednesday called “Peach” on YouTube. It has received more than 590,000 views. In 2016, Simpson released his second studio album American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story on November 18, 2016 to positive reviews.

Some of this album’s high points are the most up-tempo and sinister: What’s Good,” which addresses Tyler’s recent car crash, and New Magic Wand,” which is like an industrial-funk reimagining of Miami bass music. Though the mood of Igor” is generally consistent, its songs are irregularly shaped, united by Tyler’s by-now signature keyboards, which are warm but a little sweet, and dance gingerly.KEVIN ABSTRACT

Kevin Abstract is undeniably a hip-hop auteur, an assertion he turns to fact in his sophomore solo album, ARIZONA BABY. The frontman of America’s favorite boyband, BROCKHAMPTON , Abstract’s sophomore effort arrives as his most personal and impressive yet. Over the course of 11 stunning tracks, which clock in at just over thirty minutes, the anti-pop rapper waxes poetry on his past demons, dreams of rap stardom, and the lived gay experience.

Ghettobaby,” however, presents to the listener the entirety of Simpson’s melancholic state without holding back. In the end, it becomes a bit much. His attempted experimentation went awry with its delivery, and Simpson’s musical ideas were, to say the least, untethered and slightly out of touch. They came across to the listener as an excessively moody individual unsure exactly of what it is he wants.

On Peach,” Abstract calls on the help of fellow Brockhampton members JOBA and bearface for help with the sticky, summer-sunshine chorus alongside up-and-coming underground pop star Dominic Fike. On the song, Abstract tenderly reminisces on a past relationship. The gorgeous voices of the three guests combine to create an incredible, layered earworm. Brockhampton faithful are certain to advocate for Fike’s addition to the boy band after his contributions to the project.

He continued: BROCKHAMPTON IS NOT BREAKING UP THE NEW MUSIC SOUNDS GOOD AS HELL WE JUST NOT SPENDING 10 DAYS ON ALBUMS NO MORE”. Track to know when Kevin Abstract is playing near you. He added that fans can expect a lot more solo work in the coming days, so they should get comfortable with hearing releases from Abstract while Brockhampton is still a functioning group.

Kevin Abstract, the founder of Brockhampton, is back with his third solo studio album, Arizona Baby.” The new album offers an inside look into what the rapper is currently going through, which contrasts the musings he rapped about in his 2016 album, American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story.” The fear of feeling like a disappointment, relationship issues and dealing with the anxieties that come with fame and success are recurring themes that come up in the multi-genre album. Abstract switches between elements of hip-hop, rap, pop and soft rock take place on the 11-track offering.

His lyrics reflect on depression, relationships, drug use, and his position as an outcast in society, having relocated several times during his life and come out of the closet. In addition to his work with Brockhampton , he also released solo efforts, including his debut MTV1987 and 2019’s Arizona Baby.

Allowing fans and media to come interact with him, Abstract relished in his performance art, symbolizing empathy and willpower while simultaneously being open to fans coming and taking selfies with him, asking him questions, and more. The BROCKHAMPTON frontman noted that Shia LaBeouf was the main inspiration behind the project, previously livestreaming his art projects as well as continuous exploring various forms of performance art. This isn’t the first time Kevin has livestreamed such an event, and in 2014 he allowed fans to partake in a more intimate viewing on his life and personality, hosting a 24-hour livestream of his desktop that showed fans how he utilized the internet.

The music found in this 11-track, 32-minute album is a natural progression of sound and style, representative of an artist who has sharpened his focus and realized his strengths. Abstract embraces the listener with a seamless blend of hip-hop grittiness and boyish pop balladry. The transition from Use Me” to Peach” is a prime example of this.

Without further ado, I present to you “Georgia” ironically shortened to fit the bite-size formula Abstract went for on his 3-song ARIZONA Baby EP. “I Got Georgia On My Mind,” is itself an old catchphrase or personification dating back to the beginning of Mother Time, not to be confused with its paternal overseer. With the popular sphere, Ray Charles made “Georgia” the leading lady like no other.

KEVIN ABSTRACT: Yeah, a little bit. Just stuff that I think I would wear and people like me would wear, so basically my fans. ARIZONA baby changes that in a major way, indicating that not only is Abstract pursuing a new musical direction, but that he’s likely going to do it successfully.

Upon first listen, it’s easy to think Joy Ride” is an optimistic song—between the upbeat instrumentals and the title of the track itself—but Kevin Abstract doesn’t want to reflect an inaccurate portrayal of his struggles, particularly despite enjoying recent success as an artist.

Abstract has never fully embraced the spotlight or the lifestyle of stardom, and while he offers glimpses of fulfillment and happiness, ARIZONA baby reminds us that fame and success does not breed contentedness or peace of mind.

ARIZONA BABY is a more beautifully crafted and memorable listen than Iridescence, which actually presents a unique problem for BROCKHAMPTON moving forward. Shortly after his release of American Boyfriend” in 2016, Brockhampton began to become the center of Simpson’s artistic identity, thrusting him into next level stardom.

Kevin Abstract is one of the founding members this exuberant, youthful boy band which first came together through an online Kanye West fan forum. In his new record Arizona Baby” — which dropped Thursday — listeners find themselves situated right into the American South, which is at the root of Abstract’s identity.

The epilogue-like Boyer” splits off from the lighter instrumental vibes of the previous two tracks in a bouncy and sort of alien call to facing problems head-on since they won’t go away on their own. Though the closing songs of the album can’t necessarily be too upbeat once their lyrics are learned, they do all play well to the theme of enduring crises within it and act as an excellent conclusive note.

Kevin Abstract has been mostly quiet on the solo music front as of late, with his last full solo project being American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story in 2016. Yet ARIZONA baby, a three-track EP released April 12, marks a return for the R&B singer in a significant way. ARIZONA baby is a brief glimpse in a new direction for the 22-year-old Texan artist, and his new sounds within the three songs are fresh and captivating.

There’s several shout-outs to his boyfriends for balancing him out, and the trifecta of ‘Georgia’, ‘Baby Boy’, and ‘Mississippi’ – easily the prettiest songs of his career – chart complicated romances and nuanced feelings in a way that’s coded less as queer than just plain human.

When we released Star Making that song was a magical moment. I was just listening to it on a loop in my room and then I realised that we’d figured something out. We’d figured out our formula. I wanna get away from that in a way though, I want to find the new formula now.

Abstract has earned such a devoted following precisely because of his realness – he understands that honesty is the quickest way to earning trust. It’s always been his biggest strength as an artist, and he flexes that muscle to great effect on tracks like ‘Use Me’, which reckons with his religious upbringing (‘I’m still trying to fk every Mormon), and ‘Corpus Christi’.

As is often the case with solo projects, it’s easier for an artist to amplify their ideas when they’re not negotiating with other people. That’s especially true in a multi-member democracy like BROCKHAMPTON.

In April, Abstract announced that he would be going on tour with The Neighbourhood again, but this time in the USA, during May and June. Abstract exclusively performed new songs from his upcoming album.

Kevin’s vocal diversity, his voice coloured by auto-tune and pitch-shifting, is matched by a colourful instrumental palette, from the brassy horns and luminescent guitars of ‘Joyride’ to the syrupy strings of ‘Baby Boy’ and folksy ‘Peach’.

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