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This was a great business decision; it wrung out streams from followers over an extended period, but more importantly, it further developed his fans into the kind of people who will hear an entire album out.

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KEVIN ABSTRACTPeople who like Kevin Abstract might also like these artists. At the age of 12, he came up with what would become his performing name—Kevin was the first name of a boy he thought was cool, and Abstract was the response of a friend he asked to describe his music. Abstract moved around frequently as a boy and teen, everywhere from Corpus Christi, Atlanta and New York to Florida and San Marcos, Texas. Compounding his unsettled life as a boy was an ongoing struggle with his sexuality.

With Arizona Baby,” Abstract pursues many different directions with the soundscape of his project. Almost every single song has a transfixing, confusing and borderline jarring instrumental patch that could puzzle fans. Use Me” meshes a gospel chorus with a cricket chirp, Mississippi” sounds like something straight out of Radiohead’s Kid A” with some hip-hop flavor and the closing instrumental to Big Wheels” feels like a bad trip on acid. These sounds help further develop Abstract’s collaborative and constructive genius. But Abstract finds himself at his best when he’s at his simplest.

Ian Clifford Simpson, as he’s known to friends and family, was born in the Woodlands, a planned community north of Houston, Texas. At four his mother lost her job and relocated him and his siblings to Kissimmee, Florida, a small city drenched in the effulgent reflection of neighbouring Orlando and its many theme parks. From there his family moved to Corpus Christi, Texas, into a house on Brockhampton Street, before returning to Houston, not far from the neighbourhood in which he started life. Finally, he finished high school in Georgia; his mother dropping him at his sister’s house there one Christmas.

KEVIN ABSTRACT is the founder and primary singer of the hip-hop group Brockhampton and has already developed a concrete image both on stage and online and is commanding attention due to his progressive music as well as his carefully curated visual presentation. Citing influences like Kid Cudi and Tyler, The Creator, Abstract’s ability to champion and relate to those whom have been fortunate enough to discover him through his unique approach of transparency and honesty with fans will continue to propel his impact on audiences and news fans alike.

Dom began working with Romil, Kevin Abstract, and Ameer Vann through online collaboration, text messages, and email, before officially making the move out to Texas from Connecticut. After some initial collaboration, Dom felt the early beginnings of the remarkable chemistry that makes Brockhampton special.

An unusual set of circumstances lie at the heart of Abstract’s qualms—after the turmoil of sexual misconduct allegations against core BROCKHAMPTON member Ameer Vann, his departure, and the group’s subsequent emotional , Vann-less project Iridescence largely underwhelmed, Abstract felt BROCKHAMPTON needed some time off.

KEVIN ABSTRACT: Most of those songs are really big, you know? It doesn’t really matter if it’s cliché or not. I think cliché is a good thing sometimes. KEVIN ABSTRACT: I still don’t even consider myself a musician.

Across these different cities of the American south, Ian created Kevin, an identity rooted in metamorphosis. You figure it out, he says. Most people do. But the complications of his identity – the different ways in which a person, community or institution can alienate you – punctuate his lyrics with unyielding honesty, particularly in his earlier writing.

This is Kevin’s album through and through. A gentler, deeply personal and beautifully polished release, it’s a step-up from his last solo album, 2016’s American Boyfriend, and does everything BROCKHAMPTON does, and more, in 32 minutes, with a focus that last year’s 48min Iridescence often lacked.

The collective initially called themselves Alive Since Forever, but have since trimmed down and rebranded as Brockhampton, the self-proclaimed All-American Boy Band. It’s easiest to understand them as a rap group, but all at once, they’re so much more than that. Any one Brockhampton song might have separate verses, but each one bleeds into and sometimes blends with the next.

Dom started flexing his creative muscles from a young age – picking up the saxophone, piano, and drums as a child. Dom also cultivated a love for language and literature through his early years and ultimately ended up going to school to study journalism. Despite that, he never stopped pursuing his love for music.

Pianos and chimes make an appearance on American Problem,” an anthem to facing unfortunate yet very real concerns. Drinking and smoking are his main routes to bypass these and they’re exalted in each chorus, but Abstract figures that his problems in love are going to catch up to him similarly to how those same substances would. He separately cites being unable to fall out of love, always wanting to do big things for his parents and feeling the silent tension of homophobia in his childhood principal’s office from many years ago.

Brockhampton, a genre-defying and multimedia-crusading boy band, took the internet by storm with their Saturation” album trilogy. In September 2018 the supergroup released Iridescence,” an album recorded in just 10 days in the world-famous Abbey Road Studios. However, while a collective Brockhampton is solidifying its place in the popular music canon, its individual members are breaking into their creative pockets as well.

Recently Abstract has become preoccupied with endings. In a recent i-D interview , Abstract answered honestly about his uncertainty for the future of Brockhampton. How long does it last?” he said, meaning not only the band but also his friendships—Brockhampton’s 2017 album Iridescence mourns the loss of former member and Abstract’s longtime friend Ameer Vann, who was booted from the group after sexual assault allegations. Abstract, who doesn’t want to make another solo album, has foreseen the ending of the group; the boys have talked about it, he admitted. But it will not be surprising if, when the Brockhampton site goes cold and their social media accounts start to grow stale, a new boy band forms out of the ashes of the Brockhampton forums online and takes up the mantle, ready to move even faster.

Turning 23 between our first and second conversation over the summer, this feels like a pivotal moment in Kevin’s life. Fame and success have allowed him the luxury of introspection, and a recent friendship that’s developed between him and his idol, the actor and artist Shia LaBeouf , has rerouted him on a path towards self-preservation. The pair have begun informal weekly therapy sessions that take place on Friday evenings at the Brockhampton house in LA – a house once occupied by most of the band, but now acting as more of a creative studio. Shia guides a group of their friends and family through an open forum about what each of them is feeling that week. It’s the first therapy Kevin has tried, and its impact can be felt everywhere he says, from the band’s relationships with one another, to the new music they’ve made. Connected through a shared vulnerability, curiosity and ambition, Kevin and Shia sit down together to discuss the fruits of this therapy, as well as fame, life and love.

Kevin Abstract, the founder of Brockhampton, is back with his third solo studio album, Arizona Baby.” The new album offers an inside look into what the rapper is currently going through, which contrasts the musings he rapped about in his 2016 album, American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story.” The fear of feeling like a disappointment, relationship issues and dealing with the anxieties that come with fame and success are recurring themes that come up in the multi-genre album. Abstract switches between elements of hip-hop, rap, pop and soft rock take place on the 11-track offering.

I am a musician, rapper, producer, leader of boyband Brockhampton, filmmaker and sometime photographer. An artist overall. I find myself doing whatever I need to do for the group, to support this art-house collective thing.

The Texas-born artist continued, admitting he wanted to put out Arizona Baby for himself, his group, and to satisfy their label, RCA Records—but he ultimately regrets the decision. Brockhampton has a plethora of talented artists in its ranks, but Dom McLennon’s passion for creating and experience as a solo artist set him apart from the rest.

He set a template of highly stylized freedom that resonates now more loudly than ever. What Soulja Boy or Lil B were to an earlier generation of internet-first hip-hop instigators, Tyler and his extended Odd Future crew were to the current wave, raised on a diet of abstract jazz and soul-rooted hip-hop, pastel color palettes and unfiltered self-presentation.

Ghettobaby is a short but enjoyable set of tracks. Only half of them are new, but all of them have the Texan musicians undeniable style and musical vision. KEVIN ABSTRACT: I would say sixth grade, when I discovered that I could put my own music on MySpace.

I would say as soon as we moved to LA from Texas. I put out a solo album called American Boyfriend. The album didn’t do what I wanted it to and I wanted the group to have a shot. Once we brought all of our struggles together, into the music and videos, that’s when we caught magic. South Central, 2017.

Taking to Twitter yesterday (April 16), Abstract explained that he shared the solo material because it was too personal” or self-indulgent” to include on his band’s releases. Hip hop artist and songwriter known for the release of his debut album, MTV1987, in 2014.

Memories don’t die in Corpus Christi,” either, with talk of day-one homies and how Kevin Abstract thinks about doing his best to not let them down. He mentions his sister airing out his personal issues, fellow Brockhampton rapper Dom McLennon and even ousted ex-bandmate Ameer briefly.

ARIZONA BABY serves as a powerful reawakening for Kevin Abstract, and its release marks a sweet spot for both his artistic career and style. Hardened and deadset rapping focuses on societal and existential crises while ultra-sweet, careening, sung melodies bring an unbridled sense of tranquility to many of the tracks. Abstract capitalizes on both his harder and softer signature energies from his home at rap collective Brockhampton and distinguishes his individualized prospects through these fresh stories and forms.

Considering Dom’s history directing his own creative projects in the past as a solo artist, it’s safe to say that his career won’t be ending whenever Brockhampton calls it quits. Dom pairs a great knack for songwriting with a versatile voice that he can use to get melodic or go in on a verse with. He’s equally comfortable with expansive, spacy flows and choppier, more forceful flows. He also has the drive to create music, even outside of just Brockhampton or hip hop in general, as seen with his production. With all his range and creativity, it’s hard to predict what direction Dom’s music would take post-Brockhampton. But regardless of what happens with Brockhampton in the future, I don’t think we’ll ever go very long without hearing from Dom McLennon.

As Tyler has gotten older — he’s 28 now — he’s become more willing to engage with emotions. That is the one arena in which his inheritors have outpaced him. Of that cohort, few artists are more bracing than Kevin Abstract, the de facto frontman of the hip-hop collective Brockhampton (which also bills itself as a boy band).

Abstract released music videos for the tracks Peach,” Baby Boy,” Georgia” and Big Wheels.” The music video for Peach ” perfectly matches the mood of the carefree, summery track, complete with mesmerizing shots of the featured artists driving around during sunset with the day fading behind them.

Kevin’s vocal diversity, his voice coloured by auto-tune and pitch-shifting, is matched by a colourful instrumental palette, from the brassy horns and luminescent guitars of ‘Joyride’ to the syrupy strings of ‘Baby Boy’ and folksy ‘Peach’.

The music benefits greatly from the balance between Antonoff’s pop sensibilities and Abstract’s more radical ideas. Each track flourishes with an emphasis on catchy choruses and warm, melodic hooks that live side-by-side with bold beat switches and flow mix-ups.

The summer of 2017 was marked by a plethora of cultural phenomena — Beyoncé gave birth to twins and Despacito” became the most streamed song of all time, among other great pop culture moments. But for some, the summer of 2017 was defined not by a single moment, but a gradual blossoming of the boy band Brockhampton.

KEVIN ABSTRACT is the founder and primary singer of the hip-hop group Brockhampton and has already developed a concrete image both on stage and online and is commanding attention due to his progressive music as well as his carefully curated visual presentation. Citing influences like Kid Cudi and Tyler, The Creator, Abstract’s ability to champion and relate to those whom have been fortunate enough to discover him through his unique approach of transparency and honesty with fans will continue to propel his impact on audiences and news fans alike.

Allowing fans and media to come interact with him, Abstract relished in his performance art, symbolizing empathy and willpower while simultaneously being open to fans coming and taking selfies with him, asking him questions, and more. The BROCKHAMPTON frontman noted that Shia LaBeouf was the main inspiration behind the project, previously livestreaming his art projects as well as continuous exploring various forms of performance art. This isn’t the first time Kevin has livestreamed such an event, and in 2014 he allowed fans to partake in a more intimate viewing on his life and personality, hosting a 24-hour livestream of his desktop that showed fans how he utilized the internet.

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