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Across these different cities of the American south, Ian created Kevin, an identity rooted in metamorphosis. Abstract stated plainly that Brockhampton are still a going concern, telling fans that they are merely taking their time on the next project.

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KEVIN ABSTRACTThe up-and-coming rapper and singer-songwriter spins a time-hopping soundtrack featuring songs by Sunny Day Real Estate, Donell Jones and more. As Brockhampton’s lyrical mastermind, Dom McLennon brings emotional intensity and intellectual substance to the group’s music and overall vibe. Whether spending his time tweeting about acclaimed literature or sharing his innermost thoughts over booming bass tracks , Dom offers a refreshingly poetic facet to Brockhampton’s music that you can spend hours contemplating.

Kevin Abstract is undeniably a hip-hop auteur, an assertion he turns to fact in his sophomore solo album, ARIZONA BABY. The frontman of America’s favorite boyband, BROCKHAMPTON , Abstract’s sophomore effort arrives as his most personal and impressive yet. Over the course of 11 stunning tracks, which clock in at just over thirty minutes, the anti-pop rapper waxes poetry on his past demons, dreams of rap stardom, and the lived gay experience.

Most of the eleven tracks are produced by both Romil Hemnani, Brockhampton’s in-house producer, and Jack Antonoff, the indie-pop musician who has worked with stars like Taylor Swift and Lorde. There’s a sense of two competing vibes. At times Abstract is advancing the alternative Hip-Hop genre, while in other moments he’s relishing in an indie-pop fantasy. Generally, he’s at his best when he’s building off his previous Hip Hop success. Georgia” serves as a track that interpolates Ray Charles’s Georgia on My Mind,” has him invoking Outkast while offering his own personal twist. Use Me,” another highlight, opens with a gospel-choir sample before transitioning to Abstract solemnly rapping about being alienated.

Before the rise of Brockhampton, the California-based boy band” rap crew who have caused so much excitement over the last few years, group leader Kevin Abstract was mostly known as a solo artist. In 2016, Abstract released his second solo album American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story. And right now, Abstract is following that one up with a new solo project that’s a little more nebulous.

Taking to Twitter yesterday (April 16), Abstract explained that he shared the solo material because it was too personal” or self-indulgent” to include on his band’s releases. Hip hop artist and songwriter known for the release of his debut album, MTV1987, in 2014.

Dom went on to release his first and last album as a solo artist in 2013, titled Thesis (Side B) The album, or multimedia project” according to Dom, featured an amalgamation of music, images,Gifs, and videos presented across a series of platforms. Unfortunately very little of the project remains available online outside of the music itself and the project’s universal call for creatives issued by Dom.

Pianos and chimes make an appearance on American Problem,” an anthem to facing unfortunate yet very real concerns. Drinking and smoking are his main routes to bypass these and they’re exalted in each chorus, but Abstract figures that his problems in love are going to catch up to him similarly to how those same substances would. He separately cites being unable to fall out of love, always wanting to do big things for his parents and feeling the silent tension of homophobia in his childhood principal’s office from many years ago.

On the other hand, Peach” plays into Abstract’s pop sensibilities, enlisting the help of Dominic Fike and BROCKHAMPTON members Joba and Bearface to deliver an infectiously catchy tune that touts a lovesick attitude, but pushes a message of acceptance in the face of romantic uncertainty.

Last week, the music world received a trio of new songs from BROCKHAMPTON’s Kevin Abstract Titled ARIZONA baby, this three-track single is the artist’s first solo release since 2016, and his first piece of new music since his band’s last record in 2018.

ARIZONA BABY features some of Abstract’s best work to date, but by no means is this purely a solo outing. Featuring Jack Antonoff, who produced the entire album, Ryan Beatty, Dominic Fike, and fellow BROCKHAMPTON members JOBA and Bearface, the sonic texture of ARIZONA BABY is sprawling and unpredictable in spite of its relatively short runtime. Moments like Peach” feel more akin to a summery, laidback BROCKHAMPTON excursion, while a track like Georgia” arrives as an unflinching look into Abstract’s difficult upbringing.

This is Kevin’s album through and through. A gentler, deeply personal and beautifully polished release, it’s a step-up from his last solo album, 2016’s American Boyfriend, and does everything BROCKHAMPTON does, and more, in 32 minutes, with a focus that last year’s 48min Iridescence often lacked.

Considering Dom’s history directing his own creative projects in the past as a solo artist, it’s safe to say that his career won’t be ending whenever Brockhampton calls it quits. Dom pairs a great knack for songwriting with a versatile voice that he can use to get melodic or go in on a verse with. He’s equally comfortable with expansive, spacy flows and choppier, more forceful flows. He also has the drive to create music, even outside of just Brockhampton or hip hop in general, as seen with his production. With all his range and creativity, it’s hard to predict what direction Dom’s music would take post-Brockhampton. But regardless of what happens with Brockhampton in the future, I don’t think we’ll ever go very long without hearing from Dom McLennon.

He’s really attractive, and he’s this big pop artist from Canada with nice songs and nice hair. Abstract stated plainly that Brockhampton are still a going concern, telling fans that they are merely taking their time on the next project.

Kevin Abstract, probably known by most people as the frontman for America’s Favorite Boy Band” Brockhampton, has finally released his first full album since 2016. The project was dropped through sets of 3-track EPs, each one feeling like a chapter out of Abstract’s personal diary. ARIZONA BABY is an album that is both important and influential, standing out for its intimate honesty and Abstract’s ability to pour unfiltered emotion into every lyric. His words are raw and biting, pairing with catchy beats and instrumentals to create tracks that are both thematically powerful and enjoyable to listen to.

Kevin’s vocal diversity, his voice coloured by auto-tune and pitch-shifting, is matched by a colourful instrumental palette, from the brassy horns and luminescent guitars of ‘Joyride’ to the syrupy strings of ‘Baby Boy’ and folksy ‘Peach’.

MTV1987 was released two years earlier in 2014, at the end of his final year of high school. Though it received critical acclaim, it is no longer available on streaming services as Kevin doesn’t believe the album reflects the artist he is now. After school he returned to Texas, before leaving, permanently, for South Central LA, and has since released eight albums as a solo artist and with Brockhampton – nine including Ginger , a Brockhampton album slated for release a month after we speak. These are sounds united by their ambition, individuality and energy rather than their genres. His most recent solo project, third album Arizona Baby , released earlier this year, opens with a track so frantic and erratic in its production you might miss its incendiary lyrics about queerbaiting and gay sex.

In the #THE1999 live stream that took place on April 26. 2019, Kevin Abstract said he took the album down because he just doesn’t like it anymore”. It looks like Brockhampton’s Kevin Abstract is about to unleash his third solo album upon us.

KEVIN ABSTRACT: I forgot to say Andrea Arnold. I saw American Honey three times in a row. Sorry, I cut you off—but soundtracks… I like soundtracks more than scores. Does that make sense? I like when select songs are in movies and it’s not just one thing. I like Tarantino too. He’s big on soundtracks.

Abstract’s comments are far from the first time a famous solo artist has hinted at a retirement from the limelight after battling their label. Lil Uzi Vert, ever-unpredictable, said he was done with music” in January before returning with a host of features, three new singles, and rumors that his long-awaited sophomore album, Eternal Atake, is finished and will drop this summer.

As we continue to examine the who is?” we reach the intersection of who is?” and who does Kevin hope is listening?” The answer, of course, is his queer fans. When we consider the countless moments of isolation and near-niche moments of hurt Kevin faces on American Boyfriend (hanging out with his straight crush and the crush’s girlfriend, just to be close to him), his verse on JUNKY” feels almost like a promise to the pre-music Kevin who needed to find himself in his artists.

I would say as soon as we moved to LA from Texas. I put out a solo album called American Boyfriend. The album didn’t do what I wanted it to and I wanted the group to have a shot. Once we brought all of our struggles together, into the music and videos, that’s when we caught magic. South Central, 2017.

In the same vein, the track Baby Boy” is unabashedly sentimental and regretful, expressing the difficulty of legitimately moving past romantic relationships. Both of these tracks highlight how well Abstract can construct sweet pop anthems just as readily as sticky hip-hop jams.

The rap artist released a new hit Wednesday called “Peach” on YouTube. It has received more than 590,000 views. In 2016, Simpson released his second studio album American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story on November 18, 2016 to positive reviews.

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