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Kevin GatesKevin Gates, rapper and singer, is releasing his new album I’m Him, his first in three years, and going on tour across America. Every ticket purchased online for Gates’ 2019 tour comes with a digital copy of the new album. Details on how to redeem the digital album will be emailed on album release day. Tickets will first be available through an artist presale beginning July 31 at 10 a.m. local time, and will be available to the general public on Aug. 2 at 10 am local time.

Gates sounds like a giant. Too large to be pushed over; a brick wall of fury. The production brings back the punch. This is a good place to turn the heat back up. Man,T. Genasis has to be on the remix. The swing is great. Gates can rap over any beat. The flow doesn’t lose steam, and he’s in and out of pockets like a gold digger. The adrenaline here could take down a linebacker. Pure energy. Another strong one. Eleven songs in, with maybe one skip.

A song about people who didn’t show Kevin Gates love. I wish I could’ve been Chance the Rapper.” Sheesh. He’s pouring it out. Shoutout to the disbelievers.” I haven’t heard Post Malone‘s latest album yet, but I’m sure Kevin rivals his melodic delivery. All these songs, even though they aren’t pop-targeted, have pop appeal. Off melody alone, I can imagine them in radio rotation. A good record.

Nine months after the 2016 release of Islah, Gates’ major-label debut on Atlantic Records, a 180-day jail stint brought the momentum he generated by the critically acclaimed release to a halt. The misdemeanor battery charge stemmed from a performance in Lakeland, Florida, in which Gates allegedly kicked a fan Further legal woes stretched his incarceration until January 10, 2018.


Kevin Jerome Gilyard aka Kevin Gates was born February 5, 1986, in New Orleans, Louisiana but grew up in Baton Rouge. He began his career in 2006 as an artist on Dead Game Records.

A Kevin Gates concert tour performance can last up to three hours. Expect up to 20 songs during the show, plus at least one encore. Encores can include up to five songs, so be sure you stay until the bitter end.

Kevin Gates then details his hard work in the gym and explained how one very rip guy with the V-shaped chest inspired him to start lifting weights. The rapper has not been shy about showing off his hot new bod and can be seen showcasing it in his recent music videos and all over Instagram.

Shortly after his single Get in the Way” Gates got sent to jail until 2011, upon his release he immediately returned to recording music, which included the mixtapes I Don’t Know What to Call it Vol. 1 (2011), Make ‘Em Believe” (2012) and In The Mean Time” (2012). 2012 also brought a number of collaborations for the rapper including work with Juvenile and French Montana.

Kevin Gates may no longer enter any state correctional facility in Louisiana after he was discovered to have committed multiple rule violations during a prison visit earlier this year. Local news source The Advocate reports that an investigation into Gates’s visit was launched after the rapper, who released new album I’m Him last week, posted a now-deleted picture of himself on Instagram fanning out dozens of $100 bills inside the facility.

The actions follow a Department of Public Safety and Corrections investigation into a visit that Gates, whose real name is Kevin Gilyard, was purportedly making to his father at Elayn Hunt in July.

Several months after a photo surfaced of a rapper flashing handfuls of $100 bills inside Elayn Hunt Correctional Center while visiting the facility, rapper Kevin Gates has been banned from all state corrections institutions and two corrections officers have been disciplined.

The 2 Phones” rapper recently sat down and went into detail about the honest and sobering reason that kick-started his weight loss journey. Like most folks who went through a weight loss transformation, his motivation was a bit embarrassing, yet humorous at the same time. Kevin Gates , who is known for his grimy rap style and his real-life lyrics, released his highly anticipated sophomore album I’m Him ” on September 27th, 2019, and it debuted at number four on the Billboard 200.

Ken Pastorick, a spokesman for the state corrections department, said when the photograph surfaced that it was against policy for any visitors to bring more than $300 into the prison.

I wonder how old these songs are? I can’t imagine them being made during the same session. Singing-rapping Gates. He has a great tone. I can hear some cool similarities between Gates and 03 Greedo. Both are inventive and unafraid to sing without baptizing their vocals in Auto-Tune. Gates went full Pretty Ricky with this one. It’s like the trap version of Love Like Honey.” I’m partially kidding. He has a knack for crafting songs around sexual lyricism that most R&B stars would give up a kidney for. Another strong record.

Initially, 17 tracks looked like a lot of tracks, but this album hasn’t felt long at all. I don’t believe there are any third verses. No skits, either. Let’s see how Kevin closes this one out. He has a lot of bars about not being embraced or supported. The black sheep is now a rap star. A touch of soulfulness on his vocals this time around. This is an outro. I’m not human, I’m humanlike.” Hahaha. I like this guy. A spoken word closing. Real, real. Whoa. This ended a bit deeper compared to how it started.

Born in 1986 as Kevin Jerome Gilyard in New Orleans, La., Kevin Gates was influenced early on by popular hip-hop artists such as Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Notorious B.I.G. and Snoop Dogg , and it was at a young age that he knew he wanted to become a rapper. A self-professed fan of Southern-style rap, he signed with Dead Game Records in 2007 and began collaborating with local hip-hop artists. In 2012, his mixtape Make ‘Em Believe earned him enough buzz that Young Money Entertainment, Lil Wayne ‘s record label, took notice. After signing to Young Money Entertainment’s management, Gate said that it was Birdman who inspired him to form a record label of his own. Since the formation of his record label, Bread Winners’ Association Label, Gates has released multiple mixtapes and albums that have earned him spots on the Billboard charts as well as helping to name him a member of XXL’s Freshman Class.Kevin Gates

Nas’ discography of studio albums has reached double-digits since the release of Nasir in 2018 but given this span, his fans and hip-hop aficionados continue to herald the impact of his debut album Illmatic. Celebrating 25 years this year, the Cherry Wine” rapper raised a glass in commemoration of this milestone by previously hosting a Symphony Orchestra performance and receiving accolades along the way.

Gates is also currently on a tour of the same name. Fans can thankfully see a slim and trim Gates during the touring leg as the rapper has lost a tremendous amount of weight. During a video for Men’s Health, he responded to questions from fans and divulged what prompted him to undergo his weight loss journey.

Kevin Gates announced a nationwide headline tour in support of his new album, I’m Him, set to arrive later this year. The I’m Him” tour gets underway at Chicago’s Patio Theatre on Oct. 12 and continues across the U.S. with a final show at Seattle’s WaMu Theatre on Nov. 30.

Browse for the upcoming Kevin Gates tour dates by scrolling through the list of stops. Select the appropriate Tickets” link when you’re ready to continue. While shopping to see Kevin Gates live, assistance will be available seven days a week by phone (866.848.8499) and online via Live Chat should you have any questions.

In 2019, Kevin Gates will be performing in cities around the US with stops in venues such as The Rave – Eagles Club in Milwaukee, Wis.; Nutty Brown Cafe Amphitheater in Austin, Texas; Bert Ogden Arena in Edinburg, Texas; FedExForum in Memphis, Tenn.; and the Rapides Parish Coliseum in Alexandria, La.

Ken Pastorick, a spokesman for the state corrections department, said when the photograph of Gates with his cash was posted online that it was against policy for any visitors to bring more than $300 into the prison.

A Department of Public Safety and Corrections investigation into the visit resulted in Gates’s ban, plus disciplinary action for two corrections officers. Gates reportedly claimed he was visiting his father in the prison, though it was confirmed that no member of his family was serving time during his time on the premises.

Gates’ musical endeavours began when he started rapping in 2007 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where he grew up. Along with fellow Louisiana rappers Webbie and Lil Boosie, Gates first drew attention to himself with the 2008 single Get in the Way” featuring Lil Boosie. Influenced by the likes of Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z and Nas, since 2007 the rapper has been known for his time on the mixtape circuit releasing a string of mixtapes including 2007’s Pick Of Da Litter”, 2008’s All Or Nuthin”, 2009’s All In”, and 2010’s Behind Enemy Lines” and The Leak”.

He upheld that even when offered a deal with Young Money Entertainment in 2012. Gates respectfully (and famously) passed, having been inspired by Cash Money Records co-founder Birdman’s own story of ‘taking twenty years’ to build a brand. He took it to heart and wholeheartedly pursued his own path. 2013 saw him make waves a few times with The Luca Brasi Story, which Rolling Stone dubbed ‘One of the 20 Best Hip Hop Albums of 2013,’ and an incendiary feature on Pusha T’s ‘Trust You.’ That year, Stranger Than Fiction put Gates on the map once again, boasting cameos by Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J and garnering unanimous praise from Pitchfork, The Fader, Complex, and Spin.

For fans, I’m Him is a reminder that, along with being a proficient rapper and songwriter, Gates has one of the best ears for contemporary trap production. Although some tags are more recognizable than others, the assortment of producers he recruited for I’m Him excutes. The kicks are elephant-heavy, the snares all snap like firecrackers, and each bassline surges with a bombastic vibrancy.

He is on a run. Take A Daytrip drop Oh yeah, this is the club-shaker. Gates is a true original. No one has his voice. No one has his cadence. Also, the writing is so pointed and sharp. This is Three 6 Mafia Tear da Club Up” energy, but without the chaos. The buck without the knuck. This record hits so hard; it’s full of aggression. Not quite fight music, just something that makes you wish you had dreads to shake. Kevin Gates knows how to make a street banger. The concrete will tremble.

Continue to checkout by way of the mandatory account login page. Fill in all the required fields, review your order summary, and then commit to the request by hitting the Place Order” tab. Once the seller confirms your request, your order is guaranteed to arrive in time for the Kevin Gates concert.

DOC spokesman, Ken Pastorick, says Gates was on the visitation list for someone at the facility when the photos were taken in July, which means he signed documentation acknowledging the prison’s policies.

The return of Kevin Gates. By far one of the most arresting voices in rap, made for trap music. This bassline is a sea monster, shaking with the force of a raging, red Gyarados. If you know, you know. This is really good. Gates doesn’t waste a second setting a strong tempo. I’m a real big speaker.” That describes Kevin Gates perfectly. A few different flows keeping this one exciting. Gates is a master of vocal acrobatics.

It was in 2013 however where Kevin Gates really blew up with his mixtape The Luca Brasi Story” which became instantly popular, being downloaded over 130,000 times and resulted in Gates appearing on high-profile mixtapes for Pusha T, Slim Thug and Gudda Gudda. It wasn’t long before he signed to the major label Atlantic after completing his contract with the indie imprint label Breadwinner by releasing the well-received album Stranger Than Fiction”, featuring artists Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J. The album debuted at No. 37 in the Billboard 200 and led to the rapper being named part of the 2014 XXL Freshman Class.

American rapper Kevin Gates is hitting the road in support of his latest studio album, I’m Him. The tour is scheduled to begin on October 12 in Chicago, Illinois before making its way across the states where it will wrap up on November 30 in Seattle, Washington.

Kevin Gates has never been in better shape—physically, mentally, spiritually. Still, for his sophomore album, I’m Him , he wants to take a step back to when he was anything but healthy—physically, mentally, spiritually.

This build-up foreshadows a banger. Gates’ energy is infectious. He leaps out of your headphones. The drop wasn’t the powerbomb I wanted, but the song is still arresting. Kevin doesn’t fumble him flow, and the melody is just sweet enough to catch the ear. The bars are raw enough to give Bags” a sharp edge. Rick Ross must regret not having Kevin Gates on MMG. He would be the perfect street rapper for that empire. This song is so good.

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