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After they’re sets the opening bands went back to their merch tables and spent time w everyone who came up. I’d never really heard of the opening bands but I’m a fan now. A second video was released a year later for “End of Time”.


LACUNA COILSince their preparation for the forthcoming album has been revealed, every subtle act of the Italian Gothic metal band Lacuna Coil has been keenly watched. Black Anima subverts this. The word “anima” appears in a number of tracks on the album, including in the Italian translation of the phrase (“anima nera”), but the phrase “black anima” itself is not sung at all.

AF: When we were picking out the very first single for Black Anima, we wanted it to be clear that the direction of the record was going to be dark and heavy from a lyrical point of view. Musically, it’s a mixed bag. We thought that Layers of Time would be a good balance as the lead single because of the all-around heaviness in the beginning, with my vocals and the riffs, and then of course, Cristina’s more atmospheric and epic contributions towards the end. It was a perfect mix, which is exactly what we want. Nothing too crazy though, because on Delirium (2016), our first single, The House of Shame, surprised a lot of our fans. It was extremely heavy I guess. (Laughs) We didn’t want to repeat ourselves this time around either; we wanted to treat fans to more of a familiar Lacuna Coil sound.

The first track of their new album called “Nothing Stands In Our Way” was premiered online. On February 14, 2014, the band announced via their Facebook page that their guitarist Cristiano “Pizza” Migliore and drummer Cristiano “Criz” Mozzati decided to retire from the band after 16 years, citing personal reasons. Ryan Folden ( The Agony Scene , Burn Halo , Enterprise Earth , After Midnight Project ) has since joined the band.

Never a band to repeat itself, the songs on Dark Adrenaline are undeniably Lacuna Coil, but feel more complete than the band’s 2009 release Shallow Life. Co-vocalist Andrea Ferro explains, On the last album we were looking at experimenting with our music. With Dark Adrenaline we’ve been able to sum up almost all of the different aspects of Lacuna Coil”. There is a fluidity and maturity to the new songs that show a band that is willing to branch out while still staying true to their sonic roots. We are aware of what we and our roots are, but at the same time we look into the future with our own vision. Dark Adrenaline is the victorious sum of 15 years of experiences”, offers up front-woman Cristina Scabbia.

Ltd. 2CD Book Edition incl. tarot cards, Standard CD Jewelcase, black LP + CD and digital album (+Bonus Tracks). Capital Chaos TV recently spoke with Lacuna Coil vocalist Cristina Scabbia to discuss the band’s new album, Black Anima. Check it out below.

There was a slight diversity between Lacuna Coil Fans and All That Remains fans but that didn’t stop either or from enjoying the music. Unfortunately I missed the openers but I got to see the main acts.

Veneficium and The End Is All I Can See have that vintage Lacuna Coil sound reminiscent of tracks from 2002’s Comalies. Apocalypse is similar is structure, but more darker with a Gothic edge and one of the best choruses on the record.

What followed was only natural. LACUNA COIL’s self-titled debut EP hit softly. The group’s penchant for melancholic melodies and trade-off vocals—Scabbia shares vocal lines with long-time co-vocalist Andrea Ferro—felt right at home, however. They would expand on songs like ‘No Need to Explain’ and ‘This Is My Dream’ with debut full-length, In a Reverie. LACUNA COIL again enlisted producer Waldemar Sorychta and Woodhouse Studios to realize their second milestone, a relationship that would extend nearly a decade. The songwriting dramatically improved with the revamped lineup and, as a result, songs like My Wings”, ”Circle”, and ”Honeymoon Suite” were regarded, by fans and the press, as a brilliant mix of Paradise Lost and The Gathering. LACUNA COIL had officially put Italy on the metal map. The many tours around Europe—including appearances at premier festivals like Dynamo and Gods of Metal—also solidified the Italians as a genuine live act.

Since its debut album, In A Reverie (1999) — which is currently celebrating its 20th anniversary — Lacuna Coil has churned out a variety of heavy metal anthems, including Heaven’s a Lie (2002), Our Truth (2006) and Spellbound (2009).

Lyrically, Lacuna Coil’s principals opted for self-reflection on Black Anima. Songs like Save Me,” Reckless,” The End is All I Can See,” Now or Never,” and the title track tackle the ends of the human condition, from revenge, death, and hate to justice, positivity, and equanimity. Often, the lyrics are tied to personal things the band are going through. As a group of musicians into their 20th year, the sheer number of possibilities could be overwhelming, but they needed to fit Lacuna Coil’s lyrical parameters. Certainly, songs about paying the bills or going to the post office aren’t in scope on Black Anima.

Comalies was 17 years ago at this point, and it’d be folly not to expect a band to evolve. It’s also not entirely fair to judge a band based on what you want them to be versus what they are. Still, the endlessly frustrating thing about Lacuna Coil is that they don’t play to their own biggest strengths, like the beautiful melodies and Cristina Scabbia’s effervescent voice. Black Anima contains hooks and dynamic interplay and some really pretty guitar parts, but all that gets buried under crunching nu-metal riffs that were already old when Karmacode came out. It’s well-executed for what it is, which is a Slipknot album. Unfortunately, Slipknot already put out a better Slipknot album this year.

Harsh Vocals : Andrea, on two or three songs from each of the early and latter albums (examples include “Stately Lover”, “Angel’s Punishment”, “Fragments of Faith”, “Zombies”, “The House of Shame”). Between new albums, Lacuna Coil released their concert album and DVD The 119 Show: Live in London back in November 2018 in honor of the 20th anniversary of the band’s debut album, In a Reverie.

Written together with longtime Lacuna Coil band producer (and bassist) Marco Coti-Zelati over the course of the last few years, Black Anima, is the culmination of many inputs. From images and words to soundtracks and movies, Coti-Zelati hunts for and creates new expressions of heavy. For Black Anima, the enterprising song-smith came up with 15 songs in total, of which 11 made it to the album. He dug deep into Lacuna Coil’s historical repertoire, looking for heavier and darker, melodic and melancholic. Songs like Veneficium,” Apocalypse,” and Layers of Time” are modern takes on debut album, In a Reverie (1999), while others show Lacuna Coil venturing into slower, more experimental territory. Of course, what Lacuna Coil album is without its keystone pieces, songs that unite all, songs that are geared for upward and outward momentum; the catchy stuff, really. Black Anima is that album, diverse, energetic, and luxuriant.

Lacuna Coil’ s enticing hybrid of goth , groove and alternative has served them well over the years, thrusting the Milan-based outfit towards the upper echelons of modern metal making them one of Italy’s biggest musical acts to date.

Lacuna Coil have just released their new album “Black Anima”. Vocalist Cristina Scabbia set down with Duke Tv and talked about their new album title, photo shoot with Cunene, guest vocals on Tarja’s “Goodbye Stranger”, her role in The Voice of Italy, touring Italy and their amazing fans.

Today, Lacuna Coil also announces their exclusive in-store Looney Tunes event on July 25th at 6:30PM in Long Island, NY. The event will include an exclusive meet and greet and signing with Cristina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro, exclusive merch designs, and exclusive posters. Additionally, fans will be able to pre-order Black Animaand the re-issues of Comalies and In A Reverie in store.”We’re excited to come out and meet you all at the historical, one and only Looney Tunes record store,” states Scabbia. “Andrea and I are bringing with us a couple of new songs hot off the mixing desk – can’t wait to let you hear them! See you soon!” The pre-orders for the re-issues of Comalies and In A Reverie are also available, starting today, and will be released onAugust 30th.LACUNA COIL

The band will play a few of the songs off Black Anima,” including the new single Reckless” on its new co-headlining tour with Massachusetts metal band All That Remains, a tour that will bring them to The Firmament in Greenville on Sept. 17.

The event will include an exclusive meet and greet and signing with Cristina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro, exclusive merch designs, and exclusive posters. Additionally, fans will be able to pre-order Black Anima and the re-issues of Comalies and In A Reverie in store.

On occasion, this unlikely formula delivers brilliance: the wonderful, blitzing assault of Blood, Tears, Dust – tonight enlivened by Scabbia and her hoofers, all dressed as circus ringmasters, dancing with fire – or End of Time , dressing the theatrical anguish with glacial, quasi-symphonic riffage. One Cold Day, written for Claudio Leo, their founding guitarist who died of cancer in 2013, is like While My Guitar Gently Weeps recast as sweeping operatic metal. It’s a triumph. Elsewhere, they can push things too far, as with the overcooked anguish of Falling, which Scabbia delivers tonight in a dress with a vast train that unfurls to the width of the stage while a trapeze slowly lifts her to the ceiling. Their cover of Enjoy the Silence, meanwhile, is a brutish thing, stomping every iota of grace from the Depeche Mode original, as wrenching as discovering the Mona Lisa trodden into cider-soaked rags on the floor of a goth club.

AF: Thank you! (Laughs) But no, not yet. That’s why we’re still touring and we’re still going strong with the band. We know that our time is not unlimited, but, so far, we’re still young enough to see a few more records and a few more special events on the horizon. We want to use the time we have in the best way possible. If you don’t do things now, you’re definitely not going to do them you’re 65, you know? (Laughs) We have to do this thing while we still can. A lot of our fans have been following and supporting the development of Lacuna Coil since the early days, and we’re still seeing new fans on the road too.

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