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“I’m not just singular,” she tells me in between bites. Many celebs, including Camila Cabello , Sasha Pieterse , Lauren Jauregui , and Eva Gutowski , have taken to social media to raise awareness and share how to help.

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LAUREN JAUREGUINo need to apologize, girl! The 23-year-old former Fifth Harmony singer took to Instagram on Thursday (July 18) to share an inspiring story about her journey to learning to love her smile. Her second song, “Inside,” was actually the first song she wrote for her debut album.

It’s coming, but not this year. Lauren Jauregui’s long-await debut solo album will come out in 2020. That’s the word according to the former Fifth Harmony star, who shared the good news on the Teen Choice Awards red carpet.

For the past few years, Jauregui has been traveling the world and topping the pop charts as one-fifth of Fifth Harmony , the girl group who placed third on America’s version of X-Factor back in 2012, before going on to global musical domination with an adoring fan base (the Harmonizers, of course). This May, the band decided to call it quits to focus on their solo careers. Now, with Expectations” and a full album to soon follow, Jauregui is ready to start hers.

Her transition from a Fifth Harmony member to a solo artist in one summer was a baptism by fire, but she’s always stayed true to herself. So far, Lauren has received British LGBT Awards in the category of Celebrity of the Year. Furthermore, she has also received BMI London Awards in the category of Pop Award Songs for All in My Head.

While listening to the first song, I told her, “It’s just so crazy to hear…”—and she finished my sentence—”To hear just my voice?” Jauregui dragged her pointer finger through the air, belting at the top of her lungs, filling the car with stunning surround sound. She fiddled with the car’s bass and treble levels, making sure the playback was just right. She pointed out a sample that enlivened her, and told me how she composed certain instrumentations (she’d sing the notes or play them on piano, and a producer would arrange from there). A few times, I’d shout a compliment over the blaring beat, and Jauregui would rewind, insisting, “You missed the best part.” Sharing her art made her luminesce, and her pride and confidence were contagious.

Songs such as Worth It and Work from Home from their second album also climbed at the top 10 in several national charts. Additionally, Lauren’s band Fifth Harmony also sang the soundtrack of the animated film Hotel Transylvania 2 called I’m in Love with a Monster. Moreover, she has also collaborated in All Night with Steve Aoki and In Your Phone with Ty Dolla Sign.

Lauren’s from Miami, Florida. She attended Carrollton School of Sacred Heart since 7th grade. She has grown up around a lot of noisy people. Jauregui said: “My family is the most important thing to me.” Some of her favorite artists include Lana Del Rey, Alicia Keys, Alt-J, James Blake, Paramore, India Arie, Floom, James Vincent McMorrow, The 1975, Ben Howard, Christina Aguilera, and Janelle Monae. Lauren is Cuban-American. Her parents, who are both from Cuba, are Mike and Clara Jauregui and her two siblings are Taylor and Chris Jauregui In November 2016, Lauren wrote an article for Billboard about the political climate, and in that article she stated that she is bisexual.

Whether I like it or not, the world’s going to compare me not only to every other female and male artist that exists, but obviously to my counterparts because of the group that I was in. We love to judge people and do polls about their existence, their art and whether it flopped or didn’t,” she said.

The girls also offered music to the soundtrack of animated children’s film Hotel Transylvania 2 with their song I’m in Love with a Monster. Lauren Jauregui is making a name for herself outside of Fifth Harmony as she’s discovering who she wants to be as an artist but, more importantly, as a young woman.

It’s just unnecessary, truthfully, ’cause we’re all so different. There’s no way you can say that one person is better than another because we have different energies. Each person is an individual, so I feel like that whole catty culture really stems from the media. And then when the media runs with a story, then everyone’s believing something, there’s no humanization of these women, and what pitting them up against each other would make each of them individually feel about their own abilities.

Lauren Jauregui is an American singer. She rose to prominence after came as a member of the famous band Fifth Harmony. Their top singles include Worth It and Work from Home which also climbed at the top 10 in several national charts.

On top of everything she’s working on, Jauregui confirmed that not only will she be dropping something special soon, she will also be going on tour once it’s released. It will be a work of art from my heart and I hope my fans resonate with its uniqueness and truth, and I absolutely will be touring when it comes out,” she adds.

This year has been nonstop ride for Jauregui. In March, Fifth Harmony announced it’s going on an indefinite hiatus so its members could pursue solo endeavors. In May, the band concluded its final tour. After coming home from the road, Jauregui only took a week off, and by the end of the month, she was hitting the studio and starting the next phase of her career.

Since the group’s hiatus, she announced that she is working on her debut album and released the Latin-fusion song “Vámonos” with Kris Kross Amsterdam and Messiah. Like Dinah Jane, Brooke also released a Christmas song, covering Wham!’s “Last Christmas” and performed it at the 2018 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Here, Jauregui tells what it was like going solo, collaborating with boyfriend Ty Dolla $ign, and the dangers of pitting women against each other. The women of Fifth Harmony – Camila Cabello, Normani Kordei, Lauren Jauregui, Dinah Jane and Ally Brooke – are going solo.

Jauregui took a moment in between touring and promoting the group’s new album Fifth Harmony, due out Aug. 25, to hop on the phone with Complex to talk about everything from when she felt like she needed to start using her voice to how she stays on track when negativity tries to wear her down. I’d give more of an introduction, but the conversation truly speaks for itself.

Pop vocalist who came to wider attention as a member of the all-girl group Fifth Harmony. Since then she’s has been in the studio daily, writing on average a song a day and has logged studio time with Illangelo, Kid Harpoon, King Henry, Ilsey Juber and Alex Hope for her solo debut.

In January 2015 she was linked to British singer James McVey of The Vamps – but he caused outrage by stating everyone in the band had had a go” at flirting with Lauren. The former Fifth Harmony singer talks her new single and transitioning to solo life after an “intense” six years.

Lauren Jauregui is itching to release her music. An alum of the former girl group Fifth Harmony, the 22-year-old is now going solo, and her excitement is noticeably uncontainable when she visits the offices to play some of her unreleased songs.

The jam-packed room enveloped the female musicians, as fans swayed to Jauregui’s raw vocals. Other guests at the Women of Jammcard event, held July 25, included Gandi, rapper Chika , singer-songwriter Sheléa and musician Mads Paige. Jammcard partnered with She Is the Music for the exclusive gathering, a nonprofit working to increase the number of women in music.

Her solo collaborations while with Fifth Harmony include Back to Me” , with electronic duo Marian Hill , released December 9th, 2016 (Lauren’s first feature outside Fifth Harmony as a co-writer and vocalist); Strangers” , a track from Halsey ‘s sophomore album hopeless fountain kingdom” , released on June 2nd 2017; In Your Phone” , a track from Ty Dolla $ign ‘s album Beach House 3” ; and All Night” with Steve Aoki , released November 17th, 2017. She released her debut solo single Expectations ” on the 24th of October, 2018.

Fifth Harmony went on to amass millions of fans (endearingly dubbed “Harmonizers”), release three albums, and collect dozens of awards, from MTV Moonmen and Teen Choice surfboards to more esteemed awards with less fun shapes, like Billboards and AMAs. Despite all the acclaim, when the group officially disbanded in March 2018, Jauregui seemed ready, and had already released two singles, “Back to Me” with Marian Hill and “All Night” with Steve Aoki. But even more importantly, Jauregui had already dived headfirst into writing her forthcoming solo album. Both the new music and her intrepid demeanor make clear that Jauregui knows exactly what she wants—and is well on her way toward achieving it.

The Miami native auditioned for The X-Factor in 2012, when she was just 16 years old. She didn’t make it far as a solo contestant, but she was put into a girl group later known as Fifth Harmony and placed third in the competition. The band released an EP the following year and a debut album in January 2015.

Since Fifth Harmony went on hiatus last year, Jauregui has hit the ground running as a solo artist , dropping her debut single Expectations ,” a sultry, soulful track perfectly fit for her powerhouse voice as well as a cheeky nod to the expectations she faces as she embarks on this new chapter in her career. Just one month after dropping the track, she hit 15 million global streams.

Many celebs, including Camila Cabello , Sasha Pieterse , Lauren Jauregui , and Eva Gutowski , have taken to social media to raise awareness and share how to help. You might remember them collectively as Fifth Harmony (or 5H), but fans of the girl group, also known as Harmonizers, just know them as Camila, Normani, Lauren, Dinah and Ally.

Once, there was a rumor that, Lauren was dating her former bandmate, Camila Cabello. Although, she denied the news telling it just a rumor. Furthermore, she has never involved in any controversy in her career to date.

And now, it’s clear, that all the work Jauregui has done, from competing on a reality singing competition to circling the globe with her girl group, is paying off, resulting in her living out her dream. “Every single ounce of what I went through in Fifth Harmony prepared me for this moment, to be this person I am now, to have the career opportunities I do now, to have creative freedom,” she says.

This comes less than a week after Lauren’s band mate Camila Cabello left a concert early due to anxiety. Afterwards, Camila took to Snapchat to apologize. It looks like Ty Dolla Sign and Fifth Harmony alum Lauren Jauregui have called it quits.

Big things are on the horizon for singer Lauren Jauregui Since Fifth Harmony announced its indefinite hiatus in 2018, Jauregui’s standalone career has been taking off. She had her first-ever solo stadium performance during Halsey’s Hopeless Fountain Kingdom world tour, and at the São Paulo leg of the tour, Brazil, Jauregui dropped the tracks Toy,” Inside,” and Expectations.” But fans better believe she has so much more up her sleeve.

Since the girls announced their hiatus from creating music as a group, Normani has been steadily racking up features. She released two songs with Calvin Harris, “Checklist” and “Slow Down.” She was also featured on “Swing” with Davido on Migos member Quavo’s solo album “Quavo Huncho.” She released the song “Waves” featuring 6lack in November to round out the year.

is a 23 year old American Singer. Born Lauren Michelle Jauregui Morgado on 27th June, 1996 in Miami, Florida, USA, she is famous for Fifth Harmony in a career that spans 2012-present. Her zodiac sign is Cancer.

Jauregui is funny—like laugh-out-loud funny—and whip-smart. She breaks up thought-provoking monologues about self-loathing and karma and the GOP with observations like, “There’s a cockroach on the floor,” or by accidentally knocking a chopstick off the table and crying, “Fuck!” Since 2016, she’s honed her voice as a loud and proud activist who speaks in a language that appeals to everyone willing to really listen. Jauregui has taken to social media to slam the draconian Trump administration on every important issue, from LGBTQ and women’s rights to police violence, gun control, racism, immigration, and the intersection of it all. Whether calling out Florida Senator Marco Rubio for his hypocrisy on religion (Jauregui is a Miami native), or tweeting , “You disgust me” at Donald Trump, she has found her platform, and she’s not stepping down anytime soon.

Jauregui has not commented on the incident, but has been active on social media. She is currently encouraging fans to pay attention to the devastating situation in Aleppo and get involved. The band originally consisted of Lauren, Camila Cabello, 21, Normani Kordei, 21, Dinah Jane, 20, and Ally Brooke, 24, but Camila left the group in 2016.

Recognition, though, is bound to come soon—it will be inescapable once the new album comes out. This became clear to me just as everything else was getting hazy. This became clear to me as we went from the cover shoot and to the restaurant. This became clear as the sun was setting, a familiar neon pink fireball taunting us from behind velvet mountains. This became clear as we got high on that long ago Uber driver’s vape. This became clear as we barreled through the WiFi-less hills of Calabasas, dashed down the scarcely clear 101, and Jauregui played me every song—some half-finished, all unmixed, a few with just raw vocals and guitar. I thought, This is the way all music deserves to be heard—with the artist, rough tracks, purple-black starry skies, car lights, friendship. It was one of those rare encounters with magic—not the Hogwarts kind, but the kind that charges your soul with vibrational human connection.

I’ll allude to it or I’ll write a song, ’cause that one song, about me liking girls, is also about Catholicism. And if you listen, all of the words that I’m using are religious metaphors or euphemisms. But basically, it’s just alluding to how it’s a ‘sin’ to be sexual with a woman. I always thought that was so hypocritical because I know that God loves me regardless. I feel God. Every day, I talk to God.LAUREN JAUREGUI

Jauregui hasn’t slept in 24 hours—she caught a red-eye following a three-day solo jaunt in Hawaii, but was kept awake by boisterous seatmates; men, obviously. In spite of this, she’s bursting with soul, with joy, with passion. I feel it as she banters with her team, has lively phone conversations with her mother, and in the way she never stops moving, always involved with whatever is going on in the room. Jauregui is a leader; she takes creative control wherever she can—while making decisions both marginal, like urging her makeup artist to use a dark red lip with a Heathers-like schoolgirl punk look, or grandiose, like writing and composing a debut solo album.

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