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LECRAEChristian rap artist who released four consecutive number-one US Gospel albums between 2008 and 2012. In his eighth studio album, All Things Work Together (released in September), Lecrae Moore expresses many raw emotions. As a rapper, and also a believer, he’s exhausted, angered, and confused, but also searching for hope.

Yeah. I think mainstream rap just doesn’t quite know what to do with me. They’re kind of taking their time and looking at me from all angles, trying to figure me out. I think that’s a large part of it. I think some of them respect the craft and the music, maybe even some of the moves that I make.

My grandmother’s house was like foster care,” the 39-year-old explains. All my cousins got dropped off there for the whole summer, and my older cousins were really big into hip-hop. I was like five or six years old and they just started playing records and watching music videos, and I remember staying up late and sneaking and looking over the couch just to see what they were enjoying. That’s where my love for music, specifically hip-hop, came from.

With every release, Lecrae pushes the boundaries of what’s possible for an artist who is known equally for his faith as he is for his work. On Let the Trap Say Amen, he looks at a shifting America and world through fresh eyes and emerges with a manifesto of sorts. These are trap-psalms created to expose the more inglorious aspects of life with evocative detail. That he still manages to make it fun, thanks in large part to Zaytoven’s instrumentation and haunting atmospherics, is a feat unto itself.

NEW YORK — He’s been crowned the new hip-hop king” and his newest album, Anomaly,” topped iTunes and Amazon charts the day of its Sept. 9 release. He’s been invited to birthday parties for both Billy Graham and Michael Jordan and riffed on NBC’s Tonight Show” with host Jimmy Fallon.

The Christian rap artist’s third solo album, 2008’s Rebel, became the first Christian hip-hop album to reach No. 1 on the Billboard Gospel chart. An appearance on the 2011 BET Hip-Hop Awards brought him to mainstream attention.

His latest album is easily his most controversial, grappling honestly with complex issues and coming at a time of great cultural division. It’s not an album of quick or easy answers, but it does offer important wisdom to chew on—for those with listening ears and open hearts.

Lecrae Moore, or simply Lecrae, is a Christian rap artist who’s known for hit singles like “Don’t Waste Your Life,” “Just Like You” and “Jesus Muzik.” A native of Houston, the Grammy-nominated lyricist was featured in the 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards cypher. Though he debuted in 2004 with Real Talk, it was not until his third studio album, 2008’s Rebel, that Lecrae reached No. 1 on the Billboard Gospel chart. In 2014, his seventh studio album, Anomaly, made history as the first album to top both the Billboard 200 and the Gospel Albums chart.

A year later, at the 2005 Grammys, Kanye performed Jesus Walks” from his debut album, The College Dropout. The performance featured a pastor, an excited church congregation, Mavis Staples (singing about Jesus), John Legend, and the Blind Boys of Alabama singing the hymn I’ll Fly Away” (the foundation of Kanye’s I’ll Fly Away,” from the same album). Kanye West turned into an angel.

But the church doesn’t always understand many of the people with whom he associates — and, in Lecrae’s experience, the mainstream rap world sometimes feels like the cool kids’ table. That doesn’t change the fact that last year’s Anomaly simultaneously topped both the Billboard gospel charts and the conventional charts, edging out Maroon 5 for the No. 1 spot nationwide.

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LECRAE: I want them to appreciate the art, find inspiration, and relate to me as a fellow human being with the same problems and struggles. The difference is I have found faith in Christ to be the solution. If you don’t arrive there through the music I can live with that. I don’t do all of my music to preach to people. I do it foremost to express my views in a way I believe honors God.

His seventh studio album Anomaly went gold in 2016, 2 years after its release (meaning he sold 500,000 copies) – making it the first and only CHH album to do so in history. He released his autobiography titled Unashamed in May 2016, which became a New York Times best-seller.

Lecrae, whom Lin calls his favorite rapper, found that out firsthand when the two of them met about three weeks ago after one of the rapper’s shows in Houston, where the point guard is now living. I challenge people to find a scriptural example of someone being baptized more than once. There may be a passage fitting for this question with the baptism of Jesus.

While most Christian artists have struggled to break out of the Christian music subculture, Lecrae has found early crossover success — and a significant following among white evangelical elites. He navigates the tricky waters between rapping explicitly about Christianity while reaching a mainstream audience.

I know that the early church, when it’s writing about Jesus’ baptism, say there was no need for him to be baptized because he’s not a sinner himself. And so whatever is happening in Jesus’ baptism is something that I think we need to be very cautious talking about. The Bible doesn’t give us enough indications to be confident about what Jesus is doing in His baptism.

I tend not to call it Christian hip-hop because I think it would be limited to being only for Christians. I think it’s responsible hip-hop. I think it paints a broad picture of life, and it doesn’t just limit life to just kind of instinctual pleasure, power pleasure and possession.

One is the Catholic reaffirmation of their historic position in the Vatican to Council in the 1960s, where in their document on the church they talk about Christians outside of the Roman Catholic church. And they affirmed that we are one body, with one faith, and one baptism. And so they very explicitly acknowledged the baptisms of other Christian groups, even though it is not their baptismal practice. It was simply their historic position reaffirmed, but it was good to have it in the modern context.

With Gravity, Lecrae had pulled off a remarkable act of alchemy. On the one hand, he had taken hip-hop, often viewed as the music of gangsta culture, into the heart of Christian music. On the other hand, he had brought spirituality into mainstream hip-hop with more success than anyone before him. Lecrae had moved into a music with powerful potential that had become a vehicle for valorizing the dysfunctions of his peers, and turned it into a vehicle of strength and transcendence. In doing so, he had become not only a transformer, but a bridge builder, opening up new possibilities for the church to understand the trap, as Lecrae and others refer to the ghettos they grew up in. He wasn’t done pushing boundaries yet, but he would pay a hard price and learn some painful lessons in the years to come.

By the time he was a teenager, Lecrae was a survivor of sexual abuse, poverty, and a culture that had embraced the stigma hoisted onto them by the mainstream, one that claimed that they were all junkies, gangstas and thugs- irresponsible men who had chosen crime instead of work. Fine, the men of this culture said, men impoverished by a toxic brew of trauma, systemic discrimination and the deprivation of education and opportunity- call us thugs, then we’ll be in your face thugs.

Matt Knell: It’s a fairly common thing for groups who visit the River Jordan for some people that go and get baptized. I think what Lecrae said about seeing the heart is important. I can see his heart in the action. He’s in the place where Christ was baptized, and he wants to in some way replicate that. I think it’s an act of faith that he’s doing, and it’s coming out of his current faith understanding.

On September 22, 2010, Rapzilla reported that the Rehab packaging came with an advertisement encouraging buyers to purchase another upcoming album, Rehab: The Overdose , which saw release on January 11, 2011. It included 11 new songs and featured several other Christian artists such as Thi’sl and Swoope 34 Rehab: The Overdose debuted at No. 15 on the Billboard 200. On August 29, 2011, Lecrae announced through Twitter that on September 27, 2011, he would release a special edition of Rehab, entitled Rehab: Deluxe Edition. 35 On the same day, 116 Clique released their fourth album, entitled Man Up. 36 On September 7, 2011, Rapzilla announced that Lecrae would be featured on the BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher on October 11, 2011. 37 Lecrae gained popularity after his verse on the cypher trended nationwide on Twitter and was featured on AllHipHop 38 Lecrae then appeared as a feature on Statik Selektah ‘s song “Live and Let Live” from his Population Control album.

LECRAE: Yes I definitely feel a bit of pressure. I want others to see that Christians aren’t close-minded and arrogant. Everyone has a lens and perspective they see life through. I feel like many are intolerant to the Christian worldview. Maybe because of bad experiences, maybe there is inconsistency in the Christian caricatures the media shows; but I want to be a more accurate representation of Christianity. I also want artists to know we (Christians) respect the craft and art forms in society. I believe God put them here for us to cultivate and master.

The political songs of Anamoly and the album that followed, Church Clothes 3, caused a backlash against Lecrae from some in the Christian community. He was criticized for singing songs that didn’t mention Jesus enough, associating with non-Christians and sinners” -much like the actual Jesus. His lyrics increasingly took on racism and social justice issues – again like the actual Jesus, but not so much like too many of his current white evangelical devotees, who were not so happy with Lecrae’s new direction.

I was watching “The Breakfast Club,” and there was a pro athlete on there and he was like, I need some music to come out to,” and Charlemagne was like, “Lecrae.” It was cool to just be able to be a reference in conversation. They just need people to reference. The world is looking for representatives who have substance.

In addition to topping the Billboard 200, Anomaly holds the no. 1 spot on the gospel charts (his sixth album to do so) and the no. 1 spot on the Christian charts (his fifth album to do so). He is the first person to pull off this feat. And it very much is that: a feat.

While taking a break from his current nationwide “Unashamed Tour 2012: Come Alive,” Lecrae spoke with ESPN Playbook about his spiritually driven hip-hop, how he helps the pros and his own sports interests.

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